No Such Thing As…

I put the GliTS in Marjorie’s abandoned house, made it haunted and sat back to watch.

“Anybody here?”
“If you can hear us, give us a sign!”
“Aww! They’re cute! Hello blobbies!””
“Psst… Major Blob?”
“What do you want, Pixie?”
“As much as I love you guys, we’re trying to get through to the Forgotten Hollow Missing People, so if you could just… leave?”
“Let’s try giving ourselves to the land of the dead. What could go wrong with that?”
(Grim arrived because Marjorie died halfway through the night. No-one cared.)
“You ladies aren’t really supposed to be on this plane, but you know, it’s been quiet since Seth left so I’m grateful for the company.”
“Oh hey! Yibbo! Long time no see! How’s your story coming along?”
“… and then the dragon burst forth from the lake…”
“Geez, Yibbo. Your story-writing always gets me going.”
“Yes. Those are some nice shorts.”
“What was that?! This place give me the creeps; I’m outta here.”
“Dum dee dum.”
“You two head back through and pack up the table, I’ll clean up here.”
*Hears screams*
“It’s fine! It’s fine. They can’t hurt you!”
“Calm down! It’s fine! There’s no…”
“…such thing as ghosts?”

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