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First Birthday

A little celebration of my first year of running a blog. Contains private jokes and fan references. Thank you everyone for all your support!

Lilith: I can’t believe AE is a whole year old! Time really has no meaning to me, for reasons that don’t require explanation, but still I feel this quite the achievement. And I hear that my ratings have really gone up with your fine portrayal of me throughout book two so I’d say we were due another fan Q&A, wouldn’t you?

Snuffy: I wanted to host a Q&A, but only got one question sent in (and the answer is still no, Simon).

Lilith: Oh. I see. I was really looking forward to… never mind. Well, we can’t very well let the birthday slip by without event. But knowing you, you have a carefully crafted plan B that took weeks of preparation, right?

Snuffy: …yes.

Lilith: A basement party. With more than eight of us, I gather, by the fact that I have my club logo above my head. You really need to get a mod for bigger households.

Snuffy: That’s a slippery slope. First it’s ten, then it’s twenty and before you know it you’ve got a whole concert hall full of sims. Maybe I’ll make mannequins of you all, instead. Or perhaps I just need to reduce my cast numbers…

Lilith: Half of us haven’t even officially met in the storyline yet. Talk about breaking immersion. I might go and audition for that new build Newcrest story.

Seth: I wouldn’t bother. They only want desirable vampires.

Lilith: Ugh. Aren’t you dead yet?

Seth: I can’t say I am exactly thrilled by the prospect of spending the night in your company either, my dear vixen.

Lilith: Is it musty in this basement or is that just you? I’m going to wander over here and look at this snowman lamp.

Seth: You do that. It’s ideal company for you.

Lilith: Yes. Because it lights up the room.

Seth: No, because it’s frosty and only there to fill a space.

Lilith: Oh great. Now Broompig is here, too.

Broof: Lilith! We meet again.

Lilith: He’s definitely stalking me.

April: How did I get here? Aren’t I stuck in the cottage?

Melinda: Don’t think about it too deeply. We’ve been granted some time off to enjoy ourselves in a suspended reality.

April: Oh. Like a dream?

Melinda: I guess. When it’s over, it’ll be like it never happened.

April: So it’s not real? We can do whatever we like and we won’t remember any of it? I like the sound of that.

Melinda: Wait. You… you wouldn’t wanna remember it?

Melinda: And it’s like, I just don’t know if I’m only interested because she’s interested, or whether I’m genuinely interested. And I don’t even think she is that interested. And I don’t know why I’m talking to you because you’re definitely not interested in any of this.

Caleb: Did you say something?

Faith: Blondie, why are you wandering around in just your bra? Fringey’s about to mess his pants over there.

April: I don’t know. I changed into this when I left the sauna and now I appear to be stuck this way.

Seth: Ah so too few clothes is a glitch, is it? That does explain a lot, Fledgling.

Faith: Don’t pretend that you don’t love it when I get that glitch.

Seth: It’s not as fun as the other one.

Faith: What other… oh.

Snuffy: How is everyone doing… oh. This is disturbing.

Lilith: *sobs* He used to hold me like that.

Snuffy: Yes he did. I still have nightmares.

Roxie: Wow. And I thought getting my legs behind my head was impressive!

Faith: Give it a second and we’ll line up again…

Wyatt: I mean, if you miss the glitchy romance animations, Lils, I know a guy who can help you out.

Lilith: You really aren’t fussy, are you?

Wyatt: Wha-? I mean, I’m not, but not me.

Snuffy: Have you been standing in this doorway the whole time, Broof?

Broof: Apologies, Ms. Bucket. Am I in the way?

Snuffy: No. For fuck’s sake, go and have fun. You’re allowed to do that now. You can do anything you want; free will is on.

Broof: It is? Oh my gosh, it is. I can do anything…

Wyatt: Dude. You’re broken.

Broof: This is the best party ever!

Caleb: Free will is on and nobody is drinking. Peculiar. Oh well, I’ll continue to be bartender. I’m here now and no one has interacted with me all night.

Seth: Well?

Faith: Passable. Creeping into the top twenty, I guess.

Lilith: April, if you can’t find your t-shirt can you spin into whichever outfit you do have? Everyday 2? 3? Party?

April: No… I appear to be shirtless in them all. Except for formal 1 which is a full body outfit.

Lilith: Great! Wear formal 1!

Wyatt: Fashionably late, Mum?

Sage: What do you expect when you insist on having parties at such unsociable hours?

Wyatt: It’s eight o’clock at night…

Sage: Exactly.

Broof: Hello Melinda, I see you changed into formal 1 as well.

Melinda: Yeah, I had the double-whammy of the topless glitch and the dancing in the wall one.

Broof: Yes. The hard drive is getting rather hot, probably time to wrap this party up.

Lilith: Psst… Seth.

Seth: Whatever is it this time? Hat hatred? Aesthetics attack? Sanity slander? Technique taunting? Obloquy of my olfactory—-

Lilith: Shut up, you walking thesaurus. I was trying to peek at the story notes earlier to see what was in store for the next year, but I couldn’t get past the password screen. Read Snuffy’s mind and tell me what the password is.

Seth: I could just read her mind and tell you what the ending is.

Lilith: Yes! Do that! Do I find the fruit? Do you get a crap end at the end of the story? Are there any relationships that aren’t toilet fodder?

Seth: Ah. Odd. Her head is currently occupied and apparently if I don’t get out of there right this second, a special piece of custom content Snuffy is working on will be utilised sooner rather than later.

Lilith: Bollocks.

Seth: That’s the one.