Chapter 3.23 – The Rot

Warning: the final scene of this chapter, beginning when you see Faith, contains self-harm and negative thought processes that may be distressing or triggering. Skip this one if you feel these issues may affect you.

Stay safe.

AJ was thoroughly pissed off.

She had half a mind to head straight back home and spend the day on the sofa, in her underwear, binge-watching random series after random series and simply pretend there was no footage to find.

But, knowing her luck, Pete would investigate by himself and find out that she was lying. She had to at least ask. Rage turned to nervous energy as she approached the fountain, like she’d done a thousand times before, and looked up at the old pub – the only infrastructure surviving from the original Windenburg Square.

She had no choice. She never had any bloody choice. And when everyone saw that footage they’d see that despite all her boasts, she couldn’t even pull a man out to kidnap someone, dressed as a pirate, on her own doorstep. That he’d freaked the fuck out and legged it at the very suggestion. Talk about kicking a woman when she was down.

And what did it matter anyway? Even if she got this footage, it’s not like Seth was going to come back here, not now. He’d be miles away with his teen prize. Ick. She’d probably never see him again. Probably for the best; she’d have a few choice words.

Wait a second was that…?

No, just imagining things. She shrugged off the sense of lingering dread, that someone was watching her, and carried on her with pointless quest, wondering how she’d convince the landlady, who she saw weekly and had never even spoken to, that she needed her camera footage.

The camera in that alley almost covered her garden – maybe she could say that she suspected foxes had been at her bins and she needed evidence to get a culling license? Yeah, that’d do. She’d never be able to show her face in this pub again though when the footage made it to the rag and they released she’d outright lied. She’d probably have to move out of the square, lest she’d suffer the gossiping wrath of old Agatha Bun and her cronies.

She hated her job.

Seth had been casually perusing windows in the town square, remembering it as it was, all those centuries ago. He was certain that this corner plot, south-east of the fountain, used to offer laundry services to the front and very different services to the rear.

Not that Seth had ever partaken of either of those services. Between his release and meeting Angeline, he had been akin to a leper; he couldn’t have paid a woman into his bed even if he’d had the funds. He had been resigned, as he’d tied his pigs ear noose, to die an untouched man.

And as for laundry? What couldn’t be washed by rain simply didn’t need to be clean.

Seth had leapt over the fence, intrigued to see what had become of the former brothel and perhaps trigger another memory or help him figure out a little more of what had happened to Angeline. From his vantage point he could see into the room; a lewdly decorated one with a large television. Thankfully, it was one of those modern ones that didn’t cause the hammering, debilitating headache of the older analogue sets, so Seth could mostly tolerate being this close.

He could make out the news channel and they appeared to be showing Faith’s face. He smiled wryly, wondering if she was still sulking as she watched this back at the apartment, imagining her delight that people were talking about her, the little attention-seeking devil that she was.

He’d finish up here, find a gift for Joy – he had something in mind – and head back. Hopefully then she’d have wallowed enough to finally tell him what was bothering her. Perhaps it was him deliberately changing the lyrics to her favourite song. Honestly though, he had a jacket full of sharp implements; he could resonate much clearer with the notion of ‘cutting’ something away.

Or maybe it was a little deeper than that. He’d hardly been a model of might and masculinity lately; perhaps she was simply going off him a little.

Satisfied that this modern house was not going to trigger an onslaught of buried memory, Seth made to leave, as the image on the screen changed to depict a greyscale image of a long-haired man, displayed adjacent to the one of Faith.

Who was that? Was that… him?

Seth took a step back, screened from view as the elderly owner of the house appeared in the room; a fresh cup of tea in her hand, her attention riveted on the television.

“Oh my lord, Mr. Puddles,” she whispered to her cat as she settled herself on the sofa. “Something surely did go awry with those three young girls, didn’t it?”

The cat didn’t respond.

Seth leaned closer to the window, trying to make out the words on the screen.

Kidnapper? He laughed loudly at having yet another misattributed felony, but thankfully (for her) the elderly woman was too hard of hearing to acknowledge that there was a wanted criminal peering into her window. Seth watched a while longer, the corner of his mouth twitching periodically upwards as the media all but ignored Faith’s plight to speculate on the ‘mystery man’ who may have her.

It had been over three hundred years since he had last seen his face, bar the biased imagery in the minds he read. He couldn’t guarantee that this image was an accurate representation, but being reminded that he had barely aged, physically at least, in all that time was interesting. As was the fact that Lilith had always claimed that the scar on his face was rather disfiguring. But that didn’t seem to be the case.

Another thing the vicious vixen had lied about. Her mendacity was bloody endless.

Neither Lilith or Caleb showed up in photo or video footage, much to Lilith’s chagrin. She had to carefully dodge the mines of a society gradually becoming obsessed with its own imagery while she had none. He chuckled that this story might inadvertently make things even more difficult for her – the world being on ‘high vampire alert’ once more.

Seth was not concerned about humans looking for him. They wouldn’t find him. That part of the story meant nothing. A few parts did, however, grind his gears.

First, Seth had never tried to capture his image; he very much enjoyed the notion of being an eternal creature, a constant presence and yet, simultaneously, nothing more than a fleeting memory. But his name and his face were forever in the public domain now.

It made him feel painfully ordinary.

And second; he’d been a shadow for three hundred goddamn years and suddenly, within a fortnight of meeting Faith, the world knew he existed. He knew that these revelations had something to do with his irresponsible initiate, but what the hell had she said or done to convince those musically impaired humans to approach the media about her?

Simmering slightly above his usual level of rage, Seth hopped back over the fence, vaguely aware of the silhouette of an approaching human.

“Seth?” she called.

She looked vaguely familiar but Seth couldn’t place her until – ah. Until she started thinking.

It is him. Now, what do I do? Maybe an interview? Maybe he’d be willing to visit the newsroom. Fuck me; he’s a vision. Invite him round again. No! Remain professional, AJ. Remain professional.

An interview? Oh now he remembered – she was a journalist. And he’d seen her the other night, the first night that Kitty had begun screaming at him – the first night he’d managed to lie and the first night he’d been unable to wipe a human memory.

He’d best fix that.

“Is that wave your way of dismissing me?” she scoffed. “Because I ain’t leaving.”

Why didn’t this work? Was it something about this human or something about him?

He hadn’t particularly wanted to dine this early in the day, and this human was operating on a schedule; she had just visited the pub and had witnesses to her whereabouts, and she would be missed relatively quickly. Not to mention that the pub’s camera was pointed directly at him, capturing hell-knows-what.

So no. Alas. He couldn’t slaughter her.

He held up his hand, reaching once again into her psyche, reaching deeper, using all his concentration—

Ah, there we go. Oddly, he wasn’t completely in control of this hold on her, but he listened as AJ lost her train of thought and, with it, all knowledge of ever having met him or – aha! – taking him home.

Before she could gather her thoughts and possibly recognise him again, he decided it best to make a fleeting getaway. This brief distraction had not, however, set him off course in his endeavours. Joy’s gift could wait.

There was a certain ‘kid’ he needed to strangle an explanation from.

She should’ve stolen one of Seth’s little knives – surely he wouldn’t miss one – because the only sharp thing she could find in the apartment was an enormous veggie knife.

Faith briefly considered trying to carve out her tattoo, which now only served as a permanent reminder of what a complete fuck-up she was, but settled with her old, reliable method.

This knife was too big, too unwieldy, for Faith to trace the hashtag of scars as she usually would, so instead she upended it and twisted the tip into the soft skin at the very centre of her gridded wrist, like she was beginning a sick game of noughts and crosses.

The pain was intense, sending a shockwave to her fingertips. The heady rush of adrenaline, tinged with that blissful dazedness, was as she remembered it, but when Faith watched the gooey, not-quite-blood-like stuff as it barely oozed out of the hole she had made, her heart sank.

Another thing she’d lost in her haste to escape the world she’d thought she’d hated. She watched the reluctant flow make its way slowly down her hand, collecting under her nails and going no further. It was almost like it didn’t want to leave. Like the rot was finally taking over her.

Even as she watched it, the flow began to slow.

Fucking pointless.

The whoosh and thump noise that she recognised as Seth appearing caused her to drop the knife with a clatter. She nudged it under the counter with her bare toe, clasping her hand over the hole in her arm and trying to look casual while the black goop oozed through her fingers, spurred on with the pressure she had applied to it.

Shit, shit, shit!

What had happened? Why was he back so soon? Why did he look like he wanted to burn the world?

Seth appeared to falter as he laid eyes on Faith who could do nothing to hide the mess she was making.

“What have you done?” he asked.

“None of your fucking business!” Faith hissed. She tightened her hold but it was pointless; her hand slid on her slick arm and the black mulch had started dripping to the pristine tile.

Faith began to panic as Seth approached her and she realised there was nowhere for her to go. He grabbed her good arm, causing her to completely lose her grip on the wounded one. He paused, glancing at the knife on the floor and back at her arm.

“Why?” he asked.

Fucking hell, that word! How could three bloody letters form such a complicated question?

Exposed and at the mercy of his silent judgement, her focus shifted to him. She opened and closed her mouth like a fish, trying to string together two words that made sense. How could she explain to someone else something she barely understood herself?

She felt the thudding increase at her temples the longer she deliberated, like an insistent visitor banging on the front door, and then, suddenly, an almighty compression and the sensation of fullness in her head.

Taken by complete surprise that Seth was managing to read her, Faith eyed him with venom, a sharp reply on her tongue, before simply giving up.

“Fine,” she conceded. “Rape my head. Whatever.”

He stared at her a long while as if deliberating, before her mind began involuntarily revisiting the Kaz Traitors gig, the conversation with Caustic, how angry she’d been that Seth had left, and – ah, fuck, there it was – the piss and bleach scent of the bathroom.

She closed her eyes and shuddered as Seth made a low noise in his throat. She knew that he was seeing it; he was deadly still and silent, watching her relive that short, disappointing encounter. It hadn’t felt this long when it was happening live; it was torturous. Finally, the reel in her mind ran to the end, to the moment Caustic finished, ages before Faith would’ve, zipped up immediately and told her to leave.

Seth’s eyes were intense, looking straight through her; she’d never seen them so dark. She began seeing stars as he skimmed forward through her day; her rifling through his possessions and larking about in the apartment coming up with a hundred snarky responses to his late arrival home. Each scene he witnessed making him more and more angry.

And then he reached the evening. The sinking feeling Faith had had that perhaps something had gone wrong. The hopelessness of wandering the city looking for a needle in a haystack and the overwhelming guilt and relief when she’d finally found him. 

She couldn’t look at him. Shame kept her eyes firmly on the floor, on that stained knife, but she could sense him, staring at her. Her brain felt like it had been cleaved open and laid on display and he was taking his painful time studying every inch of it. He ran his thumb across her wrist that she had all but forgotten about, invoking a sharp pain and a memory of the first night they’d spoken.

“…The last time our paths crossed, you asked for help. Maybe we can figure out why you do this,” he rubbed his thumb across Faith’s wrist, “why you’re so keen to put yourself in harm’s way and why you so eagerly lay yourself bare when, despite what you tell everyone, you get no fulfilment from any of it, whatsoever.”

Seth took a half step back as he heard this. Faith’s knees buckled. This was it. He’d heard enough, seen enough; she’d fucked everything up this time beyond any kind of salvage. This is where he would realise exactly what a messed-up, unfixable disaster she was and bolt. He’d bolt to the door and wouldn’t look back.

He was eyeing her wound with a look of disdain, rubbing circles on the skin gently with his thumb. She wished she had any idea what was going on under that stupid hat of his. He looked like he was questioning everything; weighing up his options. Any minute now, for sure. Any minute now, he’d scream in her face that she was a worthless whore, and he’d leave.

Five minutes later, he hadn’t moved.

Her tongue was dried to the roof of her mouth, so she tentatively thought her question, both willing him to hear it and not hear it at the same time. Why aren’t you leaving?

He didn’t answer, so he must not have heard. Instead, he brought her wrist to his lips, pressing a kiss to the broken skin. She allowed herself to melt into him, willing him to drink. Maybe he’d drink her dry, she thought wistfully. She could still feel him perusing her thoughts, as if looking for something. He smiled as he found one.

“Take it from my neck, then. But if you fucking kill me, I’ll haunt you.”

What was he looking at this for? Shit. Was he actually gonna kill her?

“I’m not going to kill you, silly!” April had gasped, her huge, doll-like eyes glowing when presented with the sight of Faith’s exposed throat. “I’d never do that because…”

I’d miss you too much.

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 3.23 – The Rot

    1. I did sweet! Yay! Possibly only in contrast to the awful, but I’ll take that.

      AJ got lucky without even getting lucky. Rejection might not be her only problem; someone else in that Square has a perspective they want to share.


  1. …wow. Okay, just wow. This is one of the ones that look so big, like there is a lot of stuff going on.

    Definitely poor AJ. I wonder if she´d be happier in a (bigger?) definitely more modern city. She seems like a modern woman and bold and Windenburg just has this old timey vibe. Maybe she´s really just too much for the guys around there.

    Tee-hee at Seth seeing that profile pic. Interesting moment here versus the way Lilith was thinking of him last time. I’m kind of glad that he seems less hurt at this point, because even though I don´t know how that breakup happened in the first place, i kind of can´t forgive Lils those “unlovable” jabs. That´s just something you don´t do, if for no other reason then because it´s going to make them be even worse. Why not when they got nothing to loose anyway?

    And then… what the plumming heck. Just. Happened. I… are red eyes something that happens with the memory wipe? I can’t remember. Heh. XD Either way he obviously got the old lady too. And Sage seemed to notice? Whoa. Is… the cat lady is a witch, isn’t she? Whoopsie.
    Also, I’m very confused about how he figured out there was a need for an explanation.

    Either way, eeep. I guess I kind of hadn’t thought of angry Seth for a while. Still gives me chills. All of his casual remarks about hunting don’t quite drive the point of the danger of him home quite as much as that one icy look does. As for the ending… I feel like it’s a nice break from the fires… and like we’re going to need it. There’s still trouble looming and I still worry a lot. Enjoy it why it lasts, folks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is a lot going on, a lot simmering below the surfaces. Unless you meant word count, which is about to lower…

      AJ for sure is a big fish in a little pond. Windenburg is my sleepy, retirement town and she’d definitely fit better in the city. She recently went to check out a snazzy apartment of two former roomies – apparently one murdered the other and dumped him in the river over some sort of love triangle – but it wasn’t quite spacious enough. I hear that she’s ideally in the market for a grossly over-sized and gaudily decorated penthouse, should any become available.

      Yeah, Lilith was kind of a cow with those jabs. She doesn’t quite have Seth’s maturity, being only a teen herself when she was turned, so their respective attitudes to threats may vary. 😉

      What DID just happen? Characters have described the moment before memory-wiping as ‘a flash of red’ but this was one helluva flash of red. Sage definitely noticed. The red eyes was my way of trying to depict who was affected and who wasn’t.
      Explanation? Oh, you know what he’s like; he has to know everything. Wants to know what happened after he left the gig to make the band want to put the footage out and Faith was sure acting like she was hiding something.

      Oof, I hear ya. The quiet rage is the scariest part of Seth. It was a nice break from the fires; nice to make a non-creepy/non-awful pose for once. Trouble is certainly looming. Maybe much closer than you think. 😉


      1. No, no. I definitely meant in the number of things going on and I meant it in a good way. 😀

        Oh, is that what they think/say happened with Chase? Funny. Poor… why, look at me, doing a Ralf here. What was Mr. Dumb Guy´s name again? Sorry. He didn´t deserve being framed for murder, though.

        Heheh… in a way, it´s funny thinking of Seth as the mature one, given he can do a lot of goofy… but you´re right. He can at least think before he opens his mouth… unless questions of course.

        Well, that sure was one huge flash. Almost as if some sort of block was there and then shattered all at once. A nice move there. So basically Sage noticed and she remembers. Which… oopsie. I figure Lils will have a problem, soon.
        Oh, yeah. Makes sense. And finding Faith the way he did really just added an extra reason on top of that, no doubt.

        Ooo, ominous! >:D

        And on a completely unrelated, musical note… do you know who is Geoff Castellucci? I /just/ found some of his songs on Youtube and my mind is completely blown.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh! Good to hear! 😄

          Yes, last news we heard, Penelope (Lilith’s former receptionist) and… Marvin? Merlin? Marshall? That’s it, Marshall had been linked to it. But if the police have any brains they’ll figure out that Marshall doesn’t, and that he probably wasn’t capable of carefully exsanguinating anyone. He’ll be fine, I’m sure.

          A nice move, or a very careless one. Not that Seth would mind unlife becoming more difficult for his beloved Lilith, of course.

          Ominous? Moi? 😇

          Ooh I didn’t, but I do now! Geez, that’s deep. 😍


          1. Oooh, now I remember! They got picked up by those officers led by that stone cold police lady. Eeek, I´m not sure I trust that lady to be a good cop at all. She might be clever, but she might also not care if anyone is guilty or not when she needs to show results.

            Heh, a nice move by you I mean, showing what´s going on like that. XD I wonder if Seth even realizes he´d done more than he intended to do, much less that it will have further consequences.


            Yeah. There´s two more guys who I heard can sing that low. One of them can even go a good bit lower, but not nearly as clear. His are more growls than tones. :/ *shrug*

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I mean, I have nothing against it. It just kinda… doesn´t really fit the particular songs (or at least that´s what my ears say.) Regardless, if you feel like checking out the other two as well, they are Tim Foust and Avi Kaplan. Avi is the growling guy and Tim… they say Tim can go the lowest of the three. I guess they´re right, because I can´t even hear *any* deep notes from him, at all. Kinda weird, but it´s true I take a few listens to notice some of the deep notes from the other two as well.

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  2. I so want to write a comment but I get overwhelmed by an emotional chaos.
    Faith self-hatred is so massive and I try to understand who she reminds me of. A friend? My daughter? Myself? Your description of Faith’s thoughts seems painfully familiar and so sad in a way.
    Here I am missing some of Seth’s ability to shave brains. Stop. It is enough.

    What have you done to Seth? For each chapter, he seems more human and likeable. Damn, he’s grown into my heart and since I’m sure he’s a wandering disaster, it’s a place I absolutely do not like him staying.
    When he admits to Faith that he will miss her, my last defense breaks and I am now left on the platform very touched and completely undressed 💘

    I doubt you will get anything out of this chaotic feedback. Otherwise, you must cross it out with red ink.

    AJ amuses me. She is so lucky she meets Seth past his lunch time and that she stands in a camera angle that saves her life. She just needed to know how blessed she is in her miserable life 😅

    One thing makes me uneasy. In Seth’s over-energetic attempt to erase AJ’s memory, he gets summoned to Sage
    Well I have already realized that he is a wandering disaster ….it should not surprise me.
    I’ve got my clothes back on now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, sorry for the emotional chaos. Reader feedback tells me that most people either struggle to relate to Faith at all, or relate too much. Not all of us go to Faith’s lengths when we’re vulnerable, of course, but those little elements of self-hate? Those are everywhere, in almost everyone. Maybe that’s what you’re being reminded of? I hope you don’t think this is too far – it was such a tough balance to find. I put off writing this one for ages, started and scrapped my drafts multiple times to get it to a point where I was satisfied enough to publish it.

      As for Seth? He’s spent so long isolated and hating that perhaps receiving a little kindness has affected him more than he wants to admit.

      I would never cross out your feedback! Even in the chaos. I always appreciate your honesty. I’m glad you got your clothes back on, though; the naked scenes are next chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I think I read Faith quite accurately, even though she’s far from my personality in reality. Self-hatred probably exists in all of us to a greater or lesser degree.
        I’m so moved that Seth showed he cared about her.
        They are both very touching and vulnerable behind all their crap ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Image the chances of running into Seth again at that exact moment 😂 I wonder what those “choice words” would have been; AJ seemed to forget about them the second she came face-to-face with him again.

    Looks like Lilith was very mistaken about what she thought (or was hoping?) Seth would do. You know, for two people who apparently loathe each other, they spend a suspiciously large amount of time thinking about the other person. Love and indifference are polar opposites but love and hate definitely aren’t and it seems like both of them seem to be having trouble letting go of the other properly.

    Yes, AJ, remain professional 😂 don’t go inviting the known kidnapper and possible murderer whose face is all over the news to your house. There’s attraction and then there’s plain stupidity 😅

    Ooooh, I wonder what that red haze was. My first thought was that AJ was a witch, but that doesn’t seem right – the old lady wouldn’t be affected by Seth’s memory wiping attempt if AJ was blocking him, and she’d probably notice what was going on unless she has a hidden power like Faith does as a vampire. And Sage reacting like that… did she place a spell over Windenburg? Or maybe they’re very close to her house and she placed a spell over her neighbourhood? Or is this somehow connected with Windenburg being a sanctuary? Hmmm…. Need more information.

    I keep trying to type a comment on the second half of the chapter but everything that comes out is just hollow gibberish. Oh, Faith. She’s so trapped in her own mind and self-loathing that she doesn’t even realise why she is harming herself. The dismissive, almost casual way that she approaches and goes through it is heartbreaking. I want to yell at Seth rifling through her mind again without permission but she’s so stuck within herself that I’m glad he’s there, if only so she isn’t alone.
    The ending was bittersweet, too. Is that the first time where we’ve seen Seth use his mind powers to calm/reassure someone? I wonder if he could use it to break through her terrible self-image. He’s already great at finding information he wants and reading someone’s weaknesses. If only he’d use that to help them, instead.


    1. The odds are much smaller when the Watcher has a hand in it, for sure. 😆

      “You know, for two people who apparently loathe each other, they spend a suspiciously large amount of time thinking about the other person.” They certainly do. Maybe it’s a consequence of spending so long in each other’s company, or maybe – just maybe – something still smoulders in that fire pit.

      If I’d have written it as it actually played out, AJ would’ve told non-stop jokes to Seth and then they both would’ve gone and joined Caleb at the game console. Not very professional and would’ve required a smidgeon more suspense of reality, methinks.

      Ooh, the mysterious red haze. Maybe some sort of solar event that had nothing to do with anything. Maybe. “did she place a spell over Windenburg?” 🍪 More information you will get – next chapter in fact! All the information! You may even explode from information overload.

      It certainly comes to something when you’re glad that Seth is in a scene. This was very hard to write so I’m not surprised it’s hard to comment on. Faith has done this a lot so her attitude to it is definitely methodical and almost empty. It’s just a ‘thing’ she does and she’s rarely been forced to confront it. Then there’s Mr. InYourBrain, who needs to know the reasoning behind everything, probing about and forcing her into a corner in more ways than one. Ah yes, if only he’d use his powers for good more often, hey?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sorry it’s taken me a bit to comment. So many things about this chapter worry me, and I wasn’t sure how to express it (plus with US Thanksgiving going on around me while staying with my Mom, I was hopelessly distracted).

    My biggest worry is SAGE in that one pic. Right now, she’s the biggest potential danger here, I think. Sure, she might be the best help they could have, but I feel it comes at a price. Plus, the cat lady might be a witch too. And the stuff AJ could stir up definitely won’t help.

    Seth is being his own worst enemy, careless.


    1. Ooh, don’t apologise; I never expect comments – they are happy surprises. They’re like putting on a coat that you haven’t worn since last winter and finding it’s got a pocket full of money. You just wanted to put it on to be warm, y’know? But now you’re rich too! Yes I had a shit day at work. Yes, I have had wine. 😆

      Sage’s help does come at a price, but doesn’t everything? She can’t risk the coven knowing she has vampires, so they have no freedom. But what’s worse? Death or imprisonment? Wow, this got dark quickly.

      Seth is always his own worst enemy. And, often, his own best friend too.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. First of all, thank you to @Regina316. POOR AJ. She is suffering. And I think it’s pretty clear “who” this whole story is about.


    I’m back on my binge and what a chapter to return to. I am just pumping myself up because, in fact, this chapter left me speechless. Honestly, this is now how I thought the confrontation between Seth and Faith to go but it was powerful. I think he’s been building to this for a while, but the fact that he doesn’t take this moment to exploit her but to comfort her is just…wow. And I don’t think it’s because he’s secretly nice, but I think if anyone understands Faith, it’s him. As dark and depressing as that might be.

    I’m continuing my binge, but I just wanted to give this chapter a standing ovation.

    (Also I have some fangirl plans for a Valentines Day post involving my face characters and now I’m really excited!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, you got me. AJ is the main character and I’ve been tricking you all. Seriously though, she’s friends with everyone so she’s always popping over to say hi and get her face on camera at the most inconvenient times, ruining my glum scenes with the happy sentiments everyone has with her. 😆

      Are you sure he’s not just secretly nice? Like, really secretly? Aw, yeah. There’s a level of understanding there for sure.

      …fangirl plans?? 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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