Claudia: Why are you always sitting there – doing nothing – every night?

Broof: Why do you always walk past here every night at the same time?

Claudia: You stalking me?

Broof: No. Are you stalking me?

Claudia: Maybe.

Claudia: Hey, Dork. I wanna show you something. C’mere.

Broof: My name is Broof. Broof Hogwash.

Claudia: ‘Dork’ is less embarrassing. You ready to have your brain in bits?

Claudia: Abracadabra Zig Zag Kaboom!

Claudia: Is that not the neatest trick EVER? I bet your mind is BLOWN, hey Dork?

Broof: What on earth are you doing?! Y-you can’t use magic like that! Doesn’t your coven have rules?

Claudia: My what? Are you talking about my folks? Hardly. *scoffs* Rules? Do I look like I give a monkey’s butt about rules? Wait – are you with the police? ‘Cause I didn’t touch it so technically it’s not arson. Right? Like, you have no proof anyway. And I saw you do it so, yeah your word against mine.

Broof: I’m not the police.

Broof: Where did you learn to do that?

Claudia: I dunno.

Broof: D-do you even know what you just did?

Claudia: No…

Claudia: …Do you?

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