Chapter 3.32 – Not A Badger

Genuine reader feedback: “There were many moments when sex scenes actually made sense for AE but were ‘skipped’… enrich AE’s reading experience … I need me some daily bits boost in the morning.

Note: nsfw

Wyatt ran his palms over the silky black fabric and, more enticingly, the delicious shape beneath it, stifling a groan on the neck of this woman who he knew he shouldn’t be touching. It wasn’t just that she was mentored by, and friends with, his buddy’s ex that made her so forbidden; her dad would skin alive any man he caught with his precious daughters. Not to mention that Wartilda had, on more than one occasion, heavily hinted that a casual hook-up was not what she had in mind. Speaking of which…

“Look, Tilly,” Wyatt breathed, forcing himself to break from his hungry assault on her glorious skin. “I don’t wanna set any false expectations here; you know I’m not after anything serious, yeah?”

Wartilda let out a little huff of annoyance and pulled him back towards her. “Yeah, I know,” she mumbled.

“And that’s cool?”

“Sure. Whatever,” she sighed, silencing him with those ruby-red lips of hers.

Damn. Wyatt was lost. Maybe she’d cast something on him. Maybe it was the culmination of being cooped up with Caleb and his hot as heck self and the general lack of privacy with a house full of people, but Wyatt was seriously in need of release.

As he got a meaty handful of her fine behind, she pressed her hand to his chest, forcing him away. “No, Wyatt.”

Gutted. Wyatt tried not to show his disappointment. He had seen the flipchart enough to know that no was no. And thinking of the flipchart, and his mother’s miserable face beside it, was definitely helping him to honour Wartilda wishes.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, adjusting his crotch.

She bit her lip and followed his hand before she looked around. “Not here,” she whispered.

All of Wyatt perked right back up at the knowledge that this wasn’t over. “Oh, right. Yeah, OK,” he said, trying to look natural and not deliriously happy. “Shall we go back to yours?”

He realised before Wartilda’s face displayed pure horror that this was not an option.

“Oh my goddess, no! You know what my dad’s like; he’d hit the roof. We can go to yours though, right? It’s not far. And your house will be empty, what with your mother away with the High Priestess.”

“Uh, no that’s not a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“…Reasons.” Wyatt mumbled.

Wartilda rolled her eyes and tugged her dress back into place with finality. “Reasons,” she mimicked. “Right. Look, Wy; I’m not doing it outside – I’m not a badger.”

He glanced up at the tavern. “We could rent a room?” if you’re paying.

“In that tacky place? No, thanks. Come on, Wy. I’m up for a casual thing, fine, but is a little privacy too much to ask?”

“Uh,” Wyatt said dumbly, looking around and trying to think with no blood in his brain. “OK, uh, we’ll go to mine.”

He took her hand and, like a pair of giddy teenagers, they ran towards the flower store. Wartilda was giggling, tripping in her heels, but Wyatt felt like he was headed to the gallows. Burny, sexy gallows, but still.

He tried to rationalise his decision; it was highly unlikely that any vampires would be wandering around randomly in the store area and, when his Mum got back, she’d definitely ‘port in somewhere in the apartment, downstairs. He might just get away with it.

He unlocked the door to the store and swiftly locked the door to the cellar in one motion.

“Wyatt? Aren’t we going downstairs—?”

“Nah,” he smirked. “It’s better up here.”

Wartilda pouted, which only made her hotter. “In the store? Really? Why can’t we go to your apartment? What are you hiding in there?”

“Nothing,” he insisted. “But my mum collects ceramic pigs and there are photos of my folks on literally every wall.”

“Even in your room?”

“Uh, yeah,” he lied. “Trust me, this is way more romantic.”

“This isn’t romantic, Wyatt!” she huffed, turning towards the door.

He stepped in front of her and took her hand. “Aw, come on, Tilly; it just needs a few magical enhancements.” He waved his hand in the direction of the wall speaker causing it to crackle to life. He even changed the station to something smooth but with a nice beat.

Wartilda was still unimpressed.

Wyatt drew a little more energy from his well and set a rolling wave throughout the room, lighting each candle. One set fire to a nearby fiscus, but luckily it extinguished itself pretty quickly and Wartilda didn’t notice.

“Oh wow!” she gasped, watching a few of the candles floating skywards. “You made that look so effortless!”

“Yeah,” Wyatt agreed, feeling his fingers burn. That was probably enough magic for now, but just to be sure he grabbed a fistful of petals from a nearby rose and threw them into the air, scattering them with a shower of soft stars.

By now, Wartilda was watching the show with a look of heated admiration.

“Show off,” she said, but she smiled.

Feeling like a kid in a candy store or, he supposed, a horny man in a flower store, Wyatt disrobed with reckless abandon and dived on to the rug that felt much plusher underfoot than it did under butt.

“I’ll be gentlemanly and take the floor,” he said. “Though I ain’t much softer, heh.”

Wartilda giggled, running her smoky gaze down Wyatt’s naked body then shyly looking away.

“Yeah, I can see that. Is that magically enhanced too?”

“Nope. All me.”

He couldn’t tell if she was impressed or worried, but he was used to that. She wriggled seductively from her dress and gave him a slow spin. “You like?”

He shrugged off the tell-tale tingle of overcharge in his extremities and the pain in his backside and nodded.

It’d all be fine.

Totally. How could it not?

“I like this one,” Faith stated with unrestrained glee as she flicked through the images on the camera. “And this one. Oh, and definitely this one; you can practically smell the piss in the rich brat’s dinosaur onesie.”

Seth glanced at the screen, at the stilled images of a cowering child. The boy’s eyes shone with tears, and a steady drip of mucus crept from his nose as he looked in terror at what, to him, had been nightmare come true.

Seth glanced back ahead, impassive. Faith, decision made on which pictures they would gift to her younger sister, switched the camera off and turned to face him. Her exuberance was infectious and raised a broad, if not fully sincere, smile on Seth’s lips.

“Thanks for doing this,” she gushed. “The little shit had this coming. Oh my god, Joy is going to freak out knowing that big, bad Max was afraid of his own teddy bear!”

Seth nodded, although not convinced – an untruth he seemed permitted to make. He had no doubt that Joy would be delighted, if she took after her sister at all. She would be thrilled to know that her arch nemesis had quivered in his metaphorical boots and begged not to be eaten alive by the stuffed toy that had, apparently, come to life in the middle of the night. But Seth wasn’t set on the notion that Max was ‘bad’.

What he had neglected to share with his delighted darling was what he found inside the mind of the chastised child, beyond his juvenile fear of talking toys, that is. Max was bitterly lonely, starved of affection and out to prove himself in whichever way he could. The Villareal’s may have had an excess of wealth in monetary matters but, when it came to love, the family were in abject poverty. Max was a mere product of the family’s poisonous cocktail; years of neglect, the absence of a mother’s bosom and the ingrained notion that, to survive, you had to use the tools at your disposal.

Whoever they may be. Whatever it may cost. With an upbringing like that, one lived to be loathed.

Faith stretched and stumbled to her feet. Dragging Seth behind her, oblivious to his inner musings, she eyed him with that mixture of flirtation and aggression she wore so well.

“So… you mentioned a little surprise for me…”

Well, damn. He’d all but forgotten about that. He couldn’t say he was truly in the mood for it now, not that he had been before, but he was a man of his word, whether he wished it or not. He glanced skywards, expertly gauging the time and determining that the window for his plans had not yet passed. He extended his hands to her that she eagerly took. By now, she knew this dance.

Thankfully, her earlier nagging had dried up and he didn’t have to field any questions of her curiosity about what the rest of the night would entail. Instead, he focused all his energy on disintegrating them both to the suspended state of mist; the sheer effort of physically containing a million fragmented pieces of himself and another leaving no room in his mind to ponder how exactly he had allowed himself to fall for the wretched creature in his arms, how that complicated his master plan, or to cerebrate on the dismal future of the urine-soaked child.

All non-essential thought was temporarily suspended, dissolving. For a few moments, his overworked mind was wonderfully, entirely silent.

Wyatt was never really one for swearing, but holy-fucking-goddess-on-a-bike.

It could have gone either way. Wartilda was fiery, for sure, but that could’ve been bluster. Wyatt’d had a fair share of partners in his lifetime who were all talk and, when it came down to brass tacks, they had no idea which end was up. That was still fun, being the teacher, but nothing compared to a partner who knew what they liked and exactly how to achieve it.

Geez, Tilly was wild; she could’ve made a small fortune from her oral skill alone. He loved the thought that this vixen was off defying Daddy’s chaste orders and indulging in casual sex on the regular, learning tricks that even Wyatt didn’t know.

She was a notorious, delicious tease. She’d taken him a second from the edge a half dozen times so, when she’d finally presented to him, panting and wringing wet, he’d almost lost it instantly.

He knew exactly how he wanted her, knocking over all manner of pots in his haste. She purred at him, licking her teeth and undulating her hips, the best kind of invitation.

Everything about her was so damn hot, figuratively and literally; she was practically alight. The energy coursed through her, through him, intertwining. Humans were great fun to bed, but nothing really compared to the freedom and high Wyatt felt when screwing a fellow witch. He knew that he was seriously running the risk of overcharge, feeding off her energy as she bucked and ground against him, but all rational thought had long gone.

She hooked her leg around his waist to drive him to the hilt and with it, found her release. The tension around him was all he needed. He couldn’t hold out any longer; he was gonna explode, one way or another.

She let out a whimper, pushing hard back against him and digging her talons into his thigh in a way that, in the heat of the moment, he assumed was passion.

His wired brain was focused on only one thing and not quite registering the changing shadows in the space around him. It was way too late and Wyatt was too far gone to stop, even he’d wanted to. Nothing could’ve held back the huge wave he was riding not even if the earth imploded, or if he imploded, or his Mum appeared—

His eyes shot open as that shifting shadow materialised into his worst nightmare at exactly-the-wrong-moment.

“O-oh my god!” Tilly sobbed into her hands, her body shaking from her climax and frozen from her shame. “This i-isn’t ha!-h-happening!”

Wyatt was struck dumb. Spent and softening faster than a popsicle in a furnace, his brain switched itself back on. Was it too dramatic to kill himself?

His mum had walked in on him before in various stages of undress with various people and various implements – he was rarely careful when he was horny, especially if he was also high – but not like this. This time she didn’t look amused, disgusted or annoyed. If anything, she looked shellshocked.

“Finished?” she asked with a faux smile, to which Wartilda responded with a wail and Wyatt a groan. “I’ll take that as a yes. Downstairs, Wyatt,” she said softly, averting her gaze. “Wartilda, you should transportalate straight home, as the High Priestess instructed.”

“Sage,” Wartilda cried, crawling away from Wyatt. “I’m so sorry – oh my god – please don’t tell the High Priestess that I defied her. And please, please don’t tell my dad—”

“Tell him what?” Sage said with a wink.

“That you caught me, here, doing this,” Wartilda spluttered, completely missing Sage’s joke. “I don’t usually do these kinds of things! I swear! I don’t know what came over me.”

“Luckily, nothing did,” Sage laughed but, again, this was lost on Wartilda. “He won’t hear of it from me,” Sage assured her. “But you really need to leave, dear.”

Wartilda really didn’t need telling again. She hastily tugged her clothes on and, in a flash, without even a goodbye, she was gone.

Alone with his Mum, with reality weighing him down, Wyatt could sense he was in for another lecture. “I thought you’d ‘port in downstairs,” he explained, pointlessly.

“I did. Then I heard noises up here and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t Caleb up to no good.”

“That door doesn’t have a key, Mum, yet it was locked…” he muttered, unconvinced. “That should’ve been a clue that it was me up here.”

“Might still have been with Caleb.” Sage tutted, shaking her curls and staring at the ceiling. “But what’s done is done and we have bigger issues.”

“We do? Bigger than you having literally no respect for my privacy?”

“Yes.” She sighed heavily. “For goodness sake, Wyatt. I can’t talk to you like this; for someone so private, you would do to cover that thing up.”

“Gah, Mum,” he choked, dragging over the nearest plant as his already flushed face burned scarlet. “Look, fine, I know this was risky, but I wasn’t gonna let her go downstairs or anything. And Tilly, she doesn’t know about the vampires. I doubt she knows there are any.”

Sage stared at him coolly, silencing him, as she unlocked the cellar door with a wave of her hand.

“No. She doesn’t,” Sage muttered. “But the High Priestess does. One of them killed her husband.”

“Wha—?” Wyatt gasped, leaping to his feet. “Shi-oot. Seriously? Which one?”

“That’s what we need to find out,” Sage murmured. “I have strict instructions to catch and hand over the vampire, Wyatt. Dead and headless. I have three weeks.”

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 3.32 – Not A Badger

  1. Oh my gods, Wyatt, really? 🙈 Taking her back to your house for horizontal tango while there’s not one, not two, but four vampires right below you with hypersensitive hearing? While one of them has already shown himself to be unable to restrain himself around your daughter? 😵 Wait, does Wyatt know that they have hypersensitive hearing? I vaguely remember Melinda being able to hear the poor basementee’s heartbeat…

    Hm. Broof “not even being able to light a candle” springs to mind here. Granted that was more than just one candle, but it still feels like a pretty extreme reaction to Wyatt casting. That’s not good. And now I wonder if it’s always like that, or if he’s just overdone it lately and this is a consequence of that. We’ve seen him react like that before, though. 🤔

    I still don’t want to say “poor Max” because he’s the definition of a childhood bully, but Seth does have a point. Kids rarely turn out like that without something in their surroundings not being right. I remember playing the villareal household at some point and feeling bad for all the kids. “One lived to be loathed”… Seth’s seeing himself in Max’s background and behaviour pretty hard, there.
    One moment I’m feeling all kinds of sympathy for Seth and actually liking the more wholesome moments they have, and then next moment a line like “how he allowed himself to fall for the wretched creature in his arms” comes along and I’m right back in my nope corner. Along with a healthy dose of dread because loathing and thinking that badly of the person you allegedly love is a recipe for disaster.


    Wyatt tempted fate right there with his “even-if-his-mum-appeared” 😂🤣🙈 aaagghh and right at the. Oh my gods. 🙈 Points to Sage for being instantly willing to cover for her. Aw man, the idea that they now have to interrogate Lilith, April, Melinda and Caleb to see who killed Will is a very bad situation. But I’m still cracking up over Wyatt’s expression and also burning with second-hand embarrassment too much to really let that sink in 🤣🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Only four vampires, and he locked the door – what could possibly go wrong?
      Yeah, Broof struggles to light a candle and Wyatt can do it without even really thinking. This show might not have impressed Wartilda had it been conducted by an advanced witch, but as far as she’s concerned, Wyatt has only just started learning and wow! Look what he can do already! 😆

      Poor Seth. All he wanted was to strip Faith of her power and leave her in a ditch somewhere and instead he’s got all these complicated feelings going on. Boohoo.

      So many shy monkeys! Well done for ploughing through that. 😉 Yeah, right at the wrong moment. Another one plucked from my memory bank, this. You’re welcome. This talk is gonna be fun. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. …well then. Shoot sounds about right. Now, I’m not sure what Beth’s deal is, I’m not even sure why she hadn’t offed Will herself if I’m being honest… unless she’s mad she didn’t get the chance to off Will herself. ;D But anyway. Yeah. Sage has a problem. And vamps have a problem. Probably Lilith has the biggest problem, I do remember her offering her up head if something like this had to be done… Most of all, though… awwww. I’m guessing now I know why Beth left, huh?

    And then there is the thing about Max. Ugh, that’s just an overall kick in the gut. Very true, of course, most bad kids do bad stuff for bad reasons outside themselves. But don’t we all. Interesting to see Seth empathize. Hmm…
    Even more interesting that he then goes and says he doesn’t get why he fell for Faith. And that even though we do know he doesn’t think anything pretty about himself either. I’d go and hazard a guess that it’s the simple fact that Faith knows exactly what he is… and she’s still there. Plain and simple.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, maybe that’s why she’s so mad – robbed off her chance to off her husband. Problems abound here and ooh, yes, well remembered that someone already offered a head. 😁

      Oh for sure. No doubt some kids do lean more naturally towards bad, but mostly it’s an external steer that really brings that out. Just another thing for Seth to chew over in that busy head of his.

      Simply having someone there might very well be the reason he’s fallen for Faith, yes. Her attention and care (however warped) after centuries of isolation and shunning must’ve felt like a steamroller to our behatted beast. They may not know it or want to acknowledge it, but they may just be seeking the same thing.


      1. Maybe. But right now it sounds more likely that she had a problem with the whole “tolerating vamps” thing for some reason. Probably a very good reason, let’s be honest. Still though… *sigh*
        Hihi, thanks! 😀 I know she said that then but I still do wonder if she would really go there. I mean, she devoted her whole unlife to watching over Caleb and now she’d let him… go rogue, figuratively speaking? Not a good move, Lils, not at all. Not very logical, even. If anything she should just hurry up with the “I’ll get us out of here” plan and let Sage stew.

        Yeah… and if he chews over it well enough, it could give him some interesting revelations. Like that maybe a lot of things isn’t his fault. Then again, that kind of revelation might not be a good thing for anybody else.

        The same thing as in to not be alone, I’m guessing. Which would be why Faith’s only positive relationship is with her sister… Yeah, they are both pretty broken… and they are far from the only ones. But you know what I mean, right? They are broken somewhat similarly.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. All shall be revealed, my perceptive friend. 😁 Yeah, it’s all fun and games until the axe actually has to swing, hey? Would she give up like that? Would the others let her? “she should just hurry up with the “I’ll get us out of here” plan” maybe they all sneaked out the back while everyone was, ahem, distracted.

          How deep does fault go. Sure Seth had a crappy life, but to what extent does that justify what he does now? Sorry for all these questions. You don’t have to answer. I am in a contemplative mood today.

          they are broken somewhat similarly” I find this statement oddly heart-warming. Ooh damn, I am in a weird mood. 😆


          1. Heh, well. I *was* a bit suspicious after you tried so nicely to cool my enthusiasm last time…
            Aaaand, I somehow doubt Sage’s spells would let them sneak out even if she isn’t paying attention. XD

            …no, I’m usually in a contemplative mood, myself. 😀 I’ll gladly answer this question with my personal opinion. See, I’m not really big on the whole idea of guilt and justification. I tend to see the world in a set of actions and reactions instead. And if the action is almost everyone being a bastard to one person for about three hundred years or so… well then nobody should be surprised if the reaction is that person being a complete bastard to everyone right back. And of course, if him being a bastard to somebody comes back to bite him, he shouldn’t blame whoever caused that, either, but that’s another story.

            Heh… I wonder why. Speaking of the two of them, I don’t blame Faith for what she’s like, either. We don’t really know her past yet and even if we did… *shrugs* it’s not like she can help it, is it? Now, I still don’t like her, she’s way too… much for that. But between two pieces of the same magnet, neither of them is to blame for the fact they repulse each other, right?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hey, I would never try to cool your enthusiasm. unless it was for an idea that was way better than what I had planned – looking at you vampire apocalypse. Yup, that little flower shop will be shut up tighter than a miser’s purse.

              Ooh a personal opinion. I don’t have any of those. Ahem. A circle of bastardry does sound interesting, though. 😉


  3. Okay, first of all, 10/10 to Wyatt’s sex scene for making me blush, groan, laugh, cringe, and then laugh again.

    Second of all: Whoever they may be. Whatever it may cost. With an upbringing like that, one lived to be loathed. – Seth is a monster, but he does not lack for insight.

    I fear this will end very poorly. I was getting comfortable, thinking the vampires would get away, Wangshaft would be gone forever, Jess would…I don’t know…whatever it is she does. Listen, you lulled me into a false sense of security and I’m now I’m worried that this won’t end without a major confrontation.

    Why won’t these characters listen to me when I tell them to keep their mouths shut?!?!!?!??!

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