Gender Swap

For no reason other than curiosity, I swapped the genders of my main cast.

“I am Andy Algae from Willow Creek and I would like a lemonade.”
“Yay! That sounded super normal!”
“This is temporary right? Because if I’m stuck with this face forever, I’ll need to visit Caliente.”
Chuck -err- Chuckette takes the opportunity to eat a regular dish.
“‘…It’s been thirty minutes…”
“Ugh! I can’t think with all these man germs on me! I keep having this urge to scratch… myself!”
“Huh. It’s funny. I thought I’d be spending the day enjoying my new breasts, but actually I’ve never felt so focused.”
“Fucking hell, this thing just doesn’t go down. Be a doll and help a man out, Steph. I’ll let you choose your method.”

3 thoughts on “Gender Swap

  1. X´DD Oh my gosh. It sure pays to go over these once in a while. *gigglesnorts* Yep. The change is jarring and hilarious, but the more I look, the more it really highlights everyone´s traits. April looks kinda fragile in both versions, Lilith´s wide cheeks show up even more without the long hair, Caleb is the kinda cute that´s almost an insult as a guy already, makes sense he makes the only actually pretty girl… and Steph is actually freaking scary. Totally a stone-cold Calamity Jane. Also Mel. Oh goodness, it took me two beats to even recognize Mel. XDD


    1. Welcome to one of the ideas-I-have-at-3am-that-won’t-quit-until-I-make-it-happen pages. This is my personal favourite. I may have to repeat with my current cast…

      Caleb is just too pretty and oh I laughed so much at Mel. Everyone else went about their day, during their usual, preferred activities, but not Mel. She spent the whole day miserable, swearing at everyone, drank from a stranger and then willingly sat and watched the horror channel. Brought out the beast. 😆


      1. Do-eeet, do-eeet, do-eet! Grandpa Sage! X´D

        *snickers* Maybe she just hates having to be the man-bun one. :p


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