Chapter 4.12 – Holy Potato!

Disclaimer: violence and badly-drawn blood/bruises. A trashy chapter by all definitions. Wasn’t it amazing what plants could do? Cleanse the air, filter out toxins, get you utterly wasted. Or, at least, wasted enough. In his dark, dingy room which was peppered with trash, discarded toys and mounds of evidence that his life was one hugeContinue reading “Chapter 4.12 – Holy Potato!”

Chapter 4.10 – Undo Button

After what had been a much more fun night of semi-naked kissing than she’d ever had with Caleb, April had walked her girlfriend back to the small cottage. It was that hazy, optimistic part of the day where the sun was just about to rise. The lights inside the cottage told April that Moon wasContinue reading “Chapter 4.10 – Undo Button”

Chapter 4.07 – Sleeping Beauty

Melinda had visited this spot numerous times since she’d been staying with Moon. These ruins, situated near the river and only a short walk from Moon’s idyllic little cottage, were beautiful, and so inspiring. Melinda could lose hours here, gazing at the crumbling arches, listening to the river flowing past her and imagining how theContinue reading “Chapter 4.07 – Sleeping Beauty”

Chapter 4.02 – Like Flies

In the Henford countryside, all was still, all was silent for miles around Moon’s tiny cottage. But inside was another story. “I definitely look OK?” Melinda asked again, fussing with the shirt she’d tied around her hips. “Do I look like I’ve made an effort? Too much effort?” “You look lovely, dear,” Moon said soothingly.Continue reading “Chapter 4.02 – Like Flies”

Chapter 3.51 – Super Magic

Disclaimer: violence, blood Thanks to Mercuryfoam for creating the fist fight animations that I couldn’t bring myself to make. Sorry that ‘yellow sim’ and ‘blue sim’ weren’t the pairing you had in mind! 😬 What is the worst way in the world to be woken up? Wyatt had experienced quite a few of them, surely.Continue reading “Chapter 3.51 – Super Magic”

Chapter 3.50 – Apes Harper

Disclaimer: violence I’m not really sure what happened, but something happened. It wasn’t simply the way that Caleb was staring at me as if I’d grown a second head. Nor was it the tingly feeling I had in my legs. And it definitely wasn’t because I’d eventually stolen a sneaky peak at a lamp andContinue reading “Chapter 3.50 – Apes Harper”

Chapter 3.49 – Hot and Bothered

Disclaimer: morbid self-harm He had allowed her to leave and then he’d trashed the apartment just because. Because he had no idea how this new power worked. It simmered hot in his sluggish veins, taunting him with a ferociousness that felt like Faith herself. And, just like Faith, it was stubbornly refusing to cooperate withContinue reading “Chapter 3.49 – Hot and Bothered”

Chapter 3.44 – Strawberry

Note: drug use/influence April was full of bubbles and rainbows. She had to admit that she couldn’t really taste the strawberry flavour of her magic tea, but it was a pretty colour and smelled super yummy. And it was definitely magical! After one sip, everything went a little fuzzy and soft around the edges. AfterContinue reading “Chapter 3.44 – Strawberry”

Chapter 3.38 – The Butler Code

Disclaimer: Drugs mention, tiny bit of blood. Broof had never before been into the forests of Forgotten Hollow, but he had, of course, heard all about them. As he and Lilith made their way along overgrown paths and through ever-thickening trees, Broof’s shoes became muddied and his field of vision became smaller. As the darknessContinue reading “Chapter 3.38 – The Butler Code”

Chapter 3.35 – Question Everything

Jessica jolted herself awake a second before her face would’ve hit her desk. She shook her head and gave herself a hard smack on the cheek, but it was a poor substitute for a full energy bar. The previous night had taken its toll. After Beth had arrived – with a little old lady inContinue reading “Chapter 3.35 – Question Everything”