Chapter 2.26 – Crash Helmets

Note: drug references, vulgar, contains painful levels of cringe

Whatever had gone down with Seth certainly seemed to put Faith back in a better frame of mind; she and Melinda had had a heart-to-heart and been enjoying a game of cards when the door flung open and April rushed in, running straight upstairs. Caleb skulked in after but didn’t follow her up, instead taking a seat at the card table as if nothing was wrong.

“Caleb,” Melinda started carefully. “What’s wrong with April? Did you two have a fight or—?”

“No, things are perfect with me and April. We had a great night together,” he said abruptly and and sat back in his chair.

“So why is she—?”

Caleb shrugged, unbothered. “She said she felt sick. Think she must have had a bad human, it happens.”

“Really?” Faith asked. “What was bad about him?”

“Probably full of intoxicants. It’s no big deal.” He looked up as April returned from upstairs. “Better babe?”

“Not really,” April said. “My tummy hurts.”

“Gin. And you’re probably just pregnant or something,” Faith joked, rocking back on her chair as she beat Melinda for the fifth game in a row.

“Pregnant?” April asked quietly, looking at Melinda. “Oh my goodness, am I?”

“No,” Caleb said firmly. “I’m telling you, it was just a bad human.”

“Are you sure?” April asked, sliding into the vacant seat and fiddling with the discarded playing cards on the table. “I felt a bit poorly even before I drank from that man. And he really was quite nice.”

Caleb winced. “Oh, was he? You’ve only said that five times,” he huffed. “And yes, I’m sure. Vampires aren’t fertile so just drop it.

April nodded and looked down at her lap.

Caleb’s tone suddenly changed; his voice became brighter, gentler. “Hey, come on. Think about it; if we were, I’d have hundreds of children by now.”

“Always bragging,” Faith scoffed. “Is that supposed to make her feel better? Fuck me; imagine a world full of mini Fringeys.” She shuddered. “So, what shall we do today? You’re gonna go find a job as an astronaut or something, right?”

“Make sure you buy some food for our guest, Caleb,” Melinda reminded him as she neatly stacked the cards. “We need everything: vegetables, grains, proteins. Oh and toilet roll—“

“Ugh. Can’t I just buy potatoes?” Caleb moaned. “Humans are so needy.”

Melinda wasn’t sure what prompted it; maybe it was thinking about potatoes, bodily functions she no longer had or simply realising that Caleb really knew nothing, but something dawned on her. “Caleb, is April the first vampire you’ve been, you know, in bed with?”

Caleb looked confused. “Well the only other female vampire I knew was Lilith and I was never that desperate.”

“Right,” Melinda said slowly. “So how can you know for certain that two vampires can’t have babies? Did someone tell you or…”

Caleb thought for a moment. “No. I just assumed.”

Melinda tried to ignore Faith’s laughter, wondering how to delicately ask the next question. “When you two did, um, the lovemaking,” she coughed, that wasn’t the word she wanted to use, but tact was required, “did you use any protection?”

“What? Like, crash helmets?” April asked.

Faith was laughing so hard now that she could barely speak. “Crash helmets!” she managed thumping the table. “How the fuck are you so clueless?”

“Then what… oh,” April said, finally understanding. She looked down at the table again. “Not crash helmets. Stupid girl,” she muttered.

“You’re not stupid, April,” Melinda said automatically. She turned to Caleb. “Well? I assume you know what I’m talking about?”

“I do,” Caleb cleared his throat, looking distinctly uncomfortable, backed into his corner. “But no. I don’t even think about it, unless I’m asked to—“

“Of course you don’t,” Melinda muttered angrily. “You selfish pig.”

“Actually, Mel,” Faith said, finally getting her laughter under control. “I’m with Caleb; do we even need to now?”

Melinda gasped. “Seriously, Faith? You are asking that? So I’m guessing that you and Seth don’t bother either, then?”

“No,” Faith replied. She briefly looked serious for the first time in days before her smirk was back.

“Great,” Melinda huffed. “I’d bet you’re both riddled with a billion diseases—“

“We can’t catch anything,” Caleb interjected. “And I know that is fact because we once had to feed off plague victims and I didn’t catch the plague.”

“I’d bet you helped transmit it though, you butt head,” Melinda murmured.

“I think you’re overreacting, Mel,” Faith said casually. “Vampire men can’t even climax.”

“They… they can’t?” Melinda asked, suddenly unable to look anyone in the eye.

Caleb scoffed. “We definitely can. Well, I definitely can. Can’t answer for Seth.”

Faith looked thoughtful for a while. Melinda was desperately trying to overcome her discomfort and anger to continue the conversation, but the resident inappropriate question machine recovered first.

“You pulled out though, right?” Faith asked, without a hint of embarrassment.

April squealed and buried her face in her hands. “Oh my goodness! We’re not talking about this!”

“But this is crucial information,” Faith insisted. “Did you?”

“I’m so embarrassed!” April wailed. “I want to die!”

You want to die,” Caleb muttered.

Faith just couldn’t seem to stop herself. “What position were you in?”

“Faith! For watcher’s sake!” Melinda hissed. Then, realising that Caleb had opened his mouth, she rounded on him in a flash. “Don’t you dare answer that, Caleb!”

“Thank the devil,” Caleb replied. “Because I don’t even know how to start explaining—“

“Stop talking!” Melinda groaned. “Everyone!” she spat at Faith, who complied with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Melinda sat and thought for a while in the relative silence, bar Faith’s quiet laughter and April’s occasional whimper.

Melinda’s own mother had been very thorough, perhaps even excessively so, with her talks about the birds and the bees; knowledge that Melinda had filtered through to Faith and that she bitterly regretted not filtering through to April. She tried to recall what she knew about gestation periods, symptoms, what happened when. She’d always been good at maths, but this was a calculation she’d never thought she’d have to do.

“I don’t think it’s been long enough for April to be showing any pregnancy symptoms yet,” she eventually decided. “What’s it been… a week? Less?”

April nodded, relief evident on her face. Melinda nodded back, started to relax.

Until Faith piped up again.

“Unless vampire pregnancy is different,” she mused. “If it’s as fast as Fringey, you’ll be full term next week; might wanna start knitting those booties.”

April’s voice was so high-pitched now that it was probably only audible to vampires and dogs. “Next week?! Oh my goodness! I need to do something! Should I go and see a doctor?”

“You’re probably not pregnant, April,” Melinda said calmly. “And you can’t go to a doctor. Even if you weren’t wanted by police, what would happen when they scanned you?”

“Nothing,” Caleb said, looking more and more queasy by the second. “We don’t show up on scanners. That whole ‘no soul’ thing.”

“What’s even inside us nowadays?” Faith asked.

“All your human organs are still there,” Caleb replied, with an odd smile. “They’ll slowly shrivel up and turn black as you age.”

Faith looked amazed. “How do you know that?”

“Lil and I have had some gruesome fights over the years,” he replied, uneasily, looking over at the purple sofa. “Really gruesome…”

The three girls followed his gaze then looked back at each other.

“Add a pregnancy test to your shopping list, Fringey,” Faith said, grinning like it was Winterfest Eve.

“Is there any point?” Melinda asked. “What can she do with it, really? She can’t exactly pee on it.”

Faith laughed. “No, but I’m sure we’ll get some fluid out of her somehow…”

Broof gulped. “Wyatt, wait. I’m not ready.”

“Vampires ain’t gonna wait for you to be ready,” Wyatt replied.

Well, that was true. Broof stood outside, looking around at the tranquil forest. “But what if someone sees?”

Wyatt cocked his head, his hand comically coned around his ear, listening to the heavy silence that surrounded them. “What do you know? There’s still literally no one for miles, Hoggy. Come on, no excuses. You think you can take on a coven of ancient vampires? Prove it to me.” He walked a few paces away and turned. “Start small if you’re rusty. Try knocking the wind out of me.”

Broof sighed, grasping at straws now. “What if I hurt you?”

Wyatt winked. “I’ve got morphine in my bag.”

“Why do you have—“

“Details. Come on! Battle stance. Pretend I’m a vampire.”

“Fine.” Broof wasn’t convinced, but he lifted his arms, tried to imagine drawing energy up through his feet, as he’d been taught. Come on. Something. Anything.

Wyatt’s voice cut through Broof’s pitiful attempt. “Where’s your spark? Dude, I’m a horrible, bloodthirsty corpse over here, about to attack you.”

Broof abandoned his effort. All he’d succeeded in doing was getting pins and needles in his fingertips anyway. He sighed. “I think it’s just that you’re too, I don’t know, nice? I’m not really feeling like I want to attack you, Wyatt.”

“Your shirt is ugly.”

Broof blinked his surprise, looking down at the stripy pink and blue number he was wearing. “Really? I guess it’s a bit feminine, but Sage bought it for me—“

Wyatt burst out laughing, causing Broof’s cheeks to burn. “Dude. Don’t ever tell Mum that you hate the shirt she bought you.” He straightened up, composed himself. “It’s not ugly. I’m roleplaying. Evil vampire, remember?”

“Oh right, yeah. Would a vampire insult my shirt though? Wouldn’t they try and exploit my worst memories or deepest fears? Although, I think the fangs, bloodlust and mind-bending powers are probably enough to scare prey witless, they don’t need to say anything—“

“Hey, blood bag,” Wyatt interrupted. “I’ve got your daughter.”

Broof startled as he took in these words, the heat returning to his extremities. “Wyatt, what the f—?”

“You heard me. I took your precious little Cabbage,” Wyatt snarled in his best vampire impression. “What you gonna do about it, Beardo?”

The energy coursed through him, igniting every vein in his body. Broof tried to focus it into his hands, at his target. His voice a vicious hiss.

“I’m gonna burn you to ash.”

Wyatt squeezed his eyes shut and braced himself to be blasted into the trees. But after a few seconds of not being knocked sideways by the force of his friend’s power, he allowed himself to peek.

“—the heck is that?” he snorted, wafting his hand through the twinkles drifting from Broof’s outstretched fingers.

“Do they hurt?” Broof asked, hopelessly.

“They sting a bit,” Wyatt replied, attempting to catch one and watching it pass straight through his fist. “Are you trying?”

Broof dropped his hands to his sides and let out an exasperated sigh. “Yes I’m trying!”

“Dude,” Wyatt breathed, at a loss. “Maybe try again? We’ll have to use the same provocation, I don’t think I can go much lower than that. It really hurt to say that to you. To call you Beardo.”

Broof glared at his friend and shook his head. “I can’t; that wiped me out.” He hung his head, embarrassed. “It wasn’t the mansion, it never was. It’s me. It’s like I have some sort of mental block. It used to be so natural and now I can’t even remember how to move my hands, or how to hold the energy or—“

“Like that,” Wyatt grinned, blowing on his knuckles. “Damn, that felt good. Don’t tell my mum, you know what she’s like. Flowers not powers until a million hours! Blah blah blah.”

Broof shakily got to his feet; his whole body ached. “That was uncalled for,” he managed, through gritted teeth.

Wyatt was laughing so much that his words came as wheezes. “Oh, your face! Do you need any morphine, Hoggy?”

Broof dusted himself down carefully, wincing at the pain. “No. I’m good.”

Wyatt composed himself, wiped a tear from his eye. “How about some psilocybin tea?”

Broof shook his head in despair. “You could be saving lives with those herbalism skills, you know? But no, ‘screw humanity, let’s all get blitzed!’.”

“You always were a sore loser, Hoggy.”

Wyatt patted his friend on the back as they re-entered the house. “So, a deal’s a deal. You go sell window boxes to the old ladies of Windenburg and I’ll get toasted and go rescue April and her friends from the clutches of the evil vampire coven.”

“We didn’t make a deal,” Broof clarified, as Wyatt flexed his non-existent muscles. “But I will swing by the shop later and see if Sage knows anything about vampire cures.”

“Good luck with that.”

Broof winced. “I’ll word it delicately. And there might be something in Ma’s old grimoires, too. Other than violent hexes, I mean.”

“Might be,” Wyatt said, disinterested. “So, what shall we do now?”

“I’m going to sleep. In a proper bed. You’re going home.”

As Broof said this, the door swung open. The cool early morning air ruffled the pages of the book on the altar.

“Hey, did you?” Wyatt asked, pointing to the door, which was bumping gently against the wall. “Check you out! At least now you can politely ask the vampires to leave.”

Broof was done with Wyatt’s… everything. He loved him like a brother, but in small doses. “Get out, Wy.”

Wyatt nodded, sympathetically. “You seem stressed. Are you sure you don’t want any tea?”

“I don’t want any tea.”

“It’s rhubarb-flavoured…” Wyatt said, tantalisingly.

“Fine. Exploiting my rhubarb weakness. Put it in the damn fridge.”

Wyatt grinned and clicked his fingers. “Done. Laters, Hoggy.”

You can do it. Light a candle. For Cabbage.

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 2.26 – Crash Helmets

  1. My gosh that ending. That’s so sad. Ugh……. What happened to his baby girl!? I’m not gonna cry. 😦 Is that the reason why Broof can’t use magic anymore? Cuz he lost his daughter? Did he lose his daughter to a vampire? If he did, Wyatt impersonating the vamp that got his daughter was rather distasteful. Ugh.. I hope Broof doesn’t need to go through that again. He might welcome it so he can get stronger, but that’s some next level self-inflicted torture he has to go through.

    Why did the door open? Did Cabbage come home? Is that even her name?

    I really want to know what this heart-to-heart talk between Mel and Faith is. I think it would be Mel talking to Faith than the other way around cuz I doubt Faith wants to share her new found freedom with Mel while Mel hasn’t come to terms with herself.

    I don’t like how Caleb so casually orders April around now. He doesn’t even think about it anymore. I… want to add more but I’ll just be repeating myself on trainwreck and vamp couples.

    Wacky theory incoming.

    April being pregnant is… something to think about. Haha. And it won’t be called morning sickness cuz they don’t even operate around the clock. There’s so much to consider here that I don’t even know where to start. I feel like I need to read a ‘Biology of Vampires’ textbook before I can formulate any questions. Cuz the ones in my head now are super basic like. Will they try to do something weird like smear April’s blood on the pee stick to try and detect HCG hormones? Can pee sticks do that in the first place? But since Vampires prey on human blood and they themselves are dead so their bodily functions don’t work, wouldn’t the blood that is coursing through their veins be their prey’s blood? Because their organs don’t function, there’s nothing that can help breakdown the blood they ingest into its primary molecules and reassemble it to become the vampire’s own blood. If my theory is correct, then April could’ve preyed on a pregnant human and thus said preggers person’s hormones are coursing through her body and thus she feels sick. That would mean Caleb was right that it was a ‘bad human’! LOL.

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    1. Don’t cry! Or maybe do. You’ll find out what happened to Cabbage. And yes, that was her name. Is that not a good name? It was #22,675 in popularity for girl’s name in 2018, don’t you know. Which was a year after AE is set, so Little Cabbage was even a trendsetter!

      Their heart-to-heart is touched on in a few chapter’s time, once we go see what the rest of the cast is up to. But yeah, you’re probably not wrong.

      Yay! Wacky theory! “Will they try to do something weird like smear April’s blood on the pee stick to try and detect HCG hormones?” That is exactly what they’ll do. “Can pee sticks do that in the first place?” Genuinely don’t know. The pee sticks in the sims don’t even really exist, so I am taking some liberties. “wouldn’t the blood that is coursing through their veins be their prey’s blood?” Hey! I thought you said these theories were wacky, not wacurrate. (That’s totally a word now, shush)


  2. Chrash Helmet! This whole insight into vampire sex life made me completely burst out laughing 😂 🤣

    I laughed not least because of the participants. Their personalities are so clearly drawn up and they are just involuntarily hilarious 😂
    Melinda’s sensible deliberations, Faith’s haughty sarcasm, April’s alternation between panic and hope and Caleb’s mixture of experience and ignorance. Only once did Caleb gain the upper hand over Faith’s arrogance when he pointed out that Seth’s inability was perhaps more about exactly Seth than male vampires in general. Touched! 😄

    Thank you for letting me overhear this conversation. I needed a good laugh on top of Pumbob’s tragic Interlude.
    The subject is otherwise serious enough. Should it turn out that Vampires are capable of getting pregnant, this can also quickly end in a tragedy.
    But for now, I will stick to the fun 😄

    The last part of the chapter brings me more into bewilderment.
    However, I have understood that Broff has lost his magical power and that he has a daughter. A daughter with black hair, which points away from April.
    What the further connection is between Broff and Wyatt and what their mission is is still unclear to me.

    I’m content with a question today ….
    Is Broff’s daughter really called cabbage? 🤨

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    1. Ah, good. I thought it would either make people laugh or run off. It had me scratching my head saying “can I write that? Faith would definitely ask that but… can I physically write it?” Haha! Yes, touché Faith! I’m sure she’ll ignore that fact about Seth and not dwell on it, though.

      Yeah, that Plumbob, always depressing everyone. 😉 Yes, stick to fun; it can’t all be tragic.

      Ooh bewilderment sounds intriguing. Sounds like you got everything you needed from this chapter; the relationship between Broof and Wyatt and Broof’s reasons for watching over April will be explained later. And yes, her name was Cabbage. I have some strangely named sims in my game, can’t you tell? 🤣

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  3. Melinda and Faith had a heart to heart? Suuure. That’s exactly how I’d describe that. I’m not to sure who’s POV we’re getting yet, but whoever it is, they’re clearly dellusional, haha. Which actually leaves plenty of candidates 😀

    Not sure if’d trust Caleb on fertility knowledge… or anything, haha. In fact, considering AE vampires still age up until they turn 18, it seems somewhat plausible they are fertile. Though if that was the case, presumably the old aristocratic vampires would have just… made their own, rather then kidnap random kids that are basically a genetic lottery. I’m just going to go with the fact that we know that it’s only been 10 days since the start of the story, meaning Caleb and April’s night of “fun” was only a couple of days ago, so it seems very early for her to be experiencing symptoms of any kind already. So the tummy ache is likely something else. That being said I do feel like you’veincluded the bit about Caleb having hundreds of children for a reason and we will indeed meet a mini-fringey at some point, whether they have anything to do with April or not being a whole other point.

    Lol, well that got awkward. Oh boy.

    I see Melinda’s thought process is similar to mine. Do we have reason to believe a supposed vampire pregnancy would progress quicker? If I go back to the whole no more bodily changes after 18, it should not progress at all. I suppose there could be a reasoning for the fetus aging, but it doesn’t seem like the mother’s body would develop accordingly to support the pregnancy. Which could get pretty grim, if April is indeed pregnant, and would explain my question above about why did the old clans not procreate the natural way. Anyway, clearly I’m getting down another vampire procreation spiral, so let’s hange the subject…

    Ooh, we’re in Glimmerbrook! Clearly I’ve spent too much time there because I can recognise it by that hill alone, haha. Ah, so is that how Broof and Wyatt know each other, through Wyatt’s mother? As for Broof’s spellcasting abilities, I’m still not sure if he used to have them and lost them or if he was never any good. Their conversation in the last chapter seemed to imply the former.

    Double ooh, is April actually Broof’s? I thought he only came in the picture after Sandy and Travis were already married, and Snuffy would never mislead us, right? 😀 Right, so that’s a picture of his actual daughter. Though that could still be April, seeing as she was a brunette as a child. Hmm. Unclear.

    And here you go with the objects again. Still no clue. The most I can come up with is that crocus is supposed to be a symbol of hope, but I doubt that’s it. If so, that candle will never light up, haha.

    Just to reiterate from last time, Wyatt is awesome and I need him in my life.

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    1. We were in Mel’s POV. It started off as Faith’s but that went downhill very quickly, April’s was too evasive and no way was I getting in Caleb’s head for this scene.

      Defaulting to not believing anything Caleb says is a good tactic that will see you through life. And hey, pregnancy in the sims is only 3 days so maybe I’m working with game lore here. Maybe all the old aristocratic vampires were like Seth and Caleb is the anomaly. Maybe they could get pregnant, but as you identify, couldn’t carry to term because… shrivelled up insides.

      Yes, Broof lives in Glimmerbrook. I know what you mean about the hill; I think I have memorised every tree and rock in Forgotten Hollow thanks to book one being mostly set there. Ooh, so many Broof theories. Of course I would never mislead you. I give you all the facts, just maybe not in the right order. 😄 Yes, that’s his actual daughter, little Cabbage Hogwash.

      Crocus is a symbol of hope! One of three items sussed. Haha! I will have you know that there is loads of hope and optimism over here, unlike whatever the hell tragedy is going on over in BC. We’re all having a great time over here chatting about Seth’s balls and drinking psychoactive tea.

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  4. I wonder what kind of “heart-to-heart” Melinda and Faith had after Faith basically rubbed her still seeing Seth and discarding Melinda’s efforts in her face. Melly is too kind.

    I don’t like how casually Caleb is ordering April around lately whenever he gets upset or jealous. Then again, he mellowed out right afterwards, so maybe he was feeling guilty about it himself, too. Taking all the jealousy and possessiveness for himself really has its downsides.

    Crash helmets 😂😂 I still cannot read that bit without laughing. Oh April you are so wonderfully, adorably clueless. Actually everyone is hilarious in this bit – their personalities bounce off each other fantastically, from April’s cluelessness to Melinda’s embarrassment to Faith’s enjoying everyone’s cringe and making it even worse. Fantastically written.

    Very interesting bit about Seth in amidst all the awkwardness, too. I wonder if it’s Caleb that’s the odd one, or Seth. And if it’s Seth, is he actually incapable, or just not, erm, “attracted” to Faith enough? We’ve heard his thoughts about her before (calling her a bitch) and know that he’s mostly using her to get to his own brain. Hmm. I bet that Faith reeeeally didn’t like the implication that came with what Caleb said, though.

    “What’s even inside us nowadays?”
    This paired with the look that Faith has in that picture was weirdly disturbing. I can’t help but think of that one metaphorically too, not just literally.

    Also. If vampire organs are shriveled up and black and all icky, then… how would a cure work? Will it regenerate those shriveled-up organs? Regrow them? Will it be instant, or take a while? Be painful? Would you have to take it before your insides started rotting? What happened on the purple sofa? So many questions, as always, haha. But seriously – it would be heartbreaking to find out that a cure would have to be taken before a vampire’s organs start shriveling up, because Lilith would not be able to cure herself if that’s true. 😢

    Comment is getting long, so I’ll post Bryatt on the forums.

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    1. Melinda is too kind. Fatal flaw.

      Caleb should definitely never be in charge of anyone.

      “Fantastically written.” Aha! Thanks. You know I struggled here, trapped neck-deep in cringe of my own making.

      Indeed, that was an interesting bit and you’re correct, Faith is probably not going to like the implication but she won’t dwell on it, right? It’s not like sex is her identity or anything.

      I’m sure that picture was chosen randomly and has no other meaning.

      Interesting theories/questions and you know you’re gonna get a solid 🤐 right now. “What happened on the purple sofa?” the aftermath of a gruesome fight. And that *would* be absolutely heart-breaking. Am I that mean?

      Yay, I’ll hop over and have a peek.

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  5. I don’t even follow my own dang rules.

    Okay, besides dying of laughter over April’s lack of reproductive knowledge (and also cringing), I picked up some very interesting tidbits. Seth doesn’t climax? Faith tried to act like that didn’t bother her but I bet her mind is going a million miles a minute. I’ll be honest, I’m terrified of Fringey and April being in charge of a baby but I also want to see these happy murder idiots raise a kid for reasons that are my own entertainment.

    The Broof thing is really deepening the story. I just assumed the world had vampires, but now there is an extra layer! And April’s mom was already pregnant when she got married (I think I knew that but I forgot about it) and now I’m wondering who is April’s dad. If it’s not Broof, why was he watching over her?

    Also, Melinda for the win! She is the only person in that house with an ounce of common sense at the moment.

    Gah, I have so many questions now!

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    1. If anyone should be able to break rules, it should be the ones we set ourselves.

      Apparently not, or at least he hasn’t with Faith. I’m sure she’s fine with that and it doesn’t challenge a hundred things about who is she thinks she is. Hey, they have Melinda around, she’s sensible. And Faith helped raise Joy, so she’s knowledgeable. But it’s probably not even possible, because Caleb said so and he’s always right.

      Ooh yes, there’s more than just vampires. Witches have been here all along but maybe I haven’t stopped there… hee hee. Yes, Sandy was up the duff when she married Travis. Travis is April’s dad, Sandy said it herself in the prologue. She also had a super short gestation and said she could get anyone to believe anything, but let’s not dwell on that.

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  6. I’m feeling a bit guilty here as I’m eating my cabbage and carrot salad for a lunch…

    Everyone seems to know who Wyatt is, but I have no clue. Is he a character from another story?

    So I’m munching on the salad and thinking about the plasma fruit and about who wants to be cured of vampirism most and who the least. I came to a realization that I want to see Seth cured of vampirism. Accidentally. 😏

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  7. …right. So… There must be a reason for the society vampires “liberating” the babies. It´s highly inconvenient and besides what conceited patriarchal… lord of the house would not prefer having an heir of his own blood if it was a possibility? Let´s go from there. It may be possible that Caleb´s an odd one out for some reason, he´s… got an unprecented situation there, after all… But then if he could have kids, why should it only be with a vampire woman and not human ones? And having no soul, no life of their own, how could vampires create a new one in the first place? I´m leaning more to the possibility of April not being pregnant. Or if she is, soon to go Barbara´s way, which would be extra sad. 😦 Let´s hope it´s just the gin.

    Also, I was about to be cross with Faith for all that unnecessary talk until it went and bit her in the behind. Whatever´s going on there, the speculation can´t be good for her confidence. Not after that “not worth chasing” jab.

    Now, though. Wyatt. That guy´s really something. “Why do you have…” “Details.” Oh-ho. Didn´t I say he looks good at deflecting? Now we´re getting a glimpse at what /he´s/ got to hide. Herbalism, indeed…

    Now the first thing that dawns on me is, why don´t they have wands? I think I saw one lying on Broof´s desk…
    The next thing that clicks is that Broof calls Wyatt´s mum “Sage” and Wyatt seems a bit young for the two guys to be high school buddies. Magic, maybe? Still rings an alarm bell.

    Wyatt´s vampire imitation is pretty chilling for the cold look alone, let me tell you. And worse, it makes me think maybe that is what happened. Maybe vampires did have something to do with the little girl´s death. …it is known what a kid´s blood is like, after all. Dang. And if I consider that, and if Broof´s daughter was indeed named Cabbage, then… my first thought is… who is Claudia? But we already know that, don´t we? Claudia is a /demon/. A haunting, female demon. Can´t say we don´t know anyone fitting that description. Gotta ask. Is that Medusa´s real name?
    Also, Broof forgot how to use his magic? He /can´t remember/ as in… he forgot? More food for that wild theory. maybe She made him forget.

    Ouch, though. Wyatt´s spell sure looks a little harsh, there…

    Ha-ha. If only Wyatt knew April is almost the queen of said evil coven. XD

    Hm. I wonder if Sage does know something about vampire cures. That would be… all sorts of complicated. Along with hinting at her having something to do with said scientist who studied the fruit. Hmmm… can´t even imagine how that would work, or that it would work at all on anyone who isn´t freshly turned. I´m crossing my fingers for no cure. *shiver*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent observations, as usual. Yes, why bother stealing infants if they could create their own? Caleb is, as you identify, quite the anomaly anyway, so maybe this situation is unique.

      Not worth chasing, can’t even bring him to climax… I’m sure Faith won’t dwell on that, though…

      Wyatt is definitely something. Just casually carrying around a load of suspicious substances, nothing to see here.

      Eagle-eyed! There is a wand on Broof’s altar, yes. Wands are typically more symbolic/for ritual use than used for actual spellcasting, at least for my witches. They don’t require audible incantation to cast, either. Helps them stay below the radar. 😉 There’s definitely magic going on in regards to the way these pair look.

      Aw, poor Cabbage. What was her fate? That scenario certainly lit a fire in Broof so stands to reason there was some truth in it. Claudia is Broof’s demon, yes, well remembered! Someone who torments him. Is that Medusa? We’ll find out soon enough. Heh, I do love a wild theory! 🤐

      A little harsh indeed. Keep in mind what I said about Wyatt’s casting being risky… and he doesn’t want his mum to know… probably a reason for that.

      Caleb and April; king and queen of the coven. Doomed, they’re doomed. 😆

      … as in, you don’t want there to be a cure at all? Or you just don’t want certain vampires to be cured?


      1. Perhaps it is unique indeed. That would definitely be a whole another level of disaster.

        Sure she won´t. I wonder if it occurred to her that Seth´s as much of a rogue as Caleb is, if not more. She might be really lucky she hasn´t gotten hurt, yet. Then again, she still flirts with Caleb too so maybe she just doesn´t care. *shrug* Who knows about that crazy woman? Not me, that´s for sure.

        Magicking their looks, huh. Way to confuse us even more! *grumble* XD And casting without any crutches… that´s just cool.

        Yeah, at first I thought Claudia was the dead daughter´s name because of course he´d remember her all the time. But now knowing what we do, the next theory spun itself together. 😀

        Probably. So it looks like he´s not only reckless but might also overdo the casting. *shiver* I don´t know how I feel about /him/ trying to find April. If he gets anywhere close, it probably won´t end well for someone.

        Haha, sounds like it. Then again was it any better while Lils ruled? Eeek.

        I mean… I have this feeling that if you try to cure an ancient, something completely horrible will happen. Something I wouldn´t wish even on Lilith. Unless you /can/ grow back your shrivelled up insides. But that would have to be one heck of a cure. Would also probably have to… what? Fetch back your soul? Sounds so unlikely… *spooked*

        Liked by 1 person

        1. What do the girls actually know about rogues, though? Less than you readers do. 😉 Faith doesn’t know the danger she’s facing… from either ‘rogue’.

          Hehe. Wyatt is back to his regular appearance here and Broof will be very soon.

          You can safely assume that, based on everything I’ve given you thus far, that if there’s a cure, it’s not going to be a straightforward ‘drink this and you’re fixed!’ kind of deal, no. Especially not for the ancients.


          1. *smirks at the implication of one more correct speculation* Fair. One can´t expect April to have been very… forthcoming. Especially not because she knows nothing, herself, so she can´t say much even if she wanted to. “At least I know what things are called now,” indeed.

            …right. I know next to nothing about spellcasters (I miss quite a few packs, mean to fix that eventually.) so, like, do they age normally or was that what forced Broof to do something about the way he looks?

            Yeah, that´s what I thought. I´m definitely less concerned about the drinking part and more about the throwing in someone´s face part, though. Surely even Lilith would investigate properly before ingesting something willingly, right?

            Liked by 1 person

              1. >:) Ah-ha. …that could be rather inconvenient, then, trying to stay in one spot so long. Especially to poor Broof with his magic trouble. Or maybe this is different and comes to him naturally still… but it isn´t only combat magic that eludes him, given the food trouble. Hmmm…

                Of course. But, you know. /That´s/ my reason for hoping there isn´t. And especially, if there were, that it wouldn´t get into the hands of half-baked spellcasters who would probably have little clue as to what it would do to someone if they just used it as a weapon of sorts. Eeeek. (Or any possible hunters or some such, who would likely not even care. Double eek.)

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