Chapter 3.39 – Neon Nightmare

For the night’s hunt, Seth had taken Faith to a club that, previously, she could only have dreamed of being allowed in to: the Orange Box. Faith had dressed up for the occasion and was excited to mingle with the kind of people who were allowed into a club that had a dress code, butContinue reading “Chapter 3.39 – Neon Nightmare”

Chapter 3.37 – Decipher

She could get used to this. Lilith had taken a long, hot shower – a blessing, as Caleb had often used up all the hot water before Lilith got her turn – and she’d settled down on the neat little sofa, in the pristine room in the quiet and minimalist house to leaf through anotherContinue reading “Chapter 3.37 – Decipher”

Chapter 3.34 – Prince Charming

Warning: Non-consent. Violence. The stench of nacho cheese and coke-soaked carpet permeated Faith’s materialising nostrils. As the fog around her solidified into an actual place, she couldn’t decide if she was really excited or bitterly disappointed. “Why are we here?” she asked, looking around at the silent arcade. “Money is a little tight, so IContinue reading “Chapter 3.34 – Prince Charming”

Chapter 3.32 – Not A Badger

Genuine reader feedback: “There were many moments when sex scenes actually made sense for AE but were ‘skipped’… enrich AE’s reading experience … I need me some daily bits boost in the morning.” Note: nsfw Wyatt ran his palms over the silky black fabric and, more enticingly, the delicious shape beneath it, stifling a groanContinue reading “Chapter 3.32 – Not A Badger”

Chapter 3.31 – Butterflies

In a hidden cavern beneath the Windenburg coven’s ritual clearing there was a majestic meeting room. Used throughout the centuries as a place for discussion of the highest coven matters, disciplinary hearings or even as sanctuary against the worst of world, tonight, after the ritual, it had been where Wyatt had finally signed his nameContinue reading “Chapter 3.31 – Butterflies”

Chapter 3.27 – Filthy

Note: somewhat NSFW Wednesday had passed without much fanfare and it was time for Caleb’s first lesson in, as Melinda called it, ‘How Not to be a Butthead’. He was trying to focus but it had been a long, long time since he’d been at school and he was remembering how bad he had beenContinue reading “Chapter 3.27 – Filthy”

Chapter 3.23 – The Rot

Warning: the final scene of this chapter, beginning when you see Faith, contains self-harm and negative thought processes that may be distressing or triggering. Skip this one if you feel these issues may affect you. Stay safe. AJ was thoroughly pissed off. She had half a mind to head straight back home and spendContinue reading “Chapter 3.23 – The Rot”

Chapter 3.22 – Peachy Blob

“Good afternoon. It’s time for your hourly news round-up with me; Lorna Broad-Castor. Today’s headlines on Tuesday 16th May 2017 – yes, it’s still only halfway through May; I know this year is lasting forever. “There has been a minor breakthrough in the case of the missing daughter of the late, great Sandy Moss. AfterContinue reading “Chapter 3.22 – Peachy Blob”

Chapter 3.17 – Fires of Hell

How did this whole thing get worse each time? Wyatt had suffered this presentation multiple times over the years; every time his mum got a whiff of him having any interest in anyone or hearing through the grapevine that he’d got himself a new squeeze, out came The Chart. He could reel off, verbatim, everyContinue reading “Chapter 3.17 – Fires of Hell”

Chapter 3.14 – Useless?

Seth shifted and felt the too-tight fabric strain across his thighs as he moved. His folding pocket knife, the only one that he could fit in the dainty, largely decorative pockets of his jeans, had wedged itself under his hip bone and no amount of subtle repositioning would fix it. No, he wasn’t comfortable, butContinue reading “Chapter 3.14 – Useless?”