Chapter 2.41 – Digging It

The loop of yarn slithered off between the tips of her two needles and disappeared into the weave.

April stared in despair at the uneven, gappy strip of knitting that it had taken her four hours to make. Four hours and it still looked more like a baggy, uneven lace than a cohesive fabric. No way would this ever be good for anything other than burning.

She couldn’t dress her baby in this.

“Oh my goodness, look at this load of shit!” she whispered, picking at the loose strand. “I can’t do this. What am I doing wrong? Oh no! Why is it all falling to bits?!”

“Hey, it’s all right. We can fix it,” Melinda said calmly, taking April’s hand and guiding her, showing her how to pick up the dropped stitch and weave it back through the rows it had fallen through. As she slipped the stitch back on to April’s working needle, she smiled. “There. Perfect. You’re doing just fine, April.”

Lilith had slipped into the house silently. She had walked the perimeter a few times beforehand, looking for signs of life and surveying her surroundings carefully. Chuck was watching her, diligently, from the car, but had obeyed her instruction not to follow until she said it was safe to do so.

It had been impossible for her to determine who was in the cottage from her position outside, so she’d opted for the ‘ambush-and-hope-for-the best’ method. It should work, as long as Faith wasn’t the first occupant she encountered.

Residing here for over a century had meant that there was no nook or cranny she didn’t know in this shale shack; she was confident there would be no surprises.

She was wrong.

Lilith watched this scene unfolding for a while, waiting for one of the girls to notice her. But as April curled her fingers around Melinda’s hand and leaned in it became obvious that they weren’t going to.

She cleared her throat and almost instantly, as if she’d inserted a rocket into each girl’s backside, they both shot, guiltily, from the sofa.


“Is Caleb not home?” Lilith asked, sweetly. “I’m your new neighbour; I’ve come to borrow some sugar.”

She had played out this scenario constantly in her head during the drive over here. She expected resistance to her being there, anger perhaps from Faith, but a general acceptance to her being willing to track them down and make amends.

So, when Melinda ran over, Lilith did not have her guard up.

“Where’s my dad?!” she demanded. “What did you do to him?!”

“Nothing! OK, I drank a tiny bit from him,” Lilith admitted, startled. “But only because I was absolutely desperate thanks to somebody clearing out my stock. And he’s fine, honestly. He recovered well after Seth’s knife attack. I stitched him up, he went home to Babs and—“

“You drank from him?!” Melinda screamed, ignoring all the good work Lilith did. “To get back at me? We only left because you attacked Caleb! I knew it! I knew all this humane, good vampire stuff was just bullpoop! An act! How dare you just waltz in here after everything!” she hissed, baring her teeth as she waved her finger in Lilith’s face.

“Melinda, please. I’m not here for any reason other than to help.”

“You controlled Caleb for centuries, tried to control April, tried to keep Faith from Seth; you tried to rip Caleb’s fudging face off for Pete’s sake! And you know what the worst part is?”

“I totally understand why,” Melinda suddenly sobbed, throwing herself into Lilith’s arms. “I understand why. Oh my goodness, I totally understand. How have you put up with that pair of fopdoodles for three hundred years, Lilith? I’m literally going insane after five days. Caleb is a huge idiot who screws up everything, he’s done something to April’s brain, she might be pregnant, there’s a kid locked in the basement and Faith is about to run off with Seth the Sociopath who is a huge, stinking potato.”

Lilith gently patted Melinda’s back as the girl cried, unsure what to do.

“Please take me back!” Melinda wept. “I understand that you’re trying to help in an impossible situation. And after we robbed all your stock and took your brother and left a load of plasma bags in a fancy hotel room we didn’t pay for, probably incriminating you, you’re still here, trying to help us.”

“You did what?”

“Is he really OK?” Melinda hiccupped. “Is Dad really OK?”

“He is,” Lilith said through gritted teeth, her eye still twitching. “He’s outside, waiting in the car.”

“He is?” Melinda gasped. “Does he know about—“

“He does,” Lilith said, trying to keep the bitterness from her voice. “He’s still coming to terms with it but you are so lucky Melinda; he’s willing to accept it. All of it,” she murmured, inclining her head towards April.

“Shouldn’t we invite him in?” April asked. “Offer him refreshment? Does he like soup?”

“Is it safe to?” Melinda asked Lilith, excitedly. “It’s just us two; Caleb’s at work and Faith’s still out with Seth.”

“You can,” Lilith smiled, trying not to lose her cool thinking about where the other vampires were. “You’ve both drank recently, yes?” the girls nodded. “OK, that reduces the risk somewhat. But promise me that you won’t touch him, all right? However tempting it might be… don’t.”

“I promise,” Melinda said, grinning.

“So do I,” April gushed, clapping her hands.

“Oh my gosh!” Melinda gasped as Lilith went to summon Chuck. “I never thought I’d see him again! There’s hope now, April! There’s really hope!”

Travelling the mortal way was sure tiring, but Sage couldn’t risk teleporting into the store in front of a non-witch. It had just gone 4 pm when she finally arrived back at her shop and immediately noticed that it was closed.

Not a great surprise. She hadn’t expected Wyatt to keep the place open a minute longer than he’d had to. He was probably already downstairs in his bedroom.

Sage subtly unlocked the door without a key and slipped into the dark store. It had been a long day and she was very much looking forward to a soak in the tub with a big glass of wine and a good book.

She was a patient woman, tolerant of even the most trying individuals, and it was a skill that she had never used more than in the hours she’d been sitting at her well-earned seat at the meeting table, in the High Priestess’s basement today.

Opposite Claudia.

Her fellow senior witch and the only person Sage knew who could talk about themselves, non-stop, for hours. Which was quite a skill when one considered how average Claudia was in terms of magical ability, general wisdom and conversational prowess. She had constantly derailed the meeting, with her boasts and silly questions, and made everything five times more effort than it needed to be.

By the end of it, even the High Priestess herself was losing her unmatched cool.

Sage had wandered downstairs into the basement and into the small apartment she shared with her son. She wanted to ask how Thor settled in; she could see that quite a number of bouquets had been sold today! But more so, she could hardly wait to update him on the developments; the coven had finally decided that he was mature enough to start practicing to cast.

Sage knew that Wyatt sneakily tried to cast spells every now and then, but she couldn’t wait to teach him the basics that most witches would have usually learned in their thirties; how to correctly draw and handle his energy to prevent overcharge, and a few practical little spells he could use, freely now, day-to-day.

She rapped her knuckles on his bedroom door, easing it open when there was no answer.

The first thing that hit her was the smell; that concentrated musty stench that lingered in the living quarters of most teenaged boys, even magically-inclined, seventy-six-year-old ones. Sage rarely ventured into this room, Wyatt needed his privacy and she could at least give him that, but she’d certainly be having a word with him about his lax housekeeping.

Although, if she was honest, her whole apartment would probably look – and smell – like this if she wasn’t allowed to use magic, too. Scruberoo was definitely going to be the first spell she taught him, she thought, wrinkling her nose. Pooh!

He definitely wasn’t home, which was a little odd this early in the afternoon. Sage had a vague recollection of him telling her where he’d be this evening:

“… to Becky’s … later.”

If he’d already gone there this soon after work, he must be keen on this Becky. Unless he was simply desperate to talk to someone. Wyatt loved to chat and she couldn’t imagine that Thor would have been very good company, if he’d stayed at all, being overwhelmed, as he was, with revulsion.

Poor Wyatt. The potion would be wearing off in an hour or two, but Sage very much hoped that Becky was not a love interest or, if she was, that she wouldn’t be too repulsed…

He was not a man renowned for his judgement, but even Caleb knew that he probably shouldn’t be here. He’d stopped seeing everything in kaleidoscope vision during the bus ride over – he had never been on a bus before; now that had been trippy – but Wyatt had had to tell him to get off the floor a few times. He couldn’t help it; lying on the ground just felt so damn hedonistic.

Caleb had never taken drugs before, other than alcohol. Oh, there was that time he’d fed from an addict, but that had only made him sick, so he wasn’t really sure if the basement he was in was actually this colourful and full of bizarre artefacts, or of he was having a second wave of psychosis.

But he was digging it.

“Dude, sorry about that,” Wyatt muttered again. “Becky’s not usually so weirded out. Maybe she had some bad stuff. Hopefully when she’s done throwing up, she’ll come down and introduce herself properly.”

Caleb nodded. The lady he was referring to, the owner of this very large, run-down house with a crazy basement, had barely breathed in Wyatt’s unusual aroma before she’d started retching into a nearby plant pot. Caleb could relate. Every time he got within about three feet of his new colleague, he felt like he needed run in the opposite direction.

Wyatt was a total assault to all of his amplified vampiric senses. Shame, because he was otherwise quite likeable.

“Why if it isn’t Wy!” a lilted, cotton candy voice called from across the room, immediately catching Caleb’s attention. “Long time, no see!”

The woman who was speaking appeared in Caleb’s spinning line of sight and he gasped. Pretty. She made a beeline for Wyatt, arms outstretched but stopped a few feet away. “Watcher!” she gasped, wafting the air near her face. “Wy, you could’ve showered!”

Wyatt, who had been standing, arms wide to welcome this gorgeous creature into his embrace, sniffed at his armpit. “Wha—? I did, I— oh, right, yeah. It’s the apples,” he said.

This almost made sense to Caleb, addled as he was, but the young woman with her golden tresses and teasing flash of midriff looked confused. “Apples?” she asked. “How do apples make you stink?”

Wyatt sighed, scuffing his shoe into the carpet. “They, um, give me gas. Apples give me real bad gas.”

The woman tilted her head in a way that made her look so cute that Caleb had to fight the urge to reach out and touch her lovely face.

“That’s disgusting, Wyatt,” she tutted. “I did not need to know that. Still, I can handle it. Occupational hazard,” she explained, gagging only slightly as she reached over to pat Wyatt’s shoulder. “Is Hoggy with you?”

“Nah, he’s on one of his studying kicks,” Wyatt explained. “But I got a new buddy; this is Thor. Thor, this is Roxie.”

Roxie turned to face him. Caleb felt the floor fall out from beneath him as he was drunk in by those big, brown eyes of hers. He took a moment to marvel at the perfect symmetry of her face. He’d never been so drawn to anyone and, dangerously, the feeling appeared to be mutual.

Caleb swallowed back the huge lump in his throat and smiled at her in what he hoped was a non-creepy way. “Hello Roxie.”

“Hi Thor,” she whispered back, under her breath. She pouted and looked at him a strange way. What did that look mean? “Do I know you?” she asked. “You look so familiar.” She tapped her chin, looking a little embarrassed when she’d placed him. “You wouldn’t know Hook Corner by any chance? On the border between Glimmerbrook and Forgotten Hollow, big fish billboard—“

“Woah, Roxie!” Wyatt exclaimed. “I don’t know who you’re thinking of but Thor here’s only seventeen. He’s definitely not one of your perverts.”

“Seventeen?” Roxie repeated, looking as disappointed as Caleb felt. “My mistake. Watcher, I’ve had two beers and I’m hitting on kids, what’s wrong with me?” she laughed, the trill noise feeling like blades through Caleb’s heart.

“Don’t mind her,” Wyatt muttered. “She sells smut for a living.”

“Excuse me!” Roxie tutted playfully. “I provide a valuable service. Not every needy man can be as good-looking as seventeen-year-old Thor here.” She paused, pouting in a sad way that was making Caleb ache with the need to hold her. “So, what’s your poison tonight, both? Bar’s open, bubbles are on and those cookies Becky made are something else. Alan had one and he was giggling for an hour.”

“Who’s Alan?” Wyatt asked, looking around.

“Oh, is it ‘Adam’? I can never remember.”

“Bubbles? As in, blowing bubbles?” Caleb asked as he looked over at the big, shiny machine that was emitting tantalising, iridescent spheres.

“I’ll try that,” he decided, thinking that they sounded like the least dangerous option and longing to watch Roxie’s glossy lips as she blew. Bubbles.

Roxie smiled, extending her hand towards him. “They’re my favourite! Come with me, Thor. Cosmic Encounter OK for you?”

Caleb had no idea what that was, but it sounded epic. He nodded keenly and placed his hand in hers. She didn’t even shiver. Holy hell, her hands were so soft and she smelled good. Really good. Especially compared to Wyatt. She was an assault to the senses in all the right ways. And her skin had so many pores and freckles and was a bit shiny. And she smelled really bloody good, did he mention that?

He wondered how she’d taste…

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Wyatt mumbled to Roxie as she passed. “He had, like, one sip of tea earlier and has only just started seeing straight. Plus, he’s been a bit down.”

Roxie was still staring at Caleb’s face, which was now aching like hell from his afternoon of incessant grinning.

“Down? Pfft! I always told you; you make that brew way too strong! He’ll be fine,” Roxie purred, tugging Caleb towards the bubble machine. “I’ll take really good care of him.”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 2.41 – Digging It

  1. Look at that, no disclaimers, are you trying to lull us into a false sense of security? I still have a lingering sense of dread regardless.

    So far Lilith’s arrival is going surprisingly well, with Faith and Seth conveniently out of the way. Let’s see how long that lasts. Can’t wait to see Chuck’s reaction when he finds out his daughter has a human underage prisoner in the basement.

    This witchy system that those with the most potent magical powers are not allowed to train seems backwards. Surely it’s especially important that those people learn to take control of their energy and can prevent overcharge even earlier than others. Giving them no training sounds like a ticking time bomb to me. Or is involuntary spellcasting not a thing in this universe? With so much magical energy running through a person’s body, I doubt it would be possible for them to always contain it, especially with no training. Who came up with this system, and how is it enforced? They can’t just rely on Sage to play by the book just because, I’d imagine…

    Oh, the repellent was an overall repellent rather than specifically a vampire repellent? Poor Wyatt indeed. Youd think Sage would have known she had this important meeting today, wouldn’t the far less risky option aside from leaving her son with vampire without even telling him the dude is a vampire have been to simply tell Caleb to start a day later when she was there? Apparently not. Gah. Oh, the repellent is strong enough to make Becky throw up? And Caleb merely found WYatt kind of icky? I’m going to assume that means it affects vampires to a lesser degree rather than that Caleb is particularly resistant. Unless Becky’s reaction is due to the combination of the repellent and the mushrooms that doesn’t affect Caleb becuase he too has had the mushrooms. Maybe everyone at the party just needs to get high. Problem solved!

    Have we met Roxie before indeed? If so, with who? Presumably not Seth, because she’s miraculously still alive. Though could have been with Seth and Faith. Or with Chuck. Or both. Hm. Also, doesn’t this mean quite a commute for her? Unless Windenburg and Forgotten Hollow are actually significantly closer to each other than we’ve been lead to believe.

    Oh, that’s the end? He’s going to eat Roxie, isn’t he? On the bright side, she’s been working on vampire territory so it’s a miracle she’s still in one piece anyway, and Caleb’s teeth are better positioned than Seth’s. So, this is great. Everything’s great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear. A lingering sense of dread. I didn’t disclaimer the drugs here because it’s all stuff that exists in the game. And well, yeah. It was all fine!

      I’m sure Chuck will be delighted to learn all about the dark side of vampirism.

      Good observations. There’ll be more on the ins and outs of the witches; I didn’t wanna bog the story down with it just yet, but I can give you some crumbs, why not. 😁 Casting accidentally is not the norm as learning to draw and direct the right energy is hard, but it’s not unheard of as y’know, give a monkey a keyboard and he’ll eventually type a word. But being found to have cast while untrained will prompt a witch being assigned a mentor, sharpish. Probably not a coincidence, then, that Sage being given permission to start teaching Wyatt some stuff comes off the back of him being reprimanded for his ‘accidental’ casting a few chapters back.

      If the High Priestess calls first thing and demands you meet with her, you meet with her. New employee be damned. Has she said that she thinks he’s a vampire? She might have just not wanted to come back and find him tangled around Wyatt.

      It’s designed to repel everyone who wants to get close. Maybe Becky wanted to get closer than Caleb. 😉 “Get high! You stink when you’re sober!” Classic Plumbob. 😆

      We’ve met Roxie before. She met Faith when she was hanging around the billboard (crucially not going into the forest…) in Chapter 1.41 and Seth mentioned using her to lure prey in chapter 1.47/1.48. How much she remembers of Seth is, of course, debatable. This groovy house is in Willow Creek, which is somewhere between Windenburg and Forgotten Hollow. I will get round to drawing a map one day. Windenburg and Forgotten Hollow aren’t that far away from each other by road, a few hours, it only took the Clueless Clique three days to get there because Caleb took the winding route that followed the river, like he used to in the olden days. Creature of habit, isn’t he.

      That’s the end! Story over. Everything is great! Don’t worry, you get loads of disclaimers next week to feed your wicked mind.

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  2. When I see April and Melinda together I can not remember what it was that made April seduce Caleb from the start?
    Was that something with a vampire book and the dream of eternal life? Or? 🤔
    Sorry. We have just had summer time in Denmark, I have slept badly so my brain has a hard time assembling the pieces.
    I have no doubt what attracted Caleb back then. He can not resist blondes. Oh boy! 😏
    I really hope that bubble blower contains a substance that is going to numb Caleb’s senses and limbs.

    Wyatt is hilarious, but not with his good will. Apples? 🤣
    Sage has made her process thoroughly to avoid him getting too close to Caleb, but against idiots even geniuses fight in vain.
    It should be Caleb who had ingested that apple tea.
    Wyatt seems to be beginning to understand that he has put big problems over his own head 😬
    Good luck with your mother Wyatt …. I wonder if witches have a dark shape.

    Back to Melinda. She has discovered what Sisyphus’ work Lilith has done and her rationale for keeping Caleb on a short leash. Oh yes my darling. The truth can sometimes be devastating to acknowledge.😧

    But soon Melinda, April and Chuck are reunited. You great guardian. There’s really hope! 🤗
    …. as long as they remember that a hug is no go.
    We will see 🤨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. April originally intended only to befriend Caleb and learn about vampires but he killed her and bound her, as you do, causing her to become artificially attracted to him. There’s more to come on April Moss though, so don’t worry about any missing pieces.
      Yep, Caleb’s attraction is much easier to understand; pretty ✅ blonde ✅ girl ✅

      Ah, Wyatt, you dope. Sage should have given Caleb the appley repellent, but she probably thought that giving her new employee questionable substances on his first day was unfair. Shame that Wyatt’s doing it anyway. Yeah… Sage is not going to be happy if this all goes wrong. Or right, I mean she thinks he’s only seventeen, she’s been gone only a few hours and Wyatt’s already taken him to a party in a drug den. One day, someone in the story will make a good decision, I promise. 😆

      There is hope! Although I can see by your emoji at the end there that you’re not getting too hopeful.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. For a moment there I was incredibly impressed with Lilith for being able to make it to Windenburg that fast. Then I remembered that cars are a thing. Woops. 😂

    Melinda and April are so much more wholesome together than April and Caleb ever are. It makes me wonder, though. Melinda seems to be genuinely attracted to April, whether she admits it or not. But we’ve seen April’s thoughts where kissing Melinda “doesn’t count” or she’d kiss her to get her to stop talking. Is April consciously (or subconsciously) giving Melinda hope to keep her with her, or does she actually like-like Melinda too? And if it’s the latter, does she even realize? 🤔

    And Lilith walking in on them and just standing there smiling nawwwww. “ Ive come to borrow some sugar” 😂😂😂 I love Lilith so much lol. Oooh and Melinda agreeing with her and they’re going to meet Chuck again and they look so happy and finally things are looking up yasssss 🥰 All the fuzzies this chapter. Let’s hope it lasts at least a little longer.

    Sage is such a big question mark to me. At first I thought that she’d realized what Caleb was (maybe even saw his non-reflection in the mirror) and gave Wyatt the repellent because of that, going to the high priestess to discuss what to do or maybe even set a trap for him. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Then what was the repellent for?
    Teaching the most powerful spellcasters how to prevent overcharge only when they’re “mature enough” seems strangely backwards. They’re not allowed to cast, but wouldn’t it be much safer for them to learn proper control either way?

    Bwahaha, that room is familiar 😂 isn’t that where Snuffy dragged us all to for the first tea party? Oh man, Caleb is having such a great time being high as a kite. I hope he doesn’t end up with an addiction from this. Uh oh – he still has all the lust from both him and April, doesn’t he? He’s waaayyyy too into Roxie. Wait, is that the same Roxie that told Faith she was insane back near the fish billboard? She gets some points there for immediately shutting herself down despite Caleb’s allure the second she hears he’s underage. Not that he is – actually, does Caleb count as underage if he never matures past the mental faculties of a toddler? Gah, this is going to end up breaking my brain. 😂

    Lolololol someone call Faith and Seth. We’ve found their mark – someone in pink wellies and a luchador mask. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cars are a thing! And Chuck currently has a nice rental one while his is being repaired with heated seats and everything.

      Stinks of denial, doesn’t it? Even if they both did like-like each other, maybe there’s something besides Caleb holding them back. Yay! Things are looking up! It can’t all be bad, all the time, right? Keep looking skywards and smiling. 🌞🌼

      Oh, is Sage not adding up? Hm. It’s been a while since Broof popped in for a visit. Maybe when he does, that’ll help. The rules seem backwards, yes. I gave Plumbob a few crumbs, so here are yours; witches like Wyatt are so rare that before him, throughout the history of this coven, they only had two such members. Both received different rules and guidance, and neither of them are around to tell the tale. Consider Wyatt experiment, take three. Not that he pays any attention to the guidance. He clearly already knows how to cast, somehow.

      Yes, that is the tea party basement. Except I took the karaoke machine back out after said party and put the bar back in, because I have ears. Caleb’s having a blast. The party was the only play session ever where he didn’t roll his ‘eternal sadness’ moodlet and start crying. I guess we’ll have to see if tea and bubbles and emotional cookies are addictive in this world. Of course he’s into Roxie, she’s shiny and smells good. Probably mushroom induced super-amplified shiny and smelling good. Yes, that’s the Roxie from Hook Corner, in non-prostitute mode. Ah, more grey areas and ooh, some brain-breaking! It’s your interpretation if you consider him underage, or not. Puts a whole new spin on the ‘eww, 307 year old creep hitting on an 18 year old’ thing, huh? 🤔

      Coincidentally, the mystery party guest looks to be Seth’s shoe size, too! How convenient! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Excuse me, did Caleb think he was going to hit on another blonde while I’m reading this story and I would not react? No. NOPE. Not havin’ it buddy. You march straight back to April, who you don’t deserve and I don’t want you with, and you suffer until someone eliminates you and not another word about it.


    Okay, I’m here for Wyatt’s mom trying to get through that meeting. I love the details of the portraits. Are those witches from the beginning who drove out the vampires?

    In other news, Mel is about to be reunited with her dad! And justice for Lilith finally! When Mel broke down like: omg these people are idiots please help me, I just felt vindicated.

    And that line: I’m your neighbor and I’m here to borrow some sugar. YAS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caleb is such a whore. Your rage at him cracks me up no end; ‘piss off and wait to die like a good vampire’.

      Ooh! Someone finally noticed the portraits! They are the previous three High Priests/Priestesses. 🔎

      Yes, about to be reunited. Lol, well we all knew that Melinda planned to run off back to Lilith anyway, but I couldn’t resist her having a little rant. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay, so. First scene… awwww. Everything is cute and soft and warm and right with the world… yeah. Until you remember the murderdate duo misted upstairs. Imminent danger of Lilith, angry Seth and a mortal in one room? *worries*

    When it comes to the witches, the first thing that caught my attention was the portrait of the witch with the rose dress. She looks very elegant (that´s a noble´s poise if I´d ever seen any) and I have to wonder if there is a reason for the climbing plants to be there or if they´re there just because.
    My second train of thought goes to wonder if Claudia is really everything that Sage said she is, or if it´s Sage´s grudge talking. I mean, Sage obviously favors Broof and Claudia probably did earn her place at that table somehow.
    And finally, I noticed how carefully you avoid showing the High Priestess, don´t think I didn´t. I will not ask, but I´m watching you. 😉

    Hah! I like how Sage admitted that about cleaning without magic. XD

    Alright, and what do we have here? Roxie, huh? I knew that name rang a bell but I´d have sworn her hair was shorter by the fish? Would definitely not have recognized her at all… which, all things considered, might be the point. Well I feel like… like this will end in absolute disaster. Only question is, for whom. It might be Caleb just as easily as the girl. :p


    1. Shhh, ignore the murderdate duo, everything is warm and fuzzy and lovely.

      The picture containing the three former High Priest/esses and the items therein are for a reason but might not be clear just yet.
      Claudia and Sage. The tension is real.
      Avoiding showing the High Priestess? Nah, she’s just… shy. Yep, just really shy. 😆

      Roxie had her hair up in a braid when she was seen by the fish but she is very much one and same as you say, there are benefits to not being recognised.

      Absolute disaster you say? Caleb or the girl? Or both. Or neither… 😉


      1. *smirk* When you say it like that… I took a second look and out jumped a few facts. That´s urns up there on those shelves. There´s two urn and flower displays but the classy lady has no urn and the climbing vine that came with the vampires pack… Well, then. 😀

        Yep. But one thing´s for sure. Poor April. Caleb, you rotten potato. 😡

        Liked by 1 person

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