Chapter 3.23 – The Rot

Warning: the final scene of this chapter, beginning when you see Faith, contains self-harm and negative thought processes that may be distressing or triggering. Skip this one if you feel these issues may affect you. Stay safe. AJ was thoroughly pissed off. She had half a mind to head straight back home and spendContinue reading “Chapter 3.23 – The Rot”

Chapter 3.22 – Peachy Blob

“Good afternoon. It’s time for your hourly news round-up with me; Lorna Broad-Castor. Today’s headlines on Tuesday 16th May 2017 – yes, it’s still only halfway through May; I know this year is lasting forever. “There has been a minor breakthrough in the case of the missing daughter of the late, great Sandy Moss. AfterContinue reading “Chapter 3.22 – Peachy Blob”

Chapter 2.23 – Undoing

Lilith’s eyes were looking in slightly different directions as she propped herself up on the back of the sofa; her words a jumbled mess of slurred syllables. “And then Caleb walks into the cottage, right, stinking of smoke and tells me that he can’t go back to that barber’s again. Oh, and that we needContinue reading “Chapter 2.23 – Undoing”