4.00 – Interlude

Disclaimers: grief, death, trauma You bloody idiot. Don’t you smirk at me. Don’t you realise what you’ve done?! Don’t give me that ‘sacrifice’ bullshit. You’ve traumatised the poor guy. He won’t cast a damn thing! Won’t touch a cauldron. He’s almost as useless as Broof is now… He was my chance, my one real chanceContinue reading “4.00 – Interlude”

Chapter 3.53 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 2

Disclaimer: blood, death, disturbingPart 1 is here Sage ran through her house. ‘Pretty lights’ might have seemed fun and harmless to April, but Sage knew better. She really hoped there was still time. This time. “Come on, Slow Coach!” Tarragon had called over his shoulder as he’d skipped through the long grass without a careContinue reading “Chapter 3.53 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 2”

Chapter 3.52 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 1

Moon swirled her teapot in silence until she was satisfied that her tea was adequately steeped. She had been unable to sleep that night, for a few reasons. Not least because one of her cats hadn’t yet returned home after his evening bathroom trip. Restless, Moon had abandoned her attempts at sleep to go andContinue reading “Chapter 3.52 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 1”

Chapter 3.42 – A Brew or Two

After a long, cold night in the dank forest of Forgotten Hollow, Sage had finally arrived home. She stretched her aching legs and cracked her stiff back as her old bones groaned and protested back to position. Oh, how she longed for her bed, the soft eiderdown and the plump, duck feather pillows. She sighed.Continue reading “Chapter 3.42 – A Brew or Two”

Chapter 3.39 – Neon Nightmare

For the night’s hunt, Seth had taken Faith to a club that, previously, she could only have dreamed of being allowed in to: the Orange Box. Faith had dressed up for the occasion and was excited to mingle with the kind of people who were allowed into a club that had a dress code, butContinue reading “Chapter 3.39 – Neon Nightmare”

Chapter 3.37 – Decipher

She could get used to this. Lilith had taken a long, hot shower – a blessing, as Caleb had often used up all the hot water before Lilith got her turn – and she’d settled down on the neat little sofa, in the pristine room in the quiet and minimalist house to leaf through anotherContinue reading “Chapter 3.37 – Decipher”

Chapter 3.36 – My Foot

The winding path up the steep hillside was almost too much for the bearded, sleep-deprived witch. Only the promise of what was waiting for him at the peak of this hill motivated him to continue to climb it, instead of rolling back down to his parked car – that he was probably not in aContinue reading “Chapter 3.36 – My Foot”

Chapter 3.33 – Heads Will Roll

“…and so, it appears that the only thing haunting the Boudoir Lounge is…” “RISING DAMP.” “Apologies, Bob, to interrupt this complete waste of channel funding but we have some breaking news that apparently can’t wait another two minutes!” “The bodies of heir to the Wangshaft fortune, William Wangshaft and his friend, some ginger guy, haveContinue reading “Chapter 3.33 – Heads Will Roll”

Chapter 3.32 – Not A Badger

Genuine reader feedback: “There were many moments when sex scenes actually made sense for AE but were ‘skipped’… enrich AE’s reading experience … I need me some daily bits boost in the morning.” Note: nsfw Wyatt ran his palms over the silky black fabric and, more enticingly, the delicious shape beneath it, stifling a groanContinue reading “Chapter 3.32 – Not A Badger”

Chapter 3.27 – Filthy

Note: somewhat NSFW Wednesday had passed without much fanfare and it was time for Caleb’s first lesson in, as Melinda called it, ‘How Not to be a Butthead’. He was trying to focus but it had been a long, long time since he’d been at school and he was remembering how bad he had beenContinue reading “Chapter 3.27 – Filthy”