Shit Poetry

By SnuffyBucket aged 18

Started with a fucked-up childhood that etched into my wit 
Tears my guts to bloody pieces 
Just thinking about it 
Feel him shiver from the waist up when your poison’s on my lips 
The need to claw into him 
Craving venom from his hips

I started having fucked up nightmares of demons in my bed 
Your comfort only skin deep 
Vile snapshots in your head 
Makes me shudder from the waist down when his limbs tangle with mine 
Little girl inside is screaming 
But I can't say ‘no’ this time

Grew into a fucked-up teenager living in a shattered home 
You said you'd never hurt me 
Now I ache in every bone 
Tragedy or just a mess - why did you hate me to do 
Anything that made me better? 
So I’d want no man, but you

Started with a fucked-up childhood and resulting in a fucked-up life 
They say I’d make a pretty bride
But I’d make a shitty wife 
My hand’s not what he’s asking for - should I be relieved? 
When I deepthroat his brain 
Who puts me on my knees?

Started with a fucked-up father who skinned away the chance 
Of developing a meaning 
That goes beyond my pants 
No rationale can tell me that I was free from blame 
To blur the lines of trespass 
I’ll fuck away the shame

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