Halloween House Party

I decided to age all the AE cast to teenagers, stick costumes on them and throw them in a house to do their own thing for a while.

This is what happened.

A nice, peaceful Halloween for us this year, Snuffy.
Ugh, more trick-or-treaters.
Shall we get rid of them the kind way or the fun way, Caleb?
We could invite them in…
You knock.
No, you knock.
I’ll knock.
Welcome! You’re just in time for the party!
Party? Are there guys?
Ugh. People.
Hi, I’m Seth. Murderer extraordinaire.
Right. Is that supposed to impress me or…?
Excuse me.
Everyone here is so weird! We should go.
I think we should hang around.
I think they’ll murder us.
That girl looks like Mother…
Darn. I lose again. One of these days I’ll be able to lie convincingly.
What’s all that noise? Are they having a… party? I’ll put a stop to that!
Excuse me, this is not a party, you’ll have to… leave…
Broof, I don’t want to see photos of your pet lizard. go wait in the car.
Ladies! Will is in the house! Come and get me!
Wow, you’re almost as desperate as me.
Hello. Like what you see?
You could say that, sweetcheeks.
Who you calling sweetcheeks, jackass?!
OK Caleb, act cool.
Doesn’t anybody use coasters or clean up their own plates these days?
Lilith, you’re ruining the party.
Say, that’s a lovely neck you have there.
Fancy coming up to my room?
Seth? A word.
I’m thirsty, Lilith.
I know, I have someone in mind for you.
Vlad, what are you doing here?
I want a bigger part in Book Two.
We’ve been over this. I can’t give you a bigger part. I beheaded you.
Lilith, stop fussing and go and have some fun.
Caleb what are you up to— No, wait, don’t fuss, have fun.
Well, now she is sweet. If only I were 40 years younger.
Wait! I am! Hey there little lady, I’m Fred—
Morgana, right? I’m a big of fan of ToC! I’d ask for a selfie but that won’t work.
Dale! Did you just pinch Morgana’s bum?
Fred? Why are sitting on the floor like that?
I don’t seem to be able to get up.
Something to do with you, Seth?
He looked at me funny.
Remove the spell already.
See? No harm done.
What did ya do to me, punk? I oughta knock your teeth out—
Oh my word! What is he doing?!
That’s barbaric! Violent!
…strangely erotic.
Let’s see… pale, cold, fangs. Yes, he’s definitely one as well.
Hello. I’m Marjorie. Care to join me for a stroll?
Maybe later.
What’s your name?
Are you following me?
Who comes to a party dressed as a hotdog? How cheap of you.
Not every guest can share our impeccable style Miss—
You think you’re on par with me? Please! Get out of my way, commoner.
You see that blond bird over there, Joe? I’m scoring with her tonight.
I think she’s a fairy, Dale.
You and me, what do you say?
Thanks. I’m April, by the way.
Caleb. Come with me, I have something to show you.
…so that’s how I organise my ties. Would you like to see how I organise my shirts? They’re at the back…
Is something… burning?
You don’t even eat pancakes anymore!
Who’s fault is that?
Why does everything in AE end in a fire?

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