Chapter 4.12 – Holy Potato!

Disclaimer: violence and badly-drawn blood/bruises. A trashy chapter by all definitions. Wasn’t it amazing what plants could do? Cleanse the air, filter out toxins, get you utterly wasted. Or, at least, wasted enough. In his dark, dingy room which was peppered with trash, discarded toys and mounds of evidence that his life was one hugeContinue reading “Chapter 4.12 – Holy Potato!”

Chapter 4.11 – Chasing Ghosts

Lilith settled on ground beside the wonky tent, in the dry grass and baking heat. She could just about remember how Seth had taught her to start fires a century ago, something that had finally been useful. But thinking of her ex in any way whatsoever was guaranteed to put her in a bad mood.Continue reading “Chapter 4.11 – Chasing Ghosts”

Chapter 4.10 – Undo Button

After what had been a much more fun night of semi-naked kissing than she’d ever had with Caleb, April had walked her girlfriend back to the small cottage. It was that hazy, optimistic part of the day where the sun was just about to rise. The lights inside the cottage told April that Moon wasContinue reading “Chapter 4.10 – Undo Button”

Chapter 4.09 – Heart of Gold

Disclaimer: references this chapter and contains all the same horrible stuff – non-consent, imprisonment and violence – from the other side. “You know who I am?” “Yes, I know who you are, Faith,” Kitty laughed. “What amazes me, is that you know who I am.” “I know who you are, Kitty,” Faith managed through aContinue reading “Chapter 4.09 – Heart of Gold”

Chapter 4.08 – Vice

After casually strolling through the Windenburg countryside in a post-robbery daze, Broof and Lilith had stopped to pick up supplies at a petrol station on the route to Willow Creek. Lilith required very little to survive a week in the wilderness, so she went to freshen up while Broof bought whatever he thought he needed.Continue reading “Chapter 4.08 – Vice”

Chapter 4.07 – Sleeping Beauty

Melinda had visited this spot numerous times since she’d been staying with Moon. These ruins, situated near the river and only a short walk from Moon’s idyllic little cottage, were beautiful, and so inspiring. Melinda could lose hours here, gazing at the crumbling arches, listening to the river flowing past her and imagining how theContinue reading “Chapter 4.07 – Sleeping Beauty”

Chapter 4.06 – Night Camouflage

Broof had driven himself and Lilith to within half a mile of the Wangshaft manor, and left his car parked on a completely normal-looking residential street. They could have driven right up to the gates, or at least around the corner for a quick getaway, but Broof thought it best that the pair approach theContinue reading “Chapter 4.06 – Night Camouflage”

Chapter 4.05 – Skinny Punk Junkie

It had happened again. He had lost control of his meddling with a human. Only this time, it mattered. She was still out there, walking around, with a head full of his own memories. At first, he’d cursed himself for allowing her to slip away. But then, once composed, he could justify his decision. HeContinue reading “Chapter 4.05 – Skinny Punk Junkie”

Chapter 4.04 – Puffy

Note: A little gruesome. When Faith had imagined Britechester, with its stuffy old buildings, fancy architecture and halls full of nerds, she hadn’t imagined that she’d ever go there, not with her terrible grades. Unless she got employed as a cleaner or as a stripper for a frat party, or something. And Blondie was neverContinue reading “Chapter 4.04 – Puffy”

Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss

It was all still taking some getting used to. Lilith stepped into the little cottage and the overwhelming smell of bleach was the first thing to greet her, as always. But that in itself wasn’t what caused her pause, or tied her insides into knots. “Evening, Lilith,” Broof called out from his position at theContinue reading “Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss”