Chapter 3.45 – Bedtime Story

Warning: violent, harrowing, horrific Everything about the tiny house was exactly as Faith remembered it, except for one detail. Oh my god, she willed to Seth, who had followed her a pace behind, scoping the darkness. What? Seth projected back. Suddenly on alert, she could sense him tense at her shoulder. He was making herContinue reading “Chapter 3.45 – Bedtime Story”

Chapter 2.21 – Common Ground

Lilith looked around the pub, checking every wall before she entered. The plush, beer-soaked carpets, dated panelled walls and general dinginess of this place were outweighed by the two things it had in its favour. Or rather, didn’t have. No CCTV and not a single foil-headed freak to be seen. Not a single other patron,Continue reading “Chapter 2.21 – Common Ground”