Chapter 1.03 – To Start A Fire

At 8 pm exactly the doorbell rang. Sandy made the butler open it so she could keep up the pretence that she wasn’t really that desperate. In reality, she had been pacing the hallway since about half four. 

April lingered in the adjacent music room and heard her mother announce in her most charming voice, usually reserved for movie directors and enamoured male fans. “Dr. Vatore, won’t you come in.”

“Ms. Moss,” came a reply in a new male voice that sounded like ice and fire at the same time, “please call me Caleb.”

“Broof!” Sandy called, addressing the butler by his first name, something she only did when she was trying to show someone how very down-to-earth and chill she was. “Please take Caleb’s coat.” 

Their footsteps echoed across the hallway, heading towards the sitting room and April softly followed. The muffled conversation she could hear through the wall told her that Dr. Vatore was already discussing the angles of Sandy’s face. April pressed herself closer to the door, trying to listen.  

It suddenly struck her. What was she actually listening for? Suddenly she realised that her plan hadn’t gotten this far. Caleb Vatore was in her house and now she had no idea what to do next. 

Feeling foolish and unprepared, she took a step back to regroup, stumbled and reached out for the door handle to steady herself, accidentally opening it in the process and finding herself making an awkward introduction in to the sitting room. 

Both Dr. Vatore and Sandy turned to look at the teenager who had suddenly appeared in the room. Sandy looked flustered for the briefest of seconds and then reached towards April. “Dr. Vatore, this is my daughter, April. April, Dr. Vatore.”  

April reached out her hand, but Dr. Vatore did not take it. 

He wasn’t… what she had expected. She had expected someone much older, gnarled, somehow grander. But here he was, quite young and, dare she say it, quite handsome. Was she wrong about him?

April pulled her hand back awkwardly, trying to think of a good reason why she was there. Thankfully her mother decided to style out the whole debacle. She picked up a catalogue from the table and opened it to a page about rhinoplasty.

“April is a bit keen to get started on her plastic surgery journey, isn’t that right April?” April stood dumb, nodded along. “I keep telling her, ‘Not yet April! You’re so beautiful as you are!’ But yet she insists!” There was that fake laugh again. “Teenagers! They’re so vain!”

Dr. Vatore blinked at Sandy. “I don’t operate on minors.”

“I’m eighteen!” April blurted for no reason.

“Really.” Dr. Vatore could not sound more disinterested. He turned his attention back to Sandy.  

“We can fix this,” he motioned in the general direction of her face. “If you would please visit the surgery tomorrow evening to discuss further. For now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go. It has been a long day and dinner calls.”

Sandy was jumping up and down – on the inside. Her outside had the same, cool expression she always wore, even with her droopy chin. “Thank you, doctor.”

Dr. Vatore nodded and packed his belongings away. Sandy followed him to the door with April trailing behind. She couldn’t let him leave without confirming her suspicions. Sandy was already gushing about how lovely it was to meet him and thanking him for stopping by. Time was almost up. If April could just get him to stay a bit longer perhaps, ask him some questions… 

“Wait!” April blurted out in her uncool way, “Dinner!”

“What?” Sandy was caught off guard.

“Why not have Dr. Vatore stay for dinner? That way he doesn’t have to rush off and you can discuss the details.” 

Neither Dr. Vatore or Sandy seemed to relish the prospect of having dinner together. But the suggestion had been made and Sandy was not so rude as take the offer back. Plus, there was potential to hear gossip about her fellow celebrities’ surgeries and that was just too tempting. She smiled and insisted he dined with them. 

As they sat down to their bland dinner in their opulent dining room, Sandy schmoozed with Dr. Vatore in her silkiest voice. April tried to interject with questions: Vatore, that’s an unusual name isn’t it – where are you from? and aren’t you quite young to be a doctor – where did you train? But he said very little in response, instead asking Sandy lots of questions about the house and her work. Of course Sandy was only too happy to talk about herself and didn’t seem to notice that Caleb avoided her daughter’s questions. 

April was getting nowhere. The meal was almost over and she was no closer to knowing if her suspicions about Dr. Vatore were correct. She stared at her reflection in her spoon, watching how it morphed in the curve of the silver. Wait a minute.

She glanced up towards her mother where a large mirror was hung. Sandy had had it installed so that she could see herself as she ate, ensuring she never had food in her teeth. It didn’t quite reflect the part of the table where Dr. Vatore sat but it would, if April could just get him to move slightly.

As April wondered if it was over the top to start a fire, the butler arrived, carrying something he was passing off as dessert and April spied her chance.  

She leapt from her seat suddenly and yelled, “Broof! Look out!”

The butler jumped a mile. April wasn’t sure what had surprised him more – that she had used his first name or that she’d addressed him at all – but she watched in slow motion as a bowl of dessert-like substance fell from the butler’s hand into the doctor’s lap. Everyone leapt from their seats. Sandy was mortified at the ineptness of the butler, reprimanding him and apologising profusely to Caleb as she mopped his lap with her napkin.  

In this confusion no-one was looking at April, who was watching only half the scene unfolding in the mirror. Her jaw dropped, her suspicions confirmed.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 1.03 – To Start A Fire

  1. I’m not done laughing … I see the whole scene before me the bowl of dessert that lands in Dr. Vatore’s lap.
    Really good story and good pictures 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woooo. Looks like April has some gumption in her somewhere, and she’s forcing it out. Good for her.
    And now I have to go to work when I don’t wanna go to work. I’d rather keep reading. Dang it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So first of all, April. It´s really interesting how she makes things work. She´s not elegant in the slightest, she looks like she has no idea what she´s doing, like improvisation is very much not her strong suit. And yet, she does ferret out what she wanted to ferret out, out of someone who obviously has much practice hiding his identity. That´s nothing to sneeze at. And sure, April does have the advantage of knowing what to look for, but still.

    Caleb is, so far, pretty much what I´d expected. I can guess what makes him so uncomfortable… missing dinner is bad stuff indeed, especially in such fine company, ech? Heheh… something tells me his evening isn´t gonna get much better. Or is it? No, probably not.

    Also, how can that butler be so inept at cooking? Or better yet, how can he be a butler while so inept at cooking? I mean, that “dessert” does not really look very dessert-y at all…

    And finally, I´d like to compliment your backdrops. Making a place look actually pretty good while also way over the top is no small accomplishment. And the candlestick in a lamp, especially, jumped out at me. I adore that idea!

    P.s. Is there some sort of etiquette or expectations concerning this “like comment” feature? Or is it sometimes used as a sort of… I saw this but have nothing more to say thing? How is that even used? T.T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so good at dodging spoilers. I’m not. So I’m going to take the ‘say nothing’ approach here. 😆

      This house was downloaded from the gallery and then tweaked by myself to add little clues, make it more ‘camera-friendly’ and make it routable because OMG does anyone on the gallery actually play-test their uploads? *grumbles*

      I have no idea what the actual etiquette is regarding likes. I tend to use ‘like’ on my own blog as a way to acknowledge that I’ve read something; it helpfully flags it with a star in my notifications list so I know it’s ‘done’. I don’t always respond to comments but not because I have nothing to say but just because… well, see the first line of this comment. Haha.


  4. Oh, now you´re making me blush. Not good at dodging spoilers? Well then, I will just try my best to avoid the prying questions. It´s what I intended to do in certain situations anyway, just to be polite… Guess I´ll simply make it a general rule instead. 😉

    Oh, really? I don´t download from the gallery all that much… but the houses I did get were all playable. Even the cute, tiny little tower on Fledermaus Bend… Anyway. The residence definitely looks gorgeous.

    Because you have too much to say, perhaps. Understood. 🙂

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  5. Is it wrong to feel a little sorry for Sandy? She’s crafty, rich, attractive, has a decent-ish husband, a kind-hearted, intelligent, beautiful daughter and yet she seems terrified to let anyone see anything “flawed” about her, so she’s mean and controlling. I wonder about her past.

    I love how April got Caleb to step in front of the mirror.

    Liked by 1 person

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