Chapter 4.11 – Chasing Ghosts

Lilith settled on ground beside the wonky tent, in the dry grass and baking heat. She could just about remember how Seth had taught her to start fires a century ago, something that had finally been useful. But thinking of her ex in any way whatsoever was guaranteed to put her in a bad mood.Continue reading “Chapter 4.11 – Chasing Ghosts”

Chapter 4.08 – Vice

After casually strolling through the Windenburg countryside in a post-robbery daze, Broof and Lilith had stopped to pick up supplies at a petrol station on the route to Willow Creek. Lilith required very little to survive a week in the wilderness, so she went to freshen up while Broof bought whatever he thought he needed.Continue reading “Chapter 4.08 – Vice”

Chapter 4.06 – Night Camouflage

Broof had driven himself and Lilith to within half a mile of the Wangshaft manor, and left his car parked on a completely normal-looking residential street. They could have driven right up to the gates, or at least around the corner for a quick getaway, but Broof thought it best that the pair approach theContinue reading “Chapter 4.06 – Night Camouflage”

Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss

It was all still taking some getting used to. Lilith stepped into the little cottage and the overwhelming smell of bleach was the first thing to greet her, as always. But that in itself wasn’t what caused her pause, or tied her insides into knots. “Evening, Lilith,” Broof called out from his position at theContinue reading “Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss”

4.00 – Interlude

Disclaimers: grief, death, trauma You bloody idiot. Don’t you smirk at me. Don’t you realise what you’ve done?! Don’t give me that ‘sacrifice’ bullshit. You’ve traumatised the poor guy. He won’t cast a damn thing! Won’t touch a cauldron. He’s almost as useless as Broof is now… He was my chance, my one real chanceContinue reading “4.00 – Interlude”

Chapter 3.42 – A Brew or Two

After a long, cold night in the dank forest of Forgotten Hollow, Sage had finally arrived home. She stretched her aching legs and cracked her stiff back as her old bones groaned and protested back to position. Oh, how she longed for her bed, the soft eiderdown and the plump, duck feather pillows. She sighed.Continue reading “Chapter 3.42 – A Brew or Two”

Chapter 3.41 – New Digs

Warning: Very morbid. Contains graverobbing, vandalism, open graves and talk of death. “Isn’t it a thing of beauty?” Bernard, the groundskeeper, said in a not-too-convincing manner as he sensed the pair approach from behind him. “A fitting monument to an icon. And in my humble grounds. An honour. Yep, that’s what it is.” Lilith shrugged.Continue reading “Chapter 3.41 – New Digs”

Chapter 3.38 – The Butler Code

Disclaimer: Drugs mention, tiny bit of blood. Broof had never before been into the forests of Forgotten Hollow, but he had, of course, heard all about them. As he and Lilith made their way along overgrown paths and through ever-thickening trees, Broof’s shoes became muddied and his field of vision became smaller. As the darknessContinue reading “Chapter 3.38 – The Butler Code”

Chapter 3.37 – Decipher

She could get used to this. Lilith had taken a long, hot shower – a blessing, as Caleb had often used up all the hot water before Lilith got her turn – and she’d settled down on the neat little sofa, in the pristine room in the quiet and minimalist house to leaf through anotherContinue reading “Chapter 3.37 – Decipher”

Chapter 3.36 – My Foot

The winding path up the steep hillside was almost too much for the bearded, sleep-deprived witch. Only the promise of what was waiting for him at the peak of this hill motivated him to continue to climb it, instead of rolling back down to his parked car – that he was probably not in aContinue reading “Chapter 3.36 – My Foot”