Chapter 4.11 – Chasing Ghosts

Lilith settled on ground beside the wonky tent, in the dry grass and baking heat. She could just about remember how Seth had taught her to start fires a century ago, something that had finally been useful. But thinking of her ex in any way whatsoever was guaranteed to put her in a bad mood.Continue reading “Chapter 4.11 – Chasing Ghosts”

Chapter 4.05 – Skinny Punk Junkie

It had happened again. He had lost control of his meddling with a human. Only this time, it mattered. She was still out there, walking around, with a head full of his own memories. At first, he’d cursed himself for allowing her to slip away. But then, once composed, he could justify his decision. HeContinue reading “Chapter 4.05 – Skinny Punk Junkie”

Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss

It was all still taking some getting used to. Lilith stepped into the little cottage and the overwhelming smell of bleach was the first thing to greet her, as always. But that in itself wasn’t what caused her pause, or tied her insides into knots. “Evening, Lilith,” Broof called out from his position at theContinue reading “Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss”

Chapter 3.49 – Hot and Bothered

Disclaimer: morbid self-harm He had allowed her to leave and then he’d trashed the apartment just because. Because he had no idea how this new power worked. It simmered hot in his sluggish veins, taunting him with a ferociousness that felt like Faith herself. And, just like Faith, it was stubbornly refusing to cooperate withContinue reading “Chapter 3.49 – Hot and Bothered”

Chapter 3.47 – Breaking

Note: features acres of pale skin with strategically-placed décor. Caleb had bedded countless women in his three hundred and seven years. He had, often unwittingly, seduced wealthy women, poor women, thin ones, fat ones, pretty ones, ugly ones, young and old in almost any situation one could think of. Yet, lying in Sage’s bed, besideContinue reading “Chapter 3.47 – Breaking”

Chapter 3.46 – Inside

Warning: nsfw (no nudity), violence, questionable consent and a good dose of clueless cringe. By the time Seth and his troublesome tutee had materialised back at their miniscule lodgings, her fight and panic had dissipated. He turned her face side-to-side, studying her for a hint of that delectable offering, but found none. Frustration rolled throughContinue reading “Chapter 3.46 – Inside”

Chapter 3.45 – Bedtime Story

Warning: violent, harrowing, horrific Everything about the tiny house was exactly as Faith remembered it, except for one detail. Oh my god, she willed to Seth, who had followed her a pace behind, scoping the darkness. What? Seth projected back. Suddenly on alert, she could sense him tense at her shoulder. He was making herContinue reading “Chapter 3.45 – Bedtime Story”

Chapter 3.43 – More Meat

Seth Grimm had faced a number of arduous challenges in his time on the planet, from false accusation to imprisonment, but he’d take another three decades in solitary confinement if, for once, he could just get his bloody fledgling out of the door on time. It had taken almost an hour to get to thisContinue reading “Chapter 3.43 – More Meat”

Chapter 3.41 – New Digs

Warning: Very morbid. Contains graverobbing, vandalism, open graves and talk of death. “Isn’t it a thing of beauty?” Bernard, the groundskeeper, said in a not-too-convincing manner as he sensed the pair approach from behind him. “A fitting monument to an icon. And in my humble grounds. An honour. Yep, that’s what it is.” Lilith shrugged.Continue reading “Chapter 3.41 – New Digs”

Chapter 3.40 – Irritant

Jessica’s scalp was so itchy. When she’d first been presented with her MAD hat she’d felt pretty good in it. She was fully starting to embrace the ‘wear whatever makes you happy’ mantra of her fellow GliTS, almost starting to like her starched, polyester poodle skirt and the little static shocks she got periodically fromContinue reading “Chapter 3.40 – Irritant”