April has always lived in her famous mother’s shadow. Will she find the light she is looking for or will she just end up somewhere darker?

Most promising review:

“Like having a pin-sized paddle and rowing out into a sea of chaos”


Everything has gone completely to shit for April and her friends. Surely things can’t get any worse?

Most promising review:

“This story always does this to me: I’m having a grand time and then gradually realize that the room is on fire”



19/04/2021 Chapter 2.47 – Least Rubbish Option

16/04/2021 Chapter 2.46 – Saccharine

12/04/2021 Chapter 2.45 – Neck Booze

09/04/2021 Chapter 2.44 – Run Wild

05/04/2021 Chapter 2.43 – And Blow