What I Read

If you enjoy my story there’s something very wrong with you* you may also enjoy these hand-picked delights. And let’s face it; if you’re looking at this page, you probably have nothing better to do.

Some of these sites are warm and wriggling; others are very much dead. But if AE has taught you anything, it’s that it’s fine to enjoy dead things.**

*You’re probably fine. SnuffyBucket is not a doctor.
**Anything learned from reading AE should be promptly forgotten. SnuffyBucket is not a teacher.

Gothic Sims 2 webcomic weirdness at its very finest in a handy bite-size format.
May turn your heart into minced pig shit, your brain into liquified goop and that’s just the pictures.
Features plenty of unnecessary dragons and has a tendency to make me throw things, rant for paragraphs or suffer brain implosions.
A sparkly-hearted breather from the dark. Mostly…

These ones are probably dead, but I live in hope…

A weird fairy tale with pancakes and murder.
A story about a dude with a thing for redheads and long abandoned in favour of pixel pole-dancing. The link is dead but I stubbornly remain, Trevor-beating stick firmly in hand, hoping it hasn’t seen its last blond backside.

2 thoughts on “What I Read

  1. Thank you so much for putting TSAHF here, I’m honoured ;-;
    Also I love all of the tag lines for these, especially ‘A story about a dude with a thing for redheads’ XD


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