Chapter 2.39 – Fair Game

Note: Very dark topics and very bright shirts

“Right on time again; you’re certainly precise!” Sage enthused as she welcomed Caleb into the store. “You look just wonderful, Thor!”

Caleb wasn’t so convinced. The shirt he was wearing was easily the brightest garment he’d ever worn in his existence. He had modelled it for April this morning and hadn’t quite understood how to interpret her biting her nails as she’d told him that he looked ‘super nice’.

“Thank you, Ms. Harper.”

“Your manners are simply lovely, Thor. Someone certainly raised you right!” Sage cooed. “You may call me Sage. And this ragamuffin,” she said, gesturing to the young, unkempt-looking guy who was standing beside her in his matching shirt, “is my son, Wyatt. I did so want to induct you myself, darling, but I have important business to attend to this morning. Wyatt will start your training and I will teach you the correct way to do everything when I get back,” she joked.

“Mum thinks she’s funny,” Wyatt said, rolling his eyes. Then under his breath he muttered, “I didn’t need the repellent; he’s as straight as an arrow.”

Caleb didn’t understand what this meant. Must be a plant thing. He continued to smile, politely.

Sage poked her son in the side, still beaming. Her green eyes flickered between the two yellow-wearing males with interest. “That’s no way to greet your new workmate, Wyatt. Extend your hand, there’s a good boy.”

Wyatt made an incredulous face, but dutifully extended his hand towards Caleb for a tentative handshake. “So very pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Gore,” Wyatt said in an over-the-top posh voice. “I do hope you find sweeping floors and counting seeds with me today a positively enthralling experience!”

Caleb would only shake hands with a human if he had to; he didn’t like the way they shuddered at his touch if his allure didn’t work and if it did work… well, it didn’t often stay at handshake. But Wyatt wasn’t reacting negatively as their hands met; in fact, if Caleb didn’t know better, he’d assume his allure was actually working on his new colleague. It was he who couldn’t break contact fast enough.

There was something about this scruffy fellow that made Caleb’s skin crawl. He pulled his hand from Wyatt’s grip, as politely as he could, took a step back and stealthily wiped his hand in his pocket. Ugh.

Wyatt seemed a little disappointed, but Sage was grinning. She clapped her hands together. “Marvellous! The checklist is on the counter there. I shall be on my way.” She turned towards the counter as if she was going to head to the back room.

“Where are you going?” Wyatt asked, stopping her. “There’s no exit back there. The door is that way, Mum.”

Sage faltered. “I know where the door is, darling—”

“You need to use a door to get out, remember?” Wyatt explained gently. “You can’t get out if there’s no door, can you? Don’t mind her; she’s senile.”

Sage tutted and headed out of the shop door, the tiny bell tinkling as she left.

Caleb walked over to the counter to check out the task list Sage had left behind, more to keep his distance from Wyatt, than anything, but before he could reach it, Wyatt had yanked it off the surface and thrown it carelessly into a corner.

“Forget that, I’ve got it memorised,” he said, his tone light and playful, his eyes shining. “We won’t have customers for, like, an hour though. So first; grand tour and a drink.”

Chuck pulled in to the car park of SacFondles. Lilith had insisted that they stop en-route to Windenburg and get him something to stop the grumbling in his stomach, but options were limited along the way. He did have to admit that, as questionable as the chain was and even though it wasn’t quite lunch time, the idea of a greasy burger sounded amazing.

“There’s one thing I don’t understand,” Chuck said as he walked towards the restaurant. This was a lie, there were many things he didn’t understand, but one thing had been bothering him more than the others. “If Windenburg is a sanctuary, why did you leave?”

“It’s not a sanctuary for vampires; it’s a safe haven from us,” Lilith explained. “Technically, we’re only supposed to hunt in Forgotten Hollow; anyone who willingly ventures into the forest there is deemed fair game.” She said this so coldly that Chuck shuddered. He had to remind himself that she didn’t hunt, she wasn’t referring to herself.

Wait, anyone who went there willingly was fair game? His hand went back to his neck. Lilith noticed and licked her fangs, idly. “Luck favours you, Chuck,” she murmured. “Let’s hope it stays that way.”

Lilith hadn’t wanted to join him while he dined, a stance he could now fully appreciate after witnessing her sipping from a glass of part-congealed blood. He ate his enormous burger as fast as he could, tempting indigestion, terrified that she’d change her mind and ditch him and all this would have been for nothing, that he’d be no closer to finding Mellybean.

That little voice of doubt in his head, the one that sounded like Babs, told him he was making a huge mistake, that it was a trap, a con. Logic told him that this situation was impossible, that he was suffering some sort of mental breakdown. But his devotion to his daughter and his desperation to learn the truth was still winning out.

Chuck emerged from the dingy, sticky-floored restaurant, to find his companion seated on a part-shaded bench. She was staring wistfully at some children who were playing nearby and, for a moment, Chuck watched her. She could be a normal woman; this could be a normal day.

If he closed his eyes, he could lose himself with the warm sun on the back of his head and the gentle music of children giggling; their pattering feet as they chased one another.

The static hat he suddenly felt like he was wearing made him realise that nothing was normal. He had learned that this sensation accompanied Lilith’s focus, that it was her ‘probes’ as she called it, her mind-reading. He sat beside her and watched as her eyes flicked away, noticing as the fizzing ebbed when she did so.

“It was different,” Chuck said, wanting to acknowledge that he could feel her trespassing in a way that didn’t sound accusatory, “when Seth read my mind. The initial feeling was similar, that effervescence, but his was accompanied by a blinding compression, a real intensity. Why is that? If you’re both mind-reading, why does it feel different?”

Lilith initially looked guilty, but then she frowned. “Intent,” she muttered.

Chuck nodded, even though this vague response offered no answers. He felt like all he’d done since he left Lilith’s house was ask her questions, and all she’d given him were vague responses and more questions in return. He wanted to shake her, beg her to give him answers; didn’t she realise how much he was putting on the line here? His daughter was ill and missing, his wife was angry, hurt and no longer responding to his messages. He’d skipped work, again. Everything he’d known about the world yesterday, was wrong.

He needed to know that this had purpose, that he wasn’t losing his mind. He needed her to co-operate.

Lilith hung her head and he realised that she was listening to this mental tirade. He started to apologise, but she interrupted.

“It feels different because mine is not a conscious effort,” she muttered. “I try to respect privacy, even though I often can’t. He doesn’t even try; in fact, he sees it as his right to know what everyone around him is thinking at all times. Does that answer your question?”

Chuck flinched at Lilith’s abrupt tone. But this was good, this was progress. He understood how difficult it must be for her to talk about her vampirism, if she’d never shared it with anyone before.

But trust was a two-way street.

“It does. Thank you,” he whispered. She nodded and mellowed a little. Chuck fiddled with a receipt in his pocket, wondering what to say next. “Can all vampires read minds? Can the girls?”

“To some extent,” Lilith replied. “We all develop different skills at different rates, just like humans do.” Lilith let out a little laugh as she remembered something. “Melinda’s reflexes are even better than Caleb’s already, much to his chagrin; his speed has always been something he’s prided himself on. April has the most mind-control ability, currently,” Lilith hesitated, “Faith has allure in spades. The power of seduction,” Lilith clarified surveying Chuck’s face as his expression changed from confusion to embarrassment.

“Oh my,” he said, blushing. “Faith was already quite promiscuous without that.”

“She has something else, too. I’m not sure what, but it was interesting enough for Seth to want to pursue her, to want to train her,” Lilith looked back towards the playground, where the children were now stomping around, pretending to be pirate dinosaurs.

“You mentioned this before, ‘train her’,” Chuck said. “Train her to do what, exactly?”

Lilith shifted, unable to focus on Chuck’s face. “To be all-powerful and yet ever-powerless,” she answered. “To have the strength to end him completely and yet never the knowledge or will to use it.”

Chuck studied Lilith’s evasive body language and clenched his fists, impressing half-moon shaped grooves into his palms as he wondered how it was possible to dislike someone he barely knew so very much.

“That’s what he did to you, isn’t it?”

Lilith was still staring in the general direction of the playground, even though the children had gone and the area was silent. “I was already powerless when I met him,” she laughed drily. “Seth had been abandoned by his Mistress, was missing half of his memory and was so pitiful. I took him in, like a fool. He was everything I’d dreamed of: intelligent, witty and willing. I wrote his aggression off as vulnerability, took Caleb’s wariness as him simply being overprotective, overlooked Seth’s obvious flaws as he did mine. Finally, I thought in my stupidity, someone who understands. Someone who is accepting me, unequivocally, for what I am.”

Chuck blinked, surprised. Lilith was always so closed off, so stilted. This emotive response was completely unexpected. He watched as her gaze lingered on the empty playground, like she was seeing something he couldn’t.

“Seth was so good to me, at the start. He helped me with Caleb, helped us to survive, he trained me to use my powers and, in response, it reawakened his own. Watcher, Chuck, the things we could do. I’ve seen the way you can communicate, wordlessly, with Babs. Imagine if, instead of just conveying words, you could invoke memory, fantasy, incite sensation without touch…” A coyness slipped across Lilith’s features, but her eyes sparkled as she remembered.

Chuck cleared his throat, uncomfortably. Lilith shook her head and continued.

“It was all so easy, so perfect. With hindsight, too easy. Too perfect. I was content with what I had but he always said that there was so much untapped potential, so much we could learn if we just drank a little bit more, slipped a little bit further, embraced our nature a little more readily. Before I knew it, a little became a lot and a lot became… everything.” She paused, staring directly at the sun. “Why is it that the more you get of something, the more you want?” she asked rhetorically.

Chuck tilted his head. “I’ve never been one to buy into that concept,” he said. “Nothing good ever comes from greed.”

“It doesn’t,” she agreed, her eyes glazed over. “It really doesn’t.”

He was back in two frames of mind; part of him wanting to press her, while she was pliable, for more answers about the girls, and part of him wanting to simply help her. This was clearly a massive burden for her to carry and he had to wonder; had she even told anyone these things before?

Did he want to hear them?

“At what point did you realise you’d had enough?” Chuck asked softly.

Lilith shuddered, shrugging off her daydream. “Rock bottom. And even then, I carried on. I couldn’t climb out of the pit I was in, no matter how much I fought. Seth knew exactly what to say to help me rationalise what we were doing. To make me stay. To make me want to stay, even.”

Chuck was appalled. “And you think this is what he wants to do to Faith? Use her as a pawn in some twisted power game?”

“Yes. I’ve tried to warn her, but everything I said had the opposite effect, of course. I’ve been where she is; basking in the fantasy. Stubbornly refusing to believe that I could be so wrong about someone who seemed so right.”

Chuck’s blood was boiling. He tried to calm his racing thoughts with memories of Melinda’s feisty best friend; her aggression, her fight. Soothed himself with the knowledge that she really wasn’t the kind to comply, that there was time.

Lilith got to her feet and followed him towards the car. “I hope you’re right.”

After a gruelling morning that had involved giving samples of every bodily fluid she had, an aggressive chat with a ‘therapist’ and a breakfast that consisted mostly of steak and spinach, that she had eaten without fuss despite the fact that she was vegan, Jessica was finally allowed to return to her room in the Tower.

The rooms had certainly been improved since the days when her mother was holed up in here. Jessica settled on to the very comfortable bed, wincing slightly at the cramping in her abdomen – would this period ever end? – and turned on the television.

Jessica had to have faith. She knew how this system worked. She just had to keep her head down, not cause any fuss, not do anything that could be interpreted as loopy and she’d be out of here in no time with a prescription for pills or a clean bill of mental health.

“… and that is why we, the Glimmerbrook Truth Society have launched our ‘Justice for Jess’ campaign. Jessica Spoon is not crazy; she is the victim of a corrupt system and we are in her corner!”

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  1. 😂😂😂😂 I laughed so much at that final picture. As usual I don’t have enough sleep but I’m going to will enough to make a comprehensible reply.

    I’m going to assume the potion she made Caleb drink is the Strangeify potion? I’ve never used it before. Makes me want to try it out and see what happens! I wonder how potent it was since Sage is a powerful witch. There’s nothing unkempt about Wyatt either.. I’d love to see what Caleb is looking at hehe! 😀

    I wonder why Wyatt wanted his mom to use the front door. Either he’s purposely getting back at her His teen way of ‘humiliating’ her in front of Caleb or he’s genuinely trying to keep up the pretense that they aren’t spellcasters. Pretty sure he just wants her to leave the place so he can stop being under her thumb or be watched from some keyhole in the door haha! Given how strict Sage is though he might find himself in a world of trouble later. 😆

    So there really was a treaty made! Gah. Just like how its fair game for vampires to hunt in the woods, I suppose its fair game for Vamphunters to kill vamps in Windenburg. Sigh.. Caleb you stuffed up so so so bad! How many chapters until end of book 2. This suspense is suffocating… 😫

    I don’t have much to say about the middle part because its all lore from lilith’s pov and I like lore yay so just absorbing it for now. You clarified before that vamp abilities grow according to their desires. Faith having allure sounds like a secondary skill she’s ‘leveling up’ in while the mirror attack is her primary. The way I’m seeing this, according to this logic, vamps can technically level up in every skill just like sims in game, provided they desire those skills and are not hampered by any previous conditions like repression or nutrition, right? Sky is the limit then!

    I wonder what’s the other side of Lilith’s story. She paints Seth as he is completely black and using her for his gain. (Well, not completely black. She gave him some space where she said he overlooked his flaws as did she.) Anyway, I can’t help but think it has something to do with the girl in her memories since she’s opening up while watching children play and we know she harbors guilt towards the girl. This alludes that Lilith has similar powers to Faith. The way she speaks she sounds like she understands what Seth wants from Faith, and as if she understands Faith’s powers. But I also question the accuracy because didn’t Seth take quite a long time to study Faith’s powers and figure out what it is and how it could benefit him? So following chronologically, Lilith realised Seth wanted to train Faith even before Seth came to the decision. Unless, this part here has happened before between Lilith and Seth, and Lilith wiped Seth’s memories of doing that to her. So while Seth has to come to the conclusion as if he’d never done it before, Lilith has their previous memory to guide her and reached it quicker.

    This also makes me wonder from the last chapter that if she was at Seth’s level of humanity loss, yet is able to retain her current morals due to lack of nutrition, wouldn’t that mean that as long as she completely drains one human and gets the full sustenance she needs, she would immediately erode complete er.. morality? The thirst would completely override her brain?

    Rock bottom. O.o I guess we’ll have to wait next chapter. What did Lilith do at rock bottom. Did she hurt Seth (wipe his memory without consent), that human child in her memory? What is rock bottom o.o …

    What is that period? That doesn’t sound like period D: What did they do to Jessica!?

    I guess at least there’s tv in her room while having eternal period. Almost eternal period… omg I need to sleep haha! Focus on the weirdos. This chapter is a happy chapter. Happy! 😆😆

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    1. Bottled strangeify is pretty accurate, yes. 😆

      Well, there isn’t a back door, so if she was going to leave somehow from the back room, it would have looked pretty suspicious, right? But, yeah, calling his mother ‘senile’ is probably not a good move.

      There was a treaty made yes, and you are correct; vampires in Windenburg are also ‘fair game’. Just when you think Caleb can fuck up no more, he finds a new way. 12 chapters until the end of book two, including the epic 2 part final chapter. Yippee! But then there’s, like, 3 more books so possibly not gonna get all your answers in the next 12 chapters… Feel free to take a breather at any point.

      Yes, vampires can develop any of the skills, like in game. But, unlike in game, they can lose them, too. Plus, I’ve added a few, fun, AE only skills to shake things up and keep everyone guessing. The sky really is the limit, power-wise if you’re willing to sink low enough to max out the stats bar.

      Look at you, reading between the lines. Something about those children playing does appear to have struck a nerve, doesn’t it? Lilith understands what Seth wants from Faith; whether she fully understands Faith’s power is debatable, although, like Seth, she could tell that it was something new and different. “Lilith realised Seth wanted to train Faith even before Seth came to the decision” this is a really interesting observation! Gah… you’re so close to something here. 😆

      It remains to be seen what would happen if Lilith was ever ‘full’ again…

      You’ll learn what Lilith did at rock bottom, but not next chapter. Please don’t suffocate in the mean time.

      Jessica’s been suffering with this period since she was first introduced, but that was only 5 days ago, it just feels eternal.

      So happy! 🌞🌼


  2. Dear lord that shirt is so incredibly unflattering on Caleb 😂 his skin has never resembled a dead fish more and now I have lost my appetite. It’s a good thing that his allure is so strong. Wait, what am I saying?

    Looks like whatever appley concoction Sage fed to Wyatt is really working. Unless there’s something else about Wyatt that is making Caleb’s skin crawl. Oooh and she was going for the back room/basement (?) instead of the front door? I wonder – maybe Sage has no intention on leaving at all and this is a trap, or she’s leaving using unconventional means. She did say she was meeting the High Priestess, right? Hmm…

    Ooooh some very interesting tidbits here. If there’s a safe haven from vampires and a designated area where they can hunt, then someone will have made that rule. Who are they? How are they enforcing this? The Wangshafts? Why on earth did Caleb go to a safe haven from vampires, knowing it is a sanctuary, with three young vampires in tow? 😣

    That giant hamburger cake 😂😂

    Oof, yup, Lilith heard that entire mental tangent, didn’t she? Yes she did. Man, having mental powers that are so strong and being unable to turn them off when you want to is an absolute nightmare. She’s trying so hard, too.

    Just reading the words “training her” is making my skin crawl. And then I read the rest of Lilith’s explanation and anger turns into rage and heartbreak both. “Why is it that the more you get of something, the more you want?” Addiction, love. That is how addiction works. And eventually you slip so far into darkness that you can’t think of anything else anymore but to get more. Oh, Lilith. 😭 Chuck is so sweet. Chances are she really hasn’t told another soul, and has had that festering inside for decades. That picture of Lilith looking down and having her hand by her head and giving this broken, hollow little smile is so well-made. Ow. My heart.

    I wonder if Seth’s “mistress” is the same lady that we’ve seen in his memories – the creepy one, not the one that he wants to see.

    How many days has it been since we’ve first been introduced to Jessica? 🤔

    Oh no. There goes her chance of not appearing loopy. Oh no 😂 I’m so sorry Jess, our simselves mean well but we’re total nutjobs 😂😂🤣 Woo, Yibbo’s socks actually match her Sandy shirt! AE must have a good shipping company, that delivery time is fantastic. And that whiteboard behind them oh lordy 😂🤣 Jess might get some new residents in the tower very soon.

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    1. You’re clearly saying that he looks like a lemon-dressed, dead fish, but that thanks to his allure, it sort of works for you. 😉

      I told you, vampires just hate apples. 😆 I doubt Sage was planning to hang out in the basement all day, more likely that she was planning to visit the High Priestess by ‘unconventional means’ yes.

      All in good time, Yimi. “Why on earth did Caleb go to a safe haven from vampires, knowing it is a sanctuary, with three young vampires in tow?” Either because a) he’s an idiot or b) he didn’t know.

      Bwahahaha. Chuck originally had an actual, regular hamburger but then Caleb, who was lingering for emotional manipulation purposes, as per, went and made that cake and I couldn’t *not* put it in.

      Rage and heartbreak, both. And yet no potatoes! Success. That is how addiction works, yes. More and more until there’s none.

      We have seen Seth’s former Mistress already.

      5 days. She first appeared on Monday 8th May and it’s now Friday 12th.

      In a roundabout way, they might help? Or they might be sacrificing her. I guess we’ll see. Yeah! Sandy Moss commemorative funeral t-shirts are available to download now. All sizes and colours in stock! Immediate shipping! Hey, that whiteboard is my finest CC attempt, thank you very much. 😆

      Would they lock up the GliTS? That’d be very suspicious and no one takes them seriously, anyway…

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  3. Right, so Sage is testing if the repellent is working, and it seems it is. But apparently it doesn’t prevent the effects of Caleb’s allure from still working on the one who consumed the repellent. So we have Wyatt who’s artificially encouraged to gravitate towards Caleb and Caleb who is artificially encouraged to be repulsed by him. That will be interesting 😀 In theory, it seems like in a natural state they’d have a lot in common, though I don’t know if they’d manage to dig deep enough to realise that, seeing they’d need to get past Caleb’s inability to understand sarcasm. But of course, knowing Caleb’s track record of people he has things in common with, Sage probably has the right idea here.

    Speaking of Sage, was her plan just to hide in the closet and watch? Sure seems like it. So what’s her deal… It seems like a very risky way of figuring out Caleb’s motives, if she thinks he has ulterior ones – which she presumably does. Is it a test for Wyatt, I wonder? If so, so far he seems to be failing.

    Ok, so the sanctuary does sound like a deal with the Wangshafts. I wonder if Will was hanging out in Forgotten Hollow because he believed to be untouchable.

    Wistfully staring at children… she’s probably thinking about how delicious their blood is, Chuck. It’s nice to see her open up to him. She’s probably not done that with anyone for a long time, if ever, with the exception of Nathaniel and Seth, which obviously would have been different. “Wasn’t the kind to comply,” that’s precisely the attitude that Seth is using to his advantage, Chuck. But I wouldn’t expect him to understand that, bless his heart.

    Poor Jess. At least the room is decent. Ahem. Breakfast consisting of steak and spinach? Someone sure wants her iron levels to be high. Sinister. So she’s having an unusually long and unusually crampy “period.” She didn’t actually mention if the bleeding is heavy or not (more talk of bodily fluids is required, clearly), or if she’s just cramping, which is kind of important in terms of this “period.” I’m going to check this off as a a correct theory regardless. If the Tower people have taken her blood samples, they will soon know – I wonder if they will tell her, mind.

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    1. Interesting indeed. 😁 They could be great friends! If y’know, Caleb could stand to be within ten feet of Wyatt.

      That would be a weird plan. But Sage is rather strange. Maybe she genuinely just had a meeting to go to and didn’t want her new employee snacking on her overly-friendly son while she was gone. 😉

      Will definitely did think he was untouchable… but then he did willingly wander into the forest, too.

      Yummy, children. Aww, bless Chuck. Even when faced with doom he still tries so see some positives.

      What’s sinister about ensuring their residents are iron rich, Plumbob? 😇 I thought I’d spare you details of the exact bodily fluids, but you know what’s happening here. I know you know. Yes, soon they’ll know, too. I wonder if she’ll ever know.

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  4. I love your first picture. The picture of Sage and Wyatt in the flower shop. It is very accomplished in the setup with flowers and the colors used in the background, clothes, makeup and tattoos 😍
    A stark contrast to Caleb’s usual earth-colored universe. He therefore also looks almost sick in the yellow cheerful shirt.

    Sage seems pretty confused and chatty, but I’m sure she’s more calculating than that. I still have a hard time guessing what her agenda is, as I assume she has discovered that Caleb is a vampire.
    Hm? 🤔

    Once again, we are confronted with Caleb’s inability to make wise, considered decisions. We now know that Windenburg is a no go area for vampires and now he is employed in the witches’ flower shop in the city center.
    If it is to bring about anything good, it is because a higher authority holds a hand over his head. (Or maybe more precisely his neck) 😬

    Lilith and Chuck are so mutually respectful of each other.
    Chuck’s motivation is definitely to save his daughter, cost what it will. Along the way, he also feels called to save Lilith.
    Sweet impatient Chuck. If I did not already have sympathy for Lilith’s method of dealing with her curse, then I would gain sympathy when I see her through your eyes.
    Lilith gets revealed another layer of her toxic relationship with Seth. How can what feels so good prove to be directly destructive to you?
    It is a discovery we all have to make in life, whether it is due to overconsumption of cakes, alcohol or whatever else can lead to unhealthy addiction.🤨

    Jessica is sitting in a golden cage. She has a good bed and a TV. She is aware of her situation and knows what it takes before she is released into freedom.
    Without the television, she would never have discovered that the Glimmerbrook Truth Society has started a protest to get her released. Their methods seem to be in direct conflict with Jessica’s own low-profile strategy.
    I pray that they do no more harm than good ❤

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    1. Aw, thank you! The vampires’ world is so dark, that I like to draw the contrast by having the rest of the world be so very bright. He does look sick in that shirt 😆 yellow is not Caleb’s colour.

      Maybe she’s scatty, maybe she’s shrewd. Time will tell.

      Oh, Caleb. Will you ever make a good decision?

      Poor Chuck. He wants to save everyone, but at what cost? Yes, we all find out eventually that we have to limit our pleasures lest they lead to the destruction of our minds, bodies, souls or waistlines. Unfortunately, a few characters haven’t learned this yet.

      Everyone always thinks they’re doing the right thing, don’t they? Hopefully the GliTS know what they’re doing.

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  5. These conversations between Chuck and Lilith give me life. Seth doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a nemesis in the making for him. I could almost see the stake Chuck’s mind was sharpening there. Well, you mentioned some time ago there most definitely will be a vampire hunter(s). Chuck would make an amazing if maybe somewhat hesitant one. This story already has a handful of unlikely vampires and witches. I would expect nothing less from a vampire hunter. Chuck – a vampire hunter in training has a sweet sound to it.
    Anyway it was lovely to see Lilith open up.

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    1. Chuck the unlikely vampire hunter, hey. Weirder things have happened.

      I’m glad that conversations about misery between a potential vampire hunter and an undead woman give you life. 😁


  6. The t-shirts by Mercury Foam are EVERYTHING. I’m obsessed. And listen, I am not willing to entertain the possibility that Truth Society could be making things more difficult because they are perfect and nothing they do is wrong. It makes sense to me that Bob Pancakes would cover weird news. I also accept that they were able to get that banner printed so quickly. I hope they got a discount.

    In other news, Caleb is prolly in danger and I am fine with it. I hope that witch fries his ass. Poor Wyatt. He is just going to have to go hit on someone else. I was a lil concerned when his mom was confused about the door. I couldn’t tell if he was covering for her not acting like a witch and flying out of there or if something is really wrong.

    Ahhhh so this is the deal with Windenburg! Lilith is dropping so much knowledge about vampires and it feels sort of cathartic (also fascinating, I love learning how other people develop their vampire lore). That conversation she had with Chuck about Seth…ouch. I mean, I’m still seduced (why am I like this?) but I am well aware that he is bad and Faith is going to get hurt.

    Man, the cycles just keep repeating themselves, don’t they?

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    1. Those t-shirts are actual things your sims can acquire, if you so desire, > here < where you can also get their smashing banner that I made and any other shit I decide to put up. Maybe some of my poses. Although, they’re not merch, so that’d have to be a new page, or a renamed page. I forgot what we were talking about. Oh! Truth Society. Yeah, they’re totally helping. Definitely not hindering.

      Wyatt might have trouble hitting on someone else as he’s currently repulsive, but we’ll see. That age-old question; is this age-induced cognitive erosion or witchcraft?

      The floodgates have opened on Lilith’s face and now all the lore is gushing forth. Well, not all of it, just the bits that are relevant right now. Very convenient of her to do that. The conversation about Seth, it’s only her side, no doubt his is different. “Why am I like this?” You’re not alone. Does that help? He is self-proclaimed bad, but will Faith get hurt?

      “Man, the cycles just keep repeating themselves, don’t they?” YES, oh yes. I love when history repeats itself in stories, because it’s such a true reflection of life; there has to be a change to break a cycle and there has been no significant changes here. You’ve got Caleb who has run from home, yet still seeks a familiar place and now simply has a different woman at his beck and call, Lilith still trying to hold together a writhing mass of crap at detriment to herself and Seth still being given willing victims on a plate. The three ancient vamps are completely stuck in their traps. Hopefully all these fresh faces will bring about at least a few broken cycles, though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay well someone in BBD is wearing that in the finale and obviously that banner is going to have to go somewhere too.

        Oh…oh my. I just took a sip of coffee and had a revelation. I’m going to finish my binge of my other simlits and then I’m going to loop back to this because ::cackles maniacally:: it’s great!!!!! Would the Truth Society be up for a cameo on the final episode of Windenburg’s most dangerous baking show?

        You know, I fear these fresh faces might be making the same mistakes 😦

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  7. Firstly, thank you for the warning, this time I did need it. While dark topics seem not to faze me, very bright shirts do the trick. Ow, my eyes. XD

    *giggles* Oh, Wyatt. No, I don´t think you needed the repellent, but for a different reason than you think. Heh. Good thing it works though, anyway. And I definitely suspect Sage of using unconventional travel means as opposed to just being confused, but then again, not covering her tracks properly in front of an untrusted person isn´t saying much for the sharpness of her instincts, either. Hmmm… Unless of course she didn´t plan on going anywhere after all.

    So, she meant that Windenburg in general was a sanctuary, not just that house. I´m guessing that happened just after Lil´s sire was killed? When the first Wangshaft vampire hunter kind of claimed the city as his turf? Because it certainly seemed to belong to the vampires before that.
    The kids… I wonder why they make Lilith so melancholy. Maybe she´s imagining what it would be like to be a mother. I don´t think I quite believe Lilith out of everyone would have ever hurt one. I mean… of course… so long as she is in possession of her senses. If she´d just snapped… well, that´d have certainly counted as “rock bottom.”
    …Faith has allure in spades. Does she, now? That makes me think. Maybe Seth was lying when he said it wasn´t working on him. Maybe he was kidding himself, even. That´d definitely explain a few things.

    …and people rage at Lilith´s depiction of her relationship with Seth, again… meanwhile I´m sitting here stuck at the “abandoned” part. I shouldn´t be surprised, we already know he´d been left freshly turned and mind-wiped. *grimace* I mean, it´s not an excuse. But if you factor in a vampire´s general lack of control and add an everpresent sense of abandonment combined with powers of the mind-sort…? Yeah. I can definitely see how a manipulative bastard is a result that´s easy to get from that recipe for disaster. >.> The fact he needs exactly zero of Caleb´s magic to be completely devastating isn´t helping any, either. …actually, that´s part of the problem, isn´t it. Unimportant. Superficial. *siiigh* (Notice how I, very carefully, do not form any of that into a question. Feel free to take the same liberty to not answer… ;))

    Meh. Something tells me that no amount of spinach will make Jess´ iron levels acceptable. Which could be very lucky for her, actually. But on the other hand, I do remember that this whole… “period problem” seems to have started after April drank from her. And April was sick afterwards. Is it… hypothetically, if a woman was pregnant, but very early on, and her ability to support the baby already compromised… would she loose it?

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    1. I’m glad the disclaimers were useful. 😆

      Hey, better safe than sorry. Not that Wyatt seems to mind whatever advances Caleb might’ve made on his person. All of those options about Sage could very well be true.

      Windenburg is the sanctuary, yes.

      Lilith as a mother, hey? After three centuries babysitting Caleb she’s probably sick of that role. Hurting a child would certainly be a low, for anyone I imagine.

      Perhaps, perhaps. Does Seth really know himself at all? If something feels off, maybe it is.

      Her cramps did start after April dined on her, correct. And yep, April’s been unwell since. As for the rest, I’m sure it’ll all be revealed shortly. 😉


          1. But you´re very good at it! I´d say sorry for making you do that, but then, seeing the reader´s thought process is good, right? For the record, I do not hold vague answers against you. 😉

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