If you’re not up-to-date, this will contain spoilers

Looking for the songs? They’re here.

Main Characters


Sandy Moss’s daughter. Clueless new vampire. Our main girl and the one who started this huge mess.



Resident bad girl and lover of the night, Faith constantly bit off more than she could chew even before she got her fangs.



April’s best friend and accidental vampire offspring. Melinda is often the only one who has her head on.



Vampire sire of April. Attempted to rectify his bad decision with an even worse one and they just keep on coming.



Caleb’s sister, guardian and shit cleaner-upper. Lilith is a cold-hearted vampire with a huge thirst… for cosmopolitans.



Master vampire. Love him or hate him, like a bad penny he just keeps on turning up.



Long-suffering butler of the Moss household. Bearer of an unfortunate name and a woeful lack of magic.



Powerful witch, Wyatt’s mother and esteemed vampire hunter of three centuries.



Harbours an insane well of magic energy in his idle hands. Wyatt is Broof’s best friend and may once have had a thing in a closet with Sandy Moss…


Supporting Characters


Melinda’s adoptive dad and general all-round good guy, Chuck often gets taken advantage of.



Newest recruit to the local police force and motormouthed force of nature, Jessica is hot on the tail of our clueless vampires.



Needs no introduction.



Everybody’s favourite character! Whereabouts currently unknown.


Side Characters

Too many faces? Can’t remember their names? I got you.

Adam Oralan
Disappointing lover
Babs Bucket
Chuck’s wife and terrible cook
Chase Crooks
Floating policeman
Dale BarGuy
Friend of Will
Fred Wino
Local drunk
Joe Taverner
Local pub landlord
Marshall Law
Nathaniel James
Lilith’s first love
Penelope Spender
Did not get free butt lift
Reb Porter
Silas Vatore
Father of the Vatore siblings
Travis Davies
Sandy’s husband
Wilbur Wangshaft
Will’s father
Adina Splodge
Faith’s mother
Beth Wangshaft
Will’s wife
Claudia Clusterfuck
Broof’s ex-wife
Gertrude Bapflap
Marries for money
Joy Splodge
Faith’s little sister
Lorna Broad-Castor
Morag Foamy
GliTS fact-checker
Patrick Stanton
Rogue vampire
Pixie Plumbob
GliTS medium
Rose Smalley
Melinda’s mother
Tarragon Harper
Sage’s son
Warren Harper
Sage’s husband
Angeline Spoon
Outcast witch
Charlotte Vatore
Mother of the Vatore siblings
Eileen Spoon
Jessica’s mother
Gloria Wangshaft
Wilbur’s (aging) 3rd wife
Kitty Galloway
Rogue vampire
Ma Hogwash
Broof’s grandmother
Mortimer Goth
Dodgy doctor
Paul Pants
Wolf food
Ralf Widdlefinkle
Lazy cop
Roxie Street-Walker
Good time gal
Toadella Globrot
Wartilda Globrot
Yibbo Yimiki
GliTS conspiracist

6 thoughts on “Characters

  1. I was here a second time getting my second dose of AE OST specials when I clicked on Will’s song.


    I need to punch something.

    Should’ve put a disclaimer that will’s song induces violence. πŸ˜‚

    Great idea of making an AE songlist. You should have an album/playlist page so when you update this list, the songs don’t go missing! I kinda like that. Maybe I’ll do one for B2W too! It’ll be a shame to lose these songs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why have I only just seen this? I won’t delete any songs, but will add some. I added a few today plus there are some sneaky book 2 songs on a separate page if you feel like losing a few more hours of your life.


  2. Starset & In this moment πŸ˜πŸ’–

    Man, Faith and Lilith look gorg with artbreeded. Holy shit.
    Seth is nice on the eyes too.

    I can’t get over Broof.
    His parents must have hated their kid 😏

    Liked by 1 person

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