Chapter 1.52 – Full of Holes

The first thing that struck Seth was that all the lights were off in the house. Despite having excellent night vision, Lilith always had lights on, even if there was no-one home. It made it look ‘lived in’, she would say. It didn’t matter that not a single soul ever passed here, she liked toContinue reading “Chapter 1.52 – Full of Holes”

Chapter 1.51 – Absolute Chaos

It had been a most satisfying night. As Seth lay back under the stars, satiated with what turned out to be a surprisingly succulent sanguinary experience with William Wangshaft, he admired again his new trophies; a kidney, as promised, for his feisty fledgling and a most unexpected memory. Will’s reel had mainly comprised of beer,Continue reading “Chapter 1.51 – Absolute Chaos”

Chapter 1.50 – Monumental Fuck Up

It had been a gruelling day with the police and the journalists and it was gone midnight when Chuck finally opened the door to their home. Babs had made a beeline for the television leaving Chuck to his thoughts. Melinda was eighteen, an adult who had left by her own volition. There was only soContinue reading “Chapter 1.50 – Monumental Fuck Up”

Chapter 1.49 – Stay With Me

I had envisioned that I would make his acquaintance, ask him some questions, take my time. I’d learn all about vampires and make a solid decision, gradually befriending him and maybe, one day, asking him to turn me. I would be calm, rational, patient. Like most of my plans, it went totally bum up. “IContinue reading “Chapter 1.49 – Stay With Me”

Chapter 1.48 – Self-Destruct

Violence, suicidal thoughts, Will (collective groan) Joe looked up, expecting Caleb to take his usual chair by the fire, surprised when he took a seat at the bar. “Bad day?” “Just give me the bottle, Joe.” Joe clicked his tongue. “That would be irresponsible of me,” he said, pouring one glass. Caleb threw back hisContinue reading “Chapter 1.48 – Self-Destruct”

Chapter 1.47 – Fill The Void

Warning: Sexual violence, issues of consent, suicidal thoughts and generally unpleasant. Faith had been fifteen when she’d lost her virginity. She had been taking a remedial science class over the summer when she’d met the lucky fella. His name was Adam or it might have been Alan; she forgot which. He’d boldly seated himself nextContinue reading “Chapter 1.47 – Fill The Void”

Chapter 1.46 – Walking Disaster

“Try to think fast thoughts,” Caleb instructed, unhelpfully. Melinda shrugged. “Such as what? Cheetahs? Bullet trains?” “No, not of fast things. Just of speediness, generally.” It didn’t make any sense. They’d been out here for ages and they were getting literally nowhere. Melinda tried to think of speediness and ran forward a few paces atContinue reading “Chapter 1.46 – Walking Disaster”

Chapter 1.45 – Not All Roses

April had the house to herself. Lilith had left on important business and despite her best efforts to convince him to stay, Caleb had departed to run around through the trees and look up at the moon with Melinda. April really didn’t understand what was so fascinating about an eclipse, especially a lunar one. ItContinue reading “Chapter 1.45 – Not All Roses”

Chapter 1.44 – Toy

Note: mildly NSFW and all sorts of disturbed Faith hadn’t had to summon Seth this time; as she approached the end of the pathway towards the road, it was like her feet knew where to go. “Fashionably late,” he teased as she walked towards him. “Ah, trouble with Lilith?” “She harassed me as I wasContinue reading “Chapter 1.44 – Toy”

Chapter 1.43 – Never Seen Your Face

“That’s Caleb’s room. That’s mine and it’s strictly off-limits. You three will be in that room. Help yourself to the pantry. I’ve got surgery until five; do not call me unless it’s urgent. If I come back and you’re all drunk, I’ll turn you in myself. Understood?” “Yes Mum,” Faith joked. Lilith narrowed her eyesContinue reading “Chapter 1.43 – Never Seen Your Face”