Chapter 2.29 – Nothing Illegal

“Well?” Faith asked as April hopped off the stairs and rounded the corner to the kitchen. “Did it work?”

April rocked on her heels and nodded, smiling. “Yes, I managed to smudge some of the gloopy stuff from my wrist on the stick. It’s so much more gross-looking than it was when you guys had some; I could hardly get any out.”

“And?” Faith prompted. “Did you get a result?”

“Yes. I’m not pregnant!” April announced gleefully, clapping her hands.

“Oh thank goodness,” Melinda said at the same time as Faith muttered “Thank fuck for that!”

April took a seat at the table smiling at her friends. “So I guess that means we are infertile after all.” She looked at the table. “Sorry about that. You’ll never have babies now because of me. Unless we adopt, but I’m not sure they let vampires adopt babies.” She ran her nail along the grain of the wood.

“It might not be detectable or the timing might just be off, but if not, there’s always kidnapping,” Faith joked.

Melinda huffed. “That’s what vampires used to do, apparently. Although that knowledge comes from Caleb, so might not be the most accurate source.”

“Understatement of the year,” Faith laughed. “He’s been a vampire for fucking centuries and he knows absolutely nothing. You think Lilith would have told him these things, unless she doesn’t know either. I’ve never really thought about it, but do they have parents? Are they vampires too? Why didn’t they teach them anything?”

Melinda shrugged. “Again, I only have Caleb’s version, but they did have vampire parents who were beheaded. When I tried to talk to him about it previously, he got all upset.”

“I bet he doesn’t know,” Faith scoffed. “Probably just making up random shit as per usual. You know, the more I get to know him, the more I can say with complete certainty; the dude is fucking clueless. I mean, you asked him to get a range of groceries and he comes back with fifteen tins of soup and a box of paracetamol? What’s that all about?”

“At least Danny won’t have any headaches,” April giggled. “I hope he likes tomato soup.”

“Danny?” Melinda asked.

“The boy in the basement,” April smiled.

“Is that… is that what you’ve called him?” Melinda asked.

“No. That’s his real name.”

“How do you know his name, Blondie? He hasn’t even woken up yet.”

April looked between the pair, confused. “I don’t know. I just… I just know, somehow.”

“You’re a bloody mind-reader too, ain’t you?” Faith groaned. “Ugh! It’s so unfair! Other than knocking Lilith out – and I’m not even sure how I did that so for all I fucking know she did it to herself – I haven’t managed to do anything yet. Where are all my powers? What do you two have that I don’t?”

“His name is Danny,” Melinda said, ignoring Faith. “I wonder if anyone is missing him? If he had a family?”

“Don’t think about it. And don’t call him Danny, call him ‘human’ or something,” Faith said, still pouting. “We went over this earlier; he’s food, Mel. I know you don’t like it and for some reason I like the idea less today than yesterday, but it is what it is.”

“Don’t want to cram twenty of them into the basement today, then?” Melinda asked.

“Nah, only nineteen,” Faith joked. “I’m sort of rethinking the whole basement humans thing to be honest. I was completely brain-fucked yesterday; don’t know what I was thinking.”

“What will you do instead?” April asked. “Hunt with me and Caleb?”

“God no. I’ll hunt by myself. Or I might just send my little doggy out to hunt and just feed off him forever; he didn’t even fight me when I bit him. I think he liked it.”

“You have a dog?” April asked, her eyes lighting up. “Since when?”

“Last night,” Faith grinned. “He followed me home and I felt sorry for him.”

“Oh that’s so sweet!” April gushed. “Is he in your room? What breed is he? Is he super cute?”

“I’ve let him outside; he’s just a mutt but he’s gorgeous,” Faith quipped.

“Oh! Yay! I’ve always wanted a pet but Mother said that having to look after me was enough work.” April beamed, then her face fell. “Wait – you fed off him? I thought we couldn’t do that? The book said we need to feed off humans. Where is the book, anyway—“

“It’s not an actual dog,” Melinda explained over Faith’s laughter. “She means Seth.”

April blinked a few times as it took a while for the pieces to fit together. “You drank from Seth?” she asked, with a mixture of curiosity and horror. “What was his blood like? Is it like treacle, like mine? Did it stop you being thirsty?”

“It was definitely satisfying,” Faith smirked. “You should try sinking your fangs into Fringey at some point, Blondie. Don’t let him have all the fun.”

April ran her fingers down her neck and shoulder, but the puncture holes Caleb had left her had completely gone.

She tried to imagine biting Caleb’s neck but the thought made her stomach flip. She wasn’t sure what was worse; the idea of actually biting him and get a mouthful of that nasty black stuff, or that to do so would mean being super close to him again.

“Caleb’s been gone a long time. Do you think he found a job?” she asked.

“Nice diversion,” Faith winked. “He’s probably been distracted by something shiny.” She turned to Melinda. “You’ve gone quiet. What’s going on in that big brain? Hey Blondie, fun game. Let’s see if you can do mind-reading; what’s Mel thinking about?”

April stared hard at Melinda. She could feel something funny happening, like her own brain was trying to connect dots, but she wasn’t hearing any of Melinda’s thoughts.

“Cats playing drums?” she guessed.

“No, not cats. I’m just thinking about what Caleb said. About our insides being all dried up and wondering how we actually function. Like, how is it even possible to get a pregnancy test result? What hormones do we have?” Melinda paused, tapped her chin. “April, on the test, you definitely got a line in the control window, right?”

“Yes. It’s upstairs in the bathroom bin if you want to see it. I didn’t really want to bring it down here because it’s icky. It came up almost instantly so there must be something floating around in me. I guess I’m not completely dead inside, yet.”

“OK. And you definitely got nothing in the other window?”

April looked suddenly wary. “I… I got a line in the other window.”

“Wait, what the fuck?!” Faith gasped. “You got a fucking line in the result window?!”

“Yes, it looked like a negative symbol, so not pregnant, right? Because otherwise it would have been a plus sign, yes? …No?” April asked in a small voice, looking between her friends.

Melinda held up a hand to silence Faith, who was rasping a series of nonsensical words, before she explained softly, “That’s not how it works. Anything in the second window is a positive result, April.”

April seemed to be spending so long lately staring at table tops that she was surprised she couldn’t see through them yet. She whispered, “Oh dear. So I guess I am pregnant, then.”

“Oh my gosh, April.”

Even Faith wasn’t smiling now. “Shit; so it is possible. And Fringey really doesn’t know anything. Shit.”

Right on cue, the front door opened and Caleb strutted in. “Guess who’s got two job interviews tomorrow? I was hoping one of you might help me run through some interview questions; I’ve never had an interview before, but I do have some pamphlets to look through, saying what sort of things they might ask me—” He looked at the three girls; his smile withering and fading until his face matched theirs.

“What’s happened?” he asked, immediately looking to April who couldn’t meet his eyes. She didn’t have to answer; he seemed to know what she was thinking. “No. Don’t tell me you’re pregnant. You’re not; you can’t be.”

April opened her mouth but all that came out was a hollow noise. She tried to form words but found that she was unable to.

So he wanted to know what had happened, but she couldn’t tell him she was pregnant? Um… and he said that she can’t be pregnant, so was she not? She didn’t understand. This kept happening; it was like her brain went off and his words just echoed around in the nothingness that remained inside her head, getting louder and louder. Why couldn’t she speak?

“Looks like she is, Fringey. Um, congratulations? So… is there any point asking you what you know about vampire babies?”

“You know,” Broof said teasingly. “I’ve seen your dad’s eyes on someone else…”

Wyatt sighed. “Not this again. Pass me the Datura.”

“Um, right. Datura… Datura…” Broof muttered, scanning the bottles on the shelf.

“They’re on the wall, Hoggy.”

“Ah, yes…” Broof mumbled, shifting his focus to the hanging blooms.

“You don’t have a clue, do you? They’re the white, trumpet-shaped flowers.”

Broof carefully started to tug a small bunch of blooms free from their string. “What are you making anyway? Smells too good to be plant feed.”

Wyatt glanced towards the stairs before responding quietly. “Nothing illegal. And it’ll feed plants but not as well as it feeds minds.”

“Sage is going to kill you,” Broof muttered. Still studying the photographs, he absent-mindedly passed the requested flora behind him towards his friend, but the small splash told him that he’d missed.

“Ah,” Wyatt said, looking into the excessively large cauldron. “That’s… that’s not good.”

“I thought you’d catch them,” Broof said guiltily, looking into the pot. “Looks alright to me. It was only a few flowers, how much damage can that do?”

“You really need to read a herbalism book, Hoggy,” Wyatt whistled, looking at the fizzing contents of the cauldron.

“So… what now?”

“It might be OK, but I’ve never added that much, so it might not be. Do I risk it?” Wyatt drummed his fingers against the rim of the cauldron; Broof watched with a twinge of envy as even this small, idle action caused the potion near his friend’s hands to agitate.

“If it was just for me, yeah sure,” Wyatt went on. “But ol’ Mrs. Davison will probably have a coronary. Hmm. Nope.” Wyatt waved his hands and Broof felt the air in the cellar grow heavy and damp as the liquid in the cauldron began to drain at speed. “I’d better start over—“

“Why?” came the honeyed drawl from behind them. “Don’t tell me you’ve ruined another batch.”

“Broof did it!” Wyatt said automatically, muttering under his breath, “You owe me; I busted you out of jail.”

“I didn’t ask you to bust me out of jail,” Broof muttered back.

“What did you do, Broof?” Sage asked, sweetly.

“Um, I added Dakota,” Broof confessed, wondering why Wyatt was shaking his head and swearing through his teeth.

“Dakota? Do you mean Datura? There aren’t any Datura in the plant feed concoction,” Sage explained, smoothly.

“Yeah Hoggy, you deviant,” Wyatt said. “What were you trying to make?”

Sage looked between the pair, suspiciously. “Broof, darling. Tell me; what properties do Datura have?”

Broof fiddled with his fringe. He had no idea; leafy things were not his speciality, he was much more a rocks kind of man. Wyatt was still hissing at him but he couldn’t make out the words.

“I don’t know,” he admitted.

“So irresponsible!” Wyatt gasped. “You can’t just throw in random things!”

“Exactly!” Sage said. “It’s extremely irresponsible! Datura has hallucinogenic and poisonous properties, Broof.”

“Um, I’m sorry,” Broof said. “I didn’t know—“

“No, you didn’t,” Sage said, studying him. “And it’s very unlike you to be so flippant. Which can only mean one thing—“

“That jail has corrupted him?” Wyatt offered, hopefully.

Sage’s voice took on that edge that made Broof’s skin crawl, reminding him of all the other times over the years that the pair had been caught in various acts of mischief. “Wyatt! Go to your room!”

“Are you serious? Why?! I didn’t even do anything!” Wyatt protested.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?!”

Wyatt opened his mouth to answer, but clearly thought better of it. “I’m not going to my room,” he huffed. “And quit embarrassing me in front of my friends; I’m seventy-six years old.”

“You know what? You’re right.” Sage smiled but her voice had that mischievous, oversweet undertone.

“No! Wait! I take it back! I’ll go to my room! Please, Mum,” Wyatt whimpered as Sage lifted her arm to point in his direction. “No, not—“

“—the shirt.”

“Shop floor!” Sage snapped. “Mrs. Greaves will be in this morning for her table piece—“

“Ah, crap.”

“—and she’s fresh from her bunion surgery. I expect you to listen intently to her for however long she wishes to talk to you about it! We have a delivery of mixed seeds at noon, they’ll want sorting into bags, the tweezers are under the counter. Plus, I want every plant watered and every speck of dirt cleaned. And I want it all done the mortal way.”

“That’s slavery!”

“Flowers not powers until—“

“—A million hours. I know, but Mum, I know what I’m doing now—“

“Up!” Sage ordered. “And less of that language, young man!” she barked as Wyatt stormed off up the stairs, muttering to himself.

Sage shook her head as she watched him go. “I swear to the moon; that boy will be the death of me. Did he think I wouldn’t be able to sense his magic? Really! The air in here is so wet it’s making my curls drop! He should be grateful I’m not reporting him to the High Priestess,” she muttered, finally turning her attention back to Broof, her tone softened, “You really shouldn’t cover for him, dear; you’ll get yourself into trouble. Anyway, I had a thought.”

Broof remained quiet, allowing Sage to continue. “After Warren died, I had a huge clear-out and there were a number of reference books that I sent to auction. Mostly out-dated geology guides, but I’m fairly sure that amongst them was a very old vampire tome. I’m not completely certain, but I believe they were purchased by Windenburg Library. Whether they still have them remains to be seen, but may be worth a visit?”

“Thanks, I’ll check that out.”

“Good boy. You’ve got the books you need from here, yes? Are you coming along to the coven meet tonight? The Globrot twins are attending and I know Toadella would love to see you.”

The feeling wasn’t mutual. Broof shook his head. “It’s been quite a week, so I’ll do my rituals at home, I think. Maybe next time.”

Sage nodded. “I understand. I guess I’d better clean up this huge mess and get started on yet another batch of plant feed. Why under the sun did he ask you to add Datura of all things? Any ideas what was he trying to make?”

Broof had an inkling but he shook his head.

“Interesting,” she whispered, running her finger around the rim of the cast iron pot. Before he could stop her, Sage had lifted her finger to her lips. His cue to leave. Swiftly.

Wyatt Ranunculus Harper!

Broof rounded the corner into the relative safety of the store, to see Wyatt freaking out in his ugly shirt. “Why is she shouting me?”

“She licked the bowl,” Broof replied. “It was nice knowing you, Wy.”

Wyatt groaned. “I’m so gonna be strung up by HP at the meet tonight.”

“Shame I won’t be there to see it. Oh, but it sounds like Wartilda and her sister will be there, so something to look forward to, yes?”

“See? I told you; my life is hell, Hoggy!” Wyatt whined over the screeching from the cellar. “Literal hell!”

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 2.29 – Nothing Illegal

  1. Sage is DEFINITELY full of secrets. I don’t trust her. I do wish I had a little bit of Wyatt’s special brew. You know, just to help with my general existence.

    I can see now that Faith is very good at deflecting. Every time she tears April down it’s like she’s screaming: Don’t look at me!

    Speaking of which, April is pregnant?!?!?!?!?! I’m concerned. Fringey is *this* close to taking a job working for an evil witch who wants to completely wipe out his existence (fine, she’s not evil) and now he’s a dad? Plus, that part where he didn’t want April to tell him she was pregnant and so she couldn’t? Creepy! Didn’t I start out this story yelling about what a terrible dude he is? But here I am not wanting him to get caught?

    (these three dummies can’t raise a baby! what the what?!?!?!)

    Man. This is why I love this story so much.

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    1. I’d get Wyatt to ship you some but he’s currently busy trying to mix an antidote for his poor, hallucinating mother.

      Interesting observation.

      Thinking Caleb is awful but also not wanting to see harm come to him is very sweet of you. Hopefully, they have a while before any babies appear on the scene and everyone can mature a bit and Caleb can get a job where his boss doesn’t want to destroy him and it’ll all be fine.

      You love it because… it torments you?

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  2. Fifteen tins of soup and a box of paracetamol… Uh.. Did he go shopping for Lilith’s medical patients? Then again, Lilith’s practice is in DSV so I can’t imagine her patients taking any of those things. PCM, yes ofc.

    Faith is re-thinking? … Her restraints are back in full swing? She had a weak moment yesterday? I can’t come to any conclusions with this. Only happened one time, so I’ll just wait and see. Faith riles up April so much. I wonder what April thinks about that. Apart of me thinks that April must just take it because she’s been taking Sandy’s crap for years and Faith’s just seem like harmless fun. Ugh their interaction always makes me feel uncomfortable.

    April’s description of her own blood sounds gross lol. And then the lack of autonomy on her own mind is heartbreaking. UGH. This vampire bound thing is horrible. She could potentially be stuck in an endless loop of thinking about contradictions. And she’s even aware that she’s doing so! If she’s aware she might start thinking that she’s going crazy. I feel so sorry for April.

    Wait.. Broof’s blush is permanent! Woah. I thought it was just a one time only from the spell effects. Omg a blushing Broof. That’s kinda cute hehe! Wyatt is 76 years old.. omg.. I want to know how old Sage is now. And among Spellcasters and vampires who can live longer. And what is the average age span of both species. And do they eventually die if they aren’t killed? Do mages and Vampires eventually overpopulate the world if they are not hunted down or do not choose to die? So many questions now haha! Erm.. less of what language? Did Wyatt curse? I am liking his sleeve tattoos. ❤ Oooh Sage has one too! Wyatt’s full name sounds like a spell. xD

    Ooooooh Broof is a Rockman! I’ve decided he and Isaias are rock buddies. I like this merge. Hooray for universes combining! ❤ Also that special effect of a star appearing on Sage’s forehead. I want to know whats in the brew!? Is the star an effect that Broof can see? Is it internal? Does every other drinker who drinks it get a star on their forehead? Bahaha that’ll be funny. I love how you decorated the place btw. It’s so lovely and there are pictures of Warren and Sage on the shelves. Daww… no.. I feel sad. Also I’m kinda laughing at the fire extinguisher in the background. They’re spellcasters so I assume they can wipe out fires. Unless they serve muggles too and need to keep up the pretense. Or maybe Wyatt experiments so much and does so damage that they dry out their water spells and have to use the fire extinguisher. Rofl.

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    1. Hahaha, no, Lilith never let him go shopping for her patients, she isn’t insane. This is a just a little bonus nugget tying into when he was in that shop back in chapter 2.02.

      Yeeees, wait and see. Ah, Faith certainly likes to push the boundaries with people, yes.

      Binding is really horrible. There’s a reason why Lilith hates it so much and why the whole ritual should have died with Vlad. And, when you think about it, how often in conversation do people use commands dismissively? e.g. shut up, get out, don’t tell me. It’s too easy for Caleb to mess this up and as you can see, his backtracking doesn’t help April either.

      Yes! Permanent blush. He was only supposed to have it temporarily, but I like him pink cheeked; it suits him, so it stays, for now. Wyatt is 76. And Broof is a little older at 79. Sage is… older. Hee hee. Hey, I can answer some of these! Vampires live longer, if you can call what they do ‘living’. Average age span, well theoretically, vampires are eternal as they don’t really age, but in reality they are all usually eventually ended, either killed by other vampires or vampire hunters or they lose the will to go on and snuff themselves. Witches live long lives, but they do age and will eventually die. Well, he said ‘crap’ which is kind of mild, but still not the language one should use in front of their mother. Ha! I wanted him to have a flowery name and Ranunculus is a genus of plant, that includes the likes of buttercups. But ‘Wyatt Buttercup Harper’ sounded too cutesy and Broof’s the cute one, as we’ve established. 🤣

      Yeah! He could be buddies with Isaias! They could take a picnic to the ruins and talk crystals until the dawn. The star is just me trying to visually depict that Sage’s mind is being addled by her son’s ‘not illegal’ potion because I figured that her dilated pupils wouldn’t show in the tiny images on a phone. You noticed the extinguisher! I though it’d be funny as well as practical, as Wyatt is not supposed to use his magic…

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      1. Omg that hint of drama. Ok! I’ll be ready for it. Geh Vampirism + bond in AE is so messed up.. xD
        Wow. I’m amazed. I’ll probably remember Ranunculus /buttercup like how I remember the 20 digit number. Wait Wyatt is not supposed to use his magic? Ok did I miss something last few chapters? Is this on mommy’s command? I wonder why.

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        1. So very messed up. My head is a scary place sometimes.

          Yay! I feel like I’m teaching you so many important things. All together now: 🎵 0118 999 88199 9119725 3 🎵

          You haven’t missed anything; it’s only been lightly hinted at, I just thought I’d throw it in your comment there and fuck shit up, like a big ol’ ball of fire. Or water, as it was. I swear this comment will make sense one day. Not on Mum’s command, no, but she is supposed to enforce it.


  3. I wonder if April’s “gloopy stuff” will go back to being sort of bloody liquid over time, or if it’s stuck like that now. Does she just need to feed on more people, and will it fix itself over time? Is that it? April apologising for making the two of them infertile vampires surprised me. Or maybe I’m just grasping at every bit of sincerity because the four of them have so little empathy for each other (except for Melinda, who cares only for the others to her own detriment) that I’m happy with every bit of sweetness I can get 😂

    Faith’s not-quite-180 in terms of behaviour is very interesting. I wonder if Seth did something to her mind when they, er, spent time together in the cabin, or if whatever he did to her is slowly wearing off. If it’s the latter, HA! If it’s the former, I wonder what else he changed, or if he just undid what he did last time a little…

    “What do you two have that I don’t?”
    Oh, I don’t know, Faith. Less of a mask? Genuine empathy for other people? Processing their feelings without kicking against things and/or destroying yourself? More clothes? I bet it’s the clothes. Put on a vest and you’ll be hurling people through the air left and right, superhero-style. And a hat. Don’t forget the hat. Seth has a hat and he’s clearly the most powerful vampire of them all! 🤣

    April’s and Faith’s banter over the “little doggy” cracks me up 😂 oh April, you’re so precious. I wonder if her being reluctant at getting close to Caleb again is because he took all the “lust” so she just has none, or if it’s a leftover instinct/trauma from the first time they slept together. Or both. Or neither.

    Oh. Oh. No. Well, hell. I mean, they’re still vampires, so who knows how a human pregnancy test reacts to vampire gloop, especially when half of that gloop or more is probably still from Lilith. Caleb, April, Faith and Melinda are so so soooooo unfit to handle this. Well, maybe Melinda could, but not with the three of them to muck things up. Gah. My first thought here is “welp. There’s a reason to reach out to Lilith again” but they won’t, will they?

    Comment is getting enormous. Will post the second half on your thread later.

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    1. That is a possibility, although she might want to keep it gloopy. “April apologising for making the two of them infertile vampires surprised me.” I see. 😉

      Um, it’s sort of neither? Seth’s just processing it all, then he’ll tell you, I’m sure.

      Definitely the clothes, you’ve solved the mystery of AE! Now here we have the clothing naming issue again, perhaps, because in England, a vest is a thin, sleeveless, buttonless usually cotton-esque garment, sort of like that she’s already wearing, but longer, which really wouldn’t add anything to her power. 🤣 Maybe she needs a jacket, cardigan, gilet, coat, hoodie, sweatshirt or a jumper. No, not a sweater. We’re not weird, OK. Brits are normal; everyone else is weird.

      I had dog jokes for days, but this chapter was already massive, so Faith’s teasing ends there. Ah, OK, theory time. Something’s holding April back, you are correct there and it is one of those 4 things you suggested it might be.

      Maybe Lilith is the pregnant one. 😮 But yes, they have a positive test but no way to confirm it, really so I guess we wait and see what grows… or doesn’t. “There’s a reason to reach out to Lilith again” another one to add to the list of about a thousand reasons, now.

      Oooh OK, exciting. I wait on tenterhooks then to see if you liked Wyatt’s shirt.


  4. It’s kind of sad Melinda who hates Caleb cared to have asked about his past more than April, his “significant other” (though that terms i really not right for those two, haha). Also, while I get why they question whether what he said about old vampires and his parents is true, they do know that Lilith is the older sibling – at least I think they do – so you’d think they assume what he knows came from her. Of course, in their eyes he has supposedly been an adult in the last 300 years, but really, he isn’t great at “making shit up.” It’s precisely because he’s as clueless as they say that any “factual” information he goves them would have had to have come from somewhere…

    Great, Faith, throw yourself a pity party of your supposed lack of powers and shrug off poor Danny. You’re totally worse of than him, yep. “for some reason I like the idea less today than yesterday” Interesting. Does that mean whatever tempering Seth did with her is mind is settling back to normal? Does that mean Seth will be getting back to “normal” too? ( ecause these guys are all perfectly normal. LOL)

    Aww, I did feel for April in that moment where she was trying to decide if she felt worse about the prospect of getting intimate with Caleb again or the prospect of drinking his blood. What a mess she’s in.

    Ah geez Caleb, you really need to stop giving rhetorical commands like that. Actually, I just thought of something grim but I think I’ll just keep that to myself. In any case, I don’t know if I’m fully convinced April is pregnant just yet. These guys have too much external blood going through their blood stream to safely say the HCG was hers. Which could have some interesting implications…

    Hey, not cool Wyatt, trying to pawn off the potion gone haywire on Broof. But Sage knows whats up. I like her. You’ll probably make me regret saying that.

    I also feel like I should make not of this Datura think, I bet it will make an appearance later. Also, if Broof had an inkling what Wyatt was trying to make, I doubt Sage won’t figure it out.

    Are we getting to meet the Globrot twins and Toadella? Because they sound fantastic.

    Bhahahaha yep, your life is hell Wyatt. He is fab.

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    1. I think at this point, the girls are just generally becoming rather disillusioned with Mr. Vatore as a whole.

      Hey now, come on. Faith’s a vampire who can’t do anything and has a ‘boyfriend’ who at best is holding out on her and at worst is trying to screw her over completely. Danny has all the soup he could ever want. Who’s winning? We get a lovely and not at all disturbing account from everyone’s favourite potato soon that will shed some light on the workings of Faith’s brain. He’s just processing it.

      She is in a mess. Poor April.

      Ooh! Grim thoughts! You should share them or they might fester in your brain and, um, rot your head. Interesting implications indeed.

      Bad Wyatt! Although, Broof WAS the one who ruined the potion. Hey, I won’t make you regret saying anything. Datura might make another appearance, but if it does I’ll explain it again because I don’t expect anyone to be as interested in poisonous plants as I am, don’t worry 🤣

      You’ll meet all the witches, eventually. Oh! There will be roles to fill in the coven, so I might soon be scouting for sims…

      Literal hell.

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  5. I don’t believe April is pregnant. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explananation why the test ‘failed’. Different vampire physiology and stuff…

    So if vampires can be casters, any chance that Seth’s green-eyed nightmare was one? And who exactly is a priestess and what does she do?

    So, I’m all caught up and now I have no idea what to do with myself. 😩

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    1. This could very well be true.
      All good questions and you shall get answers.
      Welcome to the end of your binge! You now join all the others in limbo land, waiting for the next piece of the puzzle and hoping that it’s one you want. Here are some fun activities to try while you wait: one of Babs’s recipes, go stargazing atop a cliff, watch a horror movie, read another story preferably a romance novel written by an elderly relative, find a man who’s never seen his face and draw his portrait, see how many of the secret pages you can find (there’s a prize if you find them all), run around aimlessly, have terrible sex with a vampire of your choice, drink absinthe, make a wig or shoplift some bleach. Enjoy!

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  6. Okay, no fire yet. Good, good. April´s blood practically congealing inside of her sounds terrifying though. And not only because it could possibly be a pregnancy sign but mostly because… well, even vamps do need some circulation, don´t they?

    And now April knows Danny´s name. And, as half expected, she can´t read minds yet while she´s actually trying. Strong theme there, not trying.

    I /had/ thought whatever Seth did with Faith´s mind was fading… but apparently not? I´ll wait for more clues there. But dang, hunting is not the safer option. Uh-oh.

    And yes, how does this even work? I don´t think I trust a pregnancy test done on blood anyway, much less on a va mpire´s blood. It´s much more likely that… hey, wait. Wait, wait. Extraneous blood. April drank from Jess. Jess /could/ be pregnant. And it could theoretically make April all hormonal, too, being full of blood like that.

    What do April and Mel have that Faith doesn ´t, though? It is an interesting question. April might have magic. Mel… well, what does make a good vampire hunter, anyway? There´s /something/ passing down through that family, isn ´t there? Besides, Mel had a teacher she actually listened to for at least that one night they were running, so there´s that.

    Trumpet shaped. Is Datura durian? I think I do like Wyatt´s effort, yes. 😀 Unlike Sage. I don´t think I like Sage. 😦 She´s too Lilith-like. And definitely a killjoy.
    And that weird saying of hers, that sounds almost like it´s supposed to be literal. Like… how long is that, anyway? It´s almost like Wyatt´s either considered too young to use his powers still or is barred from using them for something he did for a really long time. Bleh.

    And I most definitely do not like even the thought of there being a high priestess. Sounds like an extra dangerous enemy somewhere nearby. Eeek.

    And you´re looking for sims? But they´d have to be witches, right?

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    1. The vamps have a sludgy circulation yes, caused more by the movement of muscles rather than a heartbeat, though.

      April did drink from Jess, so this is probable. She’s drunk from a number of women though, if you want to go down that route.

      Datura is part of the nightshade family, a poisonous plant that can induce hallucinations. Oh dear, not a Sage fan? Lilith-like, I see. A million hours is about 114 years. It could be one of those reasons, yes.

      Every coven needs a leader, this one has a High Priestess. Just what the vamps need, right? More enemies! Let’s hope they pulls ranks.

      Any sims! I can witchify them if necessary. I’ll be collecting them for book three, so there’s time.


      1. So… this isn´t an anomaly, then? What April said sounded almost like it would be impossible to drink from her right now…

        Hmm… true. I just jumped to Jess because she´s the most recent one. I think? If it was like this though, then Caleb would have been totally right. Sickness caused by something in the human´s blood, nothing to worry about. *snicker*

        *looks it up* Yep. I guess we just have a weird name for it, then. Thought that was what the plant´s called outside latin. XD Uh-huh, feeding minds, alright. I do like Wyatt´s efforts.
        Hmmm… considering Wyat´s 76 and looks… young-adult, I´m now leaning towards the “too young” theory. Pssssh.

        Pull ranks. Dunno how they´d do that but I certainly hope so. 😀

        Ooooh. If there is a wicked witch slot… you know, the sort that´s vampire friendly and not at all a killjoy, I might know a girl for the job. ;D

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        1. Harder, but not impossible, no. 😉

          And Caleb’s always right, so everyone can relax! 😆

          So many contradictions and spoiler mines in that last sentence. I cannot even reply. 😆 If you wants your sim to be vampire friendly, best not put her in the coven… I do have somewhere in mind but, later.


          1. Oh. Tee-hee, I see.

            Hehe, oh the irony is strong. But isn ´t it the best when a complete doofus is right for once and nobody believes him and runs around headless for nothing? XD

            *grins* Not the coven, then. Do poke me. :DD

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh, Ps: I clicked open the next chapter, saw an extra cute white kitty… then saw the disclaimer and went awww… fire. Means I´ll be back later, got a long shift today. D:

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