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April Moss has always lived in her famous mother’s shadow. Will she find the light she is looking for or will she just end up somewhere darker?

Almost Eternal is best described as tragicomedy with a good dash of thriller: you will laugh, you may cry, you will probably rage quit at some point.

Shall we begin?

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Gah, I’m rubbish. Last weekend ended up rewarding me way less free time than I’d planned, so I’m behind again. Hoping to have the chapter with you by Friday and I will get round to responding to all your messages and comments soon. No, I’m not dead. Yes, I do suck. 🦇
Thanks for your patience!

Today is the last boring chapter – and it’s a little one. Now, as we power towards the end of book three, prepare to throw yourselves headfirst into all the juicy, action-packed and revealing scenes I’ve had written for months. I’m damn excited.
As so much is already written, you can expect chapter updates to land more frequently. I’m aiming for twice weekly (work permitting, as usual. I love my job but holy hell it drains me faster than Caleb ever could), you unlucky creatures. 💗

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