Book Two Bloopers

“Hurrah! Book two is finished, Lilith! It’s all over!
“Yes! Only three seasons to go!”
“Sorry… what?!”

While shooting that fun scene where Lilith’s fella is running away from her, Seth decided to get his kit off and fight a random passing vampire townie. And Will turned up, for some reason.

“Hello. Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?”

And to anyone curious about who would win in a vampire duel between Lilith and Seth, the answer is Seth, although I think Lilith was hampered by the formal frock and heels she insisted on wearing for the event.

Lilith thoroughly enjoyed Bab’s cooking.

“I just want to find my daughter.”
“She’s right over there.”
“There’s room for one more…”

What we saw…

What Chuck saw…

It’s all taking its toll on poor Lorna
Overthinking everything.
“I’m so scary!”
“Ooh, I’m so scared.”
She genuinely is fucking scary.
Let him down gently.
This season, April stopped slapping Caleb every time he looked at another woman and started doing this instead.
Reb Porter will do anything to get their story.
I love Broof.
Wyatt’s room repulses absolutely everyone.
Wyatt stopped what he was doing and ran outside to look at the sky and I legit panicked because I thought he was going to get abducted by aliens or hit by a meteorite. But no he just… stood there. For hours. Like this. Then went back inside.

Don’t do drugs, kids.
Morag was so not impressed by the séance.
Their first meeting. Angeline is a lot of things but shy is not one of them.
But… you have no reflection!
Poor Jessica catches a lot of weird ailments from those stray kitties.
A line of two on the fringe of society.
I have no idea.

Caleb never fails to amuse me.

You should see him when he’s sad.
No one trusts the cat.

Lilith’s reactions to Gertrude Bapflap:

“Will you marry me… so that Snuffy can get the ‘carrying’ screenshots she needs because her pose looked shit and she couldn’t be bothered to remake it?”
Everything is fine.
All fine.
“I’d like to report a fire. What’s on fire? The whole world.”

6 thoughts on “Book Two Bloopers

    1. They’re engaged and yes I saved it. In the screenshot save, they are totally a thing – lovey sentiments and constantly running off to the nearest bush/bed/closet.

      But the story isn’t based on the screenshot save… 😉


  1. …the combination of a little apple wine and these resulted in lots and lots of giggling. XD
    Have I mentioned that Wy totally rocks that eyeliner look?
    That shot of Lil with the open mouth, though… it looks like some sort of tiny little kitty yowling because she wants fed. It´s the round face and huge eyes, I think. X´DD
    In defense of Wyatt´s room, it´s small and kinda full of stuff. Doesn´t say much Seth hates it. ;DD
    …yep. Everything is totally fine. Don´t listen to the GliTS. They are die-hard conspiracy theorists, don´t you know? ;DD


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