General disclaimer: this story contains swearing, violent/sexual/triggering themes, some graphic scenes, horror and clueless teenagers all mixed in with an unhealthy dose of dark humour.
Nudity is always tasteful but the language and situations may not be.

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Book One – Discovery


April has always lived in her famous mother’s shadow. Will she find the light she is looking for or will she just end up somewhere darker?

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Most promising review:

“Like having a pin-sized paddle and rowing out into a sea of chaos”


Book Two – Descent


Everything has gone completely to shit for April and her friends. Surely things can’t get any worse?

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Most promising review:

“This story always does this to me: I’m having a grand time and then gradually realize that the room is on fire”


Book Three – Depths

In progress – updates Mon & Fri

OK, now it can’t get any worse! Can it?

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Most promising review:

“Oh, Watcher. Things can always get worse. They definitely could here.”


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