Chapter 3.24 – Grandma Was A Nutter

Hanging out in Wyatt’s room used to be akin to visiting a landfill on a hot, summer’s day. But now, with the crisp, fresh sheets, vacuumed flooring and lingering scent of chlorine, Broof could tolerate being in here for the same amount of time he could tolerate being around Wyatt. Time that, due to circumstance, seemed to be increasing lately.

This time they were joined by Melinda. The girl seemed both a world brighter and a candle darker than the last time Broof had been in her company. And this afternoon, like most when Broof had made conversation with her in the past – usually confined to the times he would drive her home after her secretly meeting with April – he found the girl to be rather quiet, very gentle and preoccupied with one topic.

“She will be OK, won’t she?” she asked again. “Sage isn’t going to fall asleep or anything? Only, my dad would fall asleep if he was watching a movie—”

“April will be fine, Mel,” Wyatt assured her for the fifth time. “Mum’s not gonna let him anywhere near her.”

Melinda nodded but she didn’t look convinced. “Are you sure? Because they don’t really need to sleep, so they’ll likely out-last her. And she seemed a bit shaken earlier. Maybe I should go and check on them.”

“Mel, it’s 6pm – even Mum can stay up this late. Chill. I’ll go and check on them in bit.”

The girl had been restless since Caleb and April had requested that they be allowed to go on a date. All right, so the date was in the snug and involved them watching terrible, old horror movies together, but they had to work with what they had.

Sage had volunteered to chaperone, having taken a healthy swig of a potion that smelled like apples and had made her seem far less appealing upon consumption.

It had left Melinda at a loose end.

“But Sage is outnumbered,” she pleaded, this time to Broof.

“Technically, with April being part witch, she isn’t outnumbered,” Broof said.

“April can’t use any witch powers though.”

“True,” Broof admitted. “But she would surely be outnumbered by vampires if you were also in the room.”

“Trust me, Mel,” Wyatt chimed in. “That potion mum guzzled will put them both right off. It’ll be fine. And she might still have ‘witch powers’ for all we know. Unchartered waters and all that.”

Melinda made a face somewhere between annoyance and acceptance and shifted on the little footstool she was sitting on. “Has this never happened before?” she asked. “A witch being turned into a vampire, I mean.”

“Well, the consensus in the coven was that vampires have been extinct in these parts for the best part of three centuries, so we don’t have any first-hand evidence, but Ma used to say—“

Wyatt snorted. “You know I can’t take you seriously when you start a sentence with ‘Ma used to say’. No offence, dude, but your grandma was a nutter.”

“How can that not be offensive?” Broof tutted, turning his attention back to Melinda. “She wasn’t a nutter, Melinda. She was ahead of her time.”

“She was so far ahead that we still haven’t caught up.”

Melinda, polite as she was, chose to ignore Wyatt’s digs at Broof’s late grandmother and asked, “What did your grandma use to say?”

“Noooo!” Wyatt whined playfully. “Don’t encourage him.”

“I’m interested.”

Broof gave Wyatt his best ‘suck that’ look and began to retell the nightmarish tale he’d been told throughout his childhood.

“Once upon a time, a witch named Kathryn Spoon was turned by vampires—”

“She wasn’t,” Wyatt interrupted. “She either died at the hands of the vampires and they never found her, or she vanished. She was betrothed to a Wangshaft, so can’t blame her, really, if she chose the latter. Hell, I’d probably volunteer to be the centrepiece at a Society Vamp buffet over marrying one of that lot.”

“I’m not saying I agree with Ma,” Broof insisted. “I’m just retelling the tale. And according to the tale, Kathryn was turned.”

“That depends on the tale,” Wyatt cut in again. “No one really knows what happens to Kathryn. Half the coven thinks she’s a traitor who abandoned them, the other half thinks she was eaten alive. Only Ma has ever thought that she was turned.”

“But that was mostly because they didn’t think it was possible to replace pure magic entirely with dark magic,” Broof explained. “But yet we have April, so clearly it is possible and maybe Ma was right; Kathryn might have been turned.”

“She might have gone insane and joined the circus.”

“The circus didn’t exist in the 1600s.”

“Whatever. Dude, let it go. Geez, you’re like a dog with a bone with your theories; you should join the GliTS.”

“But those lot are nutters, whereas the more I think about it, the more I think I’m right.”

“You’re never right.”

“Like my theory about April being your daughter?”

Wyatt shook his head and muttered. “Look. Kathryn was a powerful witch, probably even more powerful than me – no vampire could’ve taken her. It’s totally whacky.”

“But what if she went willingly?”

“Why would she go willingly?”

“All right, not exactly willingly. You get caught on Caleb’s allure, what if Kathryn had been caught on her sire’s? Completely at his mercy and unable to resist his slimy charms? They were rumoured to hang around the club where she performed, the society vampires.”

“Hoggy, Caleb’s allure makes me want to rip his shirt off and lick his chest—“

“Oh my gosh,” Melinda gasped, embarrassed.

“Yes, too much information, Wy,” Broof agreed.

Wyatt grinned. “All I’m saying is: his allure makes me want to get close. Really close. But it doesn’t make me want to be his vampire hubby. And no witch would willingly be bitten and risk losing all their magic. That’d suck wouldn’t it? To lose your magic? Imagine that.”

“Unless she didn’t have a choice. Maybe they bound her,” Melinda whispered.

“No,” Broof mused. “Hundreds of witches have been slaughtered by vampires over the years. Left as warnings at the meeting place. If they could’ve bound them, they probably would’ve.”

“No wonder witches hate us so much,” Melinda sighed. “Vampires have caused so much pain and suffering, haven’t they? And for what?” she studied her nails for a while, seemingly lost in thought before she asked. “What reason did Ma give, Broof? Why was she so adamant that they did turn Kathryn, even though they’d not turned any of the other witches?”

“Because of who she was, Melinda. Having her amongst their ranks would’ve been a real blow to the coven that I doubt we would’ve recovered from,” Broof said. “The coven has different roles – ranks, if you will. You have juvenile witches – typically witches under thirty who aren’t mature enough to handle the responsibility of magic; Wyatt’s still in that category—”

“Actually, I’m officially mature enough now,” Wyatt interjected.

“A matter of opinion,” Broof mumbled. “Anyway, then you have the regular witches, like me; fully fledged members of the coven. Then above the likes of myself, you have the senior witches; Sage is one – they form a government of sorts, making day-today decisions and solving conflicts within the coven. And then, at the very top, you have the High Priest or Priestess, elected into the position, usually for life. They oversee the coven, decide the direction to take us in, lead the rituals and are generally there to protect us. Ma was one. It’s a position of great power and responsibility, so, naturally, the coven only elects its strongest and most morally robust witches to this role. Now, most of the witches lost to the vampires were regular witches, or even juvenile ones—”

“TLDR, Hoggy,” Wyatt yawned. “Kathryn was the High Priestess.”

Broof scowled. “I was building up to that.”

“You’ve sort of disproved your own point there, too,” Wyatt shrugged. “If the vamps had turned the HP, they’d have let everyone know about it. ‘Look what we’ve got’ kinda thing. Really rubbed their noses in it. And we’d have heard something by now – it’s been centuries since she was last seen.”

“Unless they realised they’d made a mistake,” Melinda said quietly. “Then they’d make sure no one knew about it, right?”

“Maybe,” Broof agreed. “And if they did decide that, she wasn’t going to stand a chance against a whole society of vampires, was she?”

“So we’ve reached a conclusion,” Wyatt announced triumphantly. “Whichever way you look at it; Kathryn probably wasn’t turned and probably is dead. Unlike Mum,” he quickly added catching Melinda’s trembling lip. “So… back to reality. What’s everyone doing tonight? Hoggy?”

Broof shifted on the bed, but the lie came easily. “Practicing my craft, you?”

Wyatt only smiled.

“On a weekday?” Broof said astounded as he interpreted this silence. “Do you ever sleep?”

“I’ll sleep in the ground.” He grinned. “What about you, Mel? What are you gonna do?”

The girl shrugged. “Mope, I suppose.”

“Nope,” Wyatt shook his head. “Not allowed. Hey, your old man mentioned that you like star gazing – wanna do that?”

Melinda’s eyes glittered them immediately darkened. “I’m not allowed to leave the house.”

“Correction – you’re not allowed to leave the lot,” Wyatt insisted. “We can totally go up on the roof.”

“We… we can?”

“If you’re going to kill her, JUST KILL HER!” April squealed, clapping her hands and bouncing in her seat.

Sage had been most alarmed the first time April had screamed this is at the set. But after four or five outbursts, aimed at each and every threat that loomed over her mother’s character in this awful movie she’d insisted on watching, Sage was becoming rather used to it. She was even starting to join April as she rooted for the zombies.

Sage had seen a few of Sandy’s films over the years and could not say she was a fan, although Sage wasn’t really one for movies, in general. Sandy’s name alone next to a movie title was enough to make it a hit, and oh, didn’t the woman know it? She might have had the paparazzi hanging on her every word and a legion of die-hard fans, but Sage had long suspected, and now seen through April, exactly what a tyrant the woman was.

Thankfully, Sandy had a small part in this movie. Aged twenty-three, years before any cosmetic surgery and still pretending to be a teenager, on-screen Sandy alternated between making out with a beefcake in a sports jacket and running from the festering undead.

April was hooked – Sage loved seeing the girl so animated. Caleb however, well, he had surely had better evenings. He was neither enjoying the movie or getting close to April and Sage knew that the repellent she had ingested was only adding to the vampire’s discomfort. He was likely regretting his insistence on being alone with the girl – hopefully he wouldn’t be asking again!

“Oh dear sweet mother moon!” Sage gasped, clutching at her chest as she fell victim to a jump scare that even jolted Caleb from his misery.

“Careful now, Sage,” he smirked. “Wouldn’t want that old heart giving in.”

“Oh no, we wouldn’t! Are you OK, grandma?” April asked with genuine concern.

“Don’t you worry about me!” Sage sang in a voice dripping with honey. “It will take more than a latex-faced extra to do me in. Your mother on the other hand…” she gestured back at the screen, guiding April’s attention.

“Oh my god!” April screamed as a zombie finally got his hands on Sandy and began chewing her face. “Yes! Yes, yes!”

Sage fixed Caleb with her iciest stare which he matched for a second and then turned away from with an unamused humph.

It wasn’t him, she assured herself for the fifth time that day. And it certainly wasn’t Lilith or either of the girls. So who was it?

It had occupied her thoughts all evening. Who had wandered into the Square, into her net of sanctuary, and attempted to corrupt it with a level of dark magic the likes of which she had never witnessed?

Speed was no longer a skill of Sage’s; by the time she’d left the store, prepared to face whoever or whatever it was that was attempting to breach the defences, the Square was empty, save for a confused-looking woman. A quick scan of her told Sage that this woman was human and a quick conversation with her made her realise that she had no idea what she was doing there or what had happened in the moments preceding.

It was all rather peculiar. Perhaps she had been the intended target or perhaps she had been caught in a crossfire. Sage had taken her home – thankfully the woman remembered where that was – and returned to her store to delicately mend the damage done to her magical armour.

And to ponder.

Could it be Seth? And if it was – why was he here? Did he want the other girls to complete his collection? Was he looking for Lilith? Trying to break Caleb free?

Or was he, finally, coming for Sage herself?

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 3.24 – Grandma Was A Nutter

  1. Ho. Ly. Potato. Smaller chapter, was it? My head just about exploded with all the plot reveals and lore bits and snippets. I loved it 😍 right. Let’s see if I can turn my mental gibberish into something that’s actually readable….

    Child Melinda was just as concerned with April’s situation as current Melinda, huh? That doesn’t surprise me. I wonder who she was worrying over before she met April. Probably Faith. And before Faith… no idea. I remember being raised by a mother who continually sacrificed for me, and I’d do the same in return. But it only works if both sides do that, otherwise one side will end up as a drained, soulless, empty husk. I hope Melinda finishes that lesson before she ends up at that point.

    Yes, uncharted vampire/witchy waters! Especially since the game can’t seem to decide what to do with them, either. Glitchy mess. I love it whenever Ma comes up in conversation. She sounds like such an interesting woman, not to mention incredibly powerful. I’ve been interested in her ever since they mentioned her “tome full of hexes”.

    And here we come to the part that blew my mind. Oh my gods. Bob was a witch?! Bob was a SPOON?! She’s related to Jessica?! She’s a witch that was turned into a vampire by other vampires?! AND A HIGH PRIESTESS?! 🤯🤯🤯 holy cow, and that picture has been right under our noses for ages. You even zoomed in on it once and I never put two and two together. You plot-bomb-hiding master, you.
    This has so many implications (if Ma is telling the truth, which I’m going to assume she largely is). What was Bob like as a witch? If she was different, how did she go from whoever she was before to a sadistic torture-happy monster that kept Seth in her basement? In the flashbacks, it didn’t seem like she was bound to anyone like April is, so did she get turned voluntarily?
    And how did she end up as a cat for so many years? Can she shapeshift naturally? Her expression when she came out of cat form seemed shook and confused, so… involuntary shapeshift? Did someone turn her into it and was she unable to turn back? Can she not use witchy powers properly as a vampire and did she get stuck? Was she working on a grand scheme and did Faith’s power throw a giant wrench into it? Gah, so many questions!

    I loved the little bits of witchy lore, too 😍 I’ve been eager to find out more about them so this chapter was a real treat in many ways. Moooooooore! Gimme all the lore and secrets! 🤩

    Aww, Wyatt taking Melinda to go stargazing is such a sweet thing to do. He’s earning all the points lately, just like his little moment with April earlier.

    Leave it to Sage to see through Sandy’s perfect persona and suspect the monster underneath. There’s not many people that can do that, unfortunately. If only more people had insight like that. Haha, linking Sandy to that sims 3 horror movie blondie is brilliant. Oooooooh and another lore reveal! So there’s dark magic and pure magic, and whatever Seth used (and by extension, all of their vampire abilities) is dark magic? I see! Ooooh, that gives me a very interesting thought. Are witches the source of vampire existence?

    Whoa, this turned large. Going to cut it off here before wordpress eats it but I’ll probably be bothering you with random dumb theories and lore questions all week long. Fantastic chapter. 🤩

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Maybe I should have noted at the top that this one was a mind-blower, but my proof-reader thought it was OK, so let’s blame her for all the bits of brain all over the carpet. 😉

      Hybrids being a glitchy mess in game has definitely bled through to the story. Kathryn was my first hybrid and I learned a few lessons before I made any more, let’s put it that way. Ooh, I’m glad you like Ma as you haven’t heard the last of her tales.

      Boom, boom, BOOM. Bob was all of those things, yes. “You plot-bomb-hiding master, you.” This made me laugh so hard as usually the reaction for me hiding things in plain sight is anger. So many fun questions. A few may be answered next chapter but all will be eventually.

      More lore? So greedy! I need to be careful how much I dish out each chapter, so be patient with me. It’s a little-known fact that each snippet of lore contains as much sugar as a slab of chocolate cake and I don’t want you all losing teeth and sending me dentist bills.

      Well, Wyatt didn’t really have plans, so why not go hang out with a vampire on the roof?

      Dark magic and pure magic, yes. Both have multiple names depending on who’s speaking. Theories and questions! Ask away. I’ll answer, if I can. 😏

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Once again, my brain is overheated. There is an awful lot of information to digest.
    So a transformed witch, Kathryn Spoon, is the lock that binds them all together?
    She is a woman in a lot of disguises. I should have thought the thought witch when I saw the cat’s transformation. Maybe I did? Maybe I mentioned it?
    Like I said, my brain is overheated 😵

    I’m drawn into a search for the key that unlocks the whole mystery. Why do I have a thought that it’s still going to take a long time.

    I love the conversation between Wyatt and Broof. Their quarrels … which contain so much more than crap.
    Sweet Melina listens to it all, but I have a doubt that it removes her fear for April’s safety.

    That Sage could feel Seth’s brainwashing comes as no surprise.
    She is on high alert.
    I do not remember what she wants with Seth? Kill him? Is she even aware that he is her father?
    Have I followed this story at all?

    Like I said, my brain is boiled over.
    I have to be sick because the only thing I want is more! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If your brain is feeling a little hot, I highly recommend a trip to Camelot to enjoy a brisk walk in the freshly-fallen snow. Please mind the naked fae.

      I think you did mention a witch, or a witch’s familiar, yes. Kathryn has multiple names and multiple identities. That’ll all become logical at some point. As for keys – there isn’t one key that unlocks everything, more like a chain of keys. And some will start arriving very, very soon.

      Seth is Sage’s father, yes. I can’t blame you for getting lost; there’s a lot going on. Perhaps I need a recap post. 🤔

      Oh no! Like I told Yimi, these lore snippets are very bad for you; full of sugar, definitely sickness-inducing. 😆


  3. Yes! This was awesome. Oh, Kat was def turned. Meow. That explains a lot.
    Was Broof wearing blush? 🙂
    That was insensitive of Wy to talk about how awful it would be to lose your powers with Broof sitting right there. But then, Wy isn’t the most mature of dudes.
    I loved Melly’s expression with the knowledge that she could go to the roof. Them going to the roof, though, worries me because they’re exposed.
    Why did I forget that Seth was Sage’s daddy? Hm. So maybe she won’t roast him at first sight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, blimey. This one is going down well. I’d give you all lore-dump, reveal chapters every time but I think my brain would then explode.

      Yes, Broof is wearing blush. I put it on him when Sage turned his aging back/off to represent a flush of youth and like it so much that it stayed. Also now Wyatt has purple nail polish and I don’t know why, but I’m going with it.

      It’s easy to forget; even Seth doesn’t know. Maybe she won’t roast him, but I do need to cull a few characters…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Psssh, Wyatt. Rude! I wonder if he really believes all this so impossible, or if it’s just he doesn’t want it to be possible because the alternative is way too scary. Unfortunately for him Kitty is very real and very undead. XD Yey! I have to hold my tongue no longer. This, this is why I’m so freaking terrified of that woman ever since I saw that on the portrait. A high priestess turned vampire. Only just the possibilities of her power freak me out.

    I do wonder, though. Hunters and witches had some sort of pact, then, did they? I guess they kind of still do. *narrows eyes* And then there is Beth. Obviously a Wangshaft wife and probably a witch as well. I’m looking forward to the meet more than ever. Still so many questions.

    The question how did Kitty get turned though is definitely… valid. Someone must have been very skilled. Either insanely powerful or very diplomatic. Or maybe the witches weren’t very good at picking, what was it? The one with the most “moral integrity” out of their number? Power does corrupt, after all. Either that or Kitty just went insane. Hmm… is what we saw of her ways the cause or the consequence of her turning, such interesting questions.

    So wait. There is no binding a witch? So April is the exception because… why? She did use magic before. But it was only that one time. Is it because she just really couldn’t defend herself? Or because she’d been so conditioned by Sandy that she had virtually zero self-preservation instinct?

    And oooh, my. So now we know why it was so difficult for Seth to work his magic. Sanctuary, right. And it’s mostly set up by Sage? On her own? My, my do the witches have a backup plan for that, for when Sage isn’t in any condition to keep the spell going anymore? Or even if she just isn’t in Windenburg for any reason? Either way, the way she thinks about the dark magic here is really flattering to Seth’s abilities. He really can give a lot of blunt force when he tries, ech?

    Finally, yeah. It certainly doesn’t look like Sage plans on killing Seth. At all, much less the moment she realizes who he is. Makes me question Lilith’s motives further. Makes me remember how she tried to “save him from himself.” While keeping the knowledge he had family from him… yeah, no. Sage is annoying as all heck and Kathryn is absolutely terrifying and Faith is just completely obnoxious (except little moments) but Lil is still my least favorite character. Hands down.

    ((Ps: If you can’t tell, I did drink a little tonight. Sorry for the text wall! XDD))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mostly I think Wyatt just likes winding Broof up, but unlike Broof and his ‘crazy grandma’, Wyatt has very much grown up around ‘pure magic’. Being taken over by dark magic is definitely the stuff of nightmares for him. And YES. As I was typing this up, I was thinking of you and how it’s been – what, months? – since you established Kathryn’s identity. And now the cat is out the bag, the games can begin. 😁

      The meet is only a few chapters away and will certainly be interesting. In fact, that whole night will. Just a little more fuel to be added to the dumpster first before we throw in that match. Not to get you too excited or freaked out? I dunno, I think it’s all a bit blurred right now.

      Very interesting questions, and I like the angle you’re looking at Kathryn from. We know that she was a powerful witch and in a position of power, so that’s certainly not something to overlook.

      April is only 50% witch, (or 0% right now, depending how you look at it) so that may have played a part. She was also woefully equipped at defending herself and also, Caleb isn’t quite as forward-thinking and aware of the implications of what he was doing as your typical society vampire. All that mixed into a gory cocktail may very well mean that April may be an exception.

      Sanctuary indeed, more than just a name. Do the witches have a back up plan? Do the witches even know there is a sanctuary in place? After all, why do they need one? There aren’t any vampires left, right? 😉

      Ha! It feels like a long while since I’ve read a Lilith rant; they still make me smile. She has her reasons. Granted, you’ve seen the way she reasons so I can’t promise you that they are robust.

      Woo! Drink! Couldn’t tell – your spelling is way better than when I’ve had a drink, that’s for sure. 😆


      1. Ah-ha. So maybe Ma was the only one to figure the truth out because she just had more actual info, huh? Tut, tut. All these other witches not knowing their enemy. Perhaps they grew a bit wiser in that direction, choosing who they did for their new High Priestess. Or maybe not, since awareness seems to be lacking still. Ah, wellp.
        Speaking about Kathryn, though… why does she have a bio under the name of Kitty Galloway? The Spoon part sure did throw me… did she marry somebody else to spite that Wangshaft?

        Definitely blurred. If it involves Kathryn, I´m worried, though. Not quite as scared as I was before because… well, she had her chances to do some damage and she didn’t so maybe it won’t be as bad as it could be that she’s back? Or maybe it will be worse. Maybe she’s a patient, plotting menace after all. So ya… definitely worried at this point.

        Thank you! I’m trying to look at her from all angles, there is so many possibilities. 😀 I could definitely imagine someone going mad from the clash of white vs. black magic and I could also imagine someone getting used to power in the High Priestess position and just wanting /more/. Especially if witches can’t make themselves timeless in your lore. Immortality is always a lure.

        So… the rest of the reasons makes perfect sense, but then the last one just gets ominous. Sounds to me like what you’re trying to say is that Caleb /still/ has exactly zero idea just how much he messed up. Feeds my “gone crazy” theory and if that one is right… oooh, boy. All I could do in that case would be to hope Chuck is far away and safe when that bomb inevitably blows up.

        *facepalm* Right. No vamps. Well, that is a dangerous level of denial… But they can’t tell? Can’t any of them feel the magic in place?

        Tee-hee. Yep, not enough to mess up my letters. Did fuel the Lilith rant, tho. ;DD I do keep in mind she’s really just a messed up teen… or at least I try. Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna throw bad veggies at her still, though.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ps: Another thought just kicked me in the brain. You say April is only half a witch like that’s supposed to make her weak. And that would make perfect sense except… so is Sage. …or IS she? :O

          Liked by 1 person

          1. A general fear of, and unwillingness to learn about, dark magic keeps many of the coven members sheltered in their little bubbles. It’s likely not coincidence that the last two High Priestesses they elected were both not shy about confronting it.

            She is a woman of many names. You’ll become enlightened on her monikers shortly, as well as her intentions. “Can’t any of them feel the magic in place?” if you mean the magic Sage has in place over Windenburg, perhaps they can’t. I’ll be stealing someone’s thunder if I elaborate on this right now though.

            “…only half a witch like that’s supposed to make her weak… so is Sage. …or IS she?” As far as she knows. 😉


            1. My, oh my. I do know it works that way for a lot of people but can not relate to that reaction myself. Usually when something scares me, I wanna know all about it. Because usually understanding the risks makes them way less scary. This way, they are basically making themselves into sheep that can be told anything by the boss and they’ll just believe it. They apparently got lucky with Ma… it remains to be seen if this newcomer is just as good.

              Yep, that’s what I meant. Interesting though, very interesting. 😀

              …Snuffy you crafty little sneak, you! o.O I was not even suspicious. All this time I knew Kitty was a hybrid and of course I wondered why she picked Seth to make into her Childe… but you made it look so obvious. I mean, as a vampire, who wouldn’t pick the one who is almost guaranteed not to rebel? Because yeah, he looked kinda hopeless back then. And so I never even questioned if there wasn’t another reason for that… but of course. Of course she would try to make more hybrids like herself. Of course that’d be a priority. XD I’m so having a duh moment over here. X’D And that’s what Patrick meant too, isn’t it? Why he was so upset Seth would be becoming one of theirs. Meh, heh. Wonder what he’d think if he could see him now.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I’m with you – I want to know everything about things that frighten me, when people disagree with me, I want to understand their views etc. etc. Always looking for the ‘why?’ makes things way less scary.

                I have no idea what you’re talking about; Seth was just a regular ol’ human, right? 😉 (Although, if you dwell on this point, a question you ask next chapter about existence might find an answer…)


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