Poses and stuff

I make all my own poses and recolours unless stated otherwise. They will always be free. If there’s anything you’ve spotted that’s not listed here, or if you run into any issues, hop over to the AE discord. You can also find the pose packs on my Patreon.

To use the poses you’ll need the pose player and the teleporter.

To install my stuff: download the file and plonk it in your mods folder.


Cowering on the Floor Pose Pack

Make your virtual people beg, cry, panic and cower for your story / twisted pleasure.

Pack includes: 16 static poses and 2 pose loop animations.


“We’re all gonna diiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Spellbook Stand

A recolour to remove the illustrations. No fun pictures allowed for my witches.

(Requires: Vampires pack)


Sandy Moss Commemorative T-shirt

Thanks to Mercuryfoam!

Masculine >Download<

Feminine >Download<

Justice for Jess billboard

Show your support for Jessica by wheeling this giant, ugly board into your game. No, I don’t know why you’d want it either, but oddly, some do! (Requires: City Living pack)


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