Chapter 2.19 – Dirt

As they walked past manicured lawns and sparkling fountains, Ralf tried not to grin. Jessica gazed at the building and asked him again, “Are you winding me up, Boss?”

When Ralf had mentioned that he was paying a visit to the Wangshafts for his monthly catch-up, Jessica had begged to be allowed to come with. Ralf was reluctant for a few reasons, not least because Chase hadn’t shown up for work again and Jessica wouldn’t stop theorising about what might have happened to the wayward deputy.

But, arguing was so not Ralf’s style and he’d decided that putting up with some nattering could work in his favour; Jessica could drive them back, permitting Ralf to indulge in a fine whiskey, if he was offered one. Plus, now she was showing an interest in those mispers, getting her away from her desk would delay the hundred and one questions she’d inevitably have.

“No, I’m not winding you up, Jess. Welcome to Wangshaft Manor.”

The girl shook her head. “This is where the Wangshafts live?” she asked, still scanning around. “The Wangshafts? This is the home of the most notorious family the area has ever seen? The guys who run that questionable psychiatric unit over in Windenburg and who own about half of all the real estate there?”

“About three-quarters of it and yes. Not what you were expecting?” Ralf asked, amused.

“No. It’s…”


“It was beige, up until about twenty years ago, when Wilbur married Gloria, his third wife. The woman certainly has a colour preference,” Ralf said, walking up the path with Jessica close behind. The girl had been gawping since they’d entered the secure gates at the perimeter of the estate; he hoped she wouldn’t show him up too much. Although if he knew the Wangshafts, she probably wouldn’t even be allowed in the house.

Ralf had barely lifted his hand to knock when the door was flung open by a heavily-perfumed woman with perfectly coiffed silver hair.

“Officer Widdlefinkle,” she purred. “Has it been a month already—” she cut herself off, barely even acknowledging Jessica, but wearing a silent question on her face.

“Gloria, my newest recruit. Jessica Spoon,” Ralf offered uneasily to the stony-faced woman, who still hadn’t looked directly at Jessica. Ralf lowered his voice and said through gritted teeth. “She can wait in the car, if you prefer, ma’am.”

Jessica frowned at this. She didn’t come all this way to wait in the car, like a child. She stepped forward and extended her hand to the frosty woman. “Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Wangshaft.”

Gloria backed away. She glanced at Jessica’s hand, then back at her face like both were smeared with faeces.

But to Ralf’s surprise, she led them both into the house.

“So, anyway, after the whole mink farm misunderstanding, I had to leave the animal rights campaign group. I was sort of at a loose end and decided to move back home to Willow Creek and pursue a career in policing and now, here I am,” Jessica explained, ending her very long-winded answer to Gloria’s question about who she was.

Gloria hadn’t even pretended to be interested, twiddling with her wedding ring and uttering the words ‘please watcher; strike her down’ a few times under her breath, but Jessica couldn’t bear uncomfortable silence, so continued her story, unperturbed.

Gloria didn’t ask Jessica any further questions. Not that Jessica expected her to. Gloria reminded her of all the mean girls at school; polite with purpose. They would compliment her hand-knitted dresses and ask where she got them, then after she’d let them copy her homework, they wouldn’t talk to her again.

Jessica coughed slightly. Her throat was quite dry after all that talking, but she hadn’t been offered a drink. She wondered which scenario was more impolite; ask for a glass of water or faint from dehydration?

“I wonder what’s keeping Wilbur,” Gloria said, glancing impatiently towards the door. “I thought he would be very keen to speak with you today, with William missing again and all this nonsense about the Moss kidnapping, as if he’d be so foolish—“

“Ah,” Ralf quickly interjected before Jessica could open her mouth. “I’m afraid due to the nature of that case, it has been taken out of our hands.”

“I see,” Gloria replied, coolly. “Well, that’s interesting.”

Jessica was interrupted from asking why exactly that was interesting by the arrival of a smartly dressed man who was, without doubt, Wilbur Wangshaft.

Not only did he have those shark-like eyes, synonymous with the Wangshaft men, he had the unmistakeable attitude of someone who had generations of privilege and identity behind him. He didn’t bother with introductions or pleasantries, he simply motioned Ralf towards the door.

Ralf left his seat and followed Wilbur from the room, Jessica following close behind. They crossed the landing to another large door, where Wilbur paused, finally acknowledging Jessica for the first time. He gave her a once-over that felt intrusive; like he was seeing through her face, her attire, her badge and staring straight into her soul.

“You will wait in the downstairs hallway, Officer Spoon,” he instructed, emphasising her name with distaste.

Jessica had often found herself tarnished by her family’s less-than-perfect reputation, but felt that her mother’s drunken antics with the vicar wasn’t what aggrieved Mr. Wangshaft most about the name Spoon.

“With respect, sir. I’m—“

“Not required,” Wilbur finished, bluntly.

Jessica looked to Ralf for support, but he only nodded his head towards the stairs. “Wait downstairs, Jess. We won’t be long,” he assured her.

Jessica dutifully made her way downstairs. She wasn’t very happy about it, but she wasn’t about to ignore a direct order from her superior.

She didn’t completely comply though, stepping from the hallway into the adjacent dining room after a few minutes of staring at the front door. She idly opened a drawer on a cabinet, empty except for a few pens, inspected a bust on the mantlepiece and let her eyes wander up to a portrait above the fireplace.

They had captured him well; he looked arrogant. Jessica wouldn’t usually speak ill of anyone but she had taken an instant dislike to—

“The bloody craphole!”

Jessica paused for a second, trying to decipher if this new voice was an internal or external one, before realising that this outburst had come from a woman who had blustered into the hallway behind her and slammed the door so hard that it shook the pictures on the wall.

“I’m going to kill the craphole myself!” this woman screamed. “Gloria!”

At the threat of murder, Jessica stepped into the hallway to intervene.

“Who the heck are you?” The mystery woman asked. She looked to be in her late-twenties and her casual hair, bad language and clothing didn’t seem to fit in with the prim, pink interiors and icy cold personalities of the Wangshafts, yet she seemed oddly at home here.

“Officer Spoon,” Jessica replied. “WBPD.” She tapped her badge.

The woman’s eyes went wide. “Holy crap; you’ve found him?! He’s dead isn’t he?” At Jessica’s stunned silence, the woman continued, filling in her own blanks. “Crapbucket, was it a horrible scene? You can tell me; did you find him with his pants down? Was he with some floozy?”

“Um…” Jessica started. For once in her life she was lost for words.

“He was, wasn’t he?! The crapping arsehole! Screw you, Will!” the woman hissed. “Screw you right in the arse.

“No… I’m sorry, you’ve totally lost me,” Jessica admitted, wincing every time the woman swore. “Sorry, who are you?”

The mystery woman narrowed her eyes at Jessica. “Wait. You… you’re not here to tell me you found Will?” Jessica shook her head. The woman looked relieved for a beat, then infuriated again. “So he is still shacking up with that blonde skank somewhere leaving me juggling a new baby and putting up with the press hounding me day and night? The craphole! Gloria! Where is that bloody woman?”

As Jessica was wondering if anyone in this family was co-operative, the woman spoke again.

“Sorry, I’m not usually so…” She gestured loops around her head. “I haven’t slept for about a week, courtesy of a draining, crying, crapping little nightmare, Watcher love him. I’m Beth Wangshaft, soon to be ex-wife of William ‘heir-to-this-pink-craphole’ Wangshaft. And I take it you’re the new recruit at the steaming pile that is the WBPD? What are you, twelve?”

“I am. The new recruit, that is,” Jessica replied, cautiously.

Beth laughed. “Thought so. I take it that as you’re down here hanging out with the doormat, that Old Saggy Balls is busy talking to the chief, huh? Yeah, he used to make Deputy Crooks hang out down here too, although Chase knew better than to snoop—“

“I wasn’t snooping,” Jessica protested, feeling her cheeks burn.

“Sure you weren’t.” Beth winked at Jessica and ascended the stairs, trailing her fingertip along the bannister as she went. She paused, inspected her finger. “You know, the Wangshafts have one heck of a maid, Officer Spoon,” she mused, her tone suggestive. “There’s never a speck of dirt to be found. Anywhere…”

After a luxurious few hours in the hot tub, the girls had dried off and draped themselves on the plush bed. They relaxed in companionable silence in the afterglow of soothing jets and frothy bubbles, which had only added to the general daytime drowsiness they experienced as creatures of the night.

Only Caleb was fully awake. The sound of a siren had cut through his haze and drawn him to the window. He glanced down, idly watching as an ambulance pulled up outside the hotel.

“What’s happening?” April asked, not moving from her position.

“Ambulance,” Caleb replied.

“Oh good, I thought it was the police,” Melinda said, twiddling her hair. “Not good that someone needs an ambulance but… you know what I mean.”

Caleb watched as another vehicle pulled up, blue lights flashing. “There are police as well—” he said, realisation waking him like a bucket of icy water. “Damn!”

His agitation stirred the girls who left the bed slowly, watching Caleb as he paced the floor.

“Do you think they’re here for us?” April asked. “How could they know we’re here?”

“Relax,” Melinda said, in her most soothing tone. “They can’t know we’re here. Unless… unless someone saw us sneak in. But then why would there be an ambulance?” Caleb could almost see the cogs turning in Melinda’s head and was not surprised in the slightest when she turned to him and asked, “Caleb, is this something to do with you?”


“How did you get this room, Caleb?” she asked. When he didn’t respond, Melinda took a step closer. “What did you do?”

The tone of her voice reminded him so much of Lilith, that he froze.

“Nobody died,” he replied. “I think.”

For a moment no one said anything; the silence filled by the echo of more sirens in the distance.

“We need to get the fuck out of here,” Faith stated.

“But we can’t! It’s day time!” April cried. “We’ll turn to ash!”

“We can’t just stay in here!” Melinda exclaimed. “We’ll find shelter somewhere. There must be a shopping mall or.. or… something!”

“Shit, this is really bad,” Faith mouthed, but her face did not appear to agree.

“Caleb, you know this area and you got us into this mess, what do we do?” Melinda squeaked.

Caleb thought for a minute. Slipping past the police at superspeed would be no problem and if he and Melinda ran superspeed all the way, they could make it to the cottage in under an hour. Melinda would likely need a few plasma bags to counteract the effort of getting herself there, but he knew that she could do it.

She had to; he couldn’t carry all three of them.

“I think we can escape, undetected, and make it to the cottage, if we run,” he decided, gesturing between himself and Melinda. “Head east along the river until you see a hill with a solitary dogwood tree on it. The cottage is about a mile south of that.” If it’s still there.

“What? I’m not leaving you guys!” Melinda protested. “I can carry April, she’s light—“

“Are you calling me fat?” Faith asked.

“You’ll wear yourself out before you even get there. You won’t be leaving us,” Caleb said, ignoring Faith. “We’ll be right behind you. Go. Now!”

“But—” Melinda looked to April, who silently repeated Caleb’s instruction; go. Melinda straightened up, gave a short, disgruntled nod. “Hill with a dogwood tree, got it. You’d better frigging make it,” she hissed. In a blink she’d vanished.

“You’re going to carry us both?” April asked, flapping her hands. “How strong are you?”

“Strong enough,” he said, sounding way more sure than he felt.

“Carry us how—?” April began. She let out a squeal as Caleb lifted her with one arm, hoisting her over his left shoulder. “Caleb! No!” she beat her fists on his back, “Unhand me! This isn’t dignified!”

Faith laughed so hard at the sight of April screaming her head off as she dangled, bum-up, in the air that she almost forgot the same fate was about to befall her.

“No fucking way!” she screeched, pushing Caleb away as he caught her by the waist. “What if you drop me?”

“I won’t drop you,” Caleb assured her. He grinned at her, playfully, as she shoved him and fruitlessly resisted his efforts to lift her, before practically throwing her over his other shoulder with a growl. He settled the girls in place and turned towards the door.

Neither girl was heavy so although his gait was unusual, he was fairly confident they’d still be able to move much faster this way than if they were all on foot; the bigger problem, he realised as he shifted them into a comfortable position, was distancing himself from the fact that he was holding two gorgeous women. A fact not lost on one of them.

“Keep your hand on top of the skirt, Fringey…”

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 2.19 – Dirt

  1. That is a very pink house indeed. I liked that even Gloria’s dress matches the interior. I also wonder if her and her husband ever talk.

    So why does Ralf go to the Wangshafts for monthly catchups? Doesn’t seem like that would be a requirement for the police… so, does this mean they have the police in their pockets, or just Ralf specifically? He does not hide his visits there from his subordinates – really it seems more like he brags about them, so it’s clearly not a secret.

    Will’s wife is spunky. She dodged a bullet there, I’d say. I wonder if Jessica will now look into investigating Will’s disappearance. Come to think of it, do we know what Seth did with the body?

    Who could have seen that coming, Caleb. It’s not like you knocked out the only receptionist there is in the place, lol. Haha those carrying poses are fabulous, you’ve outdone yourself.

    Off to the cottage we go, finally. I’m curious how long will the guys actually be able to stay there for. Settling in the same place does not really go with their walking catastrophe-ness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In game, Gloria and Wilbur’s relationship bar is slightly in the red and they have no romance bar, so I guess that no, they don’t talk.

      Why, for a fine whiskey and a chinwag, of course!

      The SBI are investigating Will, so if Jessica knows her place, she’ll not intervene. I know what Seth did with the body, Seth knows what he did with the body but no, you only know what happened with one of his kidneys. And in the dark I shall keep you until I’ve made the mother-of-all poses. 😆

      Why thank you. I’ll have to make it the girl’s preferred method of travel so I can use that pose again.

      Finally! I’d have sent them there sooner – they’re really taking the long route here, lol – but I needed them to leave a good, juicy trail first, of course.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh geez that pose was so epic i laughed so much at the end of this chapter even though i had mixed feelings 😂

    Like here:
    “”Melinda would likely need a few plasma bags to counteract the effort of getting herself there, but he knew that she could do it.
    She had to; he couldn’t carry all three of them.””

    I wish Caleb took a few seconds to explain the risks involved to Mel. What if you’re wrong Caleb? And Mel bloody doesn’t survive this damn run? Just because you will Mel to be able to make it to a cottage that you don’t even know is there doesn’t mean the probability of success will skyrocket.

    Buut they are acting as per character anyway. And panic induces narrow vision. And sometimes not knowing is better than knowing. I get it. Bt meh. Im worried. Anyway I’m crossing my fingers that you’re not going to spring anything bad to our main chars even before the fun happens. 😅

    I really want to see Beth, Gloria and Wilfred all in one room and watch their interaction with each other and just have popcorn. 😄

    Ralf/Police and Wangshaft collab. Why am I not surprised. 😄 it does make me wonder how much does Ralf/Police know of the supernatural community in AE since Wangshaft is a vamp hunter family. 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Caleb, you should’ve explained it to Melinda that she’s need a load of blood bags and then something that has just happened in this frantic panic might not have happened…

      “Before the fun happens” ? Are you not having fun? 😕

      Ah yes, more than meets the eye at the Wangshaft’s house. And the old newspaper article in the vampire encyclopaedia said that the Wangshafts had executed the ‘last known’ vampires so it’s debateable.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m having fun at the sims expense I guess. But there’s more fun incoming 1st Feb! 🤩 Lol oh well, 1 +1 = 123985241. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are vamp nests and covens everywhere despite Wangshafts’ belief.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I wonder what kind of things are discussed at the “monthly catch-up” between the chief of police and a ridiculously influential, notorious family. Is that why so many files on Ralf’s desk are gathering dust, hm? Including Rose’s file?
    Also, leave it to Ralf to be less bothered by his nephew’s alleged disappearance and more bothered by his employee not shutting up about it. *facepalm* uncle of the year, right there. And I agree with Jessica. My gods that house is pink. It looks like a life-size barbie doll house. xD

    Gloria is quite the type, too. Ick. I get looking down on “people beneath you” as a ridiculously wealthy and high-in-society figure, but really, woman? Not offering your guests a drink, or food, when you know they’re coming over? That’s just being a bad host. Shame on you. Gaaahhh and Wilbur is worse. They’re both wangrods! At least the family name fits. Psch.
    I am legitimately peeved over them not offering their guests a drink my gods. XDDD

    Heh, Beth can’t be more different from those two, can she? She sure uses… colourful language. I bet Faith would approve. Her “hanging out with the doormat” comment made me laugh. And that comment at the end, oooooh. She knows what’s up (naturally, lol). Now I’m picturing Ralf in a cleaning outfit, with one of those maid headpieces on his head and holding a feather duster.
    Hmm… I wonder how Beth ended up married to Will of all people. Did she marry for money? Did she actually like the guy? Was it an arranged business deal?

    Faith, you’re supposed to care more about the imminent risk of burning to death. At least more than the “mild amusement” vibe you’ve got going on right now. Oh geez, and did Caleb just send Melinda out there without any plasma bags, right after reasoning out that she needed them? I hope that she has some on her already, because that will not end well otherwise.

    I know offering to carry April makes sense if she’s the lighter one of the two, since Caleb seems stronger than Melinda, but… she’s awfully eager to take care of April, isn’t she. Does she just want to help? Or is this partially a “if I carry her, then she’s not with Caleb” thing in the back of her mind? I can imagine Melinda having a grudge against Caleb now, after hearing what happened between them before, and wanting to protect her friend. That she totally just not have a major crush on, of course.

    Your poses this chapter are fantastic xDDDD I laughed so much at Caleb manhandling April and Faith, and then again at the last picture.

    Woops, this turned into a novel again. Better cut it off here before WordPress does.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure they simply discuss the weather and sports and absolutely nothing else.

      They’re generation after generation of shitty people, the Wangshafts, hence why they needed such a name. I love that you got so wound up about Jessica not having a drink. Remind me not to let you go thirsty when you come visit.

      No, Beth does not fit the typical ‘Wangshaft’ profile in many ways. Perhaps she’s Will’s rebellion against his stuffy upbringing. Or perhaps it’s baby brain and she’s actually very reserved when she’s had a decent kip. Although, she also didn’t offer Jessica a drink so maybe she’s not too dissimilar. Why did she marry him? Guess there’s someone for everyone.

      Will any of this end well? We’ll find out next chapter exactly how many plasma bags Melinda had on her. And yeah Faith, why you no care?

      I put your questions to Melinda who informed me: “I totally do not have a crush on April! And even if I did, it wouldn’t matter because she has a BOYfriend now, even though he’s a jerk. I was just trying to help. Stop grilling me!”

      Yay! More pose love. Good to know that all those hours I spent taking photos of myself flopped over various items of furniture to see how my body would be weighted in a shoulder carry and trying to translate that into something that worked with rigid barbie sims were not wasted.


    1. Hurrah! You’re finally here. I must admit I’m slightly disappointed that your comment is rather lacklustre. Not quite the dressing down I was hoping for. Do try again.


  4. Everything in this chapter? Perfection. Of COURSE, the Wangshafts are super-wealthy and live in a pink mansion. Gloria is obviously a queen. I would like to have a beer with Beth. I need to know what’s going on upstairs with Ralf, though I’m sure all will be revealed.

    I also like that he brings Jessica along so he can get day drunk, meanwhile, she’s trying to actually do her job.

    Oh man, and Caleb carrying those two at the end – what a marvel of pose placement. LOL, it took how many minutes for his bad decisions to catch up with them?


    (Um Melinda using a sharp voice and Caleb automatically responding because he is so used to Lilith was just chef’s kiss).

    God, the Wangshafts are murderers, aren’t they? That’s what Beth was referencing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Originally, I made The Tower pink, but it looked too phallic, even for my vulgar tastes. So I decided their house could be pink instead. Yes, all will be revealed.

      He ‘checked in’ to the hotel about 3 am and fled about 10 am, so seven hours. Which might be a record!


      Perfection and a chef’s kiss? Makin’ me blush.

      Wow, that’s quite some jump to assume that Beth’s mention of dirt = death. You’ll see…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I mean…maybe that jump says more about me than the Wangshafts.

        If the tower was pink I would have DIED.

        God, Caleb’s face when it finally occurs to him that he can’t just kill a staff member to stay in a fancy hotel for free. He needs help…preferably from Seth.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. So… the Tower /is/ a psychiatric unit… in recent times. Perhaps a prison some three hundred years ago. Or maybe it already served the same purpose then? Hmmm… at any rate, the family themselves… powerful, notorious and chatting with the cops. Ya, that definitely supports all the theories about where Will took his confidence from.

    And of course Gloria finds it interesting that Will´s case isn´t in Ralf´s hands, this time. It won´t be nearly as easy to silence it now, will it. >:)

    Also interesting what else could possibly aggrieve Mr. Wangshaft about the Spoon family. Some supernatural involvement, perhaps?

    Oh, Beth is quite something, alright. Maybe it´s just the draining baby and maybe it´s just her being involved with the Wangshafts at all… maybe the superficial impression left by her hair doesn´t help. But she totally gives me a few Bella Lestrange vibes. XD Definitely spirited, despite everything, that one. And she´s telling Jess that snooping isn´t gonna lead anywhere because there´s no evidence of anything to be found. What that thing is, that necessitates one heck of a maid in the first place… well. There is the Rose case, for starters. *narrows eyes* Wait a minute. There is no blame to be put on the Wangshafts for the Rose case because, why? She ran away from the Tower and never came back, right? And they had nothing to do with that. …oh, dear. Interesting. I´ll hold onto that thought.

    I do wonder why Faith seems so chill, too. Almost as if she knew something the others don´t. Almost like she has a plan B for if they really needed it. Hmm… maybe it´s just because she´s a street-smart survivor…
    The poses /are/ awesome and Faith´s expression at the end just really puts the cherry on top. 😀

    And finally, props for chanelling a Seth at that pointless comment over there. *points above* p: …huh. There´s a new perspective, too. This approach /does/ work to shut the disparagers up often enough…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A lot has changed at the Tower in three hundred years, but it remains true that it’s not a place you ever want to end up in.

      Could be supernatural, could be bad history, maybe Wilbur just dislikes saying the word *spoon*. We all have that word we hate, don’t we? Mine is ‘sauce’. Bleurgh.

      Are you implying that there is/was something to be silenced? Beth said it herself… no dirt here. And yes, Rose ran away and vanished; nothing to do with the Wangshafts at all, that. Definitely not super convenient for them, either. Nope.

      Maybe Faith does know something, maybe it was the calming effect of the jets or maybe it was seeing Caleb with his shirt off that stunned her mindless. Either way, she’s fine.

      ‘Channelling Seth’ is how I talk to all my trolls. Two of them liked it so much they became fans.


      1. And it´s unlikely to change as long as it´s in possesion of /that/ family, got it. DX

        No, not at all convenient… you know what I´m suddenly thinking about? The way Seth changed subject very quickly when Faith wondered about his scar. And about his method of saying one thing and meaning another and… there´s more than one way to get out of dodge. Maybe I´m drawing connections where there aren´t any but… whoa. That´s certainly something to be kept in mind.

        Also, was “one heck of a maid” supposed to be a roundabout reference? If so, I see what you did there. If not, I´m just seeing things. X´D

        Cool as an undead cucumber, that´s Faith for ya, alright.

        Hehe, it /is/ a good method against trolls. Trolls can´t survive without any Salt. ;D

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Have hope! The next in line to the Wangshaft portfolio is dead and kidneyless somewhere, so maybe the Tower will change hands.

          Good spot and I see you’re really tapping into Seth’s head now. ‘Dodging a guillotine’ must be quite a story, right? Faith was definitely gonna ask about that – who wouldn’t? – so… time to deflect.

          You’ve lost me with roundabout reference, but that line has definite significance.

          Bahahahahaa! I’m currently creating dating profiles for my main cast, for no good reason, and that’s definitely going on Faith’s.


          1. …true. I suppose a lot of the Tower´s future might depend on the upbringing of said baby that´s draining Beth so much… and her willingness to get involved in the meantime.

            Heh, he sure is difficult to keep up with, that one. But I guess I /can/ learn the steps to that dance, given enough practice. Oh, my. That could have /significant/ consequences… oddly enough. him having killed Will given the chance makes me feel better about the possibilities, here. XD I mean, I can´t find it in myself to fault a survival move, either way… but ya. I think I´d get /a little/ uncomforable in my stance, otherwise.

            Well, I know of this one guy and he´s “one hell of a butler…” (If that doesn´t ring any bells, I´ll tell where that´s from. You might find that one interesting. :D)

            XD Yippeee, I made you laugh. 😀 (I´m glad, your writing does that to me a lot… and I guess we all need that, ech? So thank you!)

            Liked by 1 person

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