Chapter 1.34 – Down With That

Caleb had arrived at the billboard with the fish on it. There was definitely no sign of April. Now what? There was barely a cloud in the sky; the sun would be bright and deadly to fledgling vampires today. He walked to the verge where he assumed April had last been. The grass had beenContinue reading “Chapter 1.34 – Down With That”

Chapter 1.24 – Less Dead

Warning: This chapter alludes to self-harm and is generally quite dark. With April not willing to show her ID for fear of being recognised, they’d had to visit a few nightclubs before they found one that would let them in. With its dingy interior and sticky floor it was definitely not the sort of establishmentContinue reading “Chapter 1.24 – Less Dead”

Chapter 1.20 – Five More Minutes

Ten Years Earlier “Yes!” Faith squealed, throwing her arms into the air, “I could beat you with my eyes closed!” Melinda shook her head and turned away from the arcade machine. “You cheated.” “I did not! Right, best of three.” “I’m out of tokens. My mum only gave me five simoleons this week. Said theContinue reading “Chapter 1.20 – Five More Minutes”