Chapter 1.51 – Absolute Chaos

It had been a most satisfying night. As Seth lay back under the stars, satiated with what turned out to be a surprisingly succulent sanguinary experience with William Wangshaft, he admired again his new trophies; a kidney, as promised, for his feisty fledgling and a most unexpected memory. Will’s reel had mainly comprised of beer,Continue reading “Chapter 1.51 – Absolute Chaos”

Chapter 1.30 – Without Shoes

Warning: Suicidal sims, suggestion of exploitation, generally awful. 16 years earlier Caleb had been stargazing on his bench when the human had appeared. She was barefoot and without a coat in the frigid November weather; he felt even colder than usual as he looked at her. She must be lost but he didn’t know whereContinue reading “Chapter 1.30 – Without Shoes”