Chapter 1.48 – Self-Destruct

Violence, suicidal thoughts, Will (collective groan) Joe looked up, expecting Caleb to take his usual chair by the fire, surprised when he took a seat at the bar. “Bad day?” “Just give me the bottle, Joe.” Joe clicked his tongue. “That would be irresponsible of me,” he said, pouring one glass. Caleb threw back hisContinue reading “Chapter 1.48 – Self-Destruct”

Chapter 1.38 – Ten Thousand Lovers

April was fussing with her dress. “Do I look OK? Is it too much?” Melinda’s eyes were taking up most of her face. “You look… very um…” “Hot.” April wasn’t so sure. It had been her idea to do this; present herself like this. But the second she put the dress on all she couldContinue reading “Chapter 1.38 – Ten Thousand Lovers”

Chapter 1.32 – Reckless Ways

Melinda wasn’t feeling quite as spirited as Caleb clearly was, as he bounded along like some sort of undead, overgrown puppy. “Lilith will be pleased to see you. We can play some chess!” he enthused. “I’ll be terrible at it,” Melinda said, wondering what on earth she’d said or done to perk him up soContinue reading “Chapter 1.32 – Reckless Ways”

Chapter 1.19 – Dead in the Woods

“Come back! I’ll leave my wife!” Will called as Faith and April headed back down the path. He tried to follow them and ended up falling onto his face. Dale giggled but he wasn’t faring much better. “Wife?” Faith turned back towards Will. “You never said you had a wife!” “Beth’s gonna be so pissedContinue reading “Chapter 1.19 – Dead in the Woods”

Chapter 1.16 – Vampiric Allure

Melinda awoke to the sound of something soft and heavy being dragged down the stairs and across the room. She stirred and blinked at sun. Oh, she felt rough. It took her a while to focus on the image before her. Faith and April had just about managed to drag Will to a seat atContinue reading “Chapter 1.16 – Vampiric Allure”

Chapter 1.15 – Real Drinks

The bar was a dump. The kind of place frequented only by miserable local men who had a beer in the evening in their work-wear before begrudgingly returning home to their families. Everyone turned to look as they walked in but no one seemed to recognise April. Melinda felt very out of place. Faith howeverContinue reading “Chapter 1.15 – Real Drinks”