What I Read

If you enjoy my story there’s something very wrong with you you may also enjoy these hand-picked delights. And let’s face it; if you’re looking at this page, you probably have nothing better to do.

Some of these sites are warm and wriggling, others are very much dead. But if AE has taught you anything, it’s that it’s fine to enjoy dead things.

Oh my god, I actually said that.
Gothic Sims 2 webcomic
A story about a dude with a thing for redheads
May turn your heart into minced pig shit
Features plenty of unnecessary dragons
A weird fairy tale with pancakes and murder
A sparkly-hearted breather from the dark

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  1. Thank you so much for putting TSAHF here, I’m honoured ;-;
    Also I love all of the tag lines for these, especially ‘A story about a dude with a thing for redheads’ XD

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