About Almost Eternal

Prior to writing, the Vatores had been played with on and off as part of some historic storylines I was playing, carrying over vampire lore and characters I created in Sims 2 and weaving them into the world already created.

Meanwhile, April was being dragged up by her less than devoted mother.

I never intended to blend these two storylines, because I thought that would be weird and complicated. But Sims 4 likes to be weird and complicated.

Caleb had been selected by the game to be food vendor at a stand in the park. I typically don’t let him socialise with anyone because it always goes wrong, but April was starving and bought a hot dog and then started a conversation with him about frogs and explosions. I thought nothing of it, didn’t even take any screenshots.

That night, Caleb managed to slip past all the security at the Pinnacles Private Estate in Del Sol Valley to knock on April’s front door, where he proceeded to flirt heavily with Sandy and play with the popcorn machine a lot.

As the night wore on he started to get thirsty and had no plasma bags. He tried to leave, so I took control of him and watched him run around the mansion getting more and more miserable until he inevitably lost control and dived into a nearby neck, hoping it would be Sandy’s.

It was not.

I have a rule in-game for Caleb that if he drinks from a female and gets the ‘divine drink’ moodlet, she is a goner. April was a divine drink.

As Caleb suffered the effects of his guilty drinker weakness and April lay bum up on the floor, dying along with my carefully crafted plans and dreams for her, inspiration hit like a train.

And so here we are.

What People Say about Almost Eternal

I will read it.

Snuffy’s bestie (still hasn’t read it)

It’s good that you’re doing something while you’re furloughed.

Snuffy’s friend

It’s not terrible, I just don’t want to read it.

Snuffy’s partner

Boy meets girl; boy turns girl; boy and girl cause absolute chaos.


More messed up than I originally anticipated, but in a good way.


Like having a pin-sized paddle and rowing out into a sea of chaos.


It’s keeping my attention.

Snuffy’s sister-in-law

On the edge of reality.


A dark and humorous tale about vampires and how they balance their vampirism and humanity (or lack thereof).


This story always does this to me: I’m having a grand time and then gradually realize that the room is on fire.

It’s freaking delightful.


Almost Eternal is a roller-coaster ride with plenty of darkness, comedy, and a cast of flawed characters. Regardless, it is an enjoyable read!


Got something to say about Almost Eternal?


Banner for book 1 by MercuryFoam

Builds used in screenshots, from the Sims 4 gallery and then trashed by me: The Ward Den “Remodel” by ilevmom1; Victorian Vampire by SarahAmina

If I use any CC, I will link to it on the chapter it’s used in.

Everything else is by me. Search SnuffyBucket on the gallery and enjoy losing a few minutes of your life.

Any custom poses you spot are also by me and that is why they are rubbish. If for some reason you want any of them, just ask.

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