First Birthday

A little celebration of my first year of running a blog. Contains private jokes and fan references. Thank you everyone for all your support!

Lilith: I can’t believe AE is a whole year old! Time really has no meaning to me, for reasons that don’t require explanation, but still I feel this quite the achievement. And I hear that my ratings have really gone up with your fine portrayal of me throughout book two so I’d say we were due another fan Q&A, wouldn’t you?

Snuffy: I wanted to host a Q&A, but only got one question sent in (and the answer is still no, Simon).

Lilith: Oh. I see. I was really looking forward to… never mind. Well, we can’t very well let the birthday slip by without event. But knowing you, you have a carefully crafted plan B that took weeks of preparation, right?

Snuffy: …yes.

Lilith: A basement party. With more than eight of us, I gather, by the fact that I have my club logo above my head. You really need to get a mod for bigger households.

Snuffy: That’s a slippery slope. First it’s ten, then it’s twenty and before you know it you’ve got a whole concert hall full of sims. Maybe I’ll make mannequins of you all, instead. Or perhaps I just need to reduce my cast numbers…

Lilith: Half of us haven’t even officially met in the storyline yet. Talk about breaking immersion. I might go and audition for that new build Newcrest story.

Seth: I wouldn’t bother. They only want desirable vampires.

Lilith: Ugh. Aren’t you dead yet?

Seth: I can’t say I am exactly thrilled by the prospect of spending the night in your company either, my dear vixen.

Lilith: Is it musty in this basement or is that just you? I’m going to wander over here and look at this snowman lamp.

Seth: You do that. It’s ideal company for you.

Lilith: Yes. Because it lights up the room.

Seth: No, because it’s frosty and only there to fill a space.

Lilith: Oh great. Now Broompig is here, too.

Broof: Lilith! We meet again.

Lilith: He’s definitely stalking me.

April: How did I get here? Aren’t I stuck in the cottage?

Melinda: Don’t think about it too deeply. We’ve been granted some time off to enjoy ourselves in a suspended reality.

April: Oh. Like a dream?

Melinda: I guess. When it’s over, it’ll be like it never happened.

April: So it’s not real? We can do whatever we like and we won’t remember any of it? I like the sound of that.

Melinda: Wait. You… you wouldn’t wanna remember it?

Melinda: And it’s like, I just don’t know if I’m only interested because she’s interested, or whether I’m genuinely interested. And I don’t even think she is that interested. And I don’t know why I’m talking to you because you’re definitely not interested in any of this.

Caleb: Did you say something?

Faith: Blondie, why are you wandering around in just your bra? Fringey’s about to mess his pants over there.

April: I don’t know. I changed into this when I left the sauna and now I appear to be stuck this way.

Seth: Ah so too few clothes is a glitch, is it? That does explain a lot, Fledgling.

Faith: Don’t pretend that you don’t love it when I get that glitch.

Seth: It’s not as fun as the other one.

Faith: What other… oh.

Snuffy: How is everyone doing… oh. This is disturbing.

Lilith: *sobs* He used to hold me like that.

Snuffy: Yes he did. I still have nightmares.

Roxie: Wow. And I thought getting my legs behind my head was impressive!

Faith: Give it a second and we’ll line up again…

Wyatt: I mean, if you miss the glitchy romance animations, Lils, I know a guy who can help you out.

Lilith: You really aren’t fussy, are you?

Wyatt: Wha-? I mean, I’m not, but not me.

Snuffy: Have you been standing in this doorway the whole time, Broof?

Broof: Apologies, Ms. Bucket. Am I in the way?

Snuffy: No. For fuck’s sake, go and have fun. You’re allowed to do that now. You can do anything you want; free will is on.

Broof: It is? Oh my gosh, it is. I can do anything…

Wyatt: Dude. You’re broken.

Broof: This is the best party ever!

Caleb: Free will is on and nobody is drinking. Peculiar. Oh well, I’ll continue to be bartender. I’m here now and no one has interacted with me all night.

Seth: Well?

Faith: Passable. Creeping into the top twenty, I guess.

Lilith: April, if you can’t find your t-shirt can you spin into whichever outfit you do have? Everyday 2? 3? Party?

April: No… I appear to be shirtless in them all. Except for formal 1 which is a full body outfit.

Lilith: Great! Wear formal 1!

Wyatt: Fashionably late, Mum?

Sage: What do you expect when you insist on having parties at such unsociable hours?

Wyatt: It’s eight o’clock at night…

Sage: Exactly.

Broof: Hello Melinda, I see you changed into formal 1 as well.

Melinda: Yeah, I had the double-whammy of the topless glitch and the dancing in the wall one.

Broof: Yes. The hard drive is getting rather hot, probably time to wrap this party up.

Lilith: Psst… Seth.

Seth: Whatever is it this time? Hat hatred? Aesthetics attack? Sanity slander? Technique taunting? Obloquy of my olfactory—-

Lilith: Shut up, you walking thesaurus. I was trying to peek at the story notes earlier to see what was in store for the next year, but I couldn’t get past the password screen. Read Snuffy’s mind and tell me what the password is.

Seth: I could just read her mind and tell you what the ending is.

Lilith: Yes! Do that! Do I find the fruit? Do you get a crap end at the end of the story? Are there any relationships that aren’t toilet fodder?

Seth: Ah. Odd. Her head is currently occupied and apparently if I don’t get out of there right this second, a special piece of custom content Snuffy is working on will be utilised sooner rather than later.

Lilith: Bollocks.

Seth: That’s the one.

16 thoughts on “First Birthday

  1. Bwahahaha I loved this! 🤣 Seth/Lilith banter never fails to crack me up. Leave it to Broof to still clean even on free will when everyone else is having fun at the party, lol. At least he’s happy.

    Happy one-year anniversary! ❤ Here's to the next year! I hope all 8 sims in that tiny basement did not make your laptop die from overheating, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The guy just loves cleaning! I don’t know what he was cleaning at the fountain; just whipped his spray bottle out of his arse and gleefully started spritzing. Wyatt (who was drinking from the fountain without a glass, slob that he is) just staring at him like ‘what are you doing?’ cracked me up so much.

      Yay! I’m one! There were twelve sims in the house, but not all were interested in the basement. Chuck didn’t come down at all. I think my laptop was so hot because I was curled up in a corner with a blanket rather than using it on a hard surface. I hope it doesn’t die, because AE will die with it. I should probably back it all up. 😨


  2. Happy Birthday AE! Congratulations. 😀

    Oh dear, so many giggles again. So many glitches. I have to say, now I´m glad mine mostly include only sims not doing what they´re told to.

    Also… *tries hard not to show she´s flattered* I don´t really know Lilith, maybe you shouldn´t. I hear that new one´s meant to be kinda harsh and we wouldn´t wanna risk you… relapsing or anything now would we? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My current glitches are: randomly topless, randomly bottomless, socially-distanced kissing, mirror reflections are borked and everything to do with half walls is a mess, including sims walking through them and placing things on top of them even after they’ve been deleted. Other than that, my game runs fine! 😆

      Hurrah! You found your reference. Yes, some are more subtle than others, but every reader who comments/emails me has a sneaky reference in here somewhere. And OH, it’s like that is it? Perhaps she’s better staying here after all. 😉


      1. Wow, okay. 😀 I only have some sort of intermittent issue that sometimes makes sims forget what they were going to do in the middle of going there or moodlets draining away immediately. It gets all fine after a game restart, but in a social event it can be a pain. Oh, and walking through walls, even full walls, is a thing too. 😀

        Yep, I found it. XD Huzzah for sneaky surprises! Also, yes. Lils would definitely be much safer staying here like a good little girl. It´s dangerous on the bright open plains of Newcrest, don´t you know? *gives a wink and saunters off*

        On a related note, OMW, yes. /Please/ do back up your files! :O


        1. Rebooting fixes the issues, but I couldn’t be bothered to do that mid-party, when everyone was having such a good time.

          Ha! This is gonna be a blast, I can feel it.

          Files are backed up! Panic over!


  3. Congratulations on the anniversary! 🥳

    “First birthday”!? … Does that mean we can expect more birthdays in this story? 🤔

    Give up the hunt for a password Lilith! The story never ends 😂


    1. AJ did turn up at the house while the party was going on (being Seth’s in-game bestie/stalker) but I wasn’t sure how she’d feel being topless and stuck in walls, so I left her on the doorstep. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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