What if…?



So, I have been hinting through the story that Wyatt is gonna get his own place and also hinted a few times that his place would likely be a complete dump. When building the sets for Book 4, which includes a hovel of an apartment for Wyatt, a question jumped to mind:

What if April had been raised here?

The answer: the most fun I’ve had playing the game for ages. It could have its own spin-off one day, but for now, it gets dumped on crappy hidden page #16.

Here I present April and Wyatt’s alternative life. I’ll let you decide if it’s an improvement.

7 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. Awwwww this is such a dump that Wyatt is making her live in but oh my gods the love those two share. The hugs and the playing games and even the mutual farting (😆😅). April might be living in poverty and filth and dumpster diving but she has a dad that actually loves her and tries to look after her. That alone makes it leagues better than anything she had with Sandy. Little and genuine instead of grand and hollow.
    Also is it just me or are April’s eyes way more purplish in these pictures?

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    1. Aw, yeah I love their alternative world, even with all the problems.

      Those eyes are her new custom ones, in the exact shade I pictured in my head for the Harper lineage: blue-violet. 🥰

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  2. Ooooh. Well now. Is this better than April’s actual life? Probably, yes. So long as she doesn’t… you know. Catch hepatitis or something. Hurt herself on a needle or some such in that dumpster.
    Or have her dad jailed for drug dealing. DX


          1. Yay, I remembered! XD (Also, good job on reminding me of exactly why I don’t like Faith all that much. Something tells me I might need that, soon. Thanks! ❤ XD)


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