April Moss has always lived in her famous mother’s shadow. Will she find the light she is looking for or will she just end up somewhere darker?

Almost Eternal is best described as tragicomedy with a good dash of thriller: you will laugh, you may cry, you will probably rage quit at some point.

What people say about Almost Eternal

“It’s not terrible, I just don’t want to read it.”

– Snuffy’s partner

Shall we begin?

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What is the point.

“Snuffybucket comes out of the gate swinging in chapter one and doesn’t let up the whole story. To steal the highest praise from Sarah Maclean: Snuffy is hunting big game. The story is hilarious, but it doesn’t shy away from the dark. Snuffy dives into topics like consent with a level of mastery I couldn’t hope to achieve on my best day. In short, Almost Eternal is the sort of thing I dream about writing, but it would probably be a lot of work, so I’m glad Snuffy’s doing it so I can just read it.”

Snuffy Bucket
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