“Give me a hint!”

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“Which of Seth’s memories did Lilith erase?”

Did Lilith erase his memories? Lilith mentioned that Seth was already missing memory when she met him [1]. She said that he’d asked her ‘to do it for a very good reason’, but has never specified what ‘it’ was, only that it resulted in someone – a female someone – being buried, in some form [2]. Lilith also told Seth that pursuing Faith would put him at risk of ‘corrupting himself’ because Faith was ‘too similar’ [2], but didn’t confirm to whom she was too similar. Lilith has heavily hinted a few times who Faith might be similar to, most obviously in [1]. If you can figure this out, compare what Faith and her similar person have in common, what this corruption actually is and what specifically might trigger it [3], you’ve solved the lot! Hurrah! If not, you’ll just have to wait it out… [1] 2.39 – Fair Game [2] 1.51 – Absolute Chaos pt. 2 [3] 2.52 – Backdraught.

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