Ask Auntie Sage

If you have a burning question, or a question about anything that’s burning, why not reach out to Auntie Sage?

Sage Solanaceae Harper is fully trained – in the lesson of life! What she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! From relationship advice and parenting tips, to witch history and recipes for using up old potatoes, Sage can help.*

Recent Testimonial
“I was an unemployed pervert until I used this service. Now I have a job, a girlfriend and have realised that I look great in yellow. Thanks, Sage!”

Get in touch today and wave those worries away!

*During busy periods, Sage may defer responsibility for answering the question to one of her employees. Ask Auntie Sage accepts no liability for any loss of limb or dignity caused by using this service. Auntie Sage does not give direct spoilers, but she most definitely does give history and subtle hints!

Ask Auntie Sage Issue #1
In this instalment, Auntie Sage answers questions about discipline, fictional beasts, party food and… cucumbers.
Read More…

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