Updated 21st February (new in blue)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I listen to music almost continuously, so of course I have a whole playlist dedicated to Almost Eternal.

These songs below best represent the characters/relationships currently; usually by their lyrics although sometimes with the music or general ‘feel’ of the song. Like the characters themselves, these are very much open to interpretation.

Note: I like dark music. A lot. 😁

The images were created using artbreeder. To freak you out break up the wall of links.


Nothing More – Jenny

Melinda/April: En Vogue – Don’t Let Go (Love)

Melinda/Faith: Get Scared – Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun

Melinda/Rose: Slipknot – Vermillion Pt. 2

Other characters

6 thoughts on “Characters

  1. I was here a second time getting my second dose of AE OST specials when I clicked on Will’s song.


    I need to punch something.

    Should’ve put a disclaimer that will’s song induces violence. 😂

    Great idea of making an AE songlist. You should have an album/playlist page so when you update this list, the songs don’t go missing! I kinda like that. Maybe I’ll do one for B2W too! It’ll be a shame to lose these songs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why have I only just seen this? I won’t delete any songs, but will add some. I added a few today plus there are some sneaky book 2 songs on a separate page if you feel like losing a few more hours of your life.


  2. Starset & In this moment 😍💖

    Man, Faith and Lilith look gorg with artbreeded. Holy shit.
    Seth is nice on the eyes too.

    I can’t get over Broof.
    His parents must have hated their kid 😏

    Liked by 1 person

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