About Me

I’m Snuffy Bucket and I am just some chick who has started writing stories.

If I was a sim my traits would be perfectionist, goofball and creative, but only because chaotic isn’t a trait yet.

I live with an inner ‘Sandy’ who I keep suppressed with lashings of terrible humour.

What People Say about ‘Almost Eternal’

I will read it.

Snuffy’s bestie

It’s good that you’re doing something while you’re furloughed.

Snuffy’s friend

It’s not terrible, I just don’t want to read it.

Snuffy’s partner

Boy meets girl; boy turns girl; boy and girl cause absolute chaos.


More messed up than I originally anticipated, but in a good way.


Like having a pin-sized paddle and rowing out into a sea of chaos.


It’s keeping my attention.

Snuffy’s sister-in-law

On the edge of reality.


A dark and humorous tale about vampires and how they balance their vampirism and humanity (or lack thereof).


Got something to say about Almost Eternal?

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