Chapter 1.32 – Reckless Ways

Melinda wasn’t feeling quite as spirited as Caleb clearly was, as he bounded along like some sort of undead, overgrown puppy. “Lilith will be pleased to see you. We can play some chess!” he enthused. “I’ll be terrible at it,” Melinda said, wondering what on earth she’d said or done to perk him up soContinue reading “Chapter 1.32 – Reckless Ways”

Chapter 1.31 – Spawned Somehow

“But I’m thirsty!” April whined, stomping her foot. Faith was losing her temper. “I’m not going hunting, April. If you’re really that thirsty, have one of the pouches.” “I’m not drinking that stuff!” April screeched. Faith sank her head into her hands. Even Joy wasn’t this much of a brat and she was only seven.Continue reading “Chapter 1.31 – Spawned Somehow”

Chapter 1.30 – Without Shoes

Warning: Suicidal sims, suggestion of exploitation, generally awful. 16 years earlier Caleb had been stargazing on his bench when the human had appeared. She was barefoot and without a coat in the frigid November weather; he felt even colder than usual as he looked at her. She must be lost but he didn’t know whereContinue reading “Chapter 1.30 – Without Shoes”

Chapter 1.29 – The Opposite

Melinda was very relieved that, as a vampire, she did not have the function to poop herself, as the zombie had appeared from nowhere to rip the face off an unsuspecting truck driver. April squealed in delight and Faith looked almost bored. The gore in the movie didn’t seem to bother Melinda as much asContinue reading “Chapter 1.29 – The Opposite”

Chapter 1.28 – Love the Misery

April and Caleb had stopped staring at each other in the living room and instead were staring at each other in April’s bedroom. Faith and Melinda quickly had enough of April’s coquettish giggles and had slipped out of their room to watch the news downstairs. There wasn’t really anything else to do. Almost every channelContinue reading “Chapter 1.28 – Love the Misery”

Chapter 1.27 – Hot Poison

Caleb and Melinda made their way back to Marjorie’s house. Melinda climbed the stairs and pushed the door only to find it locked. She learned that the sensation of her heart skipping a beat was not purely a mortal one. Had something happened? Had a relative of Marjorie’s returned? What should she do – shouldContinue reading “Chapter 1.27 – Hot Poison”

Chapter 1.26 – Everything Nothing

Warning: Allusion to suicide. It had taken longer than anticipated due to her path being blocked by a fallen tree, but Melinda finally arrived at the cliff top. It was a crisp, clear night and she had a clear view of the stars. The end of the path was lit by a few lanterns; theirContinue reading “Chapter 1.26 – Everything Nothing”

Chapter 1.25 – Into a Pie

“Global superstar, Sandy Moss was found dead at her home yesterday morning. There have been no official details released of the cause of death although early reports suggest that foul play is suspected. Her husband, Travis Davies, and the family’s butler, Broof Hogwash, are currently in police custody. Sandy Moss was most well-known for herContinue reading “Chapter 1.25 – Into a Pie”

Chapter 1.24 – Less Dead

Warning: This chapter alludes to self-harm and is generally quite dark. With April not willing to show her ID for fear of being recognised, they’d had to visit a few nightclubs before they found one that would let them in. With its dingy interior and sticky floor it was definitely not the sort of establishmentContinue reading “Chapter 1.24 – Less Dead”

Chapter 1.23 – Foil in the Microwave

April missed her reflection. She was hoping that she was putting lipstick on in the right place. Faith was beside her, trying to apply eyeliner. “This is such a disaster,” April sighed. Faith looked at April’s face. “Well, you have some on your fangs but otherwise it’s fine.” April ran her tongue over her teeth.Continue reading “Chapter 1.23 – Foil in the Microwave”