Chapter 2.25 – The Silent Man

Broof Hogwash cradled his head on his arms and tried to calm his heart, keep his anger in check.

Anyone who really knew anything about the former butler of the late Sandy Moss would not describe him as a tempestuous or aggressive man, but the memories of a hundred cameras and flashbulbs, the snide words of reporters and the jeering of the crowd reverberated in his head and lit a fire underneath him.

His suited friend took a seat beside him; ever flippant and infuriatingly calm as he stared at something only he could see. “That went well.”

“Well?!” Broof repeated, snapping up. “Wyatt, they think I’m a paedophile.”

“No, they don’t,” Wyatt assured him, the shadow of a smile teasing his lips. “They thought you were a sex offender, kidnapper and murderer.”

Broof groaned. “I’m never going to be able to leave this house again.”

Wyatt leaned back in his chair, still frustratingly at ease, although Broof could hazard a guess as to why. “The charges were dropped,” he said. “Come on, let’s celebrate! I have some—“

“This isn’t funny!” Up it bubbled, the simmering rage. The product of the tarnish, the injustice. “You shouldn’t have interfered; it’s too risky!”

Wyatt continued to smile, irritatingly unperturbed. “You needed a lawyer—“

“I had a lawyer!” Broof shouted, heat building in his face and hands.

“Not the kind you needed,” Wyatt said, looking at Broof’s reddened palms with a note of surprise. “Besides, I didn’t interfere. It was all law skills.” The suited man climbed down from his bar stool and walked over the altar, idly rolling the wick of a candle between his thumb and forefinger until it ignited at his fingertips.

Broof scoffed. “What law skills? You didn’t even finish high school. And stop touching my stuff.”

Wyatt sighed and blew out the candle, turning to Broof. “School doesn’t teach you everything, Hoggy.”

Broof eyed his friend suspiciously, but Wyatt’s slightly zoned out face didn’t give anything away.

“Be honest with me,” Broof said calmly, his anger ebbing. “Did you cast any spells?”

Wyatt smiled and gestured to himself.

“Clearly. Speaking of which…” he trailed off, drawing his arms around himself in an exaggerated arc. Ever the showman, he conjured some completely unnecessary stars as he ran his hands over his hair, his face and down his body.

With a bright, blue flash – that was also completely for show – the stars fell to the floor at his feet, along with the dull brown jacket and trousers. His hair regained its comb-defying curl and Wyatt looked a lot more like… well, Wyatt.

Much better,” he sighed, shaking off the residual stardust. “Oh, you’ve moved.”

“Yeah,” Broof replied. “For some reason I didn’t want to stay put on the bar stool, so for the Watcher’s sanity, we’ll have to chat over here now. And did you have to do that right in front of the window? Couldn’t you have just used the dresser?”

“Oh lighten up, Hoggy; there’s not a soul for miles. And ugh, effort,” Wyatt huffed. “Besides, we have more pressing issues, like how we go about finding April.”

At the mention of her name, Broof seized up. April. The one the media thought was shackled in his non-existent sex dungeon. The one who was still missing. The one he was supposed to be looking after.

He swallowed back the lump in his throat. “I overheard them in the car; they were heading for a house in Forgotten Hollow. I believe Travis had an aunt there—“

“Marjorie, yeah. They’re not there,” Wyatt said flippantly. “Next idea?”

Broof faltered. “Wait, what? They’re not there? They must be there.”

“No. They’re not there. I went twice, just to be sure. So, next idea?”

“I… I don’t know.” Broof looked at his lap. “Maybe we’re too late.”

Wyatt shook his head, but that inappropriate smile was still there. “Dude. How could you let her get bitten by a vampire?”

Wasn’t that the million simoleon question? And one that Broof had asked himself almost continuously since that unscrupulous doctor had told him not to worry about April’s blue lips and said, with a wry smile, that perhaps the girl’s diet should contain more iron.

“In my defence, I didn’t know there were any vampires left,” Broof said.

“Didn’t he look like a vampire?”

“What do vampires even look like?”

Wyatt scratched his head. “I don’t know, never seen one. Pale? Big fangs?”

“Huh. He was pale. I didn’t notice any fangs but he didn’t really open his mouth much. He was young-looking, dressed a bit strangely but I just thought he was simply a bit weird, a lot of Del Sol Valley types are. Plus, he was distracting Sandy so I thought I’d take the chance to—” he paused, looking at Wyatt who raised an eyebrow. “You know what, Wy? I don’t have to answer to you. Besides, you could have stepped in at any time—“

Wyatt rolled his eyed and mumbled. “Not this again. We’ve been over this a hundred times. I was not the only one at that party.”

“I saw you take Sandy into that closet.”

“I remember being in a closet, but I’m pretty certain I was with a man, Hoggy.”

“And which man was that?” Broof asked.

Wyatt waved his hand, dismissively. “Details.”

“You have no frigging clue because you were off your face, as usual,” Broof said, studying his friend’s eyes. “You’re an idiot.”

“Harsh,” Wyatt whistled. “That’s the last time I bust you out of jail.”

The anger was simmering again. Broof knew he wasn’t really angry at his friend, but as there was no one else in the room, Wyatt became the target. “Sorry to interrupt your busy days of being holed up in your room getting repetitive strain injury.”

“Wha—? Dude.” Wyatt looked almost offended. “I don’t do that all of the time.”

Broof scoffed and turned away.

“Mum needed help at the shop,” Wyatt explained. “I’ve been getting up at 8am and talking to people about different kinds of flower arrangements, like I give a hoot. It is literal hell. Not like your life, off living in the lap of luxury, in a fancy mansion, screwing one of the most beautiful women in the world—“

Broof burned at this, rounding on Wyatt. “Sandy Moss was the ugliest person I have ever met. I was allowed to be nothing but the silent man, a slave in a suit, while trying to keep April from drowning in herself and praying that Travis didn’t murder me in my sleep. So yeah, tell me again how selling hanging baskets was ‘literal hell’.”

The two men stared at each other. Broof could feel the heat in his face and palms again, especially as he looked at Wyatt who was barely ruffled by this confrontation, chilled as always.

“Always gotta one-up me, haven’t you?” Wyatt asked, looking as serious as he ever did.

Broof could feel his cheek twitching, lifting the corner of his mouth into a smile. “Not exactly hard to ‘one-up’ you when you do nothing.”

Wyatt grinned. “I’d argue that but… effort.”

The tension once again dissipated, and his energy returning to a manageable level, Broof twiddled with his fringe, a bad habit he had when he was thinking. “Maybe the vampire found her, at Marjorie’s. Probably a long shot to assume that you did, but did you research him?”

“Of course I did. I found absolutely nothing at all about Caleb Vatore. Although there is a plastic surgeon called Vatore. Lilith. She lives in Del Sol Valley; she grew up in Windenburg, doctorate from U.Brite, full, accountable ID, even has a website with her photographs on. All seems above board. As far as I can tell, she has no living relatives.”

“Dr. Lilith Vatore,” Broof mused, stroking his beard. “I might go and pay her a visit.”

“Want her to make you as beautiful as me?” Wyatt grinned. “That’ll be costly.”

Broof didn’t even acknowledge this half-joke, half-insult. “So who was this guy? Where’s he from? Why April?”

“Beats me.” Wyatt put his feet on the coffee table and Broof kicked them back off. “He must be ancient and probably super-intelligent to evade capture for so long, though. My guess is that he’s one of the old society vampires; they liked kidnapping young women, the absolute savages. Took them as food or brides.

“Shoot, really?” Broof’s eyes were like saucers as Wyatt nodded. Ma had always told him the stories about vampires, and he’d listened, humoured her, but he’d always assumed the idea of them to be a bit far-fetched. Until April sank her fangs into his neck, that is. “Damn. I’ve really screwed up, haven’t I?”

“You really have,” Wyatt agreed. “Why did you let them leave? Dude; what if she’s drained her friends?”

Broof had been trying not to think about this. He groaned. “What choice did I have? Slave in a suit, remember? I didn’t know Sandy was dead at that point. I didn’t know what to do and no, before you say it, I couldn’t cast.”

Wyatt raised an eyebrow. “Of all the times to enchant someone, preventing a brand new vampire and her human friends from being sent to serial killer town would’ve been it.”

“I thought I had time so I didn’t factor ‘might be arrested for murder’ into my decision-making process,” Broof said sarcastically. “No, I mean, I couldn’t cast. I tried when the police came for me, but I got nothing.”

Wyatt’s eyebrow was inching its way up his forehead again, his tone was surprisingly serious. “Nothing?”

“My hands got hot,” Broof muttered and shook his head.

Wyatt whistled. “Dude.” He thought for a moment before turning to his friend, suspicion written all over his face. “When was the last time you conjured something, Hoggy?”

Broof hesitated. “I crafted food at the Moss Mansion, sometimes.”

“Uhuh, crafted.” Wyatt nodded. “Was it any good?”

Broof could’ve lied. Told Wyatt that the food was masterful, wonderful, exquisite. But then the sod would probably make him prove it.

“No,” Broof said, quietly. He sighed. “It was awful. All the textures were wrong.” He fiddled with his fringe again before looking at his friend. “I know what you’re thinking, but if I’d needed to, I’m sure I could’ve channelled something. I’m just out of practice, by the time we find her—“

Wyatt held up a hand, cutting him off. “Broof,” he said; just that name alone coming from that face told Broof that Wyatt was, for once, being serious. “We’re facing at least one ancient vampire here, probably a whole underground society. Those parasitic goons will wipe the floor with your unmagical butt. No way in hell am I letting you go after April now.” He smiled, the seriousness passing and the humour returning. “You can go and help Mum at the shop. You’d look good in those flowery shirts she makes the staff wear.”

“No. I was the one who screwed up, I should fix it. I can do it, I’m sure. I was probably just hampered by all the bad energy in the house, or something.”

Wyatt’s lips curled. “Probably. One way to find out.” He got up and walked to the back door, gesturing Broof to follow.

“Where are we going?”

“Outside,” Wyatt replied in his frustratingly flippant way. He looked at Broof’s puzzled face then laughed. “I’m not throwing light around in here, Hoggy. What if I break something? It’ll be the Coffee Cup Ring Drama all over again but, like, tenfold.”

Broof’s eyes were drawn to the countertop as he passed. It was pristine, white and perfect to anyone else’s eyes. But to his meticulous ones he could still clearly see the shadow of that time that Wyatt had neglected to use a coaster—

“You took your time,” Faith teased as Melinda emerged from the basement. “Did it go OK?”

Melinda sighed. Faith noted that her friend’s skin was back to its usual colour and that she once again had irises, so even if she hadn’t been wearing a look of guilty woe, Faith would be able to tell that she’d definitely taken a drink.

“I suppose. Sorry I took so long. I heard you go out.” Melinda looked around. “Aren’t April and Caleb back yet? The sun’s almost up.”

“Nope, just me.” Faith replied, impishly. She knew that as Melinda crossed the room to sit beside her that she would be taking in her attire and putting together the pieces; she waited for the inevitable question.

“Did you bring someone back?”

Faith raised an eyebrow. “You could say that.”

Melinda wrung her hands and Faith waited, enjoying seeing her lifelong friend squirm. “Do you need help getting him down to the basement?” she whispered.

“No,” Faith said, trying not to laugh. “I can’t put him in the basement.”

“Why not?” Melinda asked.

Faith had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep a straight face. “Because he’s dead, Mel.”

Melinda’s eyebrows shot up into her hairline and she stuttered, horrified. “Wh- what? You killed him?! How could you! What’s wrong with you!? Oh my gosh, are you laughing?!”

“Relax! I’m not that much of a bitch,” Faith said, still managing to appear mostly serious. “He was already dead when I found him.”

Melinda looked like she might faint. She was so appalled that she hadn’t even noticed Seth appearing at the bottom of the stairs and she usually noticed everything.

“Melinda.” He nodded at her, he even almost smiled before turning his attention to Faith. “See you at nightfall, Fledgling.”

Seeing that face made Faith want to burst with glee, not least because he’d positioned his hair so that no-one would see the puncture holes in his neck. Which reminded her that there were puncture holes in his neck. No wonder Caleb had sunk his fangs into April so much; drinking from other vampires was so hot.

Not that she’d ever tell Seth how he made her feel. Especially not when he’d just called her a fucking fledgling as if a few hours ago he wasn’t on his knees, begging.

Faith walked over and stared Seth down. “Nightfall it is, little doggy,” she said, daring him to challenge her.

“What was that all about?” Melinda asked as the door closed behind Seth. “Didn’t you two break up? Weren’t you really peeved with him only yesterday?”

“Yeah,” Faith purred. “Think I’ll have to be peeved with him more often.”

“That doesn’t sound healthy, but you seem much more like yourself today, at least,” Melinda said and she hesitated. Faith wondered what was coming; her money was on a lecture about self-worth. “Is… is he OK?” Melinda asked.

Faith flopped back down on the sofa. “What do you care? What did you call him? A fuckpoodle?”

“A fopdoodle. I hate his guts and I’m really annoyed that you’re still seeing him,” Melinda muttered through gritted teeth. “But despite all that, he seemed a bit, I don’t know, sad?”

“Sympathy for the murderer, hey? You and your bleeding heart. He’s just butthurt.” Faith waved her hand dismissively. “Now he’s realised I’m not just a huge pushover.”

“Right,” Melinda said quietly, in that irritating tone that always meant the complete opposite.

“So, come on,” Faith coaxed. “Tell me all about how it went with Mr. Bloodbag-in-the-Basement. What were you doing all night?”

“Crying, mostly.”

“Oh, Mellybean,” Faith cooed and pulled her friend in for a hug.

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 2.25 – The Silent Man

  1. Oh that’s interesting! A new layer is peeled from the onion and a magician materializes 😲
    I do not recall having met Wyatt before, but perhaps he was an insignificant supporting character in one of the first pictures in history. A gardener or a pizza delivery man? Think back?…. I have no idea and am considering whether to start all over again 🤔

    Is it a plasma fruit lying next to the crocus on the desk? 🧐
    Is that Wyatt’s house they’re in? There are all sorts of magical items in the house and Wyatt knows about the vampires’ existence.
    It sounds like Broff has also had magical abilities at some point in his past, but he is out of training or just incompetent.

    It sounds like several naughty things have happened in Sandy and Travis’ closets and secret rooms. There is probably not much that can stand up to the public spotlight.
    I wonder what benefits have bound Broff to that workplace? He shows great concern for April which makes me consider if he is her biological father?

    We are not done peeling onions yet 😄
    Faith has punctured Seth’s neck and it certainly sounds like it has been very teasing. Maybe even for both of them.
    This certainly also raises a bunch of questions for Seth contains no plasma right?
    I think I will save more questions because I will probably get wiser as the story progresses.

    Poor Melinda is tormented by guilt and yet she is alert enough to catch Seth’s depressed mood. She is marvelous ❤

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    1. Oh hell no, don’t start all over, that’d be torture. Let me put you out of your misery; Wyatt has not been featured before, directly. Although his influence has always been there, shall we say. 😉

      Not a plasma fruit, but the items on the desk and around the house do have some significance. This house belongs to Broof. You’ll get to see Wyatt’s place later… it’s a little different. 😂 Yes, Broof is also of the magical persuasion although as you identify, perhaps not in the best form.

      Interesting theories about Broof’s motivations.

      Seth does not contain blood by the same definition as a human would, but the vampires do contain fluid that is synthesised from the blood they drink and enables them to survive, turn others to vampires etc. I think of it as a very slow, sludgy circulatory system. You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about vampire bodily functions in upcoming chapters, though, so I’ll park that there for now.

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  2. I was so freaked out when Wyatt appeared all slick with a coat and everything and then poof, he went to his messenger bag and chill clothes. I has been April fooled. xD
    Ok I have to ask. WHY did Wyatt light the candle, then blow it out? It had a gem and flower at the bottom. Is this an offering? Who/what is he giving thanks too? And its Broof’s stuff? So who/what is Broof worshipping?

    I really like getting to know Wyatt. And I like this different perspective to AE. These two clearly know a lot more than our clueless vamps. They know the history and present, and even have insight to April and Sandy lol. It’s so intriguing how both of them just casually gloss over Sandy’s murder. “Oh yeah, that’s a vamp-caused death. Gotta do something about that.” Their lack of reaction is so refreshing from all the Sandy love. But here comes the questions. O.o

    Hmm why is Broof’s magic weaker than Wyatt’s? He says he’s out of practice but I wonder if that’s got something to do with April draining him. I wonder whether she tasted any difference between human and spellcasters. I also wonder if Broof was out of practice because he joined Sandy’s mansion or way before. Another wonder: why does Wyatt knows more about the vamp past than Broof does. For Wyatt’s lack of formal education, where did he go to learn more about Spellcasters? I’m assuming he didn’t attend mage school then. Also this kinda implies that Broof and Wyatt are highschool buddies. DAW I have a soft spot for friendships that last through decades! I wonder why Wyatt says Broof screwed up. What was he supposed to do, or was expected to do about this Sandy/April thing. Its as if he was put in Sandy’s household for a reason. But what would that be? But then Broof argued that Wyatt could’ve stepped in so he needn’t associate himself with Sandy during the ball? EH? HUH? Confused now? So many questions there. And this paragraph is just word vomit. I had a long day haha.

    Energy of the house. Hurrrm…. That would be cool! Bobblygraphs can help with reading the energy of the house! 😀

    Faith. 😦

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    1. You were fooled by Wyatt in his suit along with many members of the AE Land criminal justice system, it would seem. Oh no, wait, sorry it was law skills. Definitely all law skills.

      Who or what indeed? The items and the candle are significant and I have a HUGE trophy waiting for the first person who correctly solves this mystery. 😁

      These two do bring a different perspective, for sure, but ‘clueless’ has many angles. “Oh yeah, that’s a vamp-caused death.” Interesting.

      As you probably expect, this being the first proper introduction to this pair, I can’t answer all these questions yet. But I can tell you that they will all be answered and that Bryatt have been friends a long time.

      AE magic will be explained as we go but the ‘energy’ of a place can definitely affect it.

      Yeah, Faith. 😕


  3. I gushed about this in private already but I love the combination that is Wyatt and Broof. Their banter is just hilarious. And he’s a spellcaster! They’re both spellcasters! Yay, magic in AE! I love Wyatt’s completely unneeded sparkles and flair and dopey, way-too-casual-smiley personality.

    Haha, that quip about the Watcher’s sanity xD They move randomly whenever I try to make them have normal conversations, too. Especially if it’s a pose with them sitting around a table. I’ll sit them all down, then direct them to talk to each other – and they’ll all get up, hug/shake hands/kiss/whatever, then move back to the chairs and sit in the wrong ones. Gaah, sim AI. 😂

    I wonder why Wyatt and Broof are so dead-set on April and the Moss family. I mean, I can sort of picture Broof having developed feelings for the girl after basically raising her (it’s not like Sandy or Travis did), but that doesn’t seem to be it. “The one he was supposed to be looking after” and Wyatt “Interfering” sounds different, like he’s on some sort of mission. Also, “I took the chance to-“ the chance to what? Look for something? Plant something? Get the hell out of the house and go for a smoke? And what party? When Caleb was there, there was no party going on. Does he mean the one at the beginning of the story, April 18th birthday party?

    Broof being so negative about Sandy makes me weirdly happy. I know that it’s obvious how Broof would know the real Sandy, but there are so few people out there who do, and even fewer who actually care about April. She has few enough allies as it is, so seeing someone who’s completely in her corner… I think? For a change feels like a relief.

    “He must be ancient and probably super-intelligent to evade capture for so long, though.”
    HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. HAHA. Ow. My stomach. 🤣

    Comment is getting long so I’ll leave the second part of it on the forum.

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    1. I’m glad you like Bryatt. Waiting for the right moment to add them back to the disaster stew was very difficult. Yay! Magic in AE! Well, obvious magic in AE. 😉

      Ugh, yes, musical chairs is the bane of every Simlit writer’s life, right? This was especially annoying as I’d made poses using the bar stools but also needed a good heap of general ‘conversation’ pictures so ended up having to use both places. Eventually I’m like ‘I don’t care if it’s sofa or bar stool, just fucking sit down!’ and then Wy wanders off to sit at the desk. 🤦‍♀️

      It’s weird, isn’t it? April’s 18 now so surely any babysitting responsibility Broof had has ended. Especially now his boss is dead. Maybe he did just need a smoke. 😏 And what party indeed. Sorry, this is all so vague it’s not even really a comment. You’ll get answers.

      I can answer that one! Broof is definitely in April’s corner and he despised Sandy. Hurrah! My reply doesn’t feel so useless now.

      I do wonder how long Caleb would have survived without the genuinely ‘super-intelligent’ vampire he knew. Would he have been killed as a toddler? Survived until he got his thirst at 17? Hm…


  4. First of all, where can I get a friend like Wyatt please? A chill magical dude that will show up and bust you out of any pickle including murder allegations by magically altering the court hearing…

    So, Broof is also a spellcaster but hasn’t practiced any magic in years. Hm… I’m assuming he’s older than he looks. Maybe they both are. This whole time, I just kept thinking about what on earth is so important about April that Broof would spend almost 20 years of his life living as a self-professed slave and even forgetting his magic just to try to protect her 🤨 And indeed, how would not using his magic actually be helpful? While this chapter technically reveals more about him, I feel like I now know less than ever about what his actual deal is.

    Hm, as far as we’ve seen in AE feeding on people mostly just seems to be used for the vamps to sustain themselves rather than having any side perks, so what benefits might drinking from a vampire have? Does one absorb some of their power? Is it simply to weaken them. Oh, it’s because it’s hot. *face palm* Thanks Faith. I suppose she does informed us that Caleb has also been drinking from vampy April, possibly multiple times. Interesting. Does he have a reason for it? Or is it just his lack of control? Hmm…

    “That doesn’t sound healthy, but you seem much more like yourself today, at least,” Aww, Melinda, bless. Not sure if we’ve seen anything healthy for a while, haha. But her concern for Seth being ok even though she hates everything about him is very sweet. Still bamboozled about Faith , but I shall be patient.

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    1. Hey! It was pure law skills…

      And Broof ‘crafted’ some dishes at the Moss mansion they were just… rubbish. You get to see the true extent of Broof’s power next chapter. Ha. What *is* so important about April? Maybe nothing. Maybe Broof’s just insane. Either way, I’m sure it’ll all be revealed.

      Yes, the blood itself is sustenance, it’s the act of feeding that’s the crucial thing. Some vamps enjoy sinking their teeth into others, fellow vamps included. For Faith it’s ‘hot’/an act of dominance. And we know from the lovely memories Seth dredged up that Caleb finds it difficult to resist having a bite if he gets close to attractive, warm-blooded humans. But as to why he bit April so much during their bedroom disaster? Hmm…

      And Faith? “Not sure if we’ve seen anything healthy for a while” or ever. 😉

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      1. Broof could very well be insane 😀 I could also understand getting attached to April after years of working in the mansion, but that does not explain why he would have stayed in the job in the first place, and is not really how it reads to me, to me their conversation comes across as Broof being in the Moss mansion as a part of a task he was given, a task Wyatt is well aware of. Or some kind of overarching responsibility. I’ll now be wracking my brain for ages haha!

        Ah, was it just biting during the bedroom disaster that Faith was referring to here? I think that one I understand, I just wasn’t sure if there were any other occurrences from what Faith said, because as far as we know, April and Caleb haven’t slept together since, so any additional feeding would not necessarily be linked to the dark form bonanza. But if it was all referring to that particular time then that clears that up. Well, as clear as AE ever is, haha!

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        1. Wyatt is well aware of Broof’s reason for being in the mansion, not that he agrees with it, mind. 😏

          Yeah, it was all during that one ‘dark form bonanza’. As that went so very well, they haven’t slept together since.

          Things will get clearer as they get darker. Which is soon. 😈

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  5. Just going to yell incoherently and then move onto the next chapter because I’m sure my questions will be answered shortly but…

    BROOF IS A SPELLCASTER!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

    oh no, Faith drank from Seth…oh man…

    okay, damn it, no more comments until I’m caught up.


  6. Can vampires be also spellcasters / witches? I’ve been thinking if Seth has ever had the (dis)pleasure of encountering one.
    Also my suspicious that I had at the beginning of this story returned. Is Travis really April’s biological father?

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  7. First off, eeee, spellcasters!

    So. What I´m able to pick up here. Broof was in serious trouble and a normal lawyer wouldn´t have gotten him out? (Unless the lawyer Broof means is Travis in which case, heh no. He doesn´t count.)

    The items´ significance eludes me, but if Broof has an altar, then the safest guess is it´s in memory of his daughter, no?

    …Gotta say, I kind of like Wyatt, he´s a chill dude. But there´s this one little thing that has me glancing sideways… maybe it´s just because I learned to be paranoid about this kind of stuff… but when Broof asks if he cast any spells, well. That deflection was Seth-level good. I wonder how risky it actually was, whatever Wyatt did to get Broof out. (Also interested about your allusions to Wyatt having meddled behind the scenes, too.)

    And yep, Broof definitely seems to have taken watching over April as some sort of a mission. Maybe because it sure sounds like he thinks April could… what, be Wyatt´s daughter? Interesting. Maybe her being so fast to learn vampire powers has something to do with possible latent magical ability. Wyatt seems like he knows what he´s doing.

    …come to think of it, yeah. Where /was/ Broof when April stumbled into this whole flaming mess?

    About Faith… I do wonder how much impact getting blood from a vampire has, if you´re not half-baked the way April was. Otherwise… *shrugs* not surprising. I mean, even some humans do bite. At least a vamp won´t leave a big, ugly hickey, ech? *considers something* Heh, not one with the normal fangs, at least. XD

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    1. Yeah, Broof was in serious trouble. He might’ve gotten out with a regular lawyer, eventually.

      Those items do relate to his daughter, but that’s not quite it.

      I love how none of my readers ever take things at face value any more, always looking for sneakiness. 😆 All we know for definite is that Wyatt cast some sort of appearance spell, but Broof is not wrong… Wyatt casting spells is *risky*.

      It definitely became more than a job for Broof at some point. Interesting theories, the paternity of April is certainly in question. “Wyatt seems like he knows what he´s doing” let’s hope so.

      He took his eyes off her for five minutes and she died at the hands of a vampire. I’m sure he’s feeling terrible about whatever he slipped out to do.

      Bedroom biting isn’t anything out of the ordinary, no. Faith wasn’t immediately rushing to the basement to have a bite on their prisoner, so I’m guessing whatever she got from Seth was satisfying. There are probably consequences though; this is AE. 😈


      1. Wow. I need to remember there´s also the ex-wife piece of the puzzle that fits into this somehow. She hadn´t helped anything, that´s for sure.

        Oh… double interesting! I usually don´t see any actual faith/worship in simlit. Yay, all the lore. 😀

        Hehe, no of course we don´t. I don´t believe Wyatt that´s the only spell he cast for a second. And… for now, the impression that guy makes… I would trust him to perform a spell correctly, but not to know when to do so and especially not when to /not/ cast.

        I´m pretty sure too. I bet it was something important. If nothing else, he wouldn ´t have risked Sandy getting mad at him for not being there when needed lightly… but still. That´s the sorta stuff that´ll eat at a person.

        Yea, sounds likely. We already ruled out vamps not giving any sustenance at all, since Lils was able to save April. It would be interesting to find out why Caleb´s blood isn´t as strong as Lilith´s, though. Given he´s more vampire than most, one would think he´d pack the most punch… that´d definitely shed some light on how this works.
        But of course there´d be consequences. Lil made April apologize. And Faith being high on Seth´s blood, that definitely sounds like a… very interesting combination.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No, she definitely didn’t help anything. ‘Sex obsessed with a thing for blondes’ I think she said. I mean, ouch, ex-wifey, that’s harsh.

          The witches have an appreciation of the earth and worship the world around them, but more about that later. Yay, lore!

          Ooh, another good spot. Caleb was not as ‘potent’ as Lilith but, as you identify, he should be the most ‘vampire’, right? Although, he did also say that he wasn’t as much of ‘a monster’ as Lilith was and he’s generally pretty rubbish in terms of vampire powers. Probably something in that…



          1. Indeed. Sounds almost like she was trying to get him in jail. But surely that can´t be right… what possible reason she could have for that? Hmmm…

            Oh, traditional then. I love it already.
            Also, one more lightbulb poped up above my head. You said Wyatt meddled off screen. And while children´s hair changing color isn´t unusual, doesn´t it typically darken? Hmmmmm….

            …a good reminder, thank you! I´ll admit, I had been thinking about the vampire powers fluctuation as more of a mental block… like, you can´t cast it if you´re not in the right state of mind. But, if the potency of their blood depends on it, then it´s deeper than that. Curiouser and curiouser. XD

            Liked by 1 person

            1. “While children´s hair changing color isn´t unusual, doesn´t it typically darken?” it does, and their eyebrows would probably match their hair, right? Definitely suspect.

              Very curious. All in good time. 😆


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