Chapter 2.23 – Undoing

Lilith’s eyes were looking in slightly different directions as she propped herself up on the back of the sofa; her words a jumbled mess of slurred syllables. “And then Caleb walks into the cottage, right, stinking of smoke and tells me that he can’t go back to that barber’s again. Oh, and that we need to leave town. And I still don’t quite understand what he did. And I climbed in his head and everything, I did, trying to understand.”

“You climbed into his head?” Chuck asked, slightly amused despite his concern.

“Yesh,” Lilith replied. “I can do that, get in heads. Like right now, you’re thinking that I must be very, very drunk. But -pfft!- I’m not.”

He was thinking that, but that was hardly proof of telepathy. Lilith hadn’t been able to sit upright for the last hour. Her last five drinks had been pure juice and she hadn’t even noticed.

“But, you know, that’s not the worst thing Caleb ever did. Oh devil, no,” she lowered her voice. “There’s the unspeakable event that took place at a bar in Britechester involving six students, three thousand simoleons, a pool table and a lobster—“

“A lobster?” Oh my. Chuck wasn’t sure he wanted to hear any more colourful stories about Lilith’s brother. He was still reeling from the one about the wedding. Chuck tried not to be judgemental, but really, what kind of person slept with another’s crying fiancé the night before their wedding? “Let’s keep the lobster one unspoken, shall we? Got into a lot of scrapes in his youth I see. How old is he now?”

“He’s fourteen years younger than me,” she whispered from behind her hand.

“Why are you whispering?” Chuck whispered back.

“I don’t know,” Lilith replied, still whispering.

Chuck was confused for a moment, looking carefully at Lilith’s face. “How can he be fourteen years younger than you? How old are you, Lilith? If you don’t mind my asking.”

She tried to playfully thump him, but completely missed. Her fist landed on the sofa, inches from his arm. “How dare you ask a lady her age!” she said with mock outrage, her outburst ending in a giggle and a hiccup.

“She’s thirty-seven,” came a voice from the bar.

Chuck shook his head, disbelieving. “So Caleb is twenty-three? He’s certainly done a lot in his twenty-three years.”

“And yet nothing at all.” Lilith shrugged. “But it’s not his fault,” she said, leaning back and tapping her head. “His brain is all buggered up because father was an arsehole to him. Ruined him. Oh, Chuck – he was so little. Much too little.” She fell quiet for a while before she continued; staring at nothing, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I’ve spent my whole existence undoing the damage. I tried to make it better, I really did, so how have I made everything worse? They all hate me. And do you know why? I think it’s because I became too much like my father, who was an arsehole,” she clarified, thoughtfully. “I think I’m an arsehole, Chuck.”

“I see,” Chuck said sympathetically. He watched as Lilith stared into space, lost in thought. If she hadn’t consumed so much alcohol he might have pursued the subject, explored what was clearly a heavy weight to bear. But he thought it best to swiftly change the topic, before he had a hopelessly depressed drunk on his hands.

“How long have you had your practice for, Lilith?”

She took a long while to focus, blinking at him as if he was a very bright light. “This one? Three years.”

“So what do you think?” He joked, “I’m nearly sixty; is it time I had a face lift?”

She shook her head vigorously and took his arm, looking in his general direction and drumming his fingertips lightly with her own.

“No! No, no, no! You have a nice face. Soft.”

The touch of her skin sent a shockwave through him along with an aftershock of deja vu. He tried to pull his arm back, but she gripped his wrist, holding firmly.

“Good gracious, Lilith!” he exclaimed. “You’re freezing!”

She nodded and hissed between her teeth, “That’s because I am dead. But you’re not dead, Mister Nice Face.” She held her fingertip against his and he became acutely aware of the intensity of his own pulse. “You are alive. Just me that’s dead. Just me. Dead, dead, dead.”

Something was amiss, but he couldn’t quite establish what it was. “You’re not dead either, Lilith—“

“Correct!” she announced. “Ten points! I am undead. Visible only to people and bobblygraphs.”


“The probey thingies the turkey foil people have.”

Chuck had no idea what she meant. He watched her as she repeated the word undead to herself over and over, quietly, sadly as she continued to stroke his fingertip.

Yes, she was officially talking nonsense. “Come now, let’s get you home,” he said, gently.

“I want to tell you a secret,” she whispered, looking up at him, shyly. “Will you run away and summon a mob with pitchforks if I do?”

“That’s unlikely,” he answered, trying and failing to remove himself from her iron grip. “But perhaps now is not the best time to—“

“Oh good, because I’d hate to have to chase you down and kill you.”

“…Kill me?” Chuck asked, not sure what she was on about or where this was heading.

“I am a vampire,” she stated, the words all jumbling together. “I am three hundred and twenty-one years old. And I don’t want to go home to my house full of bones. I want to walk amongst the living. Please don’t make me go home, Charlie Warlie Soft Face. Please. Pretty please.”


“Pretty please.”

Chuck sighed. He really wanted to help, but whatever Lilith was running from, whatever haunted her was clearly deeply buried under these weird, fantastical confessions and neither of them were in the right frame of mind to interpret them. He thought about where her house was; so remote that it was a good taxi ride away and a trek through acres of dense forest. It would take her ages to get back. If she got back.

“Bobblygraph,” she said again. She laughed and rested her face on the wall, falling still.

Even without the threat of her being mugged or falling into a ditch, sending her back to her empty house like this – and he didn’t just mean in her intoxicated state – felt irresponsible.

But that left only one option and something told him that Babs was probably not going to appreciate it.

It had been many years since Seth had visited Windenburg Square and if it wasn’t for the stone fountain, he wouldn’t have been sure he was in the right place.

The old wattle and daub housing that had made up the close-clustered town had been lost to the great Barber Shop Fire of 1813, which had nothing to do with a certain calamitous creature of the night, of course, but had coincidentally meant that they’d finally had to flee the area. Only the tavern remained intact; the Wangshafts had spared no expensive to save their beloved brewery.

The last time Seth remembered being here, it was shortly after his release from The Tower. He wasn’t sure what year that was, but he remembered climbing the steps to buy his first beer, a freedom beer, naively thinking that a sentence spent would mean a clean slate.

He’d been asked to leave before he’d even set foot inside.

We don’t want your kind around here.

Story of his life. At least what he could remember of it.

The town square was now little more than a hamlet, made up of those modern, soulless red brick houses with their plastic windows and cream-coloured walls. The only businesses remaining were the tavern and a small flower shop. Hardly the hive of activity it once was.

Seth wasn’t sure he’d even find any prey in these deserted streets, but fate always seemed to favour him. The tavern door opened and out wandered a woman; alone, sober, short hair for easier neck access, she even flashed him a smile as she passed on her way towards a secluded-looking alleyway.

Well, could that be any more perfect?

Swiftly, silently, he followed her, listening to her stream of thoughts. She was heading to her house, which was just around the corner, where she planned to order pizza and consume a whole tub of ice cream as a reward for not punching anyone at work that day.

Casual overt violence. He liked her more and more by the second. He wondered if her vicious streak would prevail when he attacked her; whether she’d actually try and fight him or if she’d—

“Shit! Forgot my bag!”

The woman stopped abruptly, pivoted on her heel and Seth, who was two paces behind and unusually distracted, almost ploughed straight into her. She stepped back, eyes wide; her body language suggesting fear, defence, but with a slight curve of a smile that suggested quite the contrary.

“Are you following me?” she asked. There it was. Nestled among her apprehension and her shock was that unmistakeable tinge of excitement.

Seth took a step closer; the woman’s thoughts filling his own head as he teased open her mind, perusing for purchase.

“Do you want me to follow you?”

The woman opened her mouth, no doubt to shout something socially acceptable like ‘No! Get away from me! Help!’ before thinking better of it, pressing her lips together into a wary smile.


“Then maybe I am.” He extended his gloved hand; may as well be polite before he decimated her thyroid. “Seth.”

“AJ,” she whispered, taking his hand and staring at his face; her bag once again forgotten.

Seth did not have Caleb’s boundless allure; the ability to rose-tint the judgement of his prey to a level where any nonsense he said became provocative persuasion. Most of Seth’s prey tried to run when they realised he meant harm – heck, most ran when they saw him – and he would pursue them, chasing them in circles, tormenting them with their own dark thoughts and deep fears until they begged him for respite.

And there was thrill in that, for certain. But nothing quite compared to the shiver he felt when his prey’s pulse raced out of pure lust. Especially now, when he hadn’t even toyed with this one’s mind, yet.

Huh. Why hadn’t he toyed with her yet? He stared back, half-listening as she talked about the rain, as if that bothered or even interested him, while he addled her thought process. She was already captivated of her own devices, she just needed a little push towards courage; why did she lack courage? Aha! He could make her forget the last time she tried it on with a complete stranger and failed, that should help.

She stopped talking, abruptly. Her general demeanour became bold and undeniably flirtatious. Bingo.

“Mad suggestion,” AJ said. “But as we are standing right next to a pub, do you fancy a drink?”

“You have no idea,” Seth growled. “But I was actually on my way home to order pizza, I’ve had a rubbish day at work—“

Wait a second. Was that… did he just lie? He couldn’t have. He waited for the forced truth to erupt from his lips.

But it didn’t.

He did it! Finally he—

lied. Oh?

He’d carefully studied the newly recovered memories of his pet cat and this silver-haired woman since his bizarre encounter on the bridge, but this was the first time since that she’d flashed up, unprompted. Interesting.

“Seriously?” AJ gasped. “Where do you work?”

“Ah, in journalism,” he tried, hesitantly. Nothing happened.

“Me too!” the woman gushed. “Freaky. Next you’ll be telling me you were going to wash your pizza down with half a bottle of wine and a whole tub of—“

“—five-berry-whirl ice-cream while watching The Unparalleled Windenburg Baking Show?” he finished for her, with his trademark smirk. Ha! What weakness? “I was.”

More lies?!

What the—? Holy hell. She has a voice.

AJ was still talking but now Seth was unable to hear anything other than the hiss of the silver-haired woman echoing in his head. Lies! Lies!

“…come back to mine?”

Who the hell was this glowing eyed demon woman? Was this a buried memory or something else entirely? There was something about her that Seth found achingly appealing; parts of his anatomy were responding in ways that he wasn’t looking forward to analysing, yet his overall feeling at her sudden appearance could be easily summed up as thus; he was terrified of her.

He hadn’t realised quite how much this had shaken him, until AJ huffed.

“… unless you’re all talk?”

Seth ran his gloved hand down his cheek as he forced himself to focus on the human before him. The image of the silver-haired woman faded, the alleyway swam back into his vision.

“No, I… um… I—“


He hadn’t even spoken, but Silver’s sharp scream, like the crack of a whip, shattered through his thoughts, stripping all the bravado from him.

“Oh my god, are you OK?”

Was he OK? Was he going insane?

Seth wavered on his feet, his brain swimming. Every cell of his body was on fire; he tried to focus on AJ, on anything to see through the face of the pale, fanged demon who was now taunting him.

Did you miss me, baby?

To hell with this hunt; he’d completely lost his appetite. Space, that’s what he needed. He needed to be alone. To think.

Carelessly, he gestured in front of AJ; he’d wipe her memory of him, abandon her, regroup. Yes, that’s what he’d do. He watched the vacant expression cross her face, followed immediately by confusion.

“Seth? Are you OK?”


Seth backed away. His hand was in his pocket; on his knife, as if this human posed any threat to him. Or did she pose a threat to him? Who is she? Is she connected to silver-haired lady? Is she the silver-haired lady? he thought to himself, the glowing green eyes manifesting again before him. He felt a sharp pain in his side, yelped and leapt back before he realised that he’d accidentally stabbed himself.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

“What lies?!” he shouted. “What bloody lies?!”

Had he accidentally stabbed himself? Holy hell, he had no idea anymore.

Wounded, confused and afraid, like a coward, like prey, he ran.

Thanks to Ferosh for donating AJ!

“What do you see when a duck bends over?” 

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 2.23 – Undoing

  1. Oh my, where do I even start with this one? Brain, brain, where did you go? Well here’s some thoughts.

    The first segment made me warm up to Lilith. I see you gasping in shock. But I think I’ve said in the past that my biggest issue with Lilith is the complete lack of acknowledgement that she herself has done some messed up things and isn’t always right. So her talking about teeny Caleb and how she has become and arsehole and somewhat like her father has been great. Maybe we can be friends after all, Lilith.

    The whole exchange with Chuck was hilarious (soul baring aside), loved how it danced on the edge of mortal plausibility the entire time, and by the time it tipped over to “oh yeah, I’m a vampire,” she sounded so drunk that the revelation didn’t matter. Fabulous stuff. Also, drunk Chuck is very quick at doing math. Impressive.

    Aww, the Melinda bit is heart-breaking. It’s been a rough day for Mel, she’s lost more of her former self in the last few hours alone than she had over the course of the entire story. But that was inevitable. A part of me wants Mel to meet Micah, but a part does not, because he would not offer any kind of consolation, lol. But hey, random bed dude is still alive, for now. How long it can remain that way with him in a vampire basement… is another story.

    Hey Ferosh!!! *waves frantically* Oh man, I want to watch the Unparalleled Windenburg Baking Show and consume copious amounts of pizza and ice cream, and I don’t even like ice cream, but I don’t really get to see people these days – can you tell?

    So my current semi-theory (I’m weighing the probability of this one at 33%) is that Seth somehow managed to make Faith bound to him, which would be one explanation of why she’s currently so remorseless and why he’s suddenly able to lie. But I have no idea when that would have happened, and if it’s even possible, considering she was already a vampire when they met. Can you bind a vampire?

    The other theory (ranked at probability of 12%) is that because we didn’t necessarily see April turning Faith, there is a chance that Faith could be bound to April, and since Caleb has certainly been feeling more remorseful but April has not necessarily grown entirely heartless, she could have offloaded some of that “gift” from Caleb to Faith… but that would have required Faith and April banging at some point, which we’ve seen zero indications of. So that one is pretty unlikely. And doesn’t explain anything about Seth.

    So that’s… 55% of I have no idea what the hell is going on.

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    1. Ah, yes. I thought this chapter might take a few prisoners.

      So hearing Lilith call herself an arsehole made you warm to her? Lovely! Let’s hope she remembers her arseholeyness in the morning.

      Reality is biting Mel hard now, no more pretending. Ooh! Melinda and Micah! They’d probably drive each other out into the sunlight, let’s be honest. Unless he shared his fruit with her. Wouldn’t give her her pulse back though.

      Yay Ferosh! Front row seat to whatever-the-fuck just happened here.

      Now, it’s probably no consolation, but I want you guys to be just as confused and frantically looking for answers as poor Mr. Grimm is here. I will tell you that there’s no binding going on, although the thought of Faith and April getting it on is now never going to leave my head, thanks.

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  2. Wow! Now it rattles completely for Lilith and Seth 😵

    Lilith waffles careless boundless confidences in her intoxication and luckily it’s Chuck she confides in. He is empathetic and rational thinking and concludes that it must be a drinker’s talk. Chuck can not take it seriously and thinks responsibly that he must take care of her. Yup! Babs will definitely not approve of it.
    But I fear more that the bartender has his ears a little too far out and who knows how he handles the interesting information just served to him on a silver platter?
    Damn Lilith! I assume you are the loneliest existence in the whole world 💔

    Maybe I can add Melani to the Lonely Club. Her natural empathy makes her unable to drink blood without feeling guilty. I guess she’s only taking a small necessary sip. She even carefully puts a warm blanket around her victim. She must know that her friends will not sacrifice him the same care.
    So far, it seems that her guilt mostly fills her with grief. Poor girl.💔

    Seth’s guilt has a completely different character. It fills him with horror and I can very well see why. The woman with predator eyes is scary!
    Until now, Seth has been able to keep all that kind of emotion and memories down in the dark, but now it rattles for him.
    What triggered this fall? Is it a silky soft cat or is it Faith who started this avalanche?
    In sheer panic, he stabs himself …. self-destruction.
    For the first time I have to think, poor Seth 💔

    Now I have to hop on the train again looking for a light in the dark 👀

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    1. Ooh, I dread to think what Lilith might have told the bartender if Chuck hadn’t arrived. She is lonely, but maybe not forever.

      Yes, Melinda took the bare minimum required to sate her thirst. She’s really not cut out for this vampire life, is she?

      What did trigger Seth’s fall? The last souls he encountered before this ill-fated hunt were Faith and the cat so it stands to reason that one of them triggered something.

      Light is coming soon… for a few characters at least. 😉

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    Okay, yeesh, I’m going to try and get my vanity under control for five seconds.

    First of all, I have loved having a role in such a pivotal scene! Seth completely lost it! Okay, I have a thousand questions. I think that silver-haired woman turned him, but why did she erase all memory of herself? Did he learn that mind-stuff from her? I wonder why it faltered. It seems like once he had one image of her, the floodgates opened. I’m a lil worried about Seth. Does he know how to survive in a world without murdering everyone?

    Dang, you really can’t trust a cat.

    (Five-second break for my vanity: I laughed at all my lines and then felt bad for laughing. I DO like to reward myself with ice cream for not punching people. I also think my simself really dodged a bullet. Also, I witnessed Seth stabbing himself, and now my life is complete).

    Now, I wonder if Lilith knows who turned Seth. And is silver-hair still alive? So many questions!!!

    (Two-second vanity break: omg, thank you for the Unparalleled Windenburg Baking Show shout out)

    Again, Chuck was coming for my heart. Thank goodness Lilith was drunk, and he just sort of ignored all her rambling. Umm…also…Lilith has a drinking problem (I know, I’m late to the game in realizing this).

    Melinda, I’m sorry you had to feed on some dude, and you feel guilty, but I’m really rooting for your dad to leave your mom for Lilith, so…sorry.

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    1. You were great! I took so many face shots because the expressions were priceless. Plus you had that whole inappropriate comedy thing going on. I don’t usually point this stuff out, but did you click on your face at the end there? 😉

      Nah, embrace your vanity. Here’s some extra icing for your vanity cake; you are the only human that Seth has left alive and with memory of him. Ever. So, if you’re cool with it, you may be seeing yourself again.

      “Does he know how to survive in a world without murdering everyone?” Interesting observation.

      I’m glad you liked your lines. I gave you a British twist because AE is set in some sort of bastardised Britain and wasn’t sure how you’d take it.

      Good news! All your questions will be answered, eventually. Yes, Lilith has a huge drinking problem. But now she also has a lovely, squishy buddy who will take care of her so all good.

      It’s OK; I think Mel is more worried about being a monster/Faith coming down to the basement and finishing off this poor fucker than she is about who’s trying to get into her dad’s pants right about now.

      SLIGHTY SPOILERY: skip the rest of this comment if you don’t want any spoilers.
      Yeah… when you said you wanted to be flirted with and/or murdered by Seth I looked at my chapter outlines and these were my exact thoughts (please enjoy this glimpse into my head) ‘Bollocks. There is literally only one point left in the story where that could happen. Hmm. That scene needs a female character heading home from her journalism job to binge junk and watch TV and…. ooh, wait, Ferosh’s story has a TV show in it. That must be fate. Would she mind watching Seth fall to pieces in front of her instead of whisking her away for fun murder-sex times? Possibly. I’ll do it anyway and if she still demands her ‘fill of vampire goodness’, she’s getting recycled in Caleb’s next scene, LOL.’

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      1. When you said Caleb, I definitely had a kombucha girl gif moment (no…maybe…eh no….well…nope). I was so here for the accent, omfg. I mean, I have a character in my story who I imagine has a scottish accent for no discernible reason other than it gives me joy.

        IT WAS FATE! I mean, listen, I have my hands full with Vlad. And I am honored to be the one to watch Seth lose his shit.

        Okay, the way you said lovely, squishy buddy makes me worried for Chililith. I’m watching you Lilith, don’t eff this up. Just steal Mel’s father and go live happily ever after.

        I am going to go excitedly click on my face now.

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  4. Oh, Lilith. They say that what’s buried while sober comes out while drunk, and Lilith thinking she’s a terrible person and just as horrid as her father is just heartbreaking. Having to deal with Caleb and Seth and hearing the thoughts of everyone around her could not have helped matters much either. I wonder if she’s had to move around and open new businesses a lot, seeing how she mentioned “this one” and it only being three years old. It’s a good thing that Chuck is so sweet and assuming her last few truths to be drunken rambling. That last picture of her resting her face on the wall both made me chuckle and want to hug her so bad. 😭

    I wonder where Chuck will take her. A hotel? Her house? His house? Babs was already suspiciously prickly about him mentioning a woman, let alone taking care of one away from her or bringing one home… I have my thoughts about her reaction there too but this comment is already getting long and I’m not even to the second portion of it yet so I’ll save it for next time.

    Your pictures for the scenes with Melinda are chilling. She’s in a very bad way and nobody is there to help her surface from the darkness that’s pulling her under. Melinda covering the guy with the blanket is so like her… and it’s so depressing, because there’s nothing else that she can do for him. He is trapped there. And her friends did that to him. She’s always been so determined to be there for them. To help Faith recover from her destructive behaviour, to soothe April when her traumas surfaced. She even tried to help Caleb feel better about himself before they started hating each other. And now those same friends that she’s always helped and protected have kidnapped someone to lock up in a basement like an animal, serving as an abused blood bag. Another person that she can’t protect. I can’t imagine how hollow Melinda must be feeling right now.

    I remember Seth and Lilith talking about his missing memories before, and the “geen-eyed woman”. I don’t know exactly how Lilith phrased it back then but wasn’t she saying that Seth wanted to forget on purpose? Which green-eyed woman did Lilith make him forget? Because I’m starting to think that it wasn’t the human one we saw in your Halloween costume party.
    And suddenly being able to lie again… that can’t be a coincidence either. I wonder if/how it’s connected to his memories of that vampire woman. Was it a compulsion? Did she somehow vampire-power him into being unable to behave a certain way, like lying? Gah, but why would remembering her undo that if that’s the case, if anything that would make it stronger… Can’t figure it out. Need more information. Does not compute. Next chapter, please!

    Ah. Oops. Left you a novel again. ❤

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    1. With the whole ‘not aging’ thing and Caleb’s general self, they have had to move on a few times and start over again to stay undetected. We do see Chuck’s decision next chapter so I look forward to your theories about Babs then.

      Thank you. I think? I’m shit at picture editing but I wanted them to look cold and lonely and pinched myself to stop myself putting words in. *No brain! This needs silence!* Good observations. That song from Mel’s list that I shared with you about 2 months ago, Nothing More – Jenny, finally starts to creep in here.

      Lilith’s exact words, and who she mentions, are in 1.51 – Absolute Chaos Pt.2 if you really want to mull them over (and go mad.). It does not compute right now, but it will. If I gave you all the answers it wouldn’t be as emotive watching Seth going insane trying to figure it all out, would it? You’d all be like ‘meh, we already know, next scene.’ Now you can all empathise! 😄 At least it’s Seth who has opened the can of worms so you know he’ll stop at nothing to get the worms back in the can or to squash them all. Once he’s stopped running away, of course. You’ll get your answers, is what I’m trying to say.


  5. I’m surprised Lilith thinks of herself that way. The “I’m an asshole like my dad”. When did she come to this conclusion? How long as she suppressed it/thought of it/reflected upon it? (I still think some of those can be answered with a ‘never’, like she’d purposely do anything under the sun (moon) to not think of it. But she surprised me here by admitting her flaws, even if she’s drunk, but that means subconsciously she knows and admits it. /sigh

    I wonder how many ‘practices’ Lilith had. That is a pretty young clinic she has. I wonder if its her longest running one.

    Chuck doing a face lift? Pfffft. Chuck, you age like fine wine. Did I tell you how much I like this dude? I did? Ima say it again. CHUCK I’m so glad you exist in all SimLit. You are btw barred from my story.

    😦 My heart. Why you do this to me Snuffy. I already sympathise with Lilith and watch her be sad about her undead status is double sad.

    And jeez poor Melinda. I really hate her scenes. (Compliments to you!) They’re absolutely terrifying.

    D: Considering my theories about Wangshaft’s tower I am feeling all sorts of dread that Seth has been there. What the heck had he been subjected to by the wangshafts! And I wonder how long he stayed and why they released him. For him to get turned away when trying to access the tavern, where they once all accepting of vampires, or simply didn’t realise he was one and what was once welcoming became hostile. Then again, if they were always hostile to vamps, Seth would have been aware of the hostility and wouldn’t be as surprised by being turned away. But I have injected that he’s surprised, not that he is, can’t see his face after all 😀 Just my thoughts firing all over cuz I just woke up and am fresh enough to babble endlessly. Sorry in advance hehe!

    Ok so here’s my theory of Seth. That natural, non-induced sexual interest in him without his needing to artificially make them feel that way awoke some memories he repressed and by the looks of it, his inability to lie stem more from a psychological pov. That whatever memory he had of that silver haired woman was a trauma that made Seth unable to lie, and the suppression of that memory meant that he simply associated his truthfulness to his vampiric powers.

    Also scary Silver haired lady only appears when Seth tries to lie to win favors. But if its’ a casual white lie that doesn’t benefit him, scary lady doesn’t appear. So.. still strengthens my repression theory.

    Or…. Another far-fetched theory, Lilith is the one who induced his memory loss, and with her acting so totally human during her drunken state, had she lost even more of her powers? Specifically to the one that enables her to repress Seth’s memory? Does losing their powers undo whatever they’ve done in the past?

    Ok is Silver-haired lady actively doing telepathy somewhere, the fact that the vision directly talk to seth scared the bejewels out of me.

    Sorry for post vomit again.

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    1. Lilith hasn’t been able to open up to anyone for a while, so it’s unclear where these thoughts have come from, or how deep they are. You’re totally right, that in normal circumstances she’ll do anything to not think about her flaws.

      She’s had a few practices, under different names. Chuck was joking about the face lift. I’m not touching his lovely face with any scalpels, syringes or lasers.

      Info about Seth’s time in the tower will trickle through, but you have some interesting theories…

      One in particular. 🏆

      I love post vomit! Stop apologising or I’ll feed you to Seth.


  6. Well, now. So Chuck´s alive, which is good, but he´s got a drunken vampiric menace on his hands, which is less so. And naturally, now that he thinks she´s totally depressed he won´t be able to let go. Of course he´s gonna want to help, he´s too sweet not to. And Babs will not approve. Awwwh, this already smells like another carwreck on the horizon. 😦

    I had some thoughts on Mel, but they are mostly prickly and impatient and most of them fled due to the other impressions anyway so I´ll just let her brood over there in peace. P:

    So, Seth. His first memory over there makes me think he was probably still human while in the Tower, which would fit with the fact rogue vamps try to recruit criminals and the like. And it also strengthens my theory about his general behavior. Doors, boots. Y´know.

    And then. Okay, let´s see what we have here, try to piece it together nice and slow. So we got memories of Medusa, and the first one of those surfaced with the cat´s green eyes, right? There might be more to it than that, but only just that association /could/ be enough to explain it, Medusa´s eyes sure look catlike.
    She´s got the same teeth as Seth and I´m guessing she´s probably the one who turned him. And it looks like she loathed lies, in general. That would have certainly made him learn not to tell any. Enough, perhaps, that he would keep up his truthfulness even without remembering the reason for it, like a mental block.
    As to why that suddenly changed… well. Again, this is just a wild guess, but he´d been remembering a lot of things, lately. Working through a lot of blocks. Maybe once you get far enough with that, they just begin to fall down like a giant chain reaction. Which can definitely be overwhelming…

    I suppose we´re only just about to meet the real Seth, the one that got buried under all of those memory shenanigans… well. I /am/ curious about what kind of a person he used to be, for sure. And even more curious about how he can fit the past and the present together. I´ll be here, rooting for him not to go down the Lilith route. p:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It smells like a car wreck? So pessimistic.

      Prickly, impatient thoughts, hey? Aw, poor Mel. Still, she’s done it now, no going back.

      Seth. Yes indeed, the rogues wanted the lowest of the low amongst their ranks, so an outcast convict would have been a great recruit. If that’s what happened to Seth, which I cannot possibly confirm nor deny right now.

      Very interesting theories. Your guesses aren’t as wild as you think.

      “I´ll be here, rooting for him not to go down the Lilith route.” I’ll hold you to that. 😉😆


      1. Hmm… is it still pessimism if you knowingly expect the worst to leave yourself open for nice surprises?

        I know. I´m mean. That´s why I haven´t actually said anything! 😀

        “I´ll hold you to that.” …that sounds ominous. But as long as we can avoid him becoming a depressed wreck like her? Yeah, hold me to it. >:D

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