Chapter 2.27 – Batshit Crazy

The hotel manager of the Glimmerbrook Grand had confirmed that the mystery man in their sketch was the man she remembered attacking her. Ralf had requested the CCTV and Jessica had been keen to get him back in the patrol car and on their way to Joe’s.

But, Ralf insisted that they needed to swing by the station ‘for five minutes’ which had turned into five hours and before Jessica knew it, her shift was over and she was no closer to finding out if her hunch was correct.

She had convinced Ralf to go to Joe’s first thing; it was so early that the sun had yet to rise and Jessica had giddily run towards the building from the car, sketchbook in hand, before Ralf caught up and gently pried the cheap pad from her grasp.

“Jess, I know you’re keen,” he began, walking towards the tavern. “But perhaps let me lead here.”

Jessica blinked at him in surprise, but was quick to concede to his authority, even if it aggrieved her. “OK. What do you want me to do, Boss?”

“You can— what the heck?!”

It took a few seconds for Jessica’s eyes to adjust to the dark bar, and then a few more to establish what was going on, by which point the lights had flickered to life above them and she saw Joe, giving her a cheeky smile.

“Morning, Joe!” Jessica called. “Check out the new wallpaper! I like what you’ve done with the place.”

“Wallpaper?!” Ralf whispered. “You are seeing the women near the fireplace, right?”

“Them? Oh, yeah. Judging by their head gear they’re GliTS.” At Ralf’s blank look, Jessica explained, “Members of the Glimmerbrook Truth Society. I considered joining once, but then I realised that they’re all—“

“Batshit crazy?” Fred uttered. “You’re telling me! Can’t enjoy a single beer in peace! They’re always freaking out over old Joe here and his naughty tricks.”

“Why Fred!” Joe gasped. “I have no idea what you’re talking about! It’s all paranormal activity of course!”

“Right,” Ralf said, looking uneasy. “Hey Jess, why don’t you go over and talk to those girls while I handle things here? See what you can glean from them.”

“Oh. OK, Boss. Sure, I guess.” Jessica smiled and headed towards the rear of the bar, but she suddenly felt like she’d forgotten to put clothes on. Why would Ralf ask her to chat to the GliTS? What on earth could she glean from them?


Maybe this was some sort of test. Oh no, had she missed something? Did Ralf know something that she didn’t? Or was she simply so inept that this was his polite way of excusing her from the case?

“Calm, girls. Calm!” One of the ladies near the fireplace said to her two tinfoil-hatted companions. “It was probably just an electrical fault! It’s OK! Look, the lights are back on! It’s OK! Panic over. It’s OK.”

“Oh my gosh, Morag! I can’t take much more of this!” The one in the brown jumper said as she took a seat at a nearby table. “I’m too young to die!”

“You’re not going to die, Yibbo!” Morag said. “Ghosts don’t want to hurt us. Right, Pixie?”

“I don’t know!” Pixie said. “I just talk to them! They don’t usually respond!”

The women didn’t notice Jessica when she cleared her throat or said hello, so she plonked herself on the vacant seat at their table and inserted herself into their conversation. “It depends on a lot on the ghost. Some of them do intend harm, but one who is messing with electrical equipment is probably just trying to communicate with you, or maybe out to frighten you.” At the silence, Jessica continued. “That’s what it said in your recent newsletter, anyway.”

“I knew that! Of course I knew that, I wrote that article,” Pixie snarled. “Who are you anyway? Bit suspicious of you to turn up just as the lights go out, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes!” Yibbo gasped, her eyes shining. “That reeks of witchcraft!”

“I’m Jessica. And I don’t think I’m a witch, but maybe I am and maybe I did make the lights go out. Or come back on, as I assume they went off before I entered, but they definitely came back on once I was inside.”

“Hmm,” Morag mused. “I’m not convinced you’re a witch, but I do have a theory. Tell me, Jessica; have you ever had anything unexplainable happen to you before? Anything involving electricity?”

Jessica tapped her chin, thinking. “Oh! Yes! When I was a teenager, I was listening to the radio in the shower and it fell off the wall and mildly electrocuted me. Since then, I’ve heard voices. Mother said it was simply coincidence, but I always wondered; was it coincidence? Or was it some kind of awakening?”

The three metallic-headed women looked at each other, four raised eyebrows between them. Morag gave an almost imperceptible nod, which Yibbo reciprocated. Pixie looked between her two companions before she whispered, “Fine, I guess she can know.”

“Know what?” Jessica asked, holding her breath. Was this it? Did Ralf send her over here because he knew that she could infiltrate this group, decipher their codes and find all the answers to every mystery?

“There’s no such thing as coincidence,” Pixie murmured in a sinister fashion. “That’s what they want you to think.”

Jessica was still holding her breath. “What who wants me to think?” she asked, using up her residual oxygen.

Pixie leaned in so the men at the bar wouldn’t hear her. “The government doesn’t want you to know about the ghosts…”

“…the SBI try to cover up the witches…” Morag added in a whisper.

“…and the Wangshafts will take their knowledge of vampires to the grave,” Yibbo concluded.

Jessica sucked in a fresh breath. “You think there’s some sort of witch and vampire cover up?”

“And ghosts,” Pixie added. “Don’t forget the ghosts. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there.”

“I can tell you’re sceptical, but think about it,” Yibbo whispered conspiratorially. “If it was coincidental, some events would be different, right? Left to chance, the outcome would, inevitably, vary. Yet, every missing person case is the same. They arrive here and they vanish without a trace. Your predecessors have never found a thing, although we have a theory about that, too.”

“Do you think the missing people cases have been covered up?” Jessica asked, her heart racing, thinking of Rose Smalley’s incomplete file.

“We don’t think it, Jessica,” Morag said, tapping her hat. “We know it. They say there’s a serial killer, that it’s a suicide hotspot or prone to weather anomalies. They say it’s all coincidence. But that’s not what the evidence says.”

“What does the evidence say?” Jessica said, barely louder than a breath.

Yibbo leaned in towards Jessica, as if entrusting her with a huge secret. “Witnesses have shadow memory of a monster who savages his victims. They have described a green-eyed succubus who lures men to madness and a little witch child who can turn into a cat. These woods are alive with supernatural activity, Jessica. Activity that seems to centre on this very bar.”

Jessica stared at Yibbo’s face, looking for any hint of irony. There was none.

“Where do the ghosts fit in?” she asked.

“Everywhere and nowhere,” Pixie said. “They are the souls of the victims of these beasts, doomed to roam the forests of Forgotten Hollow until the truth is brought to light. And we, the Glimmerbrook Truth Society, endeavour to uncover the truth, to free them.”

“Is that was this is about?” Jessica asked, pointing to the large, plastic ball on the table. “Were you holding a séance?”

“Is there a better way of figuring out how someone died other than asking them?” Morag enquired.

“Huh,” Jessica said. “I guess not. You know, I held a séance at college with my roommates. We were convinced that our dorm was haunted by a former student who would sneak into the kitchen at night and eat the cocoa powder straight from the jar. Nothing happened during the séance, but later on that night, my roommate was hanging out in the kitchen when the cocoa-eating fiend appeared.”

The three GliTS were hanging on her every word. “Who was it?” Yibbo asked, her eyes wide and curious. “What did she want?”

“It was me. Turns out that I was sleepwalking,” Jessica replied. “And I guess I just really wanted to eat cocoa powder.”

The women whispered between themselves for a while, exchanging more eyebrow raises and nods.

Pixie smiled. “My fellow GliTS and I would like to hold another séance with you present, Jessica. We feel that it’s likely that you are very receptive to spirits. However, this carries some risks. Morag?”

Morag sat upright, cleared her throat and reeled off her disclaimer. “Participation in communication efforts with the dead may result symptoms that include, but are not limited to, feelings of dread and/or fear, heart palpitations, possession of body, out of body experiences, mind control, insomnia, drowsiness, incontinence, kidney failure and death.”

“I see, ” Jessica replied, pressing her palm to her chest and tilting her chin up with pride. “For the souls of the mispers of Forgotten Hollow, I’ll risk it.”

Pixie nodded solemnly and Yibbo swiftly reached underneath the ‘crystal’ ball to press a button that caused it to light up. Pixie lifted her arms, closed her eyes and began swaying, like those inflatables outside car dealerships, while humming a little ditty that sounded remarkably like the Ghostbusters theme tune.

“Isn’t she amazing?” Yibbo whispered, excitedly.

“Oh, forlorn spirits!” Pixie called. “We seek once again to communicate with your kind! If you can hear me, give me a sign!”

The lights flickered. Jessica cast her eye over at the bar, but Joe had both hands occupied, pouring Fred another beer. He shrugged.

“I sense a disturbance!” Pixie called. “I can see… a young man. No! A young woman! She’s… running. No! Not running! Lying on the floor! She’s scared! No, not scared, she’s… she’s—“

Angry!” Jessica suddenly growled, snapping her head to her shoulder and lifting her arms in disjointed fashion. “Ugh! Ack! What is your reason for summoning me, poorly-knitted-jumper human?”

“What the hell?” Pixie gasped. “I mean, h- hello spirit! I’m Pixie. We wish to learn about you, to help you. Wh- who are you?!”

Jessica snarled and clawed at the air. “I am a powerful witch! I was killed by the one I loved and I am doomed to wander the earth until I find him!”

“Oh my gosh, Pixie!” Yibbo shrieked. “This is freaking me the heck out! Do something!”

“I… I don’t know what to do!” Pixie cried.

“Do anything!” Morag screeched. “Jessica! Can you hear me? Fight her, Jessica!”

Jessica continued to hiss and claw, vaguely aware of the digital beep across the bar that she recognised as Ralf’s phone.

Oops! You know what? I never liked him that much anyway. Always leaving the loo seat up. I’ll be on my way now. Farewell!”

Jessica stuttered dramatically and threw herself on to the table top. As the GliTS watched in frozen horror, Jessica took a sharp intake of breath and pulled herself upright.

“So, shall we start this séance, then?”

Ralf approached her, warily. “Um, Jess? Sorry to break up… whatever this is. A word. Outside?”

Jessica followed Ralf from the bar, keeping a straight face until the door had closed behind her. “Sorry Boss, I know I was making a scene. I couldn’t resist. All that nonsense about—“

“Jessica, they’ve found a body in the river.”

Jessica’s face lit up. “Wow, really? A dead one?”


“My first dead body,” Jessica said. “What are we thinking? Accident? Homicide?”

Ralf sighed heavily. “They found him near the cinema, Jessica,” he whispered, watching her face as the penny slowly dropped. “They think it’s Chase.”

“Then we need to go straight there!” she pleaded. “Look for clues!”

We can’t do anything, Jessica, but especially not you,” Ralf said with uncharacteristic delicacy. “You may have been the last one to see him alive, you’d had a fight and you’re now doing his job. Look, I know you didn’t do anything but—“

Ralf continued to talk, his words drifting into her ears and merging with the inner voices who were all saying the same thing.

This is bad.

Thanks to the AE Truth Society members – MercuryFoam, Yimiki and ThePlumbob – for donating their simselves!

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 2.27 – Batshit Crazy

  1. I still think Ralf’s levels of effort to avoid work are suspiciously high, and require quite a bit of work. He ought to be trying to derail the investigation for the Wangshaft’ sake, surely. Not that we’ve seen them looking into it themselves, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t.

    Aww, Jessica, do join the Glimmerbrook Truth Society! Don’t let the tinfoil hats deter you! We’re the only ones dedicated to finding oit truth here, unlike your boss!

    Hahaha this is too hilarious! The tea party are total loons… But we do have a point, there’s definitely something fishy happening, the Wangshafts are indeed trying to cover up vampires, we have recently had confirmation of witches/spellcasters… which means there’s probably some truth to the ghost thing too. I haven’t considered ghosts existing in AE, but why wouldn’t they? Does that mean we’ll be seeing ghost Cabbage? Ugh, ghost Will? Hopefully not.

    Omg, they know about Bob too. These ladies are onto something. So according to them, Bob and the cat are not the same. Is Cabbage the cat?

    I realise the two paragraphs above sound a tad… out there, so I would like to submit them for comsideration as a part of my application to join the Glimmerbrook Truth Society.

    😂😂😂 I mean, I do sometimes randomly hum the ghost busters theme tune, so I’d say this is very accurate 😆

    Ah Jessica is hilarious. I love her.

    Chase has finally appeared! And what, is Ralf actually suggesting the right thing to do professionally for once? He’s right that Jessica as a witness can’t be involved in the investigation, and really shouldn’t be contaminating the crime scene since she already was involved with the victim. Question is, where is this sudden burst of professionalism coming from? Is it normally just very dormant, or is he trying to hide something yet again?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aha, suspicions about the motives of the police chief, hey?

      I had most of this scene written out before I started playing so I knew it’d be in the realms of mad, but the combo of you three and Jess meant lots of telling of ghost stories, love poetry and all sorts of shenanigans which led to some completely mental looking facial expressions, too. Meant to be. 🤣

      Ugh, ghost Will? I hope not. I don’t think anyone would want to see Will again, especially not in the state Seth left him in.

      Obviously, take what these guys say with a pinch of salt because… well, look at them. But there are some truths amongst the trash.

      Hey, Ralf was uncharacteristically professional there, huh? Interesting…

      The whole way you wrote this comment was awesome. A fine application for the Glimmerbrook Truth Society. Your hat is in the mail.


  2. Bwahahahaha I love this XD everyone’s expressions and lines and outfits my gods those shorts are horrifying 🤣 aaaaah this is pure gold. Aw Jess, I’m sure you’d look great in our tinfoil hats and *cough* amazingly fashionable clothing choices. Hehee, I bet there’s way more to glean from the GliTS (dear lord that name 😂) than Jess thinks there is. Let’s see…

    Hahaha and she even read the newsletter! We have a newsletter! Yibbo, love, you are a witch in my game, and a vampire in Snuffy’s. Stop throwing stones. It’s hilarious how Jessica was the crazy-sounding one in her initial introduction, but here, she sounds like the most sane one of them all.

    Well, look at that. For all our craziness, we have some good snippets that just might be true in there. And they may be right on the money with the missing cases cover-ups. Who knew that our tinfoil hat society could be such an information goldmine? 😁 Go, Jess! Put on your best aluminium hat and crack all the mysteries!

    Oooor scare us with a fake séance, lol. I don’t know why but the image of three supernatural enthusiasts and a crystal ball, and then one of them flicking a darn switch to make the thing light up is just so darn funny to me. “Poorly knitted jumper-human” 😂😂🤣 a powerful witch that was killed by the one she loves and doomed to wander the earth until she finds him, huh? What are the chances of us actually coming across a ghost like that in the future, I wonder…

    Right, there’s seriousness too. Breathe, Yimi. Form thoughts that don’t end up with you rolling off your chair. Okay. So – for an ex that Jessica still couldn’t say no to and slept with semi-regularly, her reaction to learning about Chase’s body floating in the river is… quite lacking. I don’t know why, but I had expected at least some shock. Or confusion, or sadness. They were co-workers too, after all. But her thoughts immediately go to solving the case. Maybe she just didn’t care as much as I thought.

    Odd how suddenly professional and caring Ralf is being. He does seem to care about Jess, so it makes sense that he’d want to keep her out of harm’s way if he thinks she is innocent, but… that doesn’t seem to be it. Or maybe it’s part of it, but definitely not all. He was trying to take charge of the investigation before finding out about his nephew, too. I wonder what ol’ Wangshaft told him when they had their little catch-up.

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    1. I’ll give Yibbo a makeover for her next scene then. There’s another pair of gorgeous shorts I’ve never adorned a sim with; they’ll clash with the jumper but I’m sure she’ll pull it off.

      Of course they have a newsletter! There’s a truth society in every town, gotta share the truth somehow. It’s all comparative levels of crazy. Like my mum used to say, ‘when you feel fat, stand next to someone fatter’ (genuinely, she said this).

      You think the mispers are covered up? Not just lost to decades of shoddy filing and laziness?

      Hey! That’s the finest plastic crystal ball money can buy, thank you very much. Are you suggesting that the paranormal investigation branch of the GliTS might not have a clue what they’re doing? Will we see the ghost of this lovelorn witch or was Jessica just trolling everyone?

      Maybe Jess was in shock, maybe she didn’t care, maybe focussing on task at hand is her default way of coping.

      It is odd, isn’t it? Almost like he knows how to be a good police officer, but he just doesn’t most of the time. That’s probably just your inner conspiracy theorist talking though. He’s just lazy.


  3. I love Jessika. She is crazy and hilarious at the same time ❤
    Her imbecile perception of what is going on around her contains a certain amount of gold-plated truth.
    I love how she thinks Ralf is sending her on a special mission among the GliTS congregation and how she takes over the whole scene with her nonsense that should probably turn out to be close to the truth.
    The GliTS congregation’s gaping and timid facial expressions are hilarious.
    Here we continue with a good laugh 😂

    However, the amusement ends with the information that Chase’s corpse has appeared in the river.
    Jessica thinks it looks bad.
    I can easily think of 4-5 others who now have the prospect of having their ass toasted over the fire 😬

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    1. Aha, spotting little nuggets of truth amongst the crazy, are we? Yep, when Plumbob, Yimi and Mercury sent over their simselves they probably thought I’d turn them into something awesome, like what they did with SimSnuffy in their stories and instead they get… this. Say, Mona, if you ever want to send me your simself, I promise I’d be kind. 😇😉

      Yep. A whole load of ass-toasting is about to go down. But will they be burning the correct bottoms? Hmm…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh thank you for the offer 🤗
        Unfortunately, I have not made a simself.
        I’m too old to run fast and too heavy so I think my butt would be an obvious target 😂

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  4. Ahhh okay I am battling a headache here and I’m not sure if all this laughing made it better or worse. Hahaha! I love everyone’s facial expressions. They’re so… strange. xD I wonder if Jessica was fibbing the entire way, or her stories were real. Like the radio in the bath etc. But she does talk to turkle! I always thought it was her imagination than real voices.

    And then there’s the GliTS! Can we trust their conspiracy theories? I think so. We haven’t seen ghosts and much of spellcasters, but I’m pretty sure there’s some truth in their words 😀 That would be super fun. Also because they’re at least heading in some direction while Ralf sabotages Jessica’s good leads 😦

    Rofl a green-eyed succubus? *Eyes Yibbo* Dang, not a yibbo. Must be Yibbo’s twin from another dimension. Unless I’m not reading this right xD . Witch child turns into a cat? Uhh Robert? Robert’s half vampire now with all the food they feed him. So we got shape-shifting half vamp witch cat. xD

    Man Morag is a walking encyclopedia. Or she memorised everything for no good reason lol xD. Look at that sneaky face.

    Ahh ghostbuster’s theme tune lol. I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if I were Jessica. Can’t believe she managed to befriend them. I bet they’ll come in handy. Their tinfoil hats work after all 😀

    Bahaha! Jessica’s stint at the end there is hilarious. Seriously though, Jessica blended with GliTS so easily. I’m convinced she’s wonder woman in disguise now. Ah jeez, it’s not Jess who killed Chase! I wanna scream at Ralf. He better not incriminate Jessica. He’s already not doing any work. I can’t help wondering how the body looks like. >_> I don’t actually want to know. But I’m morbidly curious. And I didn’t realise Jessica was this green! Omg its her first dead body and she’s a suspect. AHH poor girl got her hands tied too. Maybe its for the best o.o Or maybe it might propel her to find the real killers even quicker. OH boyyyy.

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    1. Hey, don’t blame me for the facial expressions, that was all you lots doing. I didn’t use any of my lovely expression poses this chapter, just rotated the camera and caught all these gems. 😁

      There is some truth in their words. Ralf is sabotaging?

      Wait, Yibbo is a succubus? 🤣 And Robert’s half vampire thanks to being fed human organs? I mean, I thought this might kick up a few mad theories but a half-witch half-vamp cat is a bit out there. Just a bit. 😉

      Yes, Morag drew the ‘boring facts’ role. Sorry. She made up for it with her mad faces though.

      I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

      You want to know what the body looks like? Dead, I guess. Floaty. Wet. Missing his watch and all his blood. Is this helping? Yes, Jessica is super new to policing and before she was rapidly made deputy, she was glorified tea maker and phone answerer. Oh boy indeed.

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      1. I like boring facts role ❤ wish i can have half the brainpower as Morag. Running on speed bt still reciting facts like poetry slam.. idk wat im talking abt i just woke up.

        Yibbo’s twin is a succubus! And robert being half mage vamp thundercat w.e is my wishful thinking that will come true someday. Lol i feel like im channeling my inner Morag now.

        Glorified tea maker 🤨 well.. can’t expect much from chase.

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  5. YESSSS!!!! The Truth Society is blowing this case wide open!!!

    Honestly, I would read an entire book just about the GLiTS. I’m obsessed. They are the only ones with common sense who know what the heck is going on. Of course, ghosts are involved. Is Morag crying blood? Yes. Possibly. Maybe. But its none of our business because she knows what’s up:

    Listen, they mentioned the green-eyed lady (Seth needs to talk to this crew, stat) and a child who can turn into a cat. Seth had a cat following him for a bit! Who the heck is the cat?

    Also, I’m delighted by the paranormal stuff pack making an appearance, and to top it all off, Jessica can’t hunt down my beloved murder fledglings because she’s a suspect herself (shhh, I know this will probably bring her closer to them and she’ll figure everything out without Ralf holding her back, but a girl can dream)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woo! There’s at least two other scenes featuring this branch of the GliTS to look forward to (ooh and a bonus one hidden in this chapter!). I’m not totally sure if Morag is crying blood or if they’re tats/makeup but they add to the quirky, so I left them on.

      Seth talking to the Truth Society? That would be quite a scene. Hey, maybe the cat is just a cat.

      That pack came out just in time for shooting this scene. Original plan was to fudge a crystal ball looking thing from various debug shit, but I didn’t have to! Hurrah! I love it when a plan comes together. Now, I just need EA to add one more thing… come on EA, you can do it…

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  6. I had a feeling Jessica might become a suspect. I think this plays well to the hands of people who might want to get rid of her inquisitive person. Starting with Ralph. 😒 I hope she’ll fight back.

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  7. Uh-oh. Me thinks Jess is wading into some seriously dangerous territory. Ralf is actually putting in effort to hold her back, and I don´t see a reason for him to do that unless it´s a Wangshaft problem. Otherwise, he might have easily allowed her to do her yakking with Joe and left it be.

    And then we meet the outstanding members of the GliTS. …will anyone mind if I keep calling them Glimmercrooks? With all the love, of course. They do give us nice juicy bits of Truth to chew on.
    We do know the Wangshafts have some knowledge on vampires, for sure. But as far as we know, they were just hunters, and if they were against the vampires, it would stand to reason they´d want people to know about them. It´s easier to hunt the ignorant after all. But of course, the Wangshafts are /not/ do gooders as we´ve found out so who knows how many rotten potatoes are in that cellar, ech?

    We do know that Rose´s case was covered up, because Will´s involved, obviously. But were the others? What reason would there be for that, hmm?

    Now, shadow memory? As in buried memories, is that what we´re talking about here? I can´t imagine how these ladies would get to those, or to any other memories for that matter, but their beeping little device did recognize Lilith as a supernatural so I´m leaving my mind open. Let´s check our facts.
    Monster who savages his victims… we even have two possible candidates for that. Legit, check.
    A green eyed succubus… I don´t know if Medusa qualifies for that word exactly, she didn´t seem the lure them in type, but we haven´t seen the perspective of a /typical/ victim so its likely. Legit, check.
    Little witch child? Okay, hold up. We already have two checks so I trust them on this one too. We don´t know of any witch child that´s alive, but we do have at least one weird cat, maybe two. I guess they wouldn´t even have to be alive, exactly, though none of the cats looked ghostly. Interesting.

    And yes. This is bad. Very, very bad. Jessica is a suspect. And if someone doesn´t like her, if someone /in power/ thinks it would be better to be rid of her… oh, dear. It´s good for our clueless vamps, though, because if they /think/ it´s Chase… well, if the body is in a state where they aren´t even sure about his identity then it´s unlikely they´ll figure out a vampire killed him.

    (Eeee, I caught up with myself. No more cheating! Now I have the same zero clue what happens next as everyone else. :D)

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    1. Nah, Ralf’s just lazy. Honest. 😉

      They’ve probably been called worse. 😆 Ah the Wangshafts. Shrouded in mystery, as they like it.

      Yeah, so a memory that’s not fully accessible. You might notice when I give you memory flashbacks, some have a white filter, some have a black one; the white ones (light memories) are fully accessible, unaltered memories and the black ones (shadow memories) are altered/patchy/forgotten ones. There’s all sorts of theories about how you ‘unearth’ buried memories, like using hypnosis and stuff, so that sort of method was probably used on these ‘witnesses’.
      Definitely there’s a monster who savages, yes.
      OK, buying into green-eyed succubus, fun.
      Witch child gets a tick too! I guess these three aren’t so crazy after all.

      Yeah… no good can come of them finding Chase. Should’ve watched more crime dramas, April!

      Exciting! If you can’t handle the excitement and wanna read ahead and leave your comments, I will catch up. I’ll try and respond fast as I can.
      Ooh, so close to the fire now. Hehe.


      1. I will take your word for it. I know you´d never decieve us. 😉

        Yep. But the more I think about it, the more it reminds me of this one story I heard, about a hunter who defeated a very powerful vampire and instead of slaying him bound him to help his family for generations, against his own kind… that lasted exactly until the last heir of the family was a woman, though. Then it went straight to hell. X´D Why am I thinking of Beth, now?

        I don´t think GliTS are crazy, no. I think they might be somewhat unreliable, as their methods are probably rough and untested and sure, their sense of fashion is out there… but seeming “crazy” is actually a good way to be overlooked by the ones who don´t want the truth outed. In a society where this kind of crazy doesn´t get you locked up, of course. Otherwise, it wouldn´t be as good.

        No-pe. I´ll take it nice and slow. Take my time and keep my pieces together and my guesses sharp. 😀 …I /am/ excited about the fire despite myself, though. X´D Tick… tock.

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        1. 😇

          That sounds like a fun story. Hehe. I actually don’t read vampire fiction, beyond what I find in Simlit; I try not to consume any vampire media while I’m writing this story, either as I have a very set plan in my head and don’t wanna be influenced (by, probably, much better stories and depictions of vampires, lol). This story was always gonna be about the ‘three central themes’ one way or the other, but then Caleb rocked up to wreck the show and I realised that vampires were actually a fun and convenient way to illustrate all three themes. Boom! Here we are. 😆

          Ooh OK. Slow it is. You might even reach the fire today. *eek*


          1. All my respect. I probably couldn´t keep that disciplined. XD And the three themes sound like really interesting topics – but like something we probably couldn´t discuss yet without spoilers, right?

            *wiggles excitedly*

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I mean, there´s plenty of toxic, relationship related stuff going on. I´m pretty bad at the psychology stuff, though, so I don´t have the names for anything. …*giggles* Now I feel like April, so clueless. But it /is/ at least partly about toxic relationships, right?

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