Chapter 2.49 – Delicacy

Disclaimers: somewhat NSFW, generally really awful

When April had offered the chance of eternal life, a thousand scenarios had fought for space in Faith’s mind.

She’d dreamed of going about her day-to-day life like a regular person, making a mental list of everyone who crossed her to pay a visit to at midnight.

She’d lost herself in fantasies of warm-blooded men and dark alleys; caught somewhere between a manifestation of their ultimate fantasy and simultaneously, their worst nightmare.

She’d have powers beyond her wildest dreams, she’d be indestructible and immortal.

It had never occurred to her that life as she knew it would end completely. That she’d have to give up Joy and everything she’d never realised she’d had in order to survive.

She hoped that she’d be able to visit her little sister again, one day. Maybe they could turn her and take her with them. Joy would enjoy being a demonic child of the night; scaring people shitless and robbing them blind.

Did vampire children grow up? Faith had no idea. Something to ask Seth when he got back, if he ever got back.

Shit, she was bored.

In her planning of vampire life, she hadn’t accounted for the fact that between each bout of lust-fuelled feeding, there would be hours upon hours of daylight to avoid. Her research had suggested that she’d fall asleep during the day, but that never seemed to be the case.

She also didn’t factor in that she wouldn’t actually have any damn powers, unless not quite turning into a prune in the sun was her power.

In short; she didn’t think that being a vampire would suck this much.

There was one huge perk, of course. Faith had often thought about finding herself a vampire beau and running off with him to start over. And wow, had she found one. But even the pinch me, I’m dreaming reality of absconding with Seth was much less glamourous than the fantasy.

Waiting for him in a shitty cabin in the arse-end of nowhere to bring her a man to feed on was hardly thrilling.

Faith had been hanging around in this dump since Seth left, which was ages ago. Surely it wasn’t that hard to find an ugly townie to capture? He was probably trying to find her the most unappetising or unavailable man that he could so that she wouldn’t try to seduce him.

It didn’t matter. Seth could bring her another gay guy, a pensioner, a rambling tramp who’d never seen soap; she was still going to make a huge show of feeding from him. Watching Seth’s eyes flash milky white when she pushed his buttons was quickly becoming her favourite game.

She’d filled her first hour of boredom in the way you might expect having been left high and dry by her lover. That just made her feel lonely. When she’d stopped focusing on trying to scratch the itch, she had managed to regain enough strength to stand and wander about – not that there was anywhere to go in this hovel.

Faith was trying to figure out how to light the fire, more for something to do than because she was cold, when she heard a crackling and a thud in the next room.

Her first reaction, conditioned from living in a crappy part of Willow Creek her whole life, was that it was an intruder. But there was even less to steal in here than in her empty little house there. She staggered to her feet to investigate, still woozy from dehydration and saw Seth appear in the archway before her.

“Oh good, you’re awake. I got you a little something,” he said in his jovial fashion, beckoning her over.

She was imagining who it might be, but her poker face remained firm. “Took you long enough,” she scoffed. “Losing your touch in your old age.”

Seth didn’t even flinch. “I needed to find the perfect one and, oh, didn’t I just. Only the best will do for my persistent pain in the neck.” He took her hand and guided her through the archway where she could see what constituted a ‘perfect’ prey for her, in Seth’s eyes.

It was a million miles from what she had expected and her mask momentarily slipped.

“It’s a woman,” Faith stated.

“You are observant.” Seth gave her a slap on the bum, nudging her forwards. “As always, you first. Let the end be on my conscience.”

Faith stepped towards the bench the woman was slumped on but was stopped by a harrowing thought: me first means him second.

She looked over the woman, her mind was racing with a hundred questions; how did he get her here? Who is she? Why a woman? She was gorgeous; thick, copper-coloured hair, a cute face with glowing skin and a banging body. That couldn’t be coincidence.

Seth had sidled up behind Faith but she’d barely registered it. This seemed to be his favourite place to be – where he could be felt and heard but she couldn’t see his face. His lips brushed her ear and he asked, “Problem?”

“No,” Faith replied, immediately, too quickly. “I’ve just never drunk from a woman. Well, other than April but that was, y’know, different.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” he mused. “You drinking from Megan should certainly be an experience, then. For us both,” he finished breezily.

Faith couldn’t tear her eyes away from the woman’s face, Megan’s face. Her mind stubbornly kept wandering back to who she was, where she was from; seeking to find a connection to this unresponsive woman that she didn’t want to acknowledge.

“Is she mesmerised?” Faith asked quietly.

“No. Only paralysed,” Seth replied idly, his fingers tracing the curve of Faith’s waist.

“Can you mesmerise her?”

He paused; his touch stilled. When he spoke again there was definite undercurrent of irritation in his voice. “Why this time?”

“She’s afraid,” Faith answered, but she wasn’t sure she meant Megan.

If Seth had noticed the hitch in Faith’s voice, he didn’t acknowledge it. He placed his hand on the small of her back and pushed her forwards. “She won’t be for long,” he joked. “Go ahead, Faith. Take as much as you want.”

Faith didn’t see that she had much choice. She was parched.

She climbed on to the rickety bench, half straddling Megan in a strange position, wondering how best to go about this. In her peripheral vision she could see Seth leaning against the wall, watching intently. It made her nervous. For the first time since her turning, she felt like she had no idea what to do.

She reached around the back of Megan’s neck, pulling the woman towards her, surprised by how light she felt and how soft. She could pick up a sweet floral perfume on her pulse points and a warm vanilla scent on her skin that was probably soap or moisturiser.

Everything about her was so undeniably feminine and the complete opposite of the prey Faith liked; Seth knew this, so why the fuck had he chosen Megan?

Faith stroked her finger along the vein in Megan’s neck, feeling her form slipping. She could hear Seth behind her, tapping his foot. She couldn’t delay it, couldn’t sit and think anymore, she just had to get it over with.

With a delicacy she didn’t know she had, she willed a silent apology to Megan and embedded her fangs.

There was nothing special about the way she tasted. Megan whimpered as Faith bit her and behind her she heard Seth growl.

Wait. Was this why he chose a woman? Was he getting some sort of thrill from watching?

“It has a certain appeal, yes,” he replied. “But no, that’s not why I chose her.”

Had she broadcast that thought? Something in his tone, that Faith couldn’t put her finger on, filled her with dread. She wanted to ask, but she didn’t want to know. What was he planning to do to Megan after Faith had finished? Would he show her any mercy or would he treat her like he treated Chloe—?

“You may not bring me to climax, Faith. But Chloe damn did.”

Was that the reason? Was this his way of getting back at her for earlier? Was he going to make her choose between burning in the sun or watching him getting off as he slaughtered Megan?

Holy fuck; was he that deranged?

Part of her was appalled, but a larger part was in awe at the depths he could sink to. She had truly met her match in terms of mind games and guilt traps; how could she ever outdo a man who had no moral compass?


The second she stopped she would give Seth all the control and Megan a horrible end.

So what if she didn’t stop?

Lilith willed a prayer, to a Watcher she didn’t believe in, to please stop screwing her over.

Concerned with how listless and confused April had become over the course of the day, Lilith had suggested pushing the boundaries of the binding and seeing if they could physically force April out of the house.

But even the combination of Lilith’s own strength and Melinda’s enhanced capability could not get April outside.

Every time they got close, April would kick and thrash, scratch and bite, eventually seizing up completely and emitting a banshee scream; an impending sign, if any ever was, that persevering would bring about destruction.

Lilith had still wanted to try; if forcing April out of the door and into a taxi caused her to turn to ash, it actually solved a multitude of problems. But Melinda – still wonderfully human and non-psychotic in her assessments of situations and consideration of consequences – had desisted.

The pair had settled an exhausted April to rest on the sofa and Melinda had instead begged Lilith to find Caleb.

All Lilith had to go on was that he went to work the previous morning and had yet to return. He could be anywhere, doing anything, with anyone and Lilith was not in optimum hunting form.

She couldn’t track him down with her senses alone; she’d have to do this the mortal way.

Starting at the beginning. The flower shops in the village.

This was definitely the worst feeding experience Faith had had to date, even if she included the sweaty, hairy-eared man she’d pulled over when she and April went hunting that one night.

That felt like a lifetime ago.

Nothing about Megan was horrible – quite the opposite – and yet she hated it. It sounded fucked up, but this was the first time Faith actually felt like she was drinking from a person without permission, even though it wasn’t. Faith felt like she was trespassing, taking advantage of this poor woman, and she didn’t like it one bit.

Yet, she felt powerless to stop. She drank slowly, still weighing up her options and wondering if there was a way to get Megan out of this alive.  

She was distantly aware of Seth circling her, of an eerie silence that had descended and how the flow from Megan slowed. Was that his doing?

Faith felt invigorated, like she could take on the world. Maybe she could talk him out of it, distract him somehow, just long enough for Megan to escape. She should probably stop drinking now, before it was too late and Megan lost the ability to flee.

Seth had paused in his pacing, just behind her and he chuckled. He leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“It is too late.”

Faith gently extracted her fangs and hesitated. What the fuck did he mean by that? She was about to round on him, offer him a snarky remark, but as she turned, Megan fell heavily back to the bench; ashen and not breathing.

The silence suddenly made devastating sense. It was the absence of the background drum, the beat of the feed.

Faith had done it. She’d actually done it.

Holy fucking shit. She’d actually fucking done it.

“What the fuck have I done?!” she screeched, backing away from the bench, unable to tear her eyes from the lifeless form before her. Megan. Her doing. She’d done that.

Seth looked between the slumped shell of Megan, and Faith, who was rigid with shock in the centre of the room. He casually shrugged.

“Either you were thirstier than I originally thought, or perhaps you prefer to dine on the fairer sex,” he laughed. “Was that enough for you, my dehydrated darling, or will you require another?”

“How can you be so blasé about this?!” Faith cried, backing away. “I’ve just fucking… I’ve… shit. Fuck.”

“Killed her,” Seth finished effortlessly. “Yes. As for being ‘blasé’, I suppose that is a mindset you’ll acquire in time. Seen one, seen them all. And hey,” he said, turning to her with a wide grin, “at least your kills are clean; one less onerous task.”

“In time,” Faith choked. “My kills.”

Seth was still smiling like the messed-up bastard he was as he lifted Megan’s hand and let it fall back to the bench with a careless thud.

“Your technique requires a little work; you haven’t emptied her completely,” he said.

His tone reminded Faith of the time her manager at the cinema had judged her efforts at cleaning the slushy machine. She might have laughed if wasn’t for the fact that her body felt like it was made of crumbling rock and her heart was falling into her ass.

Seth was now inspecting the neat puncture holes in Megan’s throat, still wearing that inappropriate smile.

“We should ensure she is fully exsanguinated before we dismember her. Would you like to do the honours?” he asked, running his thumb along Megan’s jaw and gently parting her lips. “Or may I?”

Those final words in that husky whisper were the final punch to the gut for Faith. It was for nothing. It was all for nothing. She couldn’t save Megan and – worse – she couldn’t stop him having his fucking way with her.

She couldn’t win.

“I can’t do this,” Faith wept, stumbling towards the door. Fuck this. Fuck him. Fuck all of it.

In her blind panic and her rage, Faith didn’t have a plan other than ‘get the hell out’. She flung the door open, feeling the sting of the sun’s rays on her face and stepped forward into the blistering embrace of the light, only to be forcefully jerked inside a second later.

In one swift motion, Seth had drawn her back, whirled her around and pushed her against the splintered wall of the back room in the cabin.

She could feel the incessant thudding at her temples increase to blinding levels as he tried to read her. The firmness of his grip and the tenseness in his limbs as he used the full force of his body to pin her in place was amplified by his voice reverberating through her mind: don’t go.

Numb with shock, trying to figure out how she had gone from that to this so quickly, it took Faith’s bearings a good minute to catch up. Her body shook as the full gravity of the situation began to sink in, her knees giving way beneath her. Seth’s firm support was the only thing stopping her from becoming a puddle of nothing on the dusty floor.

He quietly assured her, pressing his lips to her cheek. “You had nothing to be jealous of.”

Faith wanted to protest that she wasn’t jealous, but she couldn’t and she hated it.

“Then why a woman?” she whispered.

“Because she’s wearing an all-black outfit that both provides more coverage than your current one and is your size,” he replied.

“Come,” he said, taking her hand. “We’ll leave her here, mist back to the cave. We can talk it through or do whatever you need to help you cope with this but, Faith, don’t go. Not now.”

Faith didn’t want to talk about what had happened. She didn’t want to think about what had happened. She just wanted to forget everything. To distract herself until nothing mattered, until she was nothing, until she was mindless.

“I don’t want to talk,” she mumbled, drawing him closer.

She wasn’t sure what she’d expected to achieve. Maybe that he’d sigh, make a quip about her one-track mind and leave her strung up. Maybe that he’d insist they misted and she open her heart to him. Maybe that he’d dump her on the spot and find someone less sick in the head to date.

He hesitated before reciprocating a kiss that she didn’t feel she deserved but that she so desperately craved. She waited for him to admonish her, to belittle her, to deny her. He didn’t.

She knew that this method was fucked up. She knew it didn’t solve anything; it only delayed the inevitable and made things worse. The guilt and shame could only chew her apart for so long. Sex could only paper over the cracks for so long.

She would process this later. She would.

She would process everything.


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17 thoughts on “Chapter 2.49 – Delicacy

  1. The scenes with Faith and Seth are really hard reading.
    I examine my mind to see if I can find an ironic comment. I can not.

    The last chapter still keeps working in the back of my mind.
    The scene with Faith and Seth made me think of abuse, addiction and crisis centers.
    Seth is deafeningly creepy. His mix of gentle affectionate attention and unbridled brutality.
    I can recognize a psychopath when I see him. I have unfortunately met his personality in my life. He was thankfully not my husband and sex was not part of the game.
    No matter what, it’s devastating to anyone who’s involved.

    Faiths drug is sex. She uses sex to numb her senses and and her emotions. At the same time, I think she is disturbed by her constant dilemma between hatred and lust for men.
    A prey should probably just be a prey, but with Megan it’s different. She is a human being, a woman like herself.
    While Faith is constantly thinking of ways to save Megan, she kills her first prey.
    Realize it’s Faith! …..You’re a killer and Seth has no objection to this fact.
    Faith decides to stop her downward route. The question is does she have any choice at all?

    Lilith has made that choice a century ago and she has fought an odd battle with idiots. A fight I dread is finding its final end when she reaches the flower shop.
    Is there anything as delicate and beautiful as flowers?
    What a glare. We all know what these floral shirts contain.

    I know you constantly claim there is light ahead. I think the last piece of this journey is very heavy and dark.

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    1. The Faith and Seth scenes are hard writing too. Part of me always wants to tone it down or lighten it up to make it easier. But ultimately, I think it’s such a difficult situation they’re in that I just need to tell it as it is. My cat loves it when I have those scenes to write; she gets lots of extra petting to help me cope. 🙂

      I have also had the displeasure of encountering psychopaths, both professionally and personally. Those personalities certainly leave their marks and they are glamorised. But maybe not so much here…
      “I think she is disturbed by her constant dilemma between hatred and lust for men” nothing gets past you, Mona. 😉

      Those floral shirts contain the world’s palest vampire. 😆 It’s not over ’til it’s over, but good to see that your expectations are suitably low.

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  2. I had to go into a meeting right after reading this so I didn’t manage to comment, and now I’ve lost my train of thought. So… clothes. I call BS on choosing Megan solely for her clothes; it’s not like Seth didn’t have other options to get Faith a new outfit. Though the thought of him walking into a shop for other purposes than killing the cashier does admittedly seem odd. But clearly Seth got nowhere with Faith trying to feed on dudes, so trying a woman seemed in order. I’m actually not sure if that’s what made the difference in the end or not – arguably her having realised last time that the prey will be finished off by Seth no matter what would have probably played a big chunk of the role, though the prey’s sex did make her get in her head, so maybe it’s 50/50.

    Faith will totally process this later, yep. Great choice 😀 I’m not sure what comfort Seth would have been able to offer if she did take him up on the offer to talk it through, but it would probably be better than keeping it in (not to mention that it would be an interesting conversation to hear). Luckily she’ll totally get to processing this at some point, definitely.

    That screenshot where they’re trying to drag April out with her screaming is really cool, though also looks really disturbing, I can really picture the sound of her screams.

    Oh good, Lilith is headed to the flower store. Excellent. That will go so well. Everything is fantastic as we stumble towards the finale of Book 2. Don’t mind the blood gushing everywhere.

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    1. How dare you work instead of commenting? 😆 I bet that was a weird meeting, with this shit fresh in your mind. Seth managed to walk into the shop on the dock and buy loads of alcohol for Caleb without killing the cashier. Ok, he killed her afterwards, but still. I’m imagining Seth walking into Primark now and buying Faith some £5 jeans and that’s somehow more disturbing because my sister works at Primark. 😐

      She’ll process this like she’s processed everything else; badly. Or maybe this is the turning point. Seth did offer to help her process it, maybe he would? You will hear the after-bang conversation, you lucky people. But yeah, she’s definitely going to process it. Yep.

      That was the pose I was making when you (I think it was you) mentioned dragging her out of the house previously. Three people carry poses seem to be my speciality. Shame the market for that is even smaller than the market for my story, hey? 😆

      Please ignore the blood. EVERYTHING IS FINE.

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  3. Seth needs to lay off on manipulating Faith and being creepy. And of course, Lilith is headed to the flower store. I could picture what April’s screams sounded like as Melinda and Lilith tried to drag her out.

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    1. Change requires incentive to change, so from Seth’s perspective, why modify a method that is getting him exactly what he wants? As for the creepy part… yeah he’s creepy. Making his poses always makes me feel a bit ick.

      Off to the flower shop. Maybe Caleb will be skipping out happily as Lilith gets there and the pair will go and have a drink and a chat.


  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if April and Caleb or Lilith and Mel got blamed and punished for Seth & Faith’s reckless kills. It would be just another step on Faith’s downward spiral. And I would still suspect Seth for planning it all.

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    1. You sure give him a lot of credit that everything is going to plan.

      I don’t show it, because it’s all already grim enough, but Seth does ‘tidy up’ after his kills. 😓 Although, our unfortunate vamps may still be blamed for the missing people I suppose.


  5. Ouch. So one of the first thoughts that Faith had regarding the whole turning-into-a-vampire thing was to scare and/or drain and/or murder anyone who pissed her off during her normal life? Oof. I can’t stop facepalming at Faith complaining about how disappointed she is with vampire life and then immediately turning around and wanting to do it to Joy, too.

    “Faith had often thought about finding herself a vampire beau and running off with him to start over.” Is this a “teenager’s media-fuelled hot vampire fantasy” speaking, or did she know about vampires before April offered to turn her into one? She mentions research, too. We’re missing big parts of all three of them right around when they all turned, but I don’t remember seeing Faith sit down and research vampire lore the way April did. Maybe she researched it in between April’s offer and turning into a vampire herself, but I don’t know – It feels like I’m missing a puzzle piece here.

    “how did he get her here? Who is she? Why a woman?”
    Wow, that’s three more questions than Faith’s usual prey gets. Harder to dehumanise women, is it, Faith? Man, I want to rage and throw potatoes at Faith for how she cares so much for this woman while not really thinking about the men she drained, but I just… can’t. I just feel sad for her for some reason instead. Will settle for banging my head against the keyboard for now. I wonder if somewhere deep down, Faith is linking Megan to some past version of herself.

    Ouch, Lilith and Melinda trying to force April outside looks so incredibly painful 😨 poor girl. That is a huge problem. I wonder how many bricks they’ll have to tear from the house before it no longer counts as a house. Otherwise April might be stuck there forever, and if Sage finds her before Lilith finds Caleb, she’ll have nowhere to run (assuming Sage tries to kill her, which she might not).

    That last scene is haunting. I’ve never been able to really understand Faith up until this point. I couldn’t connect with her the way I could with most of the other cast. But that line – “I’ll process it all later” – my gods, that was a mirror held up right there. And a gut punch. Oh, Faith. That’s not processing it later, that’s burying it and if you bury too many things, it will rot and eat you alive. I’ve done that exact same thing. Heck, I still do it if I’m not careful. And Faith has nobody to actually help her process. So she can’t afford to dig it up. My heart breaks for her.

    Excellent chapter. This one will haunt me.


    1. Hey, what would make the endless days more fun than a seven-year-old vampire child to play with? Horror movies with your kid sister during the day, scaring the neighbours together at night. Bliss.

      We’ll get the full info about Faith’s previous experience with vampires later, but yes there have been a few hints that she wasn’t completely clueless when April offered to turn her. Somewhat misinformed though, perhaps. There may also be an element of fantasy there. You may be missing a piece.

      It’s definitely harder for her to dehumanise and detach from this young, female prey. Maybe the floral perfume and overall femininity of Megan reminds her of someone, yes.
      Let’s hope Lilith find Caleb. That house has stood for 400 years, be a shame to rip it apart now.

      Haunting, ooh I like that description. You relate to Faith! Yes, pushing stuff down to deal with later is such a bad coping mechanism. Pair that with the physical distraction which comes with all it’s own problems and it’s just a recipe for disaster. But hey, it’s not over yet. Maybe Seth will actually help her process everything like he offered, or maybe her vampirism may help to numb her. Maybe she’ll find her way to someone better or learn to self-develop.

      Aw, I want to say ‘thanks’, but maybe ‘sorry’ is more appropriate?

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  6. Ugh. I’m so pissed off at Seth. The power balance between him and Faith is so skyrocket high and him taking advantage of her naviete and lack of foresight that is understandable with her age, I just want to beat the crap out of him. Seth makes me violent. Gah. Or maybe I’m violent and he’s just bringing out my inner beast. Dun dun. Facepalm moment for myself.

    Personally I think Seth chose the complete opposite to what Faith usually chooses because Megan was completely, and truly a victim in Faith’s eyes. Faith could’ve bent and twisted the truth if Seth got any of Faith’s usual victims aka men. She’d convince herself that they were asking for it and were sleazebags who deserved to be left what’s that.. high and dry as she put it. But with Megan, Faith has to come face to face with what she is and the path she’s chosen. And conveniently, choosing Megan allowed him to continue playing with Faith’s insecurities to the point that this ‘guised’ accident happens.

    Of course Faith felt like she had no choice. For all she knows Seth got Megan, waited outside the door for 3 hours or whatever time it takes for Faith to be truly at her limit then bring Megan in. Ugh.

    And the most heartbreaking thing is Faith has only just realised the gravity of her choosing Seth. Gah.. she’s so rash. And gaaah this chapter is a horror movie. That descent and end. Ugh. Seth knew exactly what he was doing this whole time and I can’t even. He was reading her the entire time.

    Whittle her down until she is nothing more than a broken doll, deny her acceptance, deny her comfort and security and push her past her limits, strip all her defences until she is broken and bare, AND THEN give her a slither of ambiguous hope in the form of physical comfort. Let her derive and interpret whatever she wants from that gesture. For her, she accepts that deceit desperately, but Seth, it’s all just a damn game. Please jump in a drain and re-die. Seth makes me so mad. Faith is not an angel, but Seth is just.. gah. GAH

    After all that I still have to say, I’m super intrigued by Lilith in her optimum hunting form. And Seth needs to roast in a fire pit. 😀

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    1. * Puts on neutral observer hat *

      Seth makes you violent and you want to beat the crap out him? Well, your alter ego has previously been spotted wandering my game, beating up all the men, so maybe it’s just a matter of time before that bleeds into the story. 😆

      Yeah, no one buys the clothing excuse, Seth. Will sure be interesting to get his (heavily biased, of course) perspective on this ‘accident’. Seth always knows what he’s doing.

      “She’d convince herself that they were asking for it” yessss, bang on. As Mona pointed out in her comment, Faith thinks she loves men, but does she? She cannot even relate to them as people. “…this chapter is a horror movie” I’m gonna take that as a compliment that it is the storyline that is horror and not my actual writing. This season is ‘descent’ and Faith is front and centre on the banner for this very reason. I know it sucks. But the lows make the highs all the sweeter and it can’t get much worse now, right?

      That penultimate paragraph of your comment is such a succinct summary of their ‘relationship’, very close to my notes. Oh, he’s banished to a drain to re-die now. I hope he doesn’t contaminate the water supply. 🤓

      Lilith in her prime, as Caleb once alluded to, really was a force to be reckoned with. Maybe one day you’ll see for yourself.

      Oh, now Seth’s in a fire pit. Clearly we are way beyond potato territory and any kind of redemption in your eyes. How far we have come from the loveable rogue in the woods…

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      1. Lol wut. She’s doing that in your save too? LOL. Mercury, you hot-blooded fool! 😂

        I never thought Faith liked men tbh. I don’t even think she likes sex. She likes the control and power it gives, not the act itself. The way she relays her sexcapades, idk, it never quite convinced me.

        Yes ‘horror’ is a compliment to your storyline. I don’t think I can write something so twisted like this. So amazing!

        I’m not banking on it not getting any worse than this. 😀

        Idk about other people but when I give potatoes they travel at 200km/h and are on fire and have homing missles strapped to them so they never miss their target point/s. Okay. There is something wrong with my humor today… 😅

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        1. Yeah, Morag is a thug, despite constantly grinning like a mad woman. 😂

          You’re not the only one who’s not convinced by Faith’s claims. Seth himself mentioned it the first time they spoke. Mel’s not convinced either. I think at this point, it’s only Faith who is convinced, actually.

          I have a high tolerance for dark and twisted, for sure, but sometimes even I think ‘OMG – can I actually write this?!’ and this chapter is version 2 because version 1 was unpublishable/a threat to my sanity. Pfft that your story isn’t twisted. It’s just more refined in it’s twistiness (looking at you, Curtis).

          There’s nothing wrong with your humour! You’re awesome, Foamy. Keep being your violent little self. 😘😆


  7. *raises and eyebrow again* My biggest question right now is why you thought I would rage. /This/ is exactly what I mean about the fact I´m being unfair. Faith makes me mad when she “pushes Seth´s buttons,” just because I frankly hate to see him annoyed and well, she hadn´t gotten to doing anything of the sort here, now had she?

    Now, though! An interesting point… /is/ Faith gaining sun-resistance?
    Also, it´s about at the point of the half-smirk that I begun being sure Seth somehow heard every word Faith was thinking. And unlike Caleb, he didn´t seem to have a problem with knowing what exactly was going on in that other head… in fact, I think it´s most likely that pushing Faith to finally kill was exactly the main point, here.

    Whoa-whoa wait a minute. What sort of problems would it solve if April died? Seriously, Lil, what the heck. Poor April, too, that´s a bad spot to be trapped in. (And yes, that pose /is/ awesome. :D)
    Something tells me that when (if, hopefully?) Sage finds out that Lilith still exists, there will be trouble. Eeeek, between the witches and the hunters, we really are in a bad spot, here.

    …also, once again props on them screenshots. Seth´s cheer is slowly starting to feel different, now that I realize just how much of it is likely fake. But that focus he shows in other places… well, that´s genuine at least. Still confused as all heck, but I can see we´re getting to wherever we´re headed so I´m sure it´ll start making sense sometime soon.


    1. Woo! No rage!

      Is Faith gaining sun resistance? She certainly felt the sun when she opened that door. Yes, Seth heard a little more than he let on here and no, he didn’t seem to have a problem with Faith questioning his methods, but maybe he would have, had she actually challenged him, rather than just playing into his hand. “I think it´s most likely that pushing Faith to finally kill was exactly the main point, here.” Nah, he just wanted Megan’s shirt. 😉

      What sort of problems indeed. Hopefully we don’t have to find out.

      How far are we from Seth’s POV now… ooh, only a couple of chapters then all your questions will be answered and everything will make sense. Kinda.


      1. …I mean, that makes sense. It´s much easier to not give a toss about what people think about you so long as they´re not being annoying about it. p: (And no, I don´t think that´s the actually thought process going on here, but… y´know. just making light of the situation.)

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