Book One Bloopers

Before she considered vampirism, April considered becoming a mummy.
A rare public insult from Sandy
No Sandy, don’t walk in yet, wait until April is dead.
“Remove this girl, Travis. She’s ruining my rug.”
Travis did some great work?
Of all the things to see and do in the Moss Mansion, you’ll most often find Caleb watching the popcorn machine. “Yay! Popcorn!”
Just out of shot you’ll usually find either Caleb or Seth using their vampy powers to ‘influence emotions’. Sometimes I forget they’re there and pan round and scare myself.
In the early days, the girls used to die a lot.
“Heh. Idiot.”
“Save me Caleb!”
Random sad ghost in a hat that turned up during ‘Vampiric Allure’ and WOULD. NOT. LEAVE.
The DJ at the downmarket establishment in ‘Less Dead’ spontaneously catching fire.
“Drama queen.”
Caleb might be in denial about his feelings for Melinda because if I leave them alone for five seconds…
Really have to keep my eyes on these two. 😅
Genuinely can’t understand why April has such little faith in the undead manwhore.
Caleb’s other love.
“You couldn’t just leave me as the loveable pre-made, could you?”
“Are you really making me flirt with this guy?”
“I think you’ll find that I have bested you again, Mr. Vatore.”
Joe’s visual description of Will.
No idea.
One of the many, many fun poses that did not make the cut.
Seth lurking, ready to influence emotions, with badly dressed townie outside.
“Oh come on guys! Lilith is half dead in the corner and we need to get out of here!”
How Seth actually reacted to Lilith’s insult in ‘Absolute Chaos Pt.2’
“I’ll have you know that I wash at least bi-annually.”
This happens CONSTANTLY. No one even reacts any more. Well, Seth doesn’t really react to anything, anyway.
“At least we’re not stuck together forever or anything, right?”

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