Sandy Moss wanted a large glass of wine, not a child.

It was only supposed to be a simple fling, a few nights in with a struggling lawyer while she was in the city shooting her latest film. He of course would be delighted to find out she was expecting. It was probably the only thing he’d ever accomplish in his life, she thought, besides bedding such a fox in the first place, that is.

She thought about him; Travis Davies. He was OK, she supposed. Not too unattractive or needy and he backed down in every argument – she could do worse. Her father, had he still been alive, would’ve approved that this one at least had a ‘real’ job; even if that real job involved him working at his father’s law firm and struggling to find clients. 

She looked up as Travis took a seat beside her and she got in to her zone, her line well rehearsed.

“I’m pregnant, the baby is yours, I require you to marry me and I’m not changing my name.”

His grin could’ve split his face in two. He accepted her proposal and its conditions, not that she’d given him a choice. As he wittered on excitedly about wedding venues and baby names she studied his features. Would her son have his eyes? Maybe his jaw? She hoped he was just as submissive, although she was certain she could work that in to him. 

She imagined the front covers of the glossy magazines: “Sandy Moss Expecting First Child”. She wondered how much she could sell that story for. 

It appears that Sandy was far too busy to track mundane things like cycles, because only five months later she delivered a baby girl. Travis was delighted but Sandy had not wanted a girl. The last thing Sandy needed was a younger version of herself stealing all the limelight. She named her daughter April as that’s when she was born. Sandy didn’t want to waste time coming up with a name when there was one right there on the birth certificate.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Sandy was not a natural parent.

As April grew in to a toddler, it was Travis who took on most of the parental duties. And when father wasn’t available little April learned pretty quickly to stay out of mother’s way.

When April was a small child the family moved from Travis’s apartment in San Myshuno to a glorious mansion on a private estate in Del Sol Valley. 

This had all been funded by Sandy’s acting career with no thanks to Travis, who had to have been the worst lawyer in the world. As Sandy theorised, to be a good lawyer you probably had to have a backbone, something Travis severely lacked. 

The extra space in the house allowed them to have a butler, who took over most of the childcare responsibilities as Travis tried to make a name for himself in this new town. Sandy heartily approved of said butler, even though Travis thought his cooking was somewhat terrible and he suspected he wasn’t spending much time looking after April.

Travis may or may not have had an inkling of Sandy’s true reasons for hiring the bearded butler. He never said anything, of course. 

April went to the finest schools and befriended the finest children of the finest people. But she never really felt like she fit into their perfect world. April considered herself to only have two real friends; Faith and Melinda, two girls who lived in the modest suburbs of Willow Creek.

Sandy disapproved of April’s taste in friends and their lack of social status, so they weren’t allowed in the mansion. To ensure as little contact as possible between her daughter and the common folk, April was not allowed out without written permission. 

April, much to the disappointment of her mother, was not completely hideous. 

Sandy had been quite pleased to see that her daughter had initially inherited her father’s boring, mousy hair but alas, it soon lightened to a white blonde eclipsing even Sandy’s platinum locks. April’s face was perfectly symmetrical and – how irritating – she probably wouldn’t even need the small tweaks to her nose that Sandy may or may not have had as a teenager. 

Sandy did not tell her daughter any of this. Instead she would highlight the tiniest pocket of puppy fat, the smallest blemish on her face, the way her ribbon didn’t quite match her socks. It led April to believe that she was, in fact, quite disgusting.

It was these little criticisms that kept April largely out of the spotlight. The only time her image was ever really seen in public would be when it was carefully staged by Sandy to further her own career. They were the perfect family for Sandy’s public appearances. Sandy would allow Travis some brief access for lovemaking beforehand so he didn’t look too miserable and she would ensure April was dressed in a way that made her look loved. She would push her family in front of the hungry cameras and thank them sincerely in her speeches. 

It was these sorts of scenarios that ensured Sandy had quite the reputation among both the media and her colleagues in the movie industry for being a perfect role model – an excellent actor, mother and wife – something rare in the shallow world of Del Sol Valley. Her timing mistake those few years prior had clearly been an excellent career move. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know Travis’s eye colour or how old her daughter was, people thought she did. She had learned a long time ago that she could get people to believe anything.

It was only when April became a teen that Sandy’s hold started to break. Sandy was disgusted to see that, despite her best efforts, she had raised a daughter who was, there was no denying it, very beautiful. 

Especially as by now, Sandy’s own face was starting to resemble a balloon someone had let the air out of and it was becoming quite an expensive routine getting it pinned back up every few months. But fortunately for Sandy she was relieved to find that her daughter, like Travis, also seemed to be missing most of her spine. She never argued, never answered back, just listened to her mother’s criticisms and vowed to do better.

Sandy wasn’t concerned that her only child was not worthy of her legacy. After all, Sandy was certain her fame would ensure that her name was in the conversation long after her body was. Every film she made cemented her in deeper in the history books, her plaque was on the Boulevard for future generations to visit. Sandy was, as she put it to April during a particularly scathing reprimand, an early death away from being ‘almost eternal’.

April was torn. She couldn’t live in her mother’s shadow forever. In two weeks time, she would be eighteen with no discernible acting talents discovered and probably no law ones to inherit. She didn’t want to get famous off the back of her mother, the way her peers were doing, with product placement and scripted reality. But she didn’t want to fade into nothing, either. 

Like most teenagers of this era, she often turned to the internet to try and answer her burning question of the day. Recent searches of how can I be more beautiful? …thinner? …less shit at piano? popped up in the list as she started to type. 

Today she had a new question. Her mother had a great talent for hitting nerves and it seemed she had discovered a new one in April. Her boasts rang loud in April’s memory.

Almost eternal.

April brought her fingers to the keys and the new question was typed out on the screen.

How can I live forever?

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33 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. YAS I totally dig the pictures here. And since your profile page has no comments section I’ll just comment here. I loved that bit of you putting what random people say about your blog. Cracked me up (They’re not random ofc but y’know I’m just a stranger on the internet and they are the randos to me 😛 ) Anyway, I’m loving your humor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are pretty random. Birds of a feather and all that jazz.
      I think the other two lost the will to live, but my partner actually started to enjoy the story they were being forced to edit around about chapter 25. Won’t give me an updated review though. 🙂


  2. Now THAT is an opening line. That is a Delinquent-Sims-level opening line ( Iconic.

    Grammar, flow, and construction on point. There were multiple moments where I was like “oh, that’s got some implications” or “oh, that’s foreshadowing,” only to have it immediately confirmed. Fancy! “The last thing Sandy needed was a younger version of herself”—YIKES. That’s about all I need to tell me what kind of a mother she is.

    And I have a suspicion April’s picked up some nasty habits from her mother that she keeps refusing to fix because she’s the Good Guy. Disregarding gender, that is.

    This has nothing to do with anything, but I read “Will her son have his eyes?” as “Will her son have eyes?” and I was like, good on you, Sandy, asking the real questions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The second too-rich Sandy with her too-perfect face materialised in my game I was like ‘no honey. I’m taking you down.’ Not that I had to try very hard, she was already doing a great job of ruining everyone’s lives.
      I can neither confirm nor deny your suspicions about April, however I can confirm that all the characters do have eyes.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, looks like I finally got the time to read this story, lol! 😀 So I suppose I’ll just comment on every chapter if you’re okay with it? Okay, I’ll stop wasting time and write my comment, haha.

    Wait, Sandy gave birth at five months? Well, that’s already a disaster, haha… or did she give birth at full-term but I’m reading it incorrectly? Well, the former would definitely go to show how much Sandy cares about her family, lol.

    Also, how did April’s hair turn from brown to platinum? Did some magic happen? 😮 Ooh, that’s something interesting, haha.

    Well, I do hope Sandy’s face balloons up to a point where no one would stand to look at her, even April or Travis, lol. They’re more beautiful than her for sure. 🙂 Or someone exposes her and her name is erased from the history books and her plaque torn down because she definitely doesn’t deserve it. Or that she gets shot in one of her dishonest speeches? Okay, I’ll stop now or I’d definitely kill her myself. 😅

    It is a great prologue, haha, and the last sentence definitely describes the gist of the story. (Well, I do know how she gets to live forever because I looked at the homepage but let’s pretend I don’t and I’m a new reader! 😀 Actually I am a new reader- okay, I’ll stop rambling because I tend to ramble a lot once I achieve great focus in something, haha.) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome! This is a good point in the story to turn around if you don’t wish to be dragged into the mire. If you’re OK with swampy shenanigans, please continue. Maybe I’ll even see you at the end. Ooh, yes I love comments, feel free to say whatever you like, but don’t feel like you have to comment on every chapter unless you really want to; some are rubbish. And hopefully you don’t mind semi-serious, unfunny, vague replies because that is what I offer.

      Aha, I see you’re noticing often overlooked plot nuggets already with Sandy’s timing issues and April’s hair…

      I’m sure that most people who make it this far know there’s a vampire element to the story and if they don’t, well they do now. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, it’s okay, I love mires! I like to read horror, romance, sci-fi and even children’s books because there’s something about me that gets me hooked into every fantasy story, haha (and I tend to make some… interesting stories 😉 ), so I think I’ll be intrigued by this story as well! 🙂 Oh, okay, then! I’ll comment on the ones where I learn something new, though. 🙂 I’m all into semi-serious, unfunny, vague replies because it spices up life! 😀

        It’s one of the things I usually tend to see but I overlook more obvious things. xD

        Yeah, I guess so, too! Though I have yet to find out how this vampire element is implemented, haha! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Gah! I meant to comment as I read, I swear, but my attention got grabbed so firmly I may or may not have binge-read the whole thing as fast as I could. And I can say I´m a huge fan of your writing first and foremost. Which makes me want to go through a second time, think about everything more and tell you all about my opinions because oh dear, do you make me have /opinions/ about all the characters, indeed. So let´s just… pretend I haven´t been through yet, shall we? *winks*

    Now, to focus. Sandy Moss, what a disaster. Here, I already appreciate your excellent applications of “show, don´t tell.” Sandy is very obviously a Queen Bee among other things, but you didn´t have to tell us that. She just… is. The other things would be a materialistic, empathy-lacking, all-around horrible kind of person. Already. I´d add fake, but she´s an actress. That´s like… occupational hazard, right? Now, it makes one wonder how she got that way of course, if she´d let the fame get into her head that much or if she´d had an unhealthy upbringing herself, but hey. We´re not here for her backstory. She /is/ the backstory. Ha. Wouldn´t that just irk her so much? XD

    Poor April… has no idea what she´s doing. No idea at all… and to be fair, no way to wisen up before it´s too late. Other than that, I´ll wait with saying more till we see more of her. With a mom like Sandy, though, I can´t rightly blame April for much. It´s not her fault.

    Oh, and one last thing before I forget, thank you SO MUCH for making me aware of Artbreeder. That thing is so much fun…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Welcome! I saw someone was having a binge and I’m so glad you commented. But do you really want to read it all again? I mean, I wrote it and I don’t really want to read it again. Although, you will probably notice loads of juicy little bonus bits second time. Ooh, I do look forward to seeing what you dig up and what your opinions on the characters are… I wonder if you have a favourite… Oh no, wait, we’re supposed to be pretending you haven’t read yet. Got it. I’ll start again.

      Hi! I’m Snuffy, welcome to AE. The door is there, please feel free to leave before you’re trapped in here forever wondering what became of your life. So much for self-promotion, hey? I should probably not open with lines like this but it still amazes me that anyone reads my stuff. 🤣

      Oh yes, Sandy would’ve hated being April’s back story. And YES artbreeder is such a great way to lose hours of your day. All my cast have been run through it at some point, even the really obscure ones.


      1. Yep, I absolutely wanna read it all again. I´ve already noticed a few things I´d missed when they were mentioned again in later chapters and I´m sure I´d missed a few more I haven´t realized yet. Also, of course you don´t wanna re-read it when you wrote it. That´s just because writing it is so much more work. …and maybe partly because yes, I do have a strong favorite, here. But really, I probably shouldn´t drop any spoilers this soon hmm…?

        Oh, proper introductions? Okay. 🙂 Hello, Snuffy! I´m Gina and I´m sure lots of people already told you that you shouldn´t discount your skills, so I´ll just add my voice to the pile. I also love simlit that is loaded with the supernatural, and stories that have lore, character development and aren´t afraid to write about whatever they bloody want. 😉 Yours has all of that and so much more, so I´m definitely not going anywhere.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Dear Sandy, you’re a selfish bitch and a terrible mother, but I love you. You did a number on your daughter and I’m sure we’ll be witnesses to the lasting consequences of your motherly treatment in the chapters to come. So thank you, Sandy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The story is still ongoing (it’s aptly named) so I’d say you weren’t late, just y’know, joining the party when everyone is already tipsy. 😉
      Anyway, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  6. great start! I’m loving this already – late to the game, but happy to see how much I have left ahead of me to read. Sandy is such a great character, what a headcase, she’s definitely done some significant damage to poor April, can’t wait to see what happens next…


  7. Hello! This story has been pinging on my radar for approximately 273 years (oh, you mean your blog isn’t that old? I’m not bad at math; you’re bad at math)

    Your wit is so caustic, I’m checking myself for paper cuts. I’ve already been seduced by the opening line. I have never relished hating someone as much as Sandy; it’s delicious. Every line so far is a darkly piquant gem.

    I’ve got my fingers in a lot of SimLit pies at the moment but this is definitely the next pie I am smashing my face into 💯💯💯 (following so I don’t forget!)


  8. Oh I am intrigued. I especially appreciated the opening and closing lines. The first line drew me in out of curiosity and the last line sealed the deal. I feel simultaneously disgusted by Sandy and sad for her shallow life and the impacts on her spineless spouse and more importantly, impressionable daughter. It will be interesting to see the impact of April’s internet search in future chapters. Looking forward to more!


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