Chapter 2.28 – Reason to Fail

Despite her last memory being of the inside of a taxi, the second Lilith awoke, she knew exactly where she was.

Band posters and portrait sketches on the wall, the light scent of candied violets on the pillow and almost everything she could see was orange. This was Melinda’s room which meant that she was in Chuck’s house.

As she made her way downstairs, following the sound of voices – carefully because her head was thumping – she was met with yet more orange, a scent of oats and was that… curry powder?

“Good morning, Dr. Vatore!” a woman, who Lilith presumed to be Chuck’s wife, called cheerfully from the kitchen. “Take a seat, breakfast is almost done.”

“Oh, good morning…” Babs? Can I call her Babs? “Thanks, but I can’t stay long,” Lilith said. “I have surgery in an hour.”

“People book in for surgery at 7am?” Chuck asked, from his seat at the dining table as Lilith slid into the seat opposite.

“Emergency,” Lilith lied.

“Are you trying to get out of breakfast?” Chuck asked in a whisper. “It’s curried porridge this morning; one of the better dishes and contains no meat. I remember you saying that you were vegetarian, which has spared us both the leftover banana sausage surprise.”

Lilith glanced up. She’d told him she was vegetarian when he’d tried to feed her human kidney back at her house. But he shouldn’t remember that… unless she’d said it again last night. She really hoped it was the latter and that he didn’t remember her feeding.

“Here we are!” Babs called, interrupting Lilith’s thoughts by placing three plates of unappetising yellow-green gloop in front of them.

Lilith looked at her plate. It had been three centuries since she’d eaten porridge, but she was sure it wasn’t supposed to look like that. She wondered what to do. Unlike liquids, which were absorbed, her body would expel anything solid that she tried to force into it.

“I really appreciate you taking the effort and for allowing me to stay last night, but I’m not sure I can stomach any solid food this morning,” she said. It was mostly truthful. “Can I box it up and take it with me? I really must be going.”

Lilith could hear Babs thinking that she was rude but there was no way she was hanging around. Truth be told, this was the first time she’d been in a human’s house for decades, she was as dry as the desert and she was desperate to get out before she made a meal of Chuck or his wife, who were exchanging a meaningful look.

“Will you come back for dinner tonight?” Babs asked. “I really would like a chance to get to know the woman who saved my husband.”

Ah, the fun part of mind-reading; Lilith could tell that this was bullshit. Babs would have been perfectly happy to never set eyes on her again, but she’d never say that. Babs was too polite, didn’t want to be the ‘bad guy’.

It was a role Lilith was getting used to. “No, thanks. Too busy.”

“Oh,” Babs said, pretending to be disappointed. “Never m—“

“How about tomorrow night; are you free then?” Chuck asked, against the silent protests of Babs.

Lilith turned to him to shoot him down and tell him that she thought it best they never see each other again; that she didn’t need his pity or the distraction of forced friendship. But one look at his lovely face was all it took for logic and reason to fail her.

Without an ounce of trepidation and with a giddiness she’d long forgotten, she replied, “Yes. I’m free.”

There had been many days in the past week where Broof wasn’t sure if he’d ever see the light of day again, so he took his time walking through the streets of Windenburg Square to Sage’s flower shop, savouring the sunlight on his face.

It had been months since he’d been here. As a live-in butler, he was expected to be available around the clock for both Sandy and April and on his rare days off, he was ashamedly more likely to spend his time visiting his deceased family in Glimmerbrook than his living friends.

The shop was exactly as he remembered it. A colourful explosion of flowering arrangements and handicrafts covered every wall and surface and in the midst of it all was the earthly smile of Wyatt’s mother, Sage, who dropped everything she was doing the second she saw him.

“Broof!” She exclaimed. “Oh, my darling boy. It is so good to see you. See? I told Wyatt that there was no need for meddling! I knew that justice would prevail! Tea?”

Broof declined. He was still somewhat under the influence of Wyatt’s tea, not that he’d admit this to Sage, whose offering was definitely not along the same lines as her son’s.

“Wyatt’s down in the cellar,” Sage explained. “But if you could not distract him too much until he’s done; the last batch of plant feed was definitely not up to his usual standard. Although I still sold it all, oddly. Mrs. Davison bought five vials and she doesn’t even have a garden.”

Broof gave her what he hoped was a winning smile. “I was hoping to have a quick chat with you,” he said.

“With me? Is this more bother about the flower arrangements for Sandy’s funeral? Because, like I told her agents, I will not—“

“Oh, no. Nothing like that. I was wondering if I might ask you about vampires.”

Sage clicked her tongue. “Now, why under the sun would you be asking me such things?” she asked, her hand on her hip.

“Um… I’m curious,” Broof muttered. he knew that wasn’t enough so he tried to think of a plausible excuse. “With all the recent media interest in Forgotten Hollow, more people going missing there, there are rumours—“

“Exactly. Rumours, my darling. There aren’t any vampires left in Forgotten Hollow. Or anywhere,” Sage said coolly.

“But there’s no harm in learning about them!” she said, trying to smile. “A number of our coven’s old grimoires mention vampires. They are in the cellar, feel free to take them, but just a note of warning; some of the content is rather graphic!” Sage laughed, but it sounded fraught; she immediately occupied her hands with a selection of blooms on the counter. “Run along now, dear.”

Broof lingered. He hated lying to Sage but he understood why vampires were a touchy subject; her having lost both her parents to them. Still, he always felt that she knew more than she let on.

“Broof, are your feet glued to the floor?” Sage joked. “Or is there something else you wanted to say?”

Broof sighed. He should come clean. Sage would be angry but she was a powerful witch with a vendetta; she’d certainly stop at nothing to help him hunt down the vampires. And therein lay the problem. Would she distinguish between them? Would she see April as a parasitic monster to be vanquished or an innocent victim worth saving?

Could April even be saved?

He couldn’t tell Sage. Not yet. Not until he knew for sure if there was a cure.

He realised that he’d been quiet for too long when Sage laughed. “Keep your secret, Broof. Say; while you’re here and it’s quiet, shall I undo your advanced aging?”

Broof nodded, grateful for the distraction and Sage stepped towards him. She rubbed her thumb in a circular motion on his forehead, dragged it lightly down his nose then tapped him on the chin. She stepped back to check her work, then advanced on him again, repeating the motion twice more. Broof was dying to scratch his nose, but he daren’t move.

The third time she stepped back with finality. “There you are!” Sage announced. “Undone. Oh, you always were such a handsome boy, Broof.”

Broof ran his fingers down his face, felt the tightness and youthful flush of his skin. It hadn’t felt like this for years; he’d forgotten just how fast regular folk aged.

“Thank you,” he offered, but Sage was already continuing with her floral display and waved him off behind the counter in a way that told him he was excused.

“Mr. Gore? Right this way.”

Caleb took a seat at the polished desk opposite the man with the goatee who had summoned him. He was glad to have something to occupy his mind with other than what in hell Faith, Melinda and April were doing with that pregnancy testing kit he’d just dropped back at the cottage.

“Good afternoon, I’m Jacob. How can I help you today?”

Caleb thought this question was somewhat unnecessary; surely there was only one reason why someone would visit a job centre? He hadn’t even known job centres were a thing until Faith had told him. Gone were days of applying for one of the three random jobs in the newspaper and simply getting it, it seemed.

“I’m looking for work.”

“Well, you’re in the right place.” Jacob smiled. “A few questions to start.” He turned towards his computer and Caleb watched as the screen came to life. He’d always been fascinated with computers – probably because Lilith never let him near one unless she was hovering at his shoulder. He’d stopped being curious as to why this was a long time ago, though.

Jacob hummed to himself, tapping away, entering the details that Caleb had already supplied.

“Right, Thor. I’ve created you a profile, I’m just missing your date of birth.”

“Eighth of August, um…” Caleb made a face, trying to remember the rest. He couldn’t exactly say ‘1709’. Every year, on his birthday, Lilith would tell him what his new date of birth was, should anyone ever ask. However, no one had ever asked and Jacob was waiting for an answer. So, in his fluster, he gave April’s birth year instead, “1999.”

Jacob stopped what he was doing. “1999? So you’re only seventeen?”

Damn. He’d forgotten that it was only May. Still, he couldn’t change it now, it would look suspicious. “Yes.”

“All right. I thought you were a year or two older, but no problem. That will limit your options somewhat, but I’m sure we can find something for you. Do you have any previous experience?”

“I’ve worked in a bakery, in administration and in a bar.”

“A bar? At seventeen?”

“It was, um, my mother’s place. I helped out.”

“I see. Well, there won’t be any paid bar work for you until you come of age in August, Mr. Gore,” Jacob said, scanning his listings. “There’s a vacancy for an administrator at a clinic over in Del Sol Valley. Oh, the post specifies three years administration experience, I doubt you’d have that at your delicate age. The bakery isn’t hiring. Oh, but if food is your area of interest, we do have some postings that might be suitable. How does a job at SacFondles sound to you?”

That sounded fun. “What is that?”

“Fast food chain. They’re looking for a drive-thru attendant. Do you think you could— oh no, wait. They require applicants to be over eighteen now they’ve started selling beer with their burgers. Never mind.” He scrolled down the list. “Fancy a job at the abattoir? How are you with blood and terrified creatures?”

Jacob shuddered. “No. I wouldn’t want that one, either. Let’s have a look at retail. Ah! Here we go. There’s a vacancy for a shop floor assistant at Harper Flowers, a small florist and handicraft store in the town square. Fourteen simoleons per hour, that’s pretty good! Duties include working the register, cleaning. No prior experience or knowledge of flowers required. Applicant must be well-presented – check – and discreet. Hm, not sure what they mean by that. How does that sound?”

It hardly sounded thrilling, but work was work and what was that April had said when they’d arrived at the cottage? “We can get some cushions and some flowers, make it super nice.”

He could picture her beautiful face; how it would light up when he arrived home from work with a bouquet of blooms for her.

“Sounds good,” he said.

“Marvellous! Right, let’s see… you’ll need to attend a quick interview. There’s a free slot tomorrow at noon. Can you make that?”


“Wonderful, I’ve booked you in. When you get there, ask to see Sage Harper.” Jacob paused, scanning the list. “And as it’s always best to have a back-up plan, let’s see what else I can offer you. There’s a vacancy at Dress Dark, the alternative fashion store. Pay is a little lower, but look at you, you’d be perfect for that!”

Caleb nodded, still hung up on the previous job.

Sage Harper. He knew that name. Why did he know that name?

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  1. Mr Gore ahhahaaha! Thor Gore.

    Man, Sage is scary! Kudos to your writing of course but wow. I can feel her power and hatred coming out all the way from the screen at the other corner of the globe. And she’s all preppy and colorful and doing spells the way Sabrina the teenage witch does. Or one of those shows where they just crinkle their nose and everything becomes a lot better. In this case Broof became young again! Wow, now I really want to know how old he really is.

    Also I’m loving your descriptions this chapter. So lovely. I feel like I’m there taking in all the flowers and scents and warm sunshine. Such a relaxing read.

    Oooh! I’m so liking all the different job postings. I like this extra snippet into AE world of what it could be if they weren’t on the run. I wonder if these places will become relevant in the upcoming places. Abattoir though. I had to look it up and a whole bunch of accompanying images appeared too. Gaaah… I hope that doesn’t become relevant. Or it might.. OH no! Cows?!!!

    Oh dear Caleb knows who Sage Harper is? OOOH I wonder what’s their history? Especially when the all powerful witch insisted there are no surviving vampires. Was there a showdown? Did it involve Lilith and Caleb somehow? How ‘close’ were they in contact with their fellow occults?

    Chucks adorable face followed by Lilith’s happy face… I’m over the moon in this chapter. Giddy trepidation! I.. I shamelessly ship! Sorry Babs you’re kinda nice but I got my favourites. Nothing will happen anyway. Chuck is Chuck. But its so nice to see happy people!

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    1. Yep, not Thor Vatore as was predicted. I mean, that would’ve just been stupid of him.

      Ooh yes, do not be fooled by Sage’s perky demeanour and Sabrina-esque charms, lest you go the way of the vampires. Broof is older than he looks, I can tell you that. Unless you’re going by witch aging, in which case he’s now about as old as he looks. He’s three years older than Wyatt, I know that doesn’t help right now. 😆

      Yeah, I was gonna put ‘slaughterhouse’, but thought Mr. Job Centre was too professional to use that. I did download a CC cow, but that might just be because I love cows and want a pet one that I can play fetch with and have peering into windows at inappropriate moments.

      Caleb remembers the name, but who knows with Caleb. Maybe there was a showdown, maybe he just screwed her once and didn’t call her.

      Things are pretty chirpy over here right now, huh? Hey look, it’s almost like we planned for our sunniest and grimmest chapters to come out on the same day! Keeping the story scene balanced. I wonder if I can keep it up until B2W gets happier, or if we’ll both end up depressing everyone…

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      1. I suppose. But Gore is a name that stands out too. 😆

        That does not help lool. Because the next question I’d ask is why did Sage decide to age gracefully, or maybe she didn’t and there are limits on reverse aging spells. But this question is similar to Plumbob’s so I’ll just wait for your reveal! Pet cows that you want to play fetch and have them peering into windows???? Uh. Is this foreshadowing? Who or what is voyeuristic cow looking at rofl?

        Ah geez. That would be quite traumatic. Then the next question will be who is Wyatt’s daddy!? Dun dun DUN!

        Ikr. I’m glad we have your sunshine and daisies chapter to balance out the grime at the other side. Heh we don’t need to wait that far, there’s still Plumbob and Yimi’s story to tip the scales, hopefully towards a light end. But given the poopstorm in full swing at BC and ToC too, I guess AE has a lot of powerlifting to do. Haha! 🤣

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        1. I named the cow Gladys and she will be there in the darkest moments. That is all I’m saying.

          Not that anything will get dark over here! Sunshine and daisies! Wait, hold up. I didn’t say anything about balancing out the metaphorical mire of Plumbob’s story or the literal one of Yimi’s. I have to inject enough happy to balance out *three* pits of misery? Huh. Gonna need more cows.


  2. Well I feel like I’m suitably hungover to read this chapter, maybe it will help me sympathise with Lilith – we all know I need all the help I can get in that department, lol.

    I like how even the walls in Chuck and Barb’s house are warm, it suits them. Curried porridge, barf. That is not a good hangover meal, lol. Oh god it looks bad.

    It’s interesting what we’ve learned about Barb so far, she’ll smile and claim everything is just fine, until it isn’t and she hooks up with a friend’s husband. Then she feels guilt she needs to overcompensate for, so she’ll smile and claim everything is just fine. She seems to have gotten herself into a bit of a loop. Unfortunately, some things can’t be solved by questionable meals. Actually, considering Barb makes her meals based on whatever she’s feeling/trying to convey, like the peas offering, what can we learn from curried porridge? Depending on what curry powder she used, it’s probably pretty fiery… is Babs telling them she’s pissed? I’m pretty sure she is.

    I see, are you shipping yourself with Chuck here, Lilith? Um, no. You don’t deserve him. I’ll work on that sympathy. Though disappointingly, she doesn’t even seem to be hungover. Boo.

    Oh my gosh Sage looks fun. Woo! Now, what does she really know, I wonder? Is she telling Broof what she believes to be the full truth? Is anyone in AE capable of that? Oh, she lost both parents to vampires. Interesting. I wonder if it’s anyone we know. Since we know Wyatt is a lot older than he looks, I wonder how old Sage is.

    Oooh, now that’s some powerful sorcery that. So they can just make themselves younger? I wonder how that works, she says it’s undoing advanced aging, but what does that mean, exactly? Is she resetting Broof to a default state? Is there a limit to how many times you can perform the spell? Can you only go a certain amount of years back? So many questions… Clearly, Sage has not made herself look younger, so either she choses not to, or she can’t. Hmmm.

    Mr. Gore? Lmao 😀 Excellent name. Oh yes, Thor, I forgot. Thor Gore. Has a great ring to it. Lol. Hahaha vacancy at the clinic in Del Sol Valley, yes, I’m sure that’s exactly what Thor had in mind. Heh. I doubt Lilith would let him get to the interview stage, haha. Oh thank god you’re not putting him into the slaughterhouse job. Ooh, he’ll work for Sage? That will go well, with her pre-existing “affinity” for vampires. Also, Caleb and discreet… snort. Oh, I kind of want him to work at Dress Dark. I hope he gets an interview there at least, he would be so great in that setting. Aw man, if only he had his old hair – where is that noughties emo kid hairstyle when you need it?

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    1. Ooh, does this chapter work well with hangover brain? It’s rather bright and colourful.

      I don’t think I’ll ever run out of disgusting food combinations for Babs to create. I let her use her terrible cooking skills to prepare some random shit and then think of the most stomach-churning thing it could be. But Chuck says this is one of the better dishes, so there’s that. Is Babs pissed? She looks like everything is fine. I’m sure she’s delighted that Lilith will be coming back for dinner tomorrow.

      “Yeah, Lilith. You don’t deserve to love a nice man, fuck off back to the running, dead bastards.” I see your skills at motivational speaking aren’t improving.

      Is anyone in life capable of telling the full truth? Sage is old. Older than Wyatt, for sure, lol. * so vague *

      There are lots of limits on magic and spells and you’ll learn about them in time. For now, I can tell you that Sage was undoing the spell she cast on Broof, which is permissible.

      Oh god no, no slaughterhouses here, even though that would probably be a great job for a vampire. He might work for Sage, or he might completely mess up the interview or cause a fire or she’ll remember him for the reason he remembers her. Dress Dark is a great store; those screenshots are quite something to behold. 😂

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      1. Aww, I really thought “you don’t deserve a nice man, Lilith” was much better than “things can always improve, apart from in your case, Caleb, because you are utterly doomed” 😂 At least you don’t deserve a nice man is a touch less all-encompassing? 😅

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        1. …You know what? When you put it like that, I do see the improvement yes. And Caleb jumped off a bridge following your advice, if I recall, whereas Lilith will likely just rolls her eyes at you and ignore you. Maybe next chapter you’ll be able to offer some sound advice! Maybe even cheer someone up! Positivity! 🌞

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  3. Milk porridge with brown sugar and cinnamon is one of my favourite comfort foods ever and I am irrationally angry at Babs turning it into that curried abomination 😂🤣 I don’t know why this is worse than the banana sausage surprise or blue lasagne but it is, lol.

    Heh, so Babs is the type to hide behind politeness and invite people while she doesn’t really want them to come over. I’m all for politeness but if you’re that averse to playing host to Lilith, don’t invite her and hope she’ll play the bad guy. Oof, so she rejects Babs, but immediately agrees to Chuck when he extends the same invitation. I’m torn between feeling happy for Lilith that she finally has a friend, facepalming at how that must have looked to Babs and worried about how Babs might respond to this. Hopefully it’s just a matter of getting to know her, maybe? Some part of me is sure that how Lilith will treat her depends entirely of what Babs’s thoughts will be.

    I love Sage’s shop! I looks so lovely with all the flowers ❤ Oops, looks like Wyatt did not share with his mother that he was busting Broof out of jail and not, as she said, “letting justice prevail” on its own. That will be a fun one to explain later.
    Ooof, her face when the topic of vampires was brought up. It definitely feels like there’s something there, and not just her parent’s deaths. I wonder which vampires killed them. She’s de-aging Broof and they already seem to live longer than normal sims… so it could have happened pretty far back in time, huh? Were it Lilith and Caleb? Seth? Catwoman Bob? Or someone we don’t know yet? On another note, I love Broof’s youthful look, haha. The spell even brought back his rosy cheeks. He looks so young now. I wonder how old Broof actually is, seeing how he had a child and all.

    Eesh, Caleb’s eyes going dark form when Jacob mentions the slaughterhouse are just… no, Caleb. No feeling glee at blood and slaughter and oh who am I kidding. The abattoir would have fit him pretty nicely, too.

    Oooooh so Caleb does know Sage! Oh dear, Caleb knows Sage. And he’s about to go on an interview to apply for a job with her. Working for the spellcasting florist whose parents were murdered by vampires and who sounds like she has one hell of a vendetta. That won’t go badly at all, naaaaaaaah. I’ll go get some popcorn 😂

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    1. Oho, just wait to see what she makes Lilith for dinner.

      Not foreseeing Lilith and Babs being besties? Huh. “…how Lilith will treat her depends entirely of what Babs’s thoughts will be” if previous experience is anything to go by, yes. 😉

      Naughty Wyatt, what have you been up to? Maybe she’s just very scarred by the loss of her parents at the hands of ‘Catwoman Bob’ and doesn’t want to talk about it. But it’s a moot point anyway. There aren’t any vampires left! Yay! Rosy-cheeked Broof!

      He’s only vampire, Yimi. He can’t help those bright-eyed urges. 😁

      Yeah, there’s no way this can end well, I’m not even gonna pretend.

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  4. I can see that I have not commented on this.
    Maybe because I miss the loose vaudeville vibe from the previous chapters, but I can see we’re shifting focus here. 🤔

    Barb’s hospitality does not impress me and everyone will be best served by Lilith retiring as soon as possible. It gets throbbed by Chuck’s kind soft eyes.
    It’s not just Lilith he seduces with that look. I adore Chuck. He is too good for this world. Some might call him a slipper hero. I vote for more warm socks and slippers to keep the cold off my toes! 🧦

    Broof turns out to be a young man! …Or maybe an old man in a young man’s physical body. You never know with those wizards.

    Sage is mysterious. There’s something about her gaze as she denies the vampires’ existence that tells me she’s lying. She knows very well that they exist. Is she even a vampire in witches disguise?
    Is she the cat with the gentle eyes or Seth’s scary demon. 😵
    Hm! I’m probably on thin ice here 😂

    Poor Caleb. Regardless of age, his maturity is like a very young teenager.
    Here we can talk about a completely different kind of slipper hero. April wants flowers and pillows ergo, he is sent to the job center by the entire women’s collective. Faith gives him good advice in his pocket, but since when has Caleb been able to take advantage of good advice 😬
    Of course, he messes with the annual table and is therefore not approved to apply for a regular job with an adult salary.
    But of course, a job in a flower shop is perfect when it comes to satisfying April’s requirements for flowers 🥰

    The name Sage Harper seems familiar. Why?
    Think Caleb! If you are at all able to think.
    Maybe he remembers before it becomes his final …. but I fear the worst 😕

    Where are the women with aluminum hats who can speed up the mood a bit? 🙁

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    1. Oh no! We’ve only just started our descent and already you’re losing the will. 💔

      Chuck, my lovely darling. He is too good for this world, for sure. However, here he is.

      Ooh, is Sage in disguise? Is she the cat or Seth’s demon? Well, you know she could be. These witches are tricky.

      One day, maybe something will go right for Caleb. Until that day, he just needs to keep dodging the bullets from the gun he loaded. Hopefully he can.

      The Truth Society will back again to bring up the mood, I’m sure. 😁

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      1. Sorry! 😕
        I just need to swallow a big mouthful of fresh air and put on my fireproof diving equipment, then I’m ready….
        Completely ready now ! 🐱‍👤


  5. Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just over here quietly shipping Lilith and Chuck and plotting a way for Babs to have an accident. Oh, what’s that, Sage’s parents were killed by vampires, and she has green eyes? Hmmm, that’s interesting. I see. Aging apparently means nothing when you have magical powers so that she could be 50 or 500? Cool, cool, cool. Caleb is about to take a job with her and get into some serious danger? :: laughs nervously:: I think it’s probably fine.


    Everything is fine.

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    1. Harsh. You’re not alone but… harsh. There are a few pretty green eyes in the Harper family. Probably coincidence; eye colour options in game aren’t unlimited. Aging still means something, but you’re not wrong, Sage could be ancient.

      Yes! Everything will be fine! Fine. Just dandy.

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  6. Mr. Gore. 😂 How are you with blood and terrified creatures? 😏 Damn, Jacob, how could you pass the chance to match a job with the perfect name? I’m disappoint. But I guess sending Caleb into the lion’s den to Ms. Sage has its appeal also.

    So many green eyes everywhere. Wyatt. Sage. Are you trying to tell us something?

    I can’t wait for more Lilith & Chuck (& Babs) scenes.

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    1. Too perfect, right? Alas, slaughterhouse was not the career path that Caleb drew from the fishbowl which is just as well because I dunno if I could have built one.

      I am trying to tell you something.

      Coming soon! A whole couple of chapters in fact! Once we’re done fighting fire over in Windenburg for a bit.


  7. So as I said, nice and slow and no skipping. I´m freaking out over here, but let´s take it from the top. Now Lils is apprehensive about Chuck remembering stuff he shouldn´t. We know he remembers, we heard him thinking about the “dream” where she “tried to kill him.” So that shouldn´t cause much trouble if she doesn´t freak too much and remind him.

    But I really don´t like the way Chuck has all this… dare I say “power” over her? She completely lost her train of thought there, just did what he wanted. That´s so not a Lilith thing to do… I smell trouble. Either she´s got a serious crush, which is bad for obvious reasons… or its something metaphysical at work and that would be even worse.

    Oh, Wyatt. Substandard plant feed? And Sage sold the stuff. Sage. *siiigh*

    Those eyes, though. Those eyes when Sage gets all cold about there being no more vampires. She looks like… the red haired woman. The human Seth remembers around Faith, that´s who she reminds me of.

    Either way, she´s a powerful witch with a vendetta. I´m not sure I would trust whatever is written in those books to be completely accurate.

    Also, with all the confusion in the comments, I feel compelled to say I found it rather clear that Sage is /not/ undoing Broof´s aging, but a spell that made him look like he´s aging at a normal human rate which is obviously slower for witches.

    But now. Oh, no. Oh, /no./ Caleb, please, think! Remember why you know that name. And if you can´t remember, assume the worst, dangit, and do not go there! …I think… I think I can see sparks though. Sparks and lots of gasoline. Oh no. :O …maybe we´ll get to know what Caleb has to do with literal fires, though. That´d be something!

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    1. OMG, you’re *already* freaking out? 😆

      Ooh a crush or something metaphysical. She is a sucker for a soft-hearted guy.

      Well, with plant feed you probably only realise it’s substandard after a short while when your plants don’t grow. Easy mistake to make. Maybe herbalism isn’t his thing, then? Hehe.

      Red haired woman? Oh Seth’s non-Medusa memory. Interesting.

      Correct, she was undoing his ‘advanced aging’ / human-time aging spell, essentially lifting a mask that revealed his true, rosy-cheeked face.

      Caleb? Thinking sensibly? He can do that? 😆


      1. *sigh* I have /not/ seen this coming. A witch being the one lighting the fire, that is. Hot dang, I´m crossing fingers for our vamps.

        I know. That seems to suggest the crush option. Hopefully.

        Heheh, yeah. And the lady who has no garden probably has lots of houseplants, right? Those can actually be demanding, I hope no orchids died because of Wyatt´s sloppines. *wiggles finger* You better do your best with the new batch, young man.

        *facepalm* No, no he can´t. But he should have learned to expect the worst by now, the doofus.

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