Chapter 2.24 – Ego Blow

“Lorna Broad-Castor here, still somehow awake and continuing your 24/7 coverage of the Sandy Moss Murder story. Eagle-eyed viewers among you may notice that a clock has been added to the screen, enabling those of you who are fully immersed in this story to now remember what day it is and allowing me to slowly count away the minutes of my seemingly never-ending shift.

“On to the headlines. Again. The husband of the late, great Sandy Moss, Travis Davies, has confessed to her murder and is currently in jail waiting for something to happen to him. In an unusual twist, the butler of Sandy Moss, Broof Hogwash, has this evening been released from prison, having had all of the charges against him dropped. He declined our request for an interview.

“Sandy’s beloved daughter, April Moss, still 18, has now been missing for ten days, along with her friends, Whatshername and Thingamabob. The two suspects wanted in connection with April’s disappearance, Paul Pants and William Wangshaft are still evading police.

“If anyone has any information on the location of April, her friends or these two wanted men, for the love of Watcher, get in touch with police.

“Next up, we have yet another inconclusive feature about Sandy Moss’s ill-fated marriage. I’ll be back with the headlines in, oh look, ten minutes. Great.”

“So it wasn’t the butler,” Babs whispered, watching as the promised feature began to play and cooing over how pretty and hopeful Sandy had looked on her wedding day. She’d seen this feature a few times now and her eyes were still drawn down, willing the camera to pan lower…

It didn’t. Babs sank back into her well-tenderised spot on the sofa staring at the television. She had to be up for work in a few hours, but even if she wasn’t loaded to the eyeballs on caffeine and sugar, she wasn’t sure she would have been able to sleep.

For the first time in almost a decade, she and Adina had really spoken.

The conversation had been, unsurprisingly, awkward and stilted. This was not the kind of rift that could be mended over a cup of chamomile tea and a plate of punny cookies, but it did appear that this was one rift that could be mended with time and humility.

Babs was still staring at the bottom of the television screen, waiting for the final shot in this feature where she’d glimpse the shadow of Sandy’s baby bump under her carefully tailored dress.

She jumped at the sound of the front door unlocking. It was too early for Chuck to be home, did that mean? Was it? Her heart skipped a beat.


“Only me,” Chuck replied, stumbling in. “I didn’t think you’d still be up.”

“I can see that. “Babs shook her head and closed her eyes, but when she opened them, she was greeted by the same absurd scene. She gestured to the young woman draped around her husband’s neck but words escaped her.

Chuck drew a breath, but before he could reply, the woman – barely more than a girl, really – was trying to form cohesive sentences.

“Hi! You mush be Babs! Oh, ish so nice to meetchu!” she slurred, waving. “Your housh ish so pretty! So orange! Chuck says sush nice things ’bout -hic- ’bout you.”

“Does he,” Babs replied, unamused. “Sorry, who are you?”

“I’m Lith… Liliff.” She burped and startled herself. ‘Scuse me! I’m jush a teensy bit… um, pished. And Chuck ish so nice, offerin’ me a bed. But I’m not tryin to shleep wiff your man, love. Honest.”

She fell heavily against Chuck who was struggling to stay upright. Babs raised an inquisitive eyebrow at her husband; all that was needed to clearly convey her question after so many years of marriage.

Chuck sighed. “Help me get her up to Melinda’s room and I’ll explain.”

In his pre-occupied, self-analytical frame of mind, Seth had wandered to the foot of the old castle ruins and was staring at the tall, foreboding building in the distance, trying to piece together his thoughts, his timeline.

He tried working backwards, through his fragmented and vague human memories. He remembered being released from The Tower, being in The Tower, but he did not remember a great deal before that, other than the odd flash of being, evidently, not the best behaved of children.

He tried working forwards; remembered moving back to Windenburg after his release and adding in the pieces of his pet cat and the original green-eyed woman, who he assumed had been a lover. The next thing he remembered with any clarity was being awoken on a roadside in 1734, with an inexplicable thirst, by a concerned coachman, whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As far as he was aware, from there, he wasn’t missing anything. So who was this glowing-eyed demonic woman? Had she made him a vampire and if so, why? Why did she abandon him? Where did she go? Why was he only remembering her now? He had tried, and failed, to lie hundreds of times. Why was tonight any different?

He stared out over the vista, contemplating, as he did most nights, how it was possible to feel like a stranger in his own skin.

He had calmed himself as the memories had, once again, faded to black along with the complicated cesspit of emotions they had stirred. He absent-mindedly adjusted his belt, pressed his fingertips against the wound in his hip that was already grafting itself back together. Something must have triggered these memories, but what or who?

Was it that human? Something she’d said? There had been that cat, but that wasn’t the first cat he’d held in his existence. It wasn’t even the first white one; he often fed that similar-looking one that frequented the forests of Forgotten—

“What is that place?”

Seth nearly leapt off the rock face in shock. He hadn’t even heard Faith approaching. He took a moment to listen, but he couldn’t hear any of her thoughts again tonight. He had bigger things to worry about than what kind of filth the fledgling was fantasising about, though.

He could see the old cottage from this vantage point, so it was possible that she’d seen him from her window. Still, it surprised him that she’d seek him out; they hadn’t exactly parted on great terms and he had planned to ignore her for a few more days while she’d adequately festered.

Perhaps she simply couldn’t resist him.

“That’s The Tower,” he replied, staring off into the distance, acting disinterested.

Faith followed his gaze, standing slightly behind him, he could sense her hands hovering near his waist as she spoke. “What is that? Like a prison or something?”

He turned to her, watched her tuck her hands swiftly behind her back, her lips curled in a cruel smile. “It’s a psychiatric hospital now. But it used to be a place to imprison the criminally insane.”

She nodded. Seth wondered what he’d say if she asked what else he knew about it; but Faith didn’t seem to care.

“It’s an interesting shape,” she said. “Clearly built by a man who needed to compensate.”

But of course, how predictable. What else did he expect from his nymphomanic neophyte other than vulgarity?

However, her superficial salaciousness did mean that he was back in familiar territory. “Built by the Wangshafts. Ancestors of your charming friend, I do believe.”

Faith scoffed, “You mean Will? He’s hardly my friend.”

Seth waited; technically that was a question but he found he had no desire to answer. And importantly, no flashes of that devil woman screaming at him, either.

Faith seemed content with her misinterpretation of his words. She took his hand and smiled. “So what are you doing out here, not half a mile from where I’m staying? Following me again, little doggy?”

Well, this was far easier a reunion than he’d anticipated. He snaked his hand around her waist, drawing her nearer. Perhaps if he could relax her enough, maybe even slip her unconscious, he could explore the tantalising tangle of her mind a little more, see where she was at. Maybe even unlock a few more of his memories…

“How could I stay away?” he purred.

She grabbed him by the belt and he relented. Their lips inches apart she whispered, “I thought you didn’t want me if I wasn’t willing to be your accessory to horrific, unnecessary murder?”

“You have other uses,” he murmured. Nice and vague, he knew exactly how she’d interpret that.

So to say that he was startled when she shoved him away was an understatement. He staggered back a pace, eyeing her suspiciously, unable to keep the irritation from his voice.


Her expression was almost coy, almost hurt and yet entirely insincere. In a cutesy voice, a fabulous impression of April, she said, “I don’t want to kiss you. You were super mean to me, Seth.”

He raised an eyebrow in response. He could tell by her excessive pout that she was teasing him, testing him and yet even as he dismissed her efforts, he felt compelled to comply. To utter the damn ‘s-word’ she clearly wanted to hear.

“I’m…” He screwed up his face, changed his mind. “What can I say? I’m a heartless bastard.”

Faith laughed and patted his cheek. “You think you are. You say I’m not worth chasing and yet here you are, following me again, like a lovesick puppy. You just can’t apologise, can you? Is saying you’re sorry too much of an ego blow, Seth?”

He bristled. “What do I have to apologise for?” he snarled. “For not submitting to your flighty whims or fitting in with your pathetic party?”

Faith shrugged. “No-one invited you to the party. Admit it; you’re lonely and have nothing better to do. You need me a hell of a lot more than I need you.”

“I don’t need you.”


He cleared his throat, composed himself; tried not to outwardly appear that he was teetering on the brink. “Are you quite done, Fledgling? I told you, your chances aren’t unlimited and my patience is wearing thin.”

Faith’s shoulders dropped. She pursed her lips, leaned in towards him. Here we go, he thought. She’s as desperate as ever.

“Fuck off, Seth,” she hissed. “How about that?”


She turned on her heel and sashayed off through the long grass. He watched her go with no intention to follow. But something about the exaggerated, metronomic swing of Faith’s hips, lulled him headfirst into another forgotten memory..

Bloody hell; more women? Who were they? Was his whole human life a series of flings and flirtations with every skirt in the village? Did Lilith bury these memories, too?

Look, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave Faith alone. 

How could he know what was good for himself if he didn’t have a clue who ‘himself’ was? He couldn’t leave it. Not now. He had to know.

“Faith,” he called, begrudgingly.

She paused, turned her head slightly and waited.

Seth gritted his teeth. “I’m… I…” he began and stuttered to a stop. He was willing himself to just say the damn word. He could do it, he assured himself. He could sacrifice a little control here in order to gain the upper hand. “I’m sorry. All right? There, I said it, you win. I’m sorry.”

Faith nodded, but didn’t turn around. “Keep working on that. Maybe one day it’ll sound sincere,” she said and carried on walking.

He growled in frustration. “I said I’m sorry. What do you want me to do? Beg?”

He realised his mistake the second the word left his lips.

She stopped, turned to face him, almost in slow-motion.

“That might work.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” he groaned.

“Oh no, I’m deadly serious.” She grinned. “Go ahead, I don’t have all night. Melinda’s taking forever with her first prey so I’ve gotta go find some other loser to fuck and drain.”

Ah, so his tweaking of her sympathy towards humans appeared to be working; at least something was going right. He huffed. “I’m not begging for your forgiveness, Faith.”

“Suit yourself.” Faith shrugged and carried on walking. “Enjoy staring longingly at the giant cock-shaped loony bin, after you’ve finished ogling my ass, of course.”

He gasped. Green-eyed woman. The original one. What was… what was going on there? Damn! He couldn’t let her leave, he had to know.

“All right.” He shook his head, repeatedly asking himself what the hell he was doing even as he whispered. “I’m begging you, Faith.”

“Did you say something?” Faith asked. “I didn’t quite catch it. Say it again. Louder.”

“You heard me,” he snapped.

“Heard what?” Faith asked innocently.

He sighed, looking at Faith’s face with contempt. Oh, she was enjoying this, the little bitch. “Fine! I’m begging you!”

“Begging me for what?” Faith asked, licking her teeth.

“Gah!” He just couldn’t win here. His pride was already on the floor, might as well just give her what she wanted. “I’m begging you to forgive me.”

Faith tapped her chin. “I’m just not really believing it.” She grinned wickedly. “Perhaps it would be more convincing if you were on your knees…”

He was rapidly losing his patience now; his hand twitched restlessly at his side. “You want me on my damn knees?”

“Oh, I really do.”

Seth considered his options. He could simply leave, but would that mean remaining in the dark about his former life and his missing pieces, forever mulling over the fragments he had, weaving his theories and filling in his blanks, never knowing if he was right? If Lilith had warned him about Faith, it must be because she could unlock something in him, he reasoned.

With trepidation, he lowered himself to the ground.

Faith was unable to hide her surprise. “Why are you kneeling?” she asked.

Was she serious? “You just bloody told me to!” he shouted.

“But why?” she repeatedly, mischievously.

He bit his tongue. He knew what she wanted. “Because I hurt you, I’m sorry and I’m begging you for forgiveness,” he said quickly. Feeling ridiculous, he went to rise.

“No.” Faith commanded, “Stay.”

He complied without question. Another thing he wasn’t looking forward to analysing later; it was utterly humiliating and yet relinquishing his control felt… liberating.

As the minutes ticked past, Faith began humming a happy little tune. “Nice night, isn’t it?”

“Are you quite done?” He sighed, trying to sound unruffled by the whole evening’s events. “Didn’t you need to go and find a ‘loser to fuck and drain’?”

Faith smiled and patted Seth on the head.

“I think I’ve found one,” she said.

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 2.24 – Ego Blow

  1. Lorna is looking fantastic in spite of her lack of sleep. I hope they allow her potty breaks. Ah, so 10th May, I did not know that, good to know. And wow, it’s only been 10 days? That is incredible. Will our misfits survive another 10 days? Hmmm…. nope, at least not all of them, if what we’ve seen so far as just been 10 days.

    Why is Babs willing the camera to pan down? Does she want to see if Sandy or Travis ar holding a gun against the other person in the wedding footage? Oh, right. Baby bump. Don’t mind me.

    Ok, I know that I shouldn’t encourage Lilith’s drinking problem, but I like Lilith so much more than sober Lilith. Also, I’m curious to see if vampiric hangover is a thing, because if so, she’ll be rough tomorrow.

    Gah, baby Seth, someone’s pulling out the big guns. That can’t be good. He was adorable.

    Nymphomanic neophyte has a nice ring to it. Other than that I still have no clue what’s happening with Seth and Faith, other than that whatever this hokey pokey is, neither of them are being themselves. My only vague guess is that Seth’s equilibrium, AKA “I don’t give crap about anything”-ness has somehow shifted to Faith. I don’t imagine he would have intended to do that, but perhaps messed up. Although we don’t really know enough about what equilibrium is or how it works. Is the lying thing connected to it, or was that a separate bargain with cat lady? I don’t think Faith is unable to lie, based on what we’re seeing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I imagine Lorna having to run off during features, but the news studio lot doesn’t actually have a toilet, or a fridge. I’m not really sure how she’s still alive. Yes, only ten days since they ran away and already so very much has happened. Ooh, banking on a death in the next few days, are we?

      That would have been some wedding footage, if Travis had had a gun in Sandy’s gut the whole time. Although, knowing this news channel and their firm grip of the facts, they might have superimposed one in.

      “I shouldn’t encourage the alcoholic, but go on! Have another! You’re shitty when you’re sober!” Never volunteer at an AA meeting. 🤣 Melinda and April had hangovers after their heavy sesh previously, but Lilith is a hardcore drinker so we’ll see.

      Big guns? If you think kiddo Seth was cute, wait ’til you see toddler Seth. Even the most murderous, fudged up vampires began as cutesy little button-nosed beans. Except Lilith; she was ugly as sin as a toddler.

      Correct, neither are being themselves because Faith is putting on her ‘crude mask’ as she calls it and Seth has no bloody idea who ‘himself’ is. Equilibrium as a concept is the balance of opposing forces, so applied here it’s the idea that power must have a corresponding weakness/caveat to ‘balance it out’. Seth thought his weakness was his inability to lie but now devil woman has shown up and confused him. Is his lying a weakness attained by being too powerful as he thought? Is it a behaviour that was afflicted/conditioned in him by the previously forgotten silver-haired lady? Or is it something else?

      “…perhaps messed up” Seth? Mess up? Never… he’s the self-proclaimed ‘Master of Minds’, don’t you know. 😉


  2. It definitely surprises me that it has only been ten days since April started this ragnarok. Since then everything has started to fall apart and there have been more dramas than one can expect in a decade.
    But since I’m a big fan of development stories, I’m extremely satisfied.

    April’s father has taken full responsibility for Sandy’s murder. I think about how much he knows when it comes down to it 🤔

    Barb hopes for a positive development in relation to Adina. She is interrupted in her daydreams by Chuck coming tumbling in the door with a senseless drunk young woman.
    It amazes me that Lilith is alert enough to present herself. At least she’s trying.
    I love Barb and Chuck implied silent language. I am anxious to hear Chuck’s explanation and how Lilith reacts when she wakes up after having slept it off 😏

    I see that Faith likes to dominate and surprisingly, it seems to satisfy Seth … much against his desire.
    Faith has some sort of key to unlock Seth’s forgotten memories and he is obsessed with the longing to know more.

    Women have certainly had an impact on Seth in his past. After seeing his pursuer with predator eyes I can well fear what is hiding in the depths.
    I really hope Faith is woman enough to handle what’s coming. But considering her young age, I think for her it’s more about an exciting game of dominance.
    Seth has revealed some soft sides in the form of his love for soft cuddly cats. Maybe he’s not as tough as he would like to appear. Seth appears as a pathetic wimp in this chapter which makes me understand his urge to torture and destroy his prey. A horrific victim who turns into a cruel executioner.
    Now it looks like he’s found a new mistress … or she’s found him? 🤕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your whole comment is simply… ❤ It’s almost like you’re looking at my notes. Yessss, I too love a story where you see everything develop and especially those that unfold ‘real-time’.

      I’m not sure I would have been as calm as Babs was if my partner came home in the middle of the night when they should have been at work, with a pretty, young, drunk woman in their arms, so hopefully Babs will continue to be understanding.

      All of your observations are bang on, but “I see that Faith likes to dominate and surprisingly, it seems to satisfy Seth … much against his desire.” I think that sums it up really, especially that last part. There’s a lot of grey and sketchy areas in my story but as you correctly identify; just because the character complies, does not necessarily mean they consent. It’s all a fun power game for Faith, but yes, perhaps something other than Faith has driven Seth to his knees here.

      “A horrific victim who turns into a cruel executioner.” 😓 You’ll have to listen very hard to hear the beeps in Seth’s past, that’s for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay double post vomit. Are you tired of me yet? 😀

    Bahaha I just love your sim names! Broad-Castor! Hogwash! And lord those news people do not do their due diligence. I’d be so frustrated as a viewer with Whatshername and Thingamabob hahaha!

    Am I missing something? Why does Babs want the camera to pan lower? Its not like Travis’s last name was Bigpen or something. (Sorry that was the first thing that came to my mind. Yes I’m gross. Shoot me.) Moving on, Sandy my gosh actually looks kinda nice and sweet on her wedding day. Man, how the woman can act is kinda admirable.

    OH. BABY BUMP. Not whatever slimy thoughts I had at all. Why though? What’s interesting about a baby bump? >.> My thoughts are all negative as usual so ima skip those.

    Ok so I’m mistaken. Scary Silver haired lady doesn’t only appear if he’s trying to lie for his benefit. Hmm.. actually, it was kinda for his benefit. But there’s something else here. I haven’t put my finger on it yet. If I manage to find anything in my scrambly thoughts I’ll drop it off on your thread.

    Ok I forgot what theory I said about Wangshaft tower, but I’m getting a ‘I knew it’ feeling, but nothing’s been confirmed here even so I’m just going to keep reading the next chapters.

    Dear lord, Faith. Well played. At least that’s how I interpreted it. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean so I’m not going to go into too detail about this one. It was still all sides hard to read, but my saying that I thought it was super well-presented. And if you were trying to go for that. Yes, definitely a heavy dose of it there. ‘Relinquishing control felt liberating’ /sigh. No. I refuse to understand you. Keep being an asshole. Stop swaying my opinions of your characters, Snuffy!

    I wondered at one point of time if green eyed, brown haired woman and silver haired, green eyed woman were the same people. Maybe she electrocuted herself in her vampiric form and got a perma perm. Lol random thought. Again, I blame it on morning. Also wondering if Seth grew up in a brothel. I don’t know if you did it on purpose, but the overdone cheeks aka too much make up, sashaying hips, being surrounded by woman, Seth pickpocketing as a kid in the previous chapter and Silver-hair’s aggressive nature just points to it. Like silver could be the.. ‘Brothel Mama’. Uh. What’s it called in English? Pimp? But it’s more than a pimp, oh well. Pimp it is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never tired of you.

      Travis must have had something going for him. Actually, being male was probably good enough for Sandy.

      Super well-presented, not entirely consensual D/s game between the over-excited teenager on a massive power trip and the guy on the brink of a breakdown? Thanks! Nice to see where my writing talent lies. 🤣

      I so want to get to the point where you know these women’s names so I can save me some excessive typing of their given ones. So now Seth grew up in a brothel and was dragged into a life of crime by his silver-haired Fagin/brothel madam? Poor Seth!


  4. Oh hey, that clock and date in the news broadcasts is a great way of letting us readers know just how much time has passed! That, and Lorna being completely done with the whole story and everyone’s cr*p made me laugh. Poor woman. Sandy and April will be permanently etched into her memory at this rate, her wedding videos floating past every time she closes her eyes 😂

    Oh, Babs. I wonder if she’s waiting for the shot of Sandy’s baby bump because it’s a gossip scandal kind of thing, or because Babs wants a child of her own but isn’t able to. It’s probably that second one. 😔 I’m so glad that Adina did end up inviting her back in. They seemed to close in their flashbacks, hopefully they can find some of that closeness again over time. Also, was Adina already blind in those flashbacks? I’ve been wondering about that one for a while now, too.

    Hah! So Chuck did end up taking Lilith back to his house. Her drunken slurring is adorable. I hope she’s better with Morning-after hangovers than April and Melinda were.

    I already talked to you about this in detail but my gods, everything Faith does in this chapter rubs me the wrong way so incredibly much. I’m hoping that this power play at Seth’s expense is a side effect of whatever mind altering shenanigans Seth has tried to do, but I have a feeling that it might not be. For some reason that makes it so much worse. Their whole “relationship” is just trying to use each other for their own ends and get one up over the other person, isn’t it? I actually felt bad for Seth in this chapter. Homicidal tendencies aside he was clearly not okay with what she was doing to him, even though his body was responding, but Faith didn’t care about his discomfort at all. The whole thing left such a bad taste in my mouth 😣 fantastically written, Snuffy. I don’t mean that mockingly – your ability to mess with my emotions through your writing and make me rage over the treatment over a character I despise is amazing. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, if you think Lorna’s done now, just you wait.

      Adina’s eyesight has been slowly deteriorating throughout her life. As was Faith’s. There’s more to come on this later.

      I know we’ve discussed at length, but I’m still amazed that you felt bad for Bitey Fopdoodle. 😮 Wouldn’t be fun if all the characters were easy to love or hate, would it? Well, it wouldn’t be fun for me. *evil laugh*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What can I say? He might be a homicidal maniac that messes with people’s minds for fun and absolutely deserves to be knocked down a peg, but I still don’t like watching people get mistreated. 😅

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, this was DELICIOUS. Listen, you know I love my little murderhobo, but man was it satisfying to watch Faith wrap him around her little finger. I mean, she is playing with fire. Seth is on the search for something and I fear she’s going to mistake his moment of weakness for meaning something. Because no matter how tough Faith acts, she does want to mean something to someone.

    I died at Lilith drunkenly complimenting Bab’s house. I realized that up until this point, we’ve been in Lilith’s head while she was drinking so we assumed she had more control. But after the last few chapters, I can only imagine what she was like at the bar from everyone else’s perspective.

    I’m a big catch up being so I’m gonna limit my comment, but man do I have a thousand questions about the tower and the green-eyed lady…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘Little murderhobo’ aw. Yes, yes she most certainly is. Goading the psychotic, mind-controlling vampire after the night he’s had could have gone so very, very badly. Still might, as your last point there is certainly true.

      Yes, Lilith. Not quite the ‘in control ice queen’ in that moment.

      Yay! Questions. You might even get answers. Hurrah!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. It occurred to me what if this green-eyed woman was locked in the tower too? What if she was a relative of the Wankshafts and they kept her there, bringing her prey? Far-fetched, I know, but I thought I’d share this idea. 😏

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So, Travis having finally gone through with his plan is a good thing… I believe. At least something´s going right.

    Poor Babs. And Poor Chuck. I really… what´s there to say.

    And now. We get a glimpse of Seth being a cute little rascal as a kid, but we get no idea exactly why he found himself in the Tower. Of course, those would be the more important memories, so probably more effort went into burying them. Hmm… he may have been already terrible then, or he may have been framed for some sort of crime… “criminally insane,” well, well, well… then again, the criminally insane haven´t often been released, have they? That is one very interesting riddle right there.

    Step two, it´s kind of weird that he woke up alone. Wouldn´t whoever turned him do it to keep him? Maybe he wasn´t freshly turned then, though. Either way, I expect it to have something to do with the destruction of the group Medusa belonged to. The easiest way to reply to “where did she go” would certainly be to assume her dead. Ugh. It definitely seems like she messed up his mind very, very thoroughly before turning him, though.

    Also, he says he tried and failed to lie many times. But the first time he lied tonight, he hadn´t been trying, had he? He only realized what he said after the fact. Might have something to do with it.

    …the rest… well. I´ll tell you what I think. I think that Seth is remembering things rather quickly now. And when he does piece together the whole picture… oh, I´m slowly loosing my ability to care about exactly what happens /then./ >:D (Which is a more wordy way to say that I´m “show dark form” level mad at Faith right now.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Something’s going right! Hurrah!

      Yeah, he probably didn’t end up in the Tower for pickpocketing. Framed you say, interesting. And no, good spot, the criminally insane would not have typically been released back then, so there is certainly something up with that.

      “Wouldn´t whoever turned him do it to keep him?” that’s typically the reason, isn’t it? Medusa was not the loveliest of individuals, no.

      Another good spot, no he wasn’t trying. Seems to be a trend, doesn’t it? Getting better results when it’s effortless, when they’re not trying.

      Ooh, so Faith is helping him get his memory back, but you’re also mad at her and don’t care what happens to her if he does get his memory back? I wonder what you think will happen.


      1. *grins happily at so many things caught*

        About Medusa… her being a woman makes this saying a bit clumsy but vampires seem to sometimes call the one who turns a sire no matter what, so… “Like father, like son,” isn´t it. ;D

        Definitely does seem to be a trend, yes. It´s probably why Mel was faster than Caleb too, come to think of it. Even though she´s just a fledgeling and barely acquainted with her powers.

        Honestly, yeah. I thought the two of them could be good for each other at the start, but… that one´s close to sinking, if it hasn´t already. It probably has.
        And you wonder what I think will happen, yeah? Hmmm, you sure you wanna know that? …actually, I don´t know. This whole mess is too complicated to really predict anything. Seth´s mind is a mess and who knows what place it will be in once it stops spinning in circles? That on top of you doing The Thing again. You know which one. The “is he a villain, ain´t he a villain” thing. So, no predictions.
        But I /am/ remembering that there is a chapter looming that has everyone running around on fire… even though that seems too soon. So that will probably be about someone else entirely. *sigh*

        Liked by 1 person

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